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Discoveries or Heresies? Are you Catholics, Serviam?

Discoveries or Heresies? Are you Catholics, Serviam? · Trouble Finding Thomas Storck on FB, So Giving Reference from a Google

But politics and economics are not very much like doctrine. Nor is empirical science. They weren’t revealed from heaven. So they don’t just develop. They change. Sometimes radically. Revelation ended with the death of St. John on Patmos. Every single article of Christian faith was present, at least implicitly, among the apostles. That isn’t true of economics, politics or other fields such as natural science. Those fields find out new things and overturn false beliefs. Like the law of supply and demand. The time value of money. The centrality of individual rights. The earth revolving around the sun. Those are radical discoveries. Even innovations. In doctrine, the correct word for an innovation is a “heresy.”

The Pope Is Not an Oracle and the Church Is Not a Party
Serviam USA

"Revelation ended with the death of St. John on Patmos."

St John died - if that is the right word - in Ephesus, and he wrote the Gospel after Patmos. He was freed from Patmos by Emperor Nerva, after having been banned there by Domitian, who had before that tried to boil him in oil and failed to kill him. Learn your Church history!

"Every single article of Christian faith was present, at least implicitly, among the apostles."

You might perhaps forget implicitly, unless you simply mean translating terminology. Transsubstantiation can be called implicitly present, because Apostles were not using scholastic terminology - but not because there was any real unclarity about what it meant, which was later got rid of by discussion.

"That isn’t true of economics, politics or other fields such as natural science."

Possible .....

"Those fields find out new things and overturn false beliefs."

Finding out new things, OK. Overturning false beliefs? Not having discovered a new thing does not involve being in error over what is already discovered. Not having discovered hydrogen does not mean being in error over properties of water in fluid, frozen or avaproated forms.

I begin to sense a kind of fear we could be facing some kind of heresy of novelty here.

"Like the law of supply and demand."

This supposed law was proposed as objection by some Salamanca Jesuits and answered.

If bread is very scarce, money becomes momentarily very valueless. The fact that in such times you might sell a loaf of bread for a wheelbarrow load of paper money doesn't mean you have the right to do so. And no, the Austrian school did not get Salamaca school of theology right, any more than someone would be getting St Thomas right in claiming the first words in S Th I, Q 2, A 3 prove he promoted atheism. Stork has already answered this proposition. I'll ask him about the correct reference for this.

"The time value of money."

Answered several times over. Time is the gift of God to each of us, you can't buy or sell it for money. Or, money is not a biological entity developing offspring over time. Or, in money, the use is the right to dispose of it, and therefore it is consumption goods, like food, not a productive or wear capable commidity like a tool or a room or a car or a horse.

Perhaps you would refer to "lost opportunities for gain".

Now, there is a licit argument about these. Here is how it goes. Suppose I lend you two hundred dollars over a year. In October 1:st 2018, they are up (purely fictitious, I have no 200 dollars to lend you). Suppose before the time is up, perhaps even before I lend you them, decide to participate in a business opportunity which takes place October 2:nd 2018. But you don't pay in time, I don't have the money I counted on for 2.X.2018, I can't get the offer I counted on. That would entitle me to damages, not over how long I originally lent you money, but over losing after being in my right to count on having the money again.

This does not mean that I can charge you for the year if you pay on the day or before.

"The centrality of individual rights."

The right of a community is "more divine" than the right of an individual in it - or outside it.

Also, individual rights were in fact more respected in the Middle Ages, when their centrality was not preached, than now, when it is. You own a house, the government wants to build a road or a pipeline. You are told to get out, offered damages and opportunity to resettle, if you don't, police is going after you, most places. You owned a house in Paris, 1200, the King wanted to build a Church, you could actually be blocking the completion of the Church for a while. If you were old, chances are they would arrange your sons sell it to the Church after you die.

But pretend individual rights are central, you make them a challenge, and a challenge some community organisers will want to take up.

Some pseudo-communal rights are even formulated as "individual rights", even if it means "individual duties" : like "right to school". Or to "mental health treatment."

"The earth revolving around the sun."

Not a discovery. An error.

"Those are radical discoveries. Even innovations. In doctrine, the correct word for an innovation is a 'heresy'."

Yes, the word for these things too is heresy, in some cases. Charging for contractual time of a loan is not excusable according to Ecumenical Council of Vienne in Isère. If you just do it, you sin. If you exonerate it from sin, you are committing heresy in theory.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibl. R M Rilke
St Jerome


21 Sep 2017 16:00 – 28 Sep 2017 15:00 + 28 Sep 2017 17:00 – 29 Sep 2017 16:00

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Here are some interesting older stats from a certain blog:

Since the readers on all these are in midhigh 1100's to lowmid 1200 (some rare high 1200 too), I suppose they are basically the same readership - all or most of them reading intently certain posts of mine on that blog and some passing down between some more of them, but none of this list getting really out of these readers into any other group of them or group of groups of them.

This is also a blog where I today posted my latest post:

somewhere else : History is Tradition

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Why Bloggers Are Not Backbiters

I do not know the exact situation of SSPX in Tulsa.

I do think Laramie Hirsch knows it well enough to write about it.

Now, when he had done so on his blog, a certain Jason Ferguson seems to have considered him guilty or reasonably suspect of backbiting.

I'll link to the post (though I know not the situation in Tulsa), and then copy three comments from under the post, namely by Ferguson, Hirsch, and myself.

In Ferguson's comment, he did not make the link clickable, I will vary his actual text so it is. My own words start with a quote from the link, in quotation marks and italics.

Blog post concerned
The Hirsch Files : Where's Tulsa's "Fr. Stan Rother"? SSPX Packs Up And Leaves.

Jason Ferguson
September 25, 2017 at 12:08 PM
After reading through your blog, I think you need a remedial lesson in the sins of the tongue.

Since anything written after 1960 would probably be suspect to you, probably try this little gem writen in 1870.

You are getting drawn into the Scylla that has drowned many a traditionalist Catholic while trying to avoid the Charybdis of modernism.

SINS OF THE TONGUE: The Backbiting Tongue
By Father Belet, of the Diocese of Basle

Laramie Hirsch
September 25, 2017 at 12:46 PM
Thank you for your constructive criticism.

Hans Georg Lundahl
September 27, 2017 at 2:54 AM
"This is truly the nature of backbiters. They cannot do physical harm to those who are absent, so they strike at them with their tongue."

Jason Ferguson, if Laramie Hirsch has given SSPX opportunity to respond and is willing to post any response given (with or without critical comments), he is not guilty of backbiting.

In oral speech, words carry only to a few yards.

Even at 20 yards, two men may be talking about a third who hears the word "malade" ("ill") and doesn't know exactly whom they are talking about, him or someone else, even if him is probable.

But writing on the internet (or otherwise in public) is of the nature to carry a lot further, and therefore, one need not be in the same room to have spoken in someone's presence : he can be told, by oneself or by someone else, and therefore react, precisely as if oral words are spoken to someone at arms' length with eye contact.

Sure, the person cannot slap or hit you on the spot, if he thinks you need it, he cannot shout and interrupt you, he cannot make a scene and phone police and psychiatry about your queer behaviour in it, but this kind of threat should not be the normal rationale for keeping quiet about someone's faults in his physical presence.

Therefore, the only way a blogger can be accused of backbiting is, if he is reasonably suspect of not daring to send his posts to the person concerned, and of being sufficiently stupid to believe no one else will do so.

Or if he posts anonymously, hoping no one will know he is the blogger.

Which I think Laramie Hirsch is NOT reasonably suspect of. Any of these scenaria.

So far our words under that blog post.

Now, if for instance someone at St Nicolas de Chardonnet has told his parishioners my blogs commit the sin of backbiting, and they would commit the sin of listening to a backbiter by reading my blogs, that is if so a real case of backbiting. Blogging is not backbiting, and calling a blogger a backbiter behind his back is to backbite him.

I also, when naming a person, try to contact him, I also write under my own name, I sign each longer article, even short articles have at their end the signature HGL, the only time I don't sign is when I am linking, or when I am posting a dialogue, or on a blog where I tend to post dialogues and perhaps also when the comment on a video is implying a dialogue with it, since there I would not be signing the words of the other party. In other words, I am not the extremely cowardly type of blogger who could be, exceptionally, a backbiter. I am the normal kind of blogger, who is not a backbiter.

Attacking an institution is a somewhat different affair, since no person is named whom I am putting blame on, and therefore I have no specific person to contact. Any reader who knows a person implied in such an institution who should be interested is however very welcome to bring my posts to his attention.

Also, some named persons are actually hard to get at : do not have email on their site, or reserve it for members on their forum, you need to sign up on their forum, and also have no FB page. In such a case I do the best I can to contact them.

I also make my blogs widely known, it is not as if I was speaking in a secret corner. I may be writing in a calm corner, but I am not writing for a secret corner. It is not for nothing I have sometimes posted posts with the statistics of my visitors. They are there as a reminder I am actually being read - and I know it.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Sts Cosmas and Damian

Il semble que des Chrétiens qui parlent leur anges gardiens sont envoyés aux hôpitaux psychiatriques

Je ne recommande pas les pratiques : ni de parler son ange gardien, ni d'envoyer quelqu'un en hôpital psychiatrique./HGL

PS : biensûr, je ne suis pas contre la prière Angele Dei qui custos es mei, ni de prier à son ange gardien en temps de tentation ou danger./HGL

I Heard Bad News About Ireland

The law against abortion is nearly good, there is just a bit too much exceptions.

And now some nincompoops or evil enemies of Ireland and of all that is Catholic seem to be proposing to tear even that protection down.

In other words, it may well be Ireland may soon be sinking seven years before doomsday - in order to avoid the last tribulations, as St Patrick asked, but also as punishment for if such a referendum would allow abortion, or perhaps if Antipope Bergoglio is welcomed after that./HGL

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I Just Learned Nelson Rockefeller Died 1979

Why is this important?

Well, he was the guy who was responsible for Twin Towers, as Governor of New York State to very late in 1973. I had thought, on top of this, he had died in 2000, one year before 9-11. I had also said so, back when debating on Rockefeller in connection with trutherism in the Chomsky group.

No one there seems to have minded my being wrong by so much, it is only today that someone else (far more connected to truthers than to Chomsky) is telling me Nelson Rockefeller died in 1979. I checked, it seems to have been so, and I thanked him.

But back when I was on the Chomsky group, for some reason no one seems to have bothered contradicting me on the death date of Nelson Rockefeller.

Btw, I was on the Chomsky group because I am a linguist. I think Chomsky has been proven wrong on Creoles, they are not innate grammar, they are, as to Atlantic ones, a West African one. Portuguese with West African grammar, Dutch, English and French with a West African grammar. Then, I am interested in how he would apply tree diagrams to Latin too.

Anyway, I got no tree diagrams on Latin, I got no discussion of The Missing Spanish Creoles, by John McWhorter, AND, when discussing truthers, I was not corrected on the death date of Nelson Rockefeller.

Here is a link to this part of the discussion:

HGL'S F.B. WRITINGS : Debating Mainly on Trutherism, part II, in which I point finger at John Lindsay and Nelson Rockefeller (not forgetting Percy Sutton)

It involves, from today, a correction on this matter.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris X
St Matthew Apostle*

* In Aethiopia natalis sancti Matthaei, Apostoli et Evangelistae; qui, in ea regione praedicans, martyrium passus est. Hujus Evangelium, Hebraeo sermone conscriptum, ipso Matthaeo revelante, inventum est, una cum corpore beati Barnabae Apostoli, tempore Zenonis Imperatoris.

PS, checked, it seems I would have simply confused his lifetime with that of his eldest son Rodman Clark Rockefeller, died May 2000, one brother presumed dead since earlier and two brothers still alive. And if I didn't react, well, a governor of New York state in 1973 who makes that blunder could as well be 41 years old as the really 65 years he actually had. From January 1:st 1971 to December 31:st 1973 (a few days after Nelson left office), if wikipedian list is trustworthy, 4204 people had died in 47 plane crashes, and Aeroflot was only responsible for 16 of them, unless I missed a ? in the counting together of these. Here is the table:

65 0000 060 05 1971-03-31
78 0000 130 13 1971-05-23
50 0000 180 13 1971-06-06
68 0000 240 21 1971-07-03
97 0000 330 28 1971-07-25 V
162 0100 390 30 1971-07-30
111 0200 400 311971-09-04
63 0200 460 34 1971-10-02
50 0200 510 34 1971-11-09 X
69 0200 570 43 1971-11-10
52 0200 620 45 1971-11-12
57 0200 670 52 1971-12-01
91 0200 760 53 1971-12-24
reset 0900 110 03
reset 1000 010 03
104 1100 010 07 1972-01-07 XV
112 1200 020 09 1972-03-14
115 1300 030 14 1972-05-05
122 1400 050 16 1972-05-18
86 1400 130 22 1972-06-14
81 1400 210 23 1972-06-15 XX
118 1500 220 31 1972-06-18
156 1600 270 37 1972-08-14
101 1700 270 38 1972-08-31
109 1800 270 47 1972-10-01
reset 2000 070 47
reset 2000 110 07
reset 2100 010 07
174 2200 080 11 1972-10-13 XXV
60 2200 140 11 1972-10-27
61 2200 200 12 1972-11-28
155 2300 250 17 1972-12-03
101 2400 250 18 1972-12-29
176 2500 320 24 1973-01-22 XXX
66 2500 380 30 1973-02-19
108 2600 380 38 1973-02-21
79 2600 450 47 1973-02-24
reset 3000 090 07
68 3000 150 15 1973-03-05
58 3000 200 23 1973-03-19 XXXV
108 3100 200 41 1973-04-10
63 3100 260 44 1973-05-11
82 3100 340 46 1973-05-19
123 3200 360 49 1973-07-11
reset 3500 060 49
reset 3600 000 09
78 3600 070 17 1973-07-22 XL
88 3600 150 25 1973-07-31
86 3600 230 31 1973-08-13
56 3600 280 37 1973-08-18
108 3700 280 45 1973-09-30
122 3800 300 47 1973-10-13 XLV
51 3800 350 48 1973-12-16 XLVI
106 3800 350 54 1973-12-22 XLVII
sum 3800 404
sum 4204

And here is the wikipedian table:

Note that all air crashes involving fatalities fewer than 50, so 1 to 49, are left out here. So, what made Nelson Rockefeller so sure no plane would crash into Twin Towers? Good ethics in pilots? Hijacking had been going on since 1930's. Including a 40 day long Palestinian one, in 1968. Suicide attacks was no novelty either. Suicide attacks by plane had been done by the Japanese, during the war./HGL

Monday, 18 September 2017

Sheriff Knezovitch blamed "Glorifying Violence"

You can hear or read his comments here:

After School Shooting, Sheriff Gives Second Amendment Defense that Would Make Founding Fathers Proud
Breaking News 365 | Ajoutée le / added 17 sept. 2017

I found this:

Horrifying moment a student, 15, pulls out his gun in the middle of an American school in Mexico, shoots a teacher and two students and then kills himself

The shooter, named as Federico Guevara by Nuevo Leon state governor Jaime Rodriguez, then killed himself.

He had been treated for depression, and his motive is being investigated, said Rodriguez.

Uh, wait, perhaps "treatment for depression" would have sth to do with it? There have been cases other than this when Antidepressants have triggered grave violence! Or what do you say, CCHR?

I'll send the question over here:

And yes, the two school shootings are not the same, Mexico has no County Spokane, but I will send this to both places.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Joseph Cupertino

PS, perhaps the two fifteen year olds being caught in school situations that they hated could have sth to do with it too./HGL

PPS, contacted Spokane via emails, including to Sheriff, and Mexico and CCHR via FB./HGL

Sunday, 17 September 2017

And in Case Someone Wd Call Mark Shea a Dhimmi : Look Here


From Islam to Christ: One Woman's Path through the Riddles of God
Paperback – August 4, 2017
by Derya Little (Author)

Yes, this is not Mark Shea, it is Derya Little. So what has she to do with Mark Shea? Here, back on his blog:

I Interviewed Derya Little, Author of From Islam to Christ

God Bless!/HGL

PS, hearing her question "why couldn't God use evolution" is a bit like "why couldn't God just forgive, without sacrifice?" - the answer to both is : God is good, God is holy, He doesn't put us in too bad positions either morally nor theoretically.

See more thereon:

Creation vs. Evolution : Scenario impossible

And if you happen to think this is not Catholic, if you consider it kind of "Talmudic" to be Creationist, look here:

Creation vs. Evolution : I have been Asked if Kent Hovind didn't have Talmudic Positions?

In which, I quote the Magisterium of Pope St Pius X./HGL

Saturday, 16 September 2017

I do Differ from the Alt Right on Issues

I am not sure if you know of a cuss word among them for certain other non-leftists, "cuckservatives". I am not using it, and for a reason.

Here is Mark Shea on the matter:


Someone left the Church - or the Novus Ordo Sect - due to its stance on immigration.

Note, supporting mass immigration may be wrong for other reasons, but not for these two, the ones I put in bold, quoting what Mark Shea quoted himself, before answering it:

Today, however, Catholic leaders act like cuckolds and support the invasions of their own lands. You see this ranging from Pope Francis all the way to Cardinal Dolan, who openly supports the Third World invasion of the USA.

This is not a healthy church. It is a war upon Western Civilization, and I cannot be a part of it. The Catholic Church today is an enemy of Western Civilization.

Reason 1, "cuckolds" : if an immigrant marries a previously unwed maid or woman of our lands, either both baptised or neither baptised, that is not any one actually suffering cuckoldry, per se.

It does probably happen that Muslim men do think this or that Western man is a loser and his wife needs someone better, and they are sometimes in a position to call him and treat him as a loser. The problem in such a case is not so much in their geographical position as in their social one, and even more, in how much more social position has come to mean than marriage.

It is marriage we must defend, not whiteness, if we do not want to suffer cuckoldry.

It could come to immigrants being too much against a defense of Christian marriage, too much for women divorcing "losers" and remarrying, but the mere fact of an immigrant being here is not cuckoldry, and the fact of an immigrant marrying here, including a Western woman, according to both being or lacking Baptism, is also not cuckoldry. A Persian cultural Muslim of atheist convictions marries a woman raised atheist and never baptised, she is not committing adultery, and a Congolese Catholic coming here marrying a Catholic, she is not committing adultery because he is Congolese. Learn what words mean!

Calling that "cuckoldry" is like saying that all white women in general are married to all white men in general, even before marriage. Ku Klux Klan seems to have historically supported that kind of thing, but it was founded by an anti-Christian mystagogue named Albert Pike, among others. It is Plato at his worst (i e book VI of The State / The Republic). If even that.

Reason 2, "third world" vs "Western Civilisation" : the Third World is part of Western Civilisation.

The Muslim world is not part if Western Civilisation. The Confucian and Shinto and Buddhist world is not part of it, neither is the Hindoo world : because they are not parts of Christendom, because their tradition is not Christian.

In the West, Christianity has a worse enemy than immigrant Confucians or Muslims, even if these on occasion do support this enemy : Marxist Socialism. But note, if Alt Right takes on too much of the tone of Ku Klux, there may come a day when Alt Right too is an enemy.

And Mark Shea replied on the same lines, urging the man to return to the Faith of Charles Martel.

Shall we check with history of the Christendom of Charles Martel did on occasion accept immigrants?

Sagen aus Österreich : Der Purbacher Türke

Now, this was Burgendland, an area with some Calvinistic influence, which was up to World War I not Archduchy of Austria, or (except some decades) Empire of Austria, but Kingdom of Hungary. In a more purely Catholic area of Austria, he might even been free and married, that Turk, once he had been baptised.

And of course, we have the cases of Fraxinet:

Here, the Moors actually had an enclave, up to the provocation of detaining Saint Majolus of Cluny. Next year, Moors were down in the Var, battle of Tourtour liberated the area. But the problem was not that the Moors were living in France. The problem is they tried to play lords here. That they had committed acts of piracy before this deed and now cronwed them by a sacrilege.

I don't know if the man cited above really ceaed to be Catholic totally, or if he profited from too much tolerance of Ku Klux positions in his non-Vatican II surroundings, at least more tolerance than he would have had from me, especially on as great an occasion as getting out of Novus Ordo, had I been a priest receiving him to a parish resisting Novus Ordo (SSPX, Sede Vacante or - as my allegiance - under Pope Michael).

I am not sure Mark Shea made the difference. I sometimes suspected he may be considering me as a National Socialist, which I am not. His words to the Alt Righter deserve some quoting:

You are an Alt Right racist, not a conservative. And you are a heretic at war with Jesus Christ in grave danger of the everlasting fires of hell in your infatuation with white supremacist worship of power. You asked no question because you are a liar.

If you do not return to the Faith, the faith of Charles Martel, you stand in grave danger of burning for all eternity in hell.

Race worship has been done before. Holy Church condemns it as she always has. Christ alone, not your blood or soil or DNA, can save you.

Repent or you shall be damned.

Manly enough for you?

Well, I am not sure he is not committing hasty judgement. Invasion is on certain occasions a somewhat apt word for how certain immigrants have behaved. And some of them have also behaved so ill, that even cuckold is not totally off, namely by gang rapes, for those supporting these guys stay here after prison. And some seem to have been eager to decide who is a "loser" - in my own case this has not meant a divorce, but not getting married : BUT the immigrants who have been involved in that (and I think some have, considering I drink beer with my supper, when I can afford it and considering I have compared Moahmmed to Joseph Smith and supported the French taking of Algers in 1830) could have done nothing without ample backing or even abetting from non-immigrant Socialists and side help from some Conservatives who are Catholics, except a bit too fond of the Alt Right.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Cergy L'Astrolabe
St Edith

Friday, 15 September 2017

Bonum Festum Septem Dolorum

Christifidelibus exopto./HGL

Today we Celebrate Our Lady of Sorrows

There is a prayer to the Seven Sorrows, appropriate today.

There is also a prayer to the Seven Joys, and searching for it, I found a manual of Franciscan Tertiaries. It also included a martyrology of Franciscan Tertiaries or perhaps also Franciscans of First and Second orders. From it, I found this:

This reminds me also of a man who gave me instructions on liturgy, devotions and other things useful for a Catholic, along with some rants about how he missed his wife (he was a widower all the years I knew him, up to dying in 1992). He had made a pilgrimage to Assisi, and written about it, and also been a boy scout leader : he always (when weather permitted - which included rough weather in his opinion) were scout uniform.

He was also an artists and a graphology fan (his brother had been a graphologist).

Would you mind praying for the repose of Karl Einar Michael Kedja?/HGL

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bonum Festum Exaltationis Sanctae Crucis

Christifidelibus exopto./HGL

Exaltatio sanctae Crucis, quando Heraclius Imperator, Chosroa Rege devicto, eam de Perside Hierosolymam reportavit.

Friday, 8 September 2017

A Thirtieth Anniversary for His Holiness Pope Michael

This mail came today, Nativity of Our Lady, 2017, at 4:44 PM:

Thirty years ago on the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1987 I received a letter, which changed my life.

“If anyone assert that it is not the institution of Our Lord Jesus Christ, or of Divine right, that St. Peter has PERPETUAL successors in the office of Supreme Pastor over the Universal Church; let him be anathema.” When I read this from the only Vatican Council, I immediately realized three things:

  • A papal election was possible.

  • The ecclesiastical law limiting a papal election to Cardinals must step aside in favor of this doctrine (quoted above).

  • It was my duty to do all in my power to bring about such an election.

    Through this letter, God revealed His will to me. God speaks to us in many ways.

And the rest is history. For almost three years I contacted people world wide in order to encourage them to participate in electing a Pope. And an election was accomplished on July 16, 1990. True, I was elected that day, but my life changed when I realized what must be done.

I have made a video on this as well.

The video and three more:

Thirtieth Anniversary
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 8 sept. 2017

What If There Was Another Papal Election The Same Time As Yours?
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 4 sept. 2017

How Should We Act In A Time Of Confusion
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 25 août 2017

The Coming Persecution
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 11 août 2017

Bonum Festum Nativitatis Beatae Mariae Virginis

lectoribus Christifidelinus exopto./HGL

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Il semble qu'il y a eu une confusion entre deux sites suédois (maintenant était et reste (avec nouvelle adresse) une communauté pour des styles vestimentaires et musicaux alternatifs, genre, synth, goths, métallique, surtout des gens entre 16 et 40. est pour les fétischistes et bdsm.

Pas mal sur étaient aussi sur darkside. Moi, non. Et quand je dis "pas mal", je parle de quelques notables et leurs associés./HGL

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Signed, in Support of Mary Wagner

Jailed Pro-Lifer, Mary Wagner, asks for help. Write to the Judge!

Stats : over 1000 / Day, Last Week

29 Aug 2017 10:00 – 5 Sep 2017 09:00, 9565 :

Russia 6477 : 12 276 63 19 294 578 645 56 63 191 4 34 176 20 568 14 21 21 21 21 21 26 25 137 1034 105 367 145 108 300 8 467 37 4 596

United States 1186 : 105 7 234 5 23 12 9 11 8 172 133 4 6 7 2 1 2 2 3 66 4 2 44 9 7 8 159 5 14 111 8 3

France 615 : 3 1 1 3 4 1 3 2 6 34 2 19 211 2 4 293 2 8 16

Commonwealth 595 :

United Kingdom 485 : 5 1 466 5 8

Canada 87 : 80 1 6

Australia 23 : 3 20

Ukraine 196 : 4 8 1 8 1 10 27 4 13 2 4 2 4 52 2 2 7 6 39

Italy 156

Germany 110 : 12 9 9 5 4 8 7 5 9 1 4 6 10 8 13

Poland 61 : 8 8 42 3 Ireland 35 : 7 5 10 4 9 Brazil 31 : 2 4 4 14 1 6 Sweden 23 : 1 1 3 3 11 2 2 United Arab Emirates 14 : 7 1 1 5 China 12 : 6 6.

South Korea 8 : 6 1 1 India 6 : 1 3 2 Norway 4, Indonesia 4 : 3 1

Japan 3, Philippines 3 : 1 2 Spain 3 : 1 1 1.

2 each on single blog: Thailand, Burkina Faso, Belarus, Mexico.

2 each on separate blogs : Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore.

1 each : Czechia, Portugal, Taiwan, Morocco, Cameroon, Slovenia, Serbia.

Multiples of 21 checked up to 294./HGL

Two near hits detected in France, 211 near 210, 293 near 294./HGL

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Prophecy of St Malachy, etc, Part II

Prophecy of St Malachy, Against TektonTV, Part I · Prophecy of St Malachy, etc, Part II

Here are a few more recent Popes - and we start getting to Antipopes as well. While I am at it, the Prophecy of St Malachy has featured undoubted Antipopes of the Middle Ages, like "Barcinonicus corvus" or whether it was "Schisma barcinonicum" - on an Antipope from Bercelona.*

This is probably where some people suggest that editors in 1590 falsified prophecy, since their view of the papacy (as well as mine) involves that Antipope from Barcelona actually being an Antipope, not the real Pope of the time. It is a bit difficult to conceive of a line beginning with an Antipope and continuing after that with real Pope after real Pope grafted onto previous real Popes, before the Antipope, while a man from Barcelona would have been real Pope with no direct connection to his real successors. No doubt it would have been difficult to the editors of 1590 too.

But, if more recent prophecies than 1590 are good - and this is what I am defending previous part and this one - it is more explicable for the prophecies even before to have been genuine, by Malachy of Armagh, than for only the latter to be genuine, and by some fraud of editors in 1590.

Here we continue with identified Popes and Antipopes up to abdication of Bendict XVI - on my view on Antipope, though a fairly good one whom I took for real even after ditching his predecessor John Paul II and without readjusting that ditching.

261 Pius XI (1922-1939) 105 Fides intrepida
(Intrepid faith)

Hist.: This Pope stood up to Fascist and Communist forces lining up against him in the lead up to World War II.

What is the difference between Russian Revolution during Benedict XV as well as biennio rosso or as Mexican Revolution of 1917, or Hungarian Revolution of Bela Kún, and the new depopulations of religion attempted under Pius XI against the Church in Mexico (by enforcing atheistic school teaching with school compulsion) and in Spain, under its Second Republic, the Red Terror of Asturias and elsewhere in Rebellion against Gil Robles, the generalised esclation to a new Red Terror under Azaña?

Well, some faithful were being intrepid in a military sense.

Even if Pius XI had the sad role of asking Cristeros to lay down their arms (after which they were, as to leadership, executed, despite the promises given to Pius XI to obtain this order), he did not commit the same mistake again when it came to the Burgos pronunciamento against Azaña. He endorsed Franco's war against Azaña and Caballero and others as a Crusade. It was victorious a few months after Pope "intrepid faith" died.

The guys who disclaim the Fatima prophecy on account of his dying before "World War II" starts in September this year might be wrong simply because "World War II" was an episode of diversion from real issues in a greater war, starting with Cristeros and not finished until fall of Iron Curtain in 1990 - if it is even finished now.

On the side of doctrine of faith but not soldiering for the faith, Pius XI made (through his nuncio Pacelli) Clemens August von Galen the bishop of Munster, who was later to be the most intrepid critic of certain ills in National Socialism, including Eugenism and Euthanasia.

If we turn to the British Isles, the great intrepid Apologists Hilaire Belloc and even more well known Gilbert Keith Chesterton were active as writers in his day, and he conferred on them the dignity of Knights of St Gregory.

As to the "Hist", we are dealing with Encyclicals, here is a selection:

Iniquis afflictisque   18. November 1926  On persecution of the Church in Mexico
Divini illius Magistr valign="top"i   31. December 1929  On school matters (if he had been heard, Klebold would not have shot Cassie)
Casti connubii   31. December 1930  On marriage, against Eugenics (back before Per Albin and Hitler this was an issue in certain states of US and Canada) and against Malthusianism.
Non abbiamo bisogno [Italian]  29. Juni 1931  Against certain issues with Italian Fascism, notably breaches against Concordate esp with issues of education
Acerba animi   29. September 1932  On persecution of the Church in Mexico
Dilectissima nobis   3. Juni 1933  On repression of Church in Spain
Mit brennender Sorge [German]  14. March 1937  Against National Socialism or various aspects of it
Divini redemptoris   19. March 1937  Against Communism
Nos es muy conocida [Spanish]  28. March 1937  On religious situation in Mexico
Ingravescentibus malis   29. September 1937  On the Rosary as our weapon.

Let us not forget he has also instituted last Sunday of October as Feast of Christ the King - with a clearly political message, not lost on people like Eamonn DeValera or Franco : an earthly ruler is just a delegate of Christ the King.

262 Pius XII (1939-1958) 106 Pastor angelicus
(Angelic Shepherd)

Hist.: This Pope was very mystical, and is believed to have received visions. People would kneel when they received telephone calls from him. His encyclicals add enormously to the understanding of Catholic beliefs (even if they are now overlooked because of focus on the Second Vatican Council, which occurred so soon after his reign).

As he is first on a list of possible Antipopes, but was accepted by nearly all Catholics, a much better consensus than for the most recent one, Bergoglio, and since he is accepted by most sedevacantists, instead of commenting extensively, I'll instead just note one alternative reading.

In Acts, an angels is acting like a "shepherd" for St Peter, by opening the prison doors.

Whatever can be said of Pius XII as a Pope, he was an excellent Schindler. He saved lots of Jews from getting caught.

The following are considered Antipopes by all Sedevacantists except Palmarians who accept "Paul VI".

263 John XXIII (1958-1963) 107 Pastor et Nauta
(pastor and marine - mistranslated, it is really pastor and sailor)

Hist.: prior to his election he was patriarch of Venice, a marine city, home of the gondolas

J. P. Holding argued, he wasn't in Venice all that long.

One could retort, he was also in Istanbul, as Papal Nuntio. Istanbul is also a maritime city.

J. P. Holding fails to note he was considered by his admirers as a very compassionate pastor, and he convoked a council which was, on his terms (not kept by his successor) meant as "a pastoral council" - a council purely of disciplinary measures, without any condemnation of any heresy, without any definite project of ending any schism even (it started one instead!), without any definite amount of disciplinary problems (if one can consider Pius XII as having been a legitimate pastor, he had an intellect as brilliant as an angel for that task).

So, John XXIII is actually famous for having convoked a pastoral council, and among Sedes he is ill famed for that. There is a caricature in which the Devil is seen walking among a lot of people dressed as bishops and cardinals, the door they are walking to is marked "Vatican II" and the devil is commenting "wow, I was never officially invited to a council before!"

That invitation being previsely the convocation of a pastoral council, no task of condemning any heresies and therefore not given the usual divine guidance of infallibility in such condemnations.

So, note, the order of words was not "nauta et pastor", but "pastor et nauta".

There is a Swedish saying to someone who is making a mistake or has no clue - it is actually the equivalent of "you have no clue" - and it goes most often "nu är du ute och cyclar". That means, literally, "now you are out biking".

But I recalled, and I found, an alternative version "nu är du ute och seglar". Now you are out sailing. You are offshore, on deep waters, off the visible coastline = you have no clue any more.

Once Roncalli "John XXIII" was convoking the pastoral council, he was in the Swedish sense of the phrase "out and sailing". Pastor and sailor, well, let's say it is very accurate.

Are you saying he was aware of the prophecy and of the Swedish saying and went clueless deliberately in order to fulfil the prophecy?

264 Paul VI (1963-1978) 108 Flos florum
(flower of flowers)

Hist.: his arms displayed three lilies.

One could also say that his Humanae Vitae was at least received by many as a protection of chastity. A virtue (at least in its higher degree of virginity) symbolised by the lily. Like here, in right use of marriage.

It, correctly, totally banned pill and rubber. But, it also endorsed "for grave reasons" (a condition often forgotten) NFP. Something which already Pius XII (Pacelli) had done, which is one of the reasons against him.

Now, there is another flower than the lily, which symbolises chastity. Or other flowers, shall we say.

Leviticus 18:19. No, Latin has no flowers there. Latin has "quae menstruam patitur". But English has "in her flowers".

Shall we say Antipope Montini or Paul666 (yes, we sometimes do so nickname him, there is both pictographic and numerological aptness to that) was impurity of impurities? Or shall we say he tried to make a lily (matrimonial chastity) out of "flowers" in the sense concerned by Leviticus 18:19?

If he did that precisely to fulfil the prophecy (as of course you could argue about his coat of arms, if chosen post conclave), you must admit this would have been a somewhat cynic way of dealing with it.

Note also, though this is less to the point in the prophecy, he did not stay with the "pastoral council without condemnations" policy, he finished Vatican II (a bit before Humanae Vitae) on a note of all its documents being religiously binding. Which I for one cannot accept for a document as modernist as Gaudium et Spes.

265 John Paul I (1978) 109 De medietate Lunæ
(of the half of the moon)

Hist.: Albino Luciani, born in Canale d'Agardo, diocese of Belluno, (beautiful moon) Elected pope on August
26, his reign lasted about a month, from half a moon to the next half...

J. P. Holding had argued, if he was elected at a half moon, this could have been because one wanted to fulfil prophecy, ok, but if you consider his dying the next half moon was also by men trying to fulfil St Malachy's prophecy, that means you are arguing he was murdered by something very close to Illuminati of the Conspiracy Theorists' common lore.

Which in itself, to a Catholic, would indicate that the world is coming to an end, having such people involved in running the Vatican.

So, was his dying on a half moon, his reigning from a half moon to next half moon, a fortuitous event which just happens to match prophecy? Or was he murdered to fulfil prophecy? Or both?

266 John Paul II (1978-2005) 110 De labore Solis
(of the eclipse of the sun, or from the labour of the sun)

Hist.: Karol Wojtyla was born on May 18, 1920 during a solar eclipse. He also comes from behind the former Iron Curtain (the East, where the Sun rises). He might also be seen to be the fruit of the intercession of the Woman Clothed with the Sun labouring in Revelation 12 (because of his devotion to the Virgin Mary). His Funeral occurred on 8 April, 2005 when there was a solar eclipse visible in the Americas.

J. P. Holding argued, the solar eclipse at his birth occurred over Indian Ocean.

Well, there are Hindoos on both sides of it, aren't there? Now, what has this to do with "John Paul II" or Antipope Wojtyla?

The Catholic Church, by sending priests there, both as a service to the Catholic presence and as missionaries directly to Hindoos, has been shining sunlight on them, on the Indian Ocean.

On three occasions, Wojtyla was an eclipse of this sunlight.

  • By endorsing Mother Theresa who was not (at least not officially) doing anything to convert Hindoo patients in her hospitals, this affects Muslims too;
  • By receiving a Tilak from a Brahmin (confer when he kissed a Qoran, which affects Muslims);
  • By the Assisi Prayer Meeting, at which Hindoo idolaters were invited to do their service in Catholic Churches, as if they had been visiting Catholic priests (whatever can be said about Pius XII, when Wehrmacht held a Lutheran service in Notre Dame, he protested against that!)

So, as he died, he was buried at another solar eclipse, over Americas. I would hardly say he was an excellent pastor for the faithful in the Americas either.

267 Benedict XVI (2005-) 111 Gloria olivæ
The Benedictine order traditionally said this Pope would come from their order, since a branch of the Benedictine order is called the Olivetans. St Benedict is said to have prophesied that before the end of the world, a member of his order would be Pope and would triumphantly lead the Church in its fight against evil. While the Holy Father chose the name "Benedict", this does not seem enough to fulfil the prophecy. Nor is it clear how Benedict XVI (a Bavarian) is "Glory of the Olives". Since he is said to have remarked in the Conclave after saying he would take the name Benedict that it was partly to honour Benedict XV, a pope of peace and reconciliation, perhaps Benedict XVI will be a peacemaker in the Church or in the World, and thus carry the olive branch.

Now, there is one occasion on which even those who consider him an Antipope cannot escape saying he was at least a false peacemaker. No one can say he was not in some sense at least a peacemaker.

On the 7th of July 2007, tens years and a few months ago, he aroused a lot of anger in Modernist quarters, precisely by making some peace efforts in the direction of FSSPX, Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Pii Decimi.

We can note a few things more. The site is from when Benedict XVI was still, rightly or wrongly, as Pope or as Antipope, ruling. It has for some reason not been updated since he resigned, the identity of Petrus Romanus is left open.

The switch from Benedict to Francis has coincided with a lot of Catholic site and blog deaths.

For a layman exercising a kind of free speech, like in lay apologetics (sth which was endorsed by Pius XI**), Benedict XVI was a golden era, in the internet version, and with "Frankenpope" it seems to be gone or at least considerably curtailed.

I noted the same in Swedish, a few months ago.

På Svenska og på Dansk på Antimodernism : Catholska lekmannabloggar i Norden

Some of the blogs I had searched on a certain blogroll or two were by priests and are still running. But most were by laymen and ceased posting in 2011 - 2013 sometime.

There is another thing with the Popes and Antipopes on this page. They are seven kings. They are the seven priest-kings of Vatican State.

If Dimond brothers and other sedevacantists are correct about new rite of ordination, Bergoglio was never even a priest, validly so ordained***. So he is in a sense after the seven priest kings. On the other hand, Benedict XV was not yet king of Vatican State, since it was founded in 1929, by a treaty between Pius XI and the Italian King represented by Mussolini. Up to 1870, Popes had been kings over a vaster territory, known as Papal States. From 1870 to 1929 gthey were in principle claiming this back, while Italy illegally occupying Papal States was not even giving them sovereignty over Vatican. In 1929, Popes renounced the Papal States and agreed with Italy to found Vatican State. Pius XI, one, Pius XII, two, John XXIII, three, Paul VI, four, John Paul I, five, John Paul II, six, Benedict XVI, seven.

Can one say that "Frankenpope" is "the eighth, and one of the seven"?

He is the eighth king of Vatican City and in certain ways a double of more than one of his predecessors. This has been noted by Dimond brothers. Most notable way of being "one of the seven" is by being kind of a co-ruler with his Emeritus predecessor, who didn't rule the shortest time, but clearly a shorter time than his predecessor and a shorter time than some others of them.

Are there any parallels to the situation? If Charles XVI Gustaf were to get a real reign (so far he has been a figurehead, legally so, with no predecessor in Swedish history at all) he would be the seventh Bernadotte and be ruling for the short time which is left him (after a long non-reign). If he were succeeded by Silvia, she would be him by being one flesh, and therefore one of the seven, but she would be eighth. For Putin, he would be eighth and one of the seven if one counted post-Khrushchev rulers in Russia, but why post-Khrushchev? For Britain, the Hannover Windsors are already too many. For Emperor of India, we would still have to look out for a seventh who will rule a short time. On a lookout for a fulfilment of this Biblical prophecy, Dimond brothers seem close to having clinched it on Bergoglio being "eighth and one of the seven".

No, I cannot endorse J. P. Holdings position that we are dealing with "end times quackery". We'll see what he has to say about more in his newer series on Apocalypse.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Lorenzo Giustiniani

* Antipope (no Pope number on the site or otherwise!) "Clement VIII" (1423-1429) 44 (number in prophecy) Schisma Barcinonicum

** Sheed and Ward was a publishing house founded in London in 1926 by Catholic activists Frank Sheed and Maisie Ward. The head office was moved to New York in 1933. 26 - under Pius XI - 33 - still under Pius XI. Francis Joseph "Frank" Sheed (March 20, 1897 in Sydney – November 20, 1982 in Jersey City),[1] an Australian-born lawyer, was a Catholic writer, publisher, and speaker. He and his wife Maisie Ward were famous in their day as the names behind the imprint Sheed & Ward and as forceful public lecturers in the Catholic Evidence Guild. The Catholic Evidence Guild is a loose international association of Roman Catholic lay volunteers which seeks to research and present clear and compelling explanations of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. The organisation was founded in the Diocese of Westminster, England towards the end of 1918. By 1925 there were 20 to 30 branches throughout England. The Westminster branch has spoken regularly at Speakers' Corner since its inception. Prospective speakers were put through a strict training system by the Guild, with the goal of enabling "the ordinary Catholic to explain the truths of his religion in such a way as to reach the understanding of the crowd."

*** A bit like Catholics generally say even Lutherans and Anglicans ceased to have valid orders around Reformation at that change of rite.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Imaginer un évolutionniste capable de penser?

Bon, pas tous. Car à certains endroits, certains évolutionnistes clefs semblent avoir oublié certaines bases de la pensée.

Un Aristotélicien, comme par exemple un Thomiste, y compris un vraiment Thomasien, sait pertinemment que c'est une question de demander la cause finale et une autre de demander la cause efficiente.

Or, il me semble que plus qu'un évolutionniste vient d'oublier ceci. J'ai deux exemples dans la tête, et je vous les donne.

  • 1) Je débattais avec un évolutionniste anglophone (les francophones préfèrent de débattre sur la non-existence du débat), on venait à l'origine de la langue. Je disais, l'évolution n'explique pas la langue. L'évolutionniste prétendait que oui, car la langue donne certains avantages, comme facilitant la collaboration, comme facilitant les phases de parades nuptiales etc.;
  • 2) Shaun Doyle* vient de citer une étude sur l'évolution de la pluricellularité et du dimorphisme sexuel, et l'étude* énumérait certains avantages de certains sous-divisions des traits qui les charactérisent, notemment l'héritage des mitochondries de la seule mère, l'héritage de seulement ADN nucléique du père, considérant que ces avantages expliquaient pourquoi la pluricellularité et le dimorphisme sexuel apparaissent dans l'évolution;
  • 3) J'avais oublié que l'article** par lequel j'étais venu à Shaun Doyle, celui d'aujourd'hui*** qui cite l'évolution de lignine comme très difficile à accomplir (car le processus de la production est compliqué, impossible de mettre en place par une seule mutation), qui aurait, selon les évolutionnistes, eu lieu deux ou trois fois indépendemment, chez les algues rouges°, qui ont lignine selon la découverte récente, chez les plantes, et puisqu'il y a une différence importante, chez les lycopodes et les plantes ayant des fleurs : et cette origine double ou triple serait donc dûe au fait que la lignine est avantageuse.

Comme l'ont dit les deux, Shaun Doyle et David Catchpoole, je le répète : la finalité très clair, l'avantage très net, que ça soit de la langue humaine, que ça soit de la lignine dans une plante, que ça soit du dimorphisme sexuel, que ça soit de pluricellularité, et ainsi de suite, ça n'explique nullement la causalité efficiente étape par étape comment ce genre de choses auraient pu se mettre en place avant d'être favorisées par la sélection naturelle.

Il y a pour ce genre de transitions, supposément purement évolutives, purement dûes à la matière s'organisant par les accidents entre molécules, pas une miette de tentative cohérente comment ce genre de choses commence à exister étape par étape, d'une version inférieure.

On vient de me dire que j'ai un besoin de croire. L'existence de Dieu correspond plutôt à un besoin de comprendre.

Il y a des choses que l'évolution n'explique pas du tout, que Dieu en tant qu'existant (mais uniquement en tant que tel, pas en tant qu'une simple idée humaine) explique très bien, très économiquement, et qui ne sont pas obscures, mais visibles à plein jour, et sur des domaines vastes de la biologie ou autre étudiée.

Si c'était pour "avoir un ami invisible", j'aurai pu avoir un "Dieu" (pas totalement ressenti comme tel) imaginé, comme j'aime des personnages de romans, ou comme j'imagine ma mère ou d'autres personnes même dans leur absence physique (ce qui est aussi vrai pour mes ennemis humains). Mais ce n'est pas l'ami invisible qui en tant que tel et imaginaire va me faire comprendre la langue, le sexe, la pluricellularité ou même, comme trouvé aujourd'hui, la lignine.

Entretemps, les évolutionnistes répètent comme des idiots qui hurlent les oreilles bouchées, leur mantra que la sélection naturelle, en dernière analyse la défaillance du moins adapté, explique l'apparance de certaines choses, parce qu'elles sont bien adaptées. Non, elle ne les explique pas. Et à force d'avoir un peu dans la tête, même un évolutionniste pourrait le comprendre.

Continué après la nuit:

Comme je m'étais réveillé trop tôt hier matin, la première fois (rendormi après 4:55!), j'étais tellement fatigué que je viens d'oublier hier la signature. Je m'en suis rendu compte que c'était probablement le cas après de quitter la session d'internet. Je pourrais éventuellement profiter pour ajouter quelque chose, mais je préfère faire un autre message de continuation, plutôt. Et je signe, par la fin de ce message:

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St Laurent Justinien


* Shaun Doyle écrit en :

Does biological advantage imply biological origin?
by Shaun Doyle, Journal of Creation
Volume 26, Issue 1, Published April 2012
républié sur le site en 2013

et il cite, en effet plus qu'une étude:

Hurrell, P., High-energy lifestyles led to evolution of the sexes,, 19 December 2011,

Experiments explain why almost all multicellular organisms begin life as a single cell,, 15 December 2011,

Hadjivasiliou, Z. et al., Selection for mitonuclear co-adaptation could favour the evolution of two sexes,
Proc. Royal Soc. B, Published online 7 December 2011 | doi: 10.1098/rspb.2011.1871

Kuzdzal-Fick, J.J. et al., High relatedness is necessary and sufficient to maintain multicellularity in Dictyostelium, Science 334:1548–1551, 16 December 2011

** Overturnin’ the learnin’ about lignin
by David Catchpoole

Évolutionnistes cités dedans:

Martone, P. and 6 others, Discovery of lignin in seaweed reveals convergent evolution of cell-wall architecture,
Current Biology 19:169–175, 27 January 2009 | doi:10.1016/j.cub.2008.12.031.

The University of British Columbia—Media Release, Billion-year revision of plant evolution timeline may stem from discovery of lignin in seaweed,, 27 January 2009.

In fact, it could be worse than that, as the study authors mention that lignin production in red algae “may reflect a third convergent pathway” (emphasis added) in light of other workers’ previous suggestions that distinctly different lignin synthesis pathways in flowering plants compared with lycopods (plants whose leaves have only a single vein) suggest that each of those evolved independently

Weng, J., Li, X., Stout, J., and Chapple, C., Independent origins of syringyl lignin in vascular plants,
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105(22):7887–7892, 2008.

*** CMI ou est un site collaboratif ou chaque jour apparaît un nouvel article, mais c'est souvent pas le même auteur que la veille, ils sont au moins 40 qui font la représentation, et il y a davantage qui sont plutôt pigistes (comme Emil Silvestru sur la karstologie et comme le non-affilié Benno Zuiddam sur la patristique à propos végétarisme vs carnivorisme des animaux avant la chute).

° Calliarthron cheilosporioides

Prophecy of St Malachy, Against TektonTV, Part I

Prophecy of St Malachy, Against TektonTV, Part I · Prophecy of St Malachy, etc, Part II

J. P. Holding, of the protestant self described "ministry" Tekton TV, which is a youtube channel (as a Catholic, I am also an Apologist, but I don't dare describe it as a "ministry"!), is sometimes doing some good stuff. Yesterday, I saw some of his less good stuff, when he considers the alarm about end times in connection with St Malachy's prophecy as "quackery".

He went through ten Popes, I'll go a bit further back. He criticised some descriptions by St Malachy as unfulfilled, as fulfilled no better than next or previous Pope, as vague. Here we will go through an extension of his list:

252 Pius VI (1775-1799) 96 Peregrinus Apostolicus
Apostolic Pilgrim - or Apostolic stranger. As an "Apostle" - i e Pope - he was taken to where he was a stranger, by Napoleon Buonaparte taking him captive.

253 Pius VII (1800-1823) 97 Aquila rapax
Rapacious eagle is a good description of Napoleon. Few would deny he was rapacious, and as he claimed the title Emperor, he carried the Roman Eagle. Pius VII - whom some Catholics have counted as an Antipope - made peace with him, the so called Concordate.

So, his papacy started "under the auspices of" a rapacious eagle, the same which had carried his predecessor into places where he was a peregrinus. Hey, this starts to sound like the inspiration for Gwaihir taking Gandalf in his claws ... Tolkien of course knew this fairly well, at some point. And it can have simmered in his imagination for some time.

Note that while Pius VI could also have been considered as a reasonable fulfilment of Aquila Rapax, obviously, since Pius VII stayed in Rome on good terms with Napoleon (too good terms for the taste of some Catholics) could not have been a fulfilment of the peregrinus part of his predecessor.

No successor of Pius VII could have been considered as fulfilling Aquila rapax up to those confronting Hitler, so far. Lenin was rapax, but in his case Hammer and Sickle replaced Russian Eagle. Savoy was rapax enough, but its ensigns is a Cross, not an eagle.

No predecessor of either for quite a long time back could have fitted Aquila rapax (you might want to consider Sacco di Roma by a German Emperor, Charles V. (The Pope in question also same year suffered Swedish Reformation leading to some more sacking : #221 Clement VII (1523-1534) #65 Flos pilæi ægri, flower of ... sorry, this one is beyond my Latin skills), and I don't know many peregrini either, except if some hade made pilgrimages before papacy, which would have meant they were not yet apostolic while being pilgrims, no longer actively on pilgrimage once apostolic. No successor of Pius VI could have been considered as pilgrim up to recent very travel happy Popes or Antipopes starting with "John Paul II".

254 Leo XII (1823-1829) 98 Canis et coluber
Dog and snake ... His condemnations of Freemasonry (with Carbonarism) and of Protestantism make him a watchdog biting these snakes. I can imagine Tom Horn having some problem with that ...

This would of course fit more than one Pope in the following, up to St Pius X, but he could be seen as initiating the list. He also took this as the theme of his first encyclical, hence its name, Ubi Primum, as soon as. Here are some other words from it:

11. Who can reflect without weeping on the fierce and mighty conflicts which have raged in Our times and continue to rage almost daily against the Catholic religion? Listen to St. Jerome: “It is no small spark, no small spark, l say, which is scarcely seen in being observed; it is not a little leaven which is obviously a small thing. It is rather a flame which attempts to devastate almost the entire world and to burn up walls, cities, broad pastures and districts; and a leaven which mixes with the flour and tries to destroy its whole substance.”[8] With this reason for fear, We would lose all heart for Our apostolic service were it not that the Guardian of Israel does not slumber or sleep, and says to His disciples: “Behold I am with you all days even to the end of the world,” and condescends to be shepherd of shepherds as well as guardian of the sheep.[9]

12. But at what are these remarks aimed? A certain sect, which you surely know, has unjustly arrogated to itself the name of philosophy, and has aroused from the ashes the disorderly ranks of practically every error. Under the gentle appearance of piety and liberality this sect professes what they call tolerance or indifferentism. It preaches that not only in civil affairs, which is not Our concern here, but also in religion, God has given every individual a wide freedom to embrace and adopt without danger to his salvation whatever sect or opinion appeals to him on the basis of his private judgement. The apostle Paul warns us against the impiety of these madmen. “I beseech you, brethren, to behold those who create dissensions and scandals beyond the teaching which you have learned. Keep away from such men. They do not serve Christ Our Lord but their own belly, and by sweet speeches and blessings they seduce the hearts of the innocent.”[10]

Ubi Primum
On His Assuming the Pontificate
Pope Leo XII - May 5, 1824

Whether he wanted to show watchdog mentality to fulfil the prophecy or not, he sure has this watchdog mentality and in his book it is the masonic sect which stands for the serpent.

By contrast, Pius VI was more concerned with condemning Catholics who were wayward about Catholic matters, like the Pistoia Synod (in which some have seen a prequel to Vatican II) or the French Oathtaking Clergy, who took oaths on a constitution of the Church very similar to that of Chinese patriotic Catholics - a national constitution incompatible with Catholic teaching. Napoleon had to rescind that in order to get peace with Pius VII - whose early steps as a Pontiff were of course about this Napoleonic Wars thing. Neither of them would have fitted the Canis et coluber as much as he did.

255 Pius VIII (1829-1830) 99 Vir religiosus
This one fits very many Popes. It is a little non-descript. Well, the papacy of Pius VIII is also a little non-descript, because it is very short. He had no time to make a real impact - but since he is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, he is religiously obedient to the example of him. The two encyclicals are reiterating a theme from the Canis et coluber papacy.

If he reflected in the papal motto given by St Malachy, he would have said perhaps he didn't need to do very much to fulfil it - and he didn't do very much, in a way not quite foreseeable.

256 Gregory XVI (1831-1846) 100 De balneis hetruriæ
(bath of Etruria)

Hist.: prior to his election he was member of an order founded by Saint Romuald, at Balneo, in Etruria, present day Toscany.

So, the election of a Camaldulensian to cardinal by some previous pope, and the election of this cardinal at this conclave could have been there to fulfil the prophecy. But it certainly didn't contradict it.

257 Pius IX (1846-1878) 101 Crux de cruce
(Cross of Crosses - mistranslated, no plural!)

Hist.:Pius XI was the last Pope to reign over the Papal States (the middle third of what is today Italy). He ended up being a prisoner of the Vatican, never venturing outside Vatican City. A much heavier burden than his predecessors.

What the history doesn't mention, which clinches it, is that this came from the house of Savoy, who have a cross on their escutcheon, since centuries earlier : so his cross came from a cross, that of Savoy.

258 Leo XIII (1878-1903) 102 Lumen in cælo
(Light in the Heavens)

Hist.: Leo XIII wrote encyclicals on Catholic social teaching that were still being digested 100 years later. He added considerably to theology.

I disagree on last sentence of "Hist."

He didn't add to revelation what wasn't there. I'll be back on that one, but now more on the words, commented on in TektonTV video:

There was the comet during his reign in 1882:

Greatest Comet of the 19th Century: The Great September Comet of 1882

This comet is perhaps the brightest comet that has ever been seen and was a gigantic member of the Kreutz Sungrazing Group of Comets. First spotted as a bright zero-magnitude object by a group of Italian sailors in the Southern Hemisphere on Sept. 1, this comet brightened dramatically as it approached its rendezvous with the sun.

By Sept. 14, it became visible in broad daylight, and when it arrived at perihelion on Dec. 17, it passed at a distance of only 264,000 miles (4
25,000 km) from the sun's surface. On that day, some observers described the comet's silvery radiance as scarcely fainter than the limb of the Sun, suggesting a magnitude somewhere between -15 and -20 (the latter magnitude would register nearly 1,000 times brighter than the full moon!). The following day, observers in Cordoba, Argentina, described the comet as a "blazing star" near the sun.

The nucleus also broke into at least four separate parts. In the days and weeks that followed, the comet became visible in the morning sky as an immense object sporting a brilliant tail. Today, some comet historians consider it a "Super Comet," far above the run of even great comets. [See Amazing Stargazer Photos of Comets from 2013]

In 1590 it was impossible to foresee that Pope 102 on St Malachy's list would have a brighter comet than the Popes 97 - 101. And actually possibly even than predecessors back to pope 93 Animal rurale (ruling in 1744, during the- whose own theology was not really a comet. He was a humdrum Pope). A list of 9 brightest comets ever lists 1744, 1843 (Gregory XVI) and 1882, which was brighter than that of 1843.

Perhaps these comets show some of the value of the theology of the Popes : Now, Gregory XVI condemned slave hunt, enslaving free men (Catholic bishops in Southron states assured he did not mean to condemn keeping slaves already such), if these men have committed no crimes, for reasons like skin colour or so. Leo XIII condemned the Industrial Capitalism. Saying that the conditions of poor workers were even worse than those of slaves.

He also tried to re-enact Scholastic theology, and arguably failed. Neo-Thomism which sees his reign as a starting point, is simply not the same thing as Thomism. He recommended studying carefully St Thomas Aquinas and not omitting to study St Bonaventura and John Duns Scotus. This came in a century where theology had the habit of proving God by Idealism - a most perfect concept from which no perfection is lacking is of course more really such if not lacking the perfection of actual existence, but the fact that it can be thought doesn't prove it is a concept of sth actually existing - or exhort to accepting God by Pascal's wager (not bad in some pastoral cases, but insufficient as a general proof for studies). St Thomas' first way involved movement, including that of place (the one he actually thought most noble, the one which is also most visible) as visible indicator of a first mover. He meant at least the daily movement of the Heavens - around Earth.

In Providentissimus Deus, he never actually mentions the heliocentric verses geocentric controversy by name. But he gives what is in some ways and for some Bible passages, a kind of back door to taking them as phenomenal language. Only, he gives a quote - already quoted by St Thomas - about the phenomenal language, according to some Church Father, which left out the crystalline spheres of Aristotelic astronomy, and ... well, the leaving out of Aristotelic spheres was of course phenomenally correct, but according to modern astronomers it was also correct as to physical fact behind the appearances. This is the quote in which he says such and such - in the case of leaving out crystalline spheres I think it was Moses in Genesis 1 - describes what appears to the senses, in which there is no falsehood. Well, if heliocentrism is true, there is actually daily falsehood in our sense of seeing, since we are each day seeing the inverse of what actually happens.

This great opportunity has by and large been missed. For Thomas' real positions, Leo XIII was a light in the sky, but as fleeting as the comet.

259 St. Pius X (1903-1914) 103 Ignis ardens
(ardent fire)

Hist.: The Pope had great personal piety and achieved a number of important reforms in the devotional and liturgical life of priests and laypeople.

In other words, he made daily Communion and communion at an early age accessible. Before his time, you usually got confirmed at 12 (perhaps 14 for boys) and went to Communion after that, and if very pious, perhaps once a month. He deemed, if you can already discern Communion from the bread which satisfies the stomach, if you know it is Our Lord, you can go to Communion (if you fulfil the other conditions). Since St Maria Goretti had achieved great holiness from the five Communions she had received before 12 - she was martyred before her 12th birthday - this may have contributed to his decision.

He personally gave communion to a four year old boy whose mother had taken him to the Pope, after he had found the boy knew the difference.

He was also an ardent fire in another way. You condemn a heretical book, in earlier centuries than his, you burn it publically, whether it is a bad translation of the Bible or a book against the Bible. You condemn a heretic who refuses to recant, in some of the centuries prior than his, you burn him.

His condemnation of certain modern errors makes him a great and well remembered proponent of the Canis at Coluber line. Arguably greater than any successor in the line leading up to and in the ensuing line of modern Antipopes.

He is the man who banned Alfred Loisy. Here is some of his history, in wiki:

In 1902, he started to pay attention to Adolf von Harnack's Das Wesen des Christentum. Harnack believed that the essence of Christianity was the relationship between individual and God, making an organized church a largely unnecessary creation. Loisy disagreed with the idea that the organized church was unnecessary, but the nature of his disagreement brought him controversy. From 1901 to 1903 he wrote several works that would be condemned by the Church. These include La Religion d'Israël, Études évangéliques, L'Évangile et L'Église, Autour d'un petit livre, and Le quatrième Évangile. His 1908 Les Évangiles Synoptiques would cause his excommunication. In his works he argued against Harnack, trying to show that it was necessary and inevitable for the Catholic Church to form as it did. He also argued that God intended this and compared his own ideas on this to those of Cardinal Newman. Although L'Évangile et L'Église in particular was condemned by Cardinal Richard, Pope Leo consistently refused to interfere directly.[6] It was his successor, Pope Pius X who would later condemn these works.


Cardinal Sarto became Pope Pius X on 4 August 1903. On 1 October, Loisy published three new books, Autour d'un petit livre, Le Quatrième Évangile and Le Discours sur la Montagne (a fragment of a proposed enlarged commentary on the Synoptic Gospels). Autour consists of seven letters on different topics addressed to church leaders and friends. On 23 December the pope ordered the publication of a decree of the Index of prohibited books, incorporating a decree of the Inquisition, condemning Loisy's Religion d'Israël, L'Évangile et l'Église, Études évangéliques, Autour d'un petit livre and Le Quatrième Évangile. On 12 January 1904 Loisy wrote to the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Merry del Val, that he received the condemnation with respect, and condemned whatever might be reprehensible in his books, whilst reserving the rights of his conscience and his opinions as an historian. Since the Holy See was not satisfied, Loisy sent three further declarations to Rome; the last, dispatched on 17 March, was addressed to the pope himself, and remained unanswered. At the end of March Loisy gave up his lectureship, as he declared, on his own initiative. In April 1907 he returned to his native Lorraine, to Ceffonds (near Montier-en-Der), and to his relatives there.[6]


In July 1907 the Holy Office (after Vatican II renamed as Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) issued a decree, signed by Pius X, entitled Lamentabili sane exitu[8] (or "A Lamentable Departure Indeed"), which formally condemned sixty-five modernist or relativist propositions concerning the nature of the Church, revelation, biblical exegesis, the sacraments, and the divinity of Christ. This was followed by the encyclical Pascendi dominici gregis (or "Feeding the Lord's Flock"), which characterized Modernism as the "synthesis of all heresies". The documents made Loisy realise that there was no hope for reconciliation of his views with the official doctrine of the Church.

If Loisy and Pope St Pius X had lived 3 centuries earlier, probably Loisy would have burned under the Pope as Giordano Bruno burned under St Robert Bellarmine, in 1600. I say this with the main sympathy for the inquisitors who were defending the true religion against blasphemy. And had the unenviable task to deal with men unwilling to see and recant their errors.

In that sense too, Pope St Pius X was a burning fire.

260 Benedict XV (1914-1922) 104 Religio depopulata
(Religion laid waste)

Hist.: This Pope reigned during the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia which store the establishment of Communism.

J. P. Holding has argued against this interpretation, since more Christians were killed later than directly under Benedict XV's time. He has argued that Shoa which happened way later was at least as good an interpretation. Well, how about a comparison with Judaism?

If Judaism had been the right religion (which it is not since when it means rejecting Our Lord), and if a Jewish prophet had prophecied in Latin "religio depopulata", for which year would it have been most appropriate?

For 68 or 70 when Titus destroyed the Temple or for Shoa? Now, some of you might wonder why I am taking up the year 68. The reason is, the latest divergence between Jewish and Christian chronology I know of is that we differ by two years on how many years have passed since that taking of Jerusalem. OK, back to the question : it would have referred to destruction of the Temple.

And arguably, more monasteries and church buildings were destroyed in the time of Lenin and Trotski than later. Supposing that the destruction continued and intensified during the last years of Lenin - I'll check in a moment - at least the process started before Benedict XV died.

Some might argue that certain novelties in his code of canon law (also 1917), like raising minimal marital age from 14/12 to 16/14, like modifying so as to eliminate the banning of taking interest, laid waste religion in another sense, closer home. He also stopped the inquisitorial procedures initiated by his predecessor St Pius X, even while keeping remnants, such as requiring an Oath of Antimodernism (still there up to Vatican II, I presume) of all priests (meaning every Council Father who was a modernist was also an oath breaker).


Back from a coffee pause, and I just brushed up some of previous. One comment on why the "religio" which is "laid waste" is more like monasteries and churches than about lives of faithful : religion means public worship, basically. Yes, Catholic faith is described as "true religion", comprison both public worship and inner personal faith part, as opposed to "false religions" - which are mainly described as false in their public capacity. OK, if you believe one of them and it is your fault, it is false in capacity of your inner belief too. Some of them who converted obviusly did have a beginning of the right faith while publically showing forth a false religion - since they came to the conclusion they had made a mistake therein. A member of them not yet converted may be converting tomorrow for all you know or the Church on earth knows. So, the Catholic Church especially teaches it is false in the public capacity, having some reticence to judge the inner life of each and every individual member of one of them.

But the more prominent sense of "religion" is not from this distinction, it is more about canonic and monastic lives being such consistent acts of religion as to merit the definition of public worship and as to therefore be described as "religion". A Russian monk may have survived 1922, but his monastery may no longer have been there for him to live a normal monastic life in after that date. Now you may begin to fathom why "religio depopulata" fits Benedict XV better than succeeding papacies or papacy.

I will give a link to the video I am incriminating below my signature, and then go on to part II when I am a bit less exhausted. I woke up first time 4:55 this morning. I will also link to the Catholic site where I have taken descriptions from.

Hans Georg Lundahl
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St Moses


Friday, 1 September 2017

"Pourquoi ces témoignages? - Parce que les Écritures nous le demandent"

Sur le site Pleins Feux, je viens de noter une page sur les "Témoignages" - mot cité tel quel.

Là, ils ont la question et la réponse citées dans le titre. Pour prouver que les Écritures le demandent, voici les citations:

Psaumes 9:12 Chantez à l’Éternel qui habite en Sion; annoncez parmi les peuples ses hauts faits!

Luc 4:19 Pour publier la liberté aux captifs, et le recouvrement de la vue aux aveugles; pour renvoyer libres ceux qui sont dans l’oppression, et pour publier l’année favorable du Seigneur.

Exode 9:16 Mais voici pourquoi je t’ai fait subsister: c’est afin que tu fasses voir ma puissance, et pour que mon nom soit célébré par toute la terre.

Bon, prenons psaume 9:12.

"Ses hauts faits" ne se limite donc pas aux hauts faits décrits dans la Bible. Nous, comme Catholiques, sommes d'accord.

"Chantez" par contre semble indiquer pas seulement un témoignage en prose de récit, mais une liturgie avec d'éléments de chant.

Ce serait un peu risqué de chanter la conversion d'un homme qui vit encore, non? Si après il apostasie, que faire? Enlever la chanson?

C'est davantage prudent de chanter la conversion ou la bonne vie chrétienne d'un homme qui est déjà au delà de ces épreuves ici-bas. Ou d'une femme, bien-sûr.

Encore plus prudent : on se limite aux témoignages où Dieu a témoigné avec des miracles sur la sainteté de cette vie chrétienne.

Là, avec ces prudences, on peut faire exactement ce que demande le psaume.

Alors, puisque le site Pleins Feux est apocalyptique, prenons la Sainte Brigitte de Suède. On chante la séquence Rosa Rorans, pour chanter les hauts fait du Très-Haut dans sa vie, on le fait sur un jour précis, auparavant le 7 octobre, depuis que le 7 octobre est devenu Fête de Notre Dame du Rosaire (parce qu'à ses prières, en réponse au rosaire de Pape St. Pie V, Don Jean d'Autriche a battu les Turcs à Lépante en 1571), on fête la Sainte Brigitte le 8 octobre.

On chante Rosa Rorans, dans laquelle on dit :

Rose qui a de la rosée de bonté, étoile qui goutte de la charité, Brigitte, réceptacle de la grâce : faites tomber la rosée de la piété du Ciel, faites tomber des gouttes de la pureté de la vie dans cette vallée de misère.

Par ce qu'on a dit sur les qualités de Sainte Brigitte, on chante les hauts faits du Seigneur, ensuite on demande les prières d'intercession de la sainte.

"Ces interventions doivent être concises et de longueur raisonnable !"

Que dit le Martyrologe Romain de Sainte Brigitte?

23 Julii : ... Romae natalis sanctae Birgittae Viduae, quae, post multas sanctarum locorum peregrinationes, divino afflata Spiritu, quievit. Ipsius autem festivitas octavo Idus Octobris celebratur. ...

7 Octobris : ... In Suecia Translatio corporis sanctae Birgittae Viduae. ...

8 Octobris : Sanctae Birgittae Viduae, cujus dies natalis decimo Kalendas Augusti, ac Translatio Nonis Octobris recensetur. ...

23 juillet : ... À Rome l'anniversaire de sainte Brigitte, veuve, qui, après beaucoup de pèlerinages aux lieux saints, assoufflé par l'Esprit de Dieu, est reposée. Mais sa fête est célébrée le 8 octobre. ...

7 octobre : ... En Suède la translation du corps de sainte Brigitte, veuve. ...

8 octobre : Sainte Brigitte, veuve, dont l'anniversaire est le 23 juillet et dont la translation est le 7 octobre.

Je trouve ceci concis et de longueur raisonnable.

Mais une office en son honneur pouvait durer un quart d'heure ou une demi-heure, non? Oui, mais le reste de l'office (à part quelques peu prières, trois prières moins longues qu'un Notre Père chacune) n'étaient pas directement en son honneur, mais en honneur de Dieu Lui-Même. Celui qui avait rempli la sainte veuve de grâce.

Encore un critère du psaume 9 verset 12.

"Parmi les peuples" - ainsi le Roi David prophétie du fait que ces hauts faits ne seront pas juste ceux déjà connus par les peuples et royaumes Israël et Judah, mais bien aussi ceux connus après la Venue de Notre Seigneur, donc aussi après le chapitre 28 des Actes des Apôtres. Comme déjà compris par ce site Pleins Feux.

D'où la question : pourquoi distance-t-il du catholicisme historique? Parce que le pauvre Lazare après la mort ne pouvait plus soulager le Riche? Le gouffre qui les séparait, est un gouffre qui sépare les damnés, mais pas nous qui vivons encore sur terre, de l'intercession des saints.

Quand le Riche a demandé pour ses frères encore en vie, la réponse n'avait rien à faire avec le gouffre, mais avec le fait que Lazare reconnaissait l'impénitence de ces Juifs là : et quand Saint Lazare le Quatre Jours Mort est ressuscité, c'était pour sa sœur, qui n'était pas impénitente. Jean 11 parle d'elle qui a cru, et aussi d'autres, qui avaient sans doute Moïse et les Prophètes, mais qui n'ont pas cru, mais perpétré un crime un peu après. Le crime de Déicide.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St. Gilles