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The Communist Government of Pensacola

1) The Communist Government of Pensacola, 2) There are Other Solutions As Yet Than Shooting him Like If he were Ceaucescu, 3) Is Stein Maligning the Poor?


Being Homeless Is Not A Crime
By Father Nathan Monk

The argument that there are shelters open and that they should just go there, showed exactly why the mayor shouldn’t be making policy about things which he doesn’t understand. Not only are there not enough shelter beds for everyone within the city limits, there is not even a shelter within the city limits for them to go to. If someone was to seek shelter, they would have to go into the county and have a valid ID. Not to mention that many folks don’t qualify for shelters for other reasons and many won’t patronize them because they are veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Why did it neither occur to Pensacola mayor nor to his Critic, the Orthodox Priest, that the mayor's argument about homeless shelters was advcating Communism?

Carrying some camping equipment and some blankets around so you can sleep at night (if you find a bench or some covered porch not too close to the noises of the city) is what is known as an individual initiative. Sometimes also known as private initiative.

Making a shelter so that homeless can go there is what you call a collective initiative.

Outlawing an individual initiative in favour of only the collective one in the same area, is usually referred to as Communism. So, the ordinance is a Communist ordinance and the Pensacola citizens should be shocked at being ruled by a Communist Government.

That this did not occur to the mayor might be because he is ... I will not say "of Jewish or Jewfriendly background" because the background does not really determine a man nor excuse all of his faults, but simply too soaked in such an Assyrian background. If he does not repent, he can count on seeing Haman in Hell. The community which under Kings of Davidic line and under Daniel stood off from Assyrian and Babylonian evils has since then become a bit soaked in them, one of them being the tendency to be a Communist whenever that is to one's advantage and an Anticommunist whenever it is one's own private or individual initiative which is targetted. So too the mayor (whether of Jewish or just Jew friendly community, I do not know which) can be an ardent Anticommunist when he wants to rally support from exiled Cubans, but as ardent a Communist when he wants to forbid what the Soviet Union described as Antisocial Behaviour.

But the Orthodox priest might have known a bit better?

In other respects, of course, I support the fine writing* in favour of the homeless and of their rights to remain individuals rather than be herded into a collective (whether they are received into it or not).

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Sigfrid of Wexio
and St Onesimus

* Of Father Nathan Monk. See link.

Update, 18-II:

On Eric Hovind’s Page
(he lives in Pensacola) I posted above with words : I hope that you are opposing the communists in the city counsel and mayor's office!

After all, similar communists also jailed your father ...

< cuckoo!! > < ding-ding >.....No, "Collective Initiative" is a project of ALL modern forms of government, and belief in stuff like "Young" Earth Creationism is practiced more by those in Communist, Absolutist, or National Socialist (NAZI) governments... ;)

You did not read, did you?

I did not reprove Pensacola for having a Collective initiative for warming homeless, but for outlawing the private one.

Commies and Nazis are more into New Age than YEC (but not necessarily all of their subjects, since they know their govt is dishonest)

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