Fatima - Bad News and Good News - the latter provided by Pope Michael

Bad news on Fatima:

Worst Period of War 1981 to 2005 - Robert Sungenis

26:11 Have I got that right? "New World Order" before being the words of Bush Jr were those of Wojtyla?

34:06 Supposing Wojtyla had been the real Pope, and all Cardinals in Rome real Cardinals, an order telling someone to change his or her mind on a matter of recent historic fact rather than of doctrine on eternals, an order to someone basically exploiting his or her position to "undo the damage" - i e of one person's, even the Pope's reputation - cannot possibly be a valid order validly obliging in conscience.

Even if he had been the real Pope, she should not have said that. Are you aware of the story vaticancatholic (Dimond Brothers) have on Sister Lucia?

36:36 "who could argue with the Pope"

If Wojtyla had that mentality, exactly as with Wojtyla possibly having exacted the "changed story", that is one indication he was not quite aware what the Papacy he was supposed to be enacting really was. Precisely as with the crosier which has been described as "creepy crooked Cross" ...

38:22 so far I have had a very clear case against the "canonisation" of Wojtyla by Bergoglio. A canonisation is the equivalent of "and he did what was just in the eyes of the Lord" and I have heard a clear case for the other judgement hagiographers had over some very few kings of Judah, but all Kings of the North Kingdom.

43:45 sth "paternity suits"?

Supposing a priest is profligate, like a certain Borgia later Pope as Alexander VI ... what is the big deal about not admitting it?

Alexander VI was honest on that. He never denied Cesare and Lucrezia were his children. He even tried - it's parental tyranny btw - to foist a bishopric on Cesare who preferred life as a layman!

I recall a saint, she had for some reason to disguise as a man and had to live as monk in a monastery. She accepted a paternity she was falsely accused for - and the monks found out when she had died. St Marina or Martina - I think Marina.

Are you serious priests who had concubines preferred hiding the issue? I heard "Abbé Pierre" was accused of a paternity and denied, but he was obviously heterodox "qui réfuse la capote est un salaud" - who refuses to use a condom is a jerk - he said. Well, he is in one of the two places with more heat than light. Depending on whether he repented for misleading so many admirers on that one or not, I presume.

Somewhere 44:00 - 44:30 I heard of all who believe in gay marriage.

How many believe what both gay marriage adherents and many of their opponents disbelieve : that a gay or lesbian person can be called to marriage and thus to overcome the deviation by other means than strict celibacy, supposing the person was not under a vow of celibacy?

I have seen one Catholic lady consider Josh Weed's marriage acceptable ONLY because he was not a Catholic and was therefore not obliged by Church teaching.

I also saw a priest argue against this, due to the number of marriages that end in separation because the man DISCOVERS he is gay. Well, if that man had believed that homosexual feelings are no absolute obstacle to heterosexual relation especially marriage, he might not have broken, up when he discovered he had homosexual feelings.

46:01 Wait, the request of consecrating Russia was made in 1929?

That was the year in which Pope Pius XI renounced Papal States and accepted Vatican state in an agreement which ended excommunication of Italian kings. He might also have been preferring to "do everything humanly possible"?

Good news on Fatima :

[Me:] Your Holiness: [link to video]

  • 1) Have you done the consecration?
  • 2) If so, when?
  • 3) If not, why?

[Pope Michael:] Are you talking about the Consecration of Russia? If so, I did it on August 22, 1992 and again on December 11, 2011 with the consecrating Bishop.

[Me:] Ah, Deo gratias. Hope other bishops take on! Soon!

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