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This is how I do it.

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Sometimes Hate Makes People Gullible

For linguistic reasons, this seems to be fake news:

Just some little doubt on this:

  • While Donat would be the Russian pronunciation of Donut, the English uh sound sounding very much like European A sounds to speakers of these European languages, there is also a possibility it could be derived of Donatus.
  • And while Trolstoyevsky ... Trolstojewski ... Trolstoyevski? seems like a pun on Dostoyevsky (Dostojewski, in good Polish spelling), and TROLL, there is such a thing as a Swedish noble family called actually Trolle - due to an encounter with Trolls. However, not at all sure which Slavic language the spelling Trolstoyevski is supposed to be, in usually transscription of Russian, it would be Trolstoyevsky, and in Polish it would be Trolstojewski. Anyone know sufficient Czech to check this out?

Actually, I czeched (!) it out myself, while Fiodor Dostojewski in the usual English transliteration of Russian is Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but the Czech version is not Fyodor Dostoyevski, but Fjodor Michajlovič Dostojevskij.

No, I don't think there is a Slavic language in which "Trolstoyevski" is possible, I think this is fake news from someone TROLLING and who thinks His Excellency the President of the United States is perhaps eating a few donuts too many.

Which is possible (he is free to check it out with Ben Carson's colleagues in the Med corps), but which doesn't make him automatically a KGB sleeper agent.

I deleted the name of the guy who posted it on the wall of someone I am not currently (yet?) FB friends with, but just wanted to comment on the news as such : probably fake.

But someone who actually DOES speak fluently a Slavic language might disagree?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Wed of Pentecost Novena

PS, just because I prefer spelling Trotski in the language of Piłsudski over in the transscription into the language of Woodrow Wilson, doesn't mean I can't see the difference!

Some Only Recall Half the Story

Here is a story I came across:

For instance: recent conversations about the case of a Honors student at a Christian high school being suspended and barred from her own graduation ceremony, because she is pregnant. Maddi Runkles has a 4.0 average, considers herself a born-again Christian, and plans to raise her own baby – but the very people who ought to be most enthusiastic about supporting her are the ones punishing her. Runkles told the Times:

“Some pro-life people are against the killing of unborn babies, but they won’t speak out in support of the girl who chooses to keep her baby,” she said. “Honestly, that makes me feel like maybe the abortion would have been better. Then they would have just forgiven me, rather than deal with this visible consequence.”

Let that sink in. A young woman in a crisis pregnancy chose life, but Christians are making her wish she’d chosen abortion.

From : Abortion: the Most Important Moral Issue Ever….Except for When it’s Not
May 24, 2017 by Rebecca Bratten Weiss on suspended in her jar

Maybe, she was too interested in graduation and being treated like the lady she was not quite?

  • 1. How can anyone feel barred from graduation is in any way comparable to chosing life?

    It's a bit like "yes, I came to Heaven, but someone down on earth is not remembering my PhD" - I don't think that line will be seriously heard up there!

  • 2. While one can argue that shaming pregnant and unmarried women was more paedagogic back when abortion was no legal and usually not even an illegal option, one can hardly feel entitled to being treated as if one had waited to marriage, when one hasn't.

    Obviously, I am not against skipping the shaming part, if there is some arguable heroism in not chosing abortion, I knew a Catholic girl who got pregnant at 13 and obviously chose life. And her parents helped her raise the child. I am obviously not against the decision on parish level to NOT get into any shaming business, in Sweden a 13 year old pregnant young woman is really heroic if she choses life, and sometimes even when she fails to do so (after five weeks of pragmaticist and similar pressure).

  • 3. However, if she nevertheless does feel like that, perhaps social life with other Christians was a bit too important to her and it is perhaps not her fault, it was perhaps because her kind of "Church", or congregation, had too much the ambition to be her village as well as her Church.

  • 4. Hope her situation is more hopeful now. Has she married the father?

[Back to article:]

Maybe the ONLY THING that is as bad as abortion is premarital sex. If it’s had by a woman, that is. Because it’s never young men who are subjected to these rules.

Well, there is a reason for that.

Men used to be subject to such rules. It used to be called (in extreme cases) shotgun weddings.

And, if marital laws raise minimal ages so that shotgun weddings become impossible, it means a man can no more be shamed for not marrying the girl that he made a "girl no more", and not even if he also made her pregnant.

But since a woman with child is kind of showing up, there is kind of no way in which a society with any trace of Christianity can be totally prevented from acting as if she was to blame for not insisting on either getting married first or at least getting married after the fact.

Of course, a society completely back to Pagan could, in some not very salutary ways.

And in a society with Christian laws, she could have made (and probably would have made) the proper demands on the father of her child.

But when you live in a half ways situtaion, some people will simply recall one side and not the other of an equation. The normal duties, but not the normal rights which normally come with them.

In a normal society, a woman who is pregnant when unmarried, by a man who is also unmarried and whom she shares the same religion with, has a right to get him within the hearing of Church bells.*

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Wed. of Pentecost Novena

Update day after:

Valeria Kondratiev : I think a big piece of the problem is that there must have been others in that school who had sex but didn't get pregnant and thus escaped punishment from the school. The problem thus being that it makes pregnancy look like the sin, rather than its consequences.

It makes appearances seem to be the only concern, so that a girl who fornicates and doesnt get pregnant is seen as blameless and one who's behavior is no different, but does get pregnant is the sinner. In a situation like this, the dishonest will get an abortion and fool others and enjoy a blameless reputation. A society that shames only the unwed mother, but not the one who sleeps around without getting pregnant is the problem. I'm sure the others in this school who were sexually active were probably known but no one hinted at a them or their actions being scandalous.

[Added with her name with her permission./HGL]

* Probably "the Bells are ringing" helped to make me properly furious about Gustav Wasa using Reformation to confiscate Church Bells. It's a lovely song and I knew it perhaps even before I was a Christian, let alone convert to Catholicism.

"Je ne sais pas si j'ai le droit"

Hier, une autrement charmante demoiselle* vient de me dire ça.

Mon propos avait été une demande de dormir dans son cage d'escalier. Je n'ai pas trop insisté.

Bon, puisque vous avez mon panneau d'hier (j'en ai fait un autre ce matin), quelque trucs:

  • Vous êtes parfaitement libre à partager mes blogs.
  • Si vous voulez multiplier le panneau, c'est assez facile de le faire en format amoindri : prenez une copie, A4, ou deux, ensuite, mettez les deux copies ou l'original et la copie sur la fenêtre en format original A3. Choisissez le papier A4 qui vas sortir en parallèle avec l'A3 et choisissez le zoom 70,7 %. Faites deux copies. Ces deux copies, vous les mettez encore une fois sur A3, amoindrissant en A4, et encore une fois 2 copies. La dernière fois, vous avez 8 fois mon panneau sur l'A4 qui sort, et vous en faites autant de copies que vous souhaitez.
  • De ma part, je veux de lecteurs et des lectrices sur mes blogs.
  • Et, à la fin, peut-être, quelques amateurs qui les impriment en un genre de fanzine.
  • Sur CECI, personne ne vous pourra dire que vous n'avez pas ou que vous n'avez peut-être pas le droit.

Si par quelque hazard un peu trop malchanceuse il y aura quand même quelqu'un de vous suggérer un doute légérissime sur vos droits ou sur les miens, ayez la bonté de me contacter sur Je crois en avance avoir des réponses, quel que soit la nature du doute.

Et, quand au cage d'escalier, normalement, si ni le règlement de la ville où vous vivez, ni le règlement de la maison, mis en place dans l'entrée par le propriétaire, précise que vous n'avez pas le droit d'accueillir qui que ce soit même une nuit dans le cage d'escalier, s'il a l'ai sobre et prometteur de ne pas dégrader**, alors, normalement c'est que vous avez ce droit.

Par contre aujourd'hui il y a pas mal de grincheux ou même grincheuses de vous dire que "peut-être on n'a pas le droit", certains ont vécu ça dans les dictatures communistes, où personne n'avait un quelconque droit s'il n'était pas explicitement octroyé, et même pas toujours alors non plus. On est en France, pas en Allemagne de l'Est avant la chute du mur.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Mercredi de la Novène de Pentécôte

* Si c'était une dame, je n'avais pas vu la bague.

** Et peut-être aussi trop de bagage pour avoir l'air d'un voleur efficace ...

Monday, 29 May 2017

Domne Ioanne Michael Blanquer ...

... si bene cepi, optime diciste:

The new French National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, 52, said that he wants to promote Latin and Ancient Greek in schools.

Ut hic habetur:*

New French Education Minister to Promote Latin and Ancient Greek in Schools

* Quidam uiderunt "habitur" quia lassus eram ualde. Nunc correxi.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Pourquoi je n'ai pas pris les baskets blancs

Je ne suis pas sûr qu'ils étaient ma taille. Mais en plus, pour marcher avec mon bagage, des baskets ne sont pas les meilleures chaussures et pour avoir encore un pair de chaussures en plus de ceux que j'ai, ça donne davantage de bagage.

En plus, il me semble possible que tel ou tel réseau ait voulu prendre mon sachet de couture*, pour que je ne coude pas par exemple des URL de mes blogs sur mes vêtements ou pour que je ne coude pas des livres de ma propre production.

Dans le cas que les baskets étaient intentionnés comme une réparation pour la valeur d'argent du sachet de couture, je préfère le sachet de couture qui était plus utilise que les baskets auraient été./HGL

* Je n'ai pas encore eu l'occasion de vérifier s'il s'agit d'une simple perte. Édito : j'étais suffisamment fatigué pour écrire "sachet de couture" au lieu de trouver le mot "trousse de couture".

Moses and King David, Death Penalty

Now, a certain Mark Shea claims a Catholic these days should NOT support death penalty.

I saw the link to post 5 on his series, but went to post 4.

Why all the mercy for Scripture’s murderers? – Capital Punishment, Part 4
By Mark Shea May 16, 2017

He argues that if God were for death penalty, Moses and King David should have been executed.

Moses, for instance, is a murderer (Exodus 2:11-15) and yet is not only spared by God, but redeemed and given a massive role in the salvation of his people.

Moses is not a murderer, but acted in legitimate defense of a weaker person. His killing was an unfortunate but not unjust outcome of an act which was not sinful, but good. It is therefore an act Moses did not need any redemption from. And would not have been sentenced to death penalty in an Israelite court for either.

Moreover, forgiven his own sins, he offers himself to God in place of his people when God, after the sin of the Golden Calf, threatens to destroy Israel in mass capital punishment (Ex 32:9-14).

And proponents of death penalty, if Christian, tend to say that the mass capital punishments done by God at least through men are a thing of the past, OT time, up to when God's cavalry from heaven (angels? men who were raptured in order to do this?) shall do a further mass capital punishment on Antichrist's army (Apocalypse 19).

So too with David, we have as cold-blooded a killer as you could ask for, whose planned and premeditated homicide of Uriah was committed so that he could cover up his despicable act of adultery (2 Samuel 11).

Suppose he were guilty of murdering Urias. Murdering in the technical sense, which merits death penalty, not just murdering in the moral sense in which even desire for someone's death is an act of killing ... my mother when studying Hebrew was clearly for a not guilty on that charge, and so was the Calvinist judge in Nazi Germany who helped (along with Bishop von Galen) to stop Euthanasia ... but suppose he was guilty - should he have been stoned?

If President Trump goes after someone and personally kills him, he cannot be brought to justice, because he is the King, sorry, President. If Elisabeth II kills someone, she cannot be arrested for that either. The reason is, they are the very guys who are guarantees for justice (or guys and gals, if Queen - ?* - Elisabeth prefers).

Now, what has this to do with King David ?? Ah, yes, King David. There was no court in Israel in which he could have been sentenced.

And instead of killing him, God kills his first child with Urias' widow.

Accordingly, the Church begins with Jesus himself, in a much-explained-away passage taking us straight back to the lex talionis** and saying:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist one who is evil. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”.(Mt 5:38–39).

The common approach to this passage by advocates of the death penalty is to say, “Jesus is only referring to individual behaviour, not to the action of the state. While individuals may be merciful, the state is obligated to execute capital criminals.” But there is no particular reason to accept that analysis. The lex talionis was, after all, a legal guideline from the Law of Moses which guided the courts of Israel, not a mere suggestion for personal conduct. So there is no particular reason to think that a state cannot obey Jesus’ counsels of mercy just as much as a person can.

Now, there is for Catholics such a thing as reading not just Genesis and Joshua, but also Matthew 5, with the Church Fathers.

One of them says, it is a great thing to not defend yourself against a crime done to you - but it is horrible not to defend when crimes are done to God or Neighbour. Or if it was "pardon" instead of "not defend". Another one says this does not oblige when a certain crime is no more endurable.

In other words, before a judge pardons a murderer, how about checking who has been murdered. If it was someone else than the judge, well, you guess it, the judge is not quite as free to pardon.

And also, there is a difference between pardoning a murderer with whom one may hope he will do no worse if free, and pardoning one who can be presumed to go on killing. Therefore, as St Thomas said, the supreme judge of each country has a power to pardon, but can only use it if this does not conflict with security of his peaceful subjects.

Note right here, the power of pardon and the limit of a sentence are two different things. I did a thing a bit like Moses (licit defense, in my case egoistically licit self defense), but fortunately, a wound 1 cm deep and 1 dm long in the hip is no mortal, so "my victim" / a culprit I defended myself against***, is still very much alive : I got freed in one court and sentenced in next, but I was only sentenced to 3 and a half years.

The reason this cannot be extended to lifetime if such and such a person (or company of persons) should think the public is not safe with me, is that God has posed lex talionis as a limit. Both for attempt of unpremeditated murder and for severe mishandling, the lex talionis in Sweden gives the judge a discretion between 3 and a half and six years. In my case, it was first time I had committed anything admitted or sentenced as a crime, I got a mild sentence. But even the harsh sentence, 6 years, is way lower than if someone would now perhaps want to say I should still be behind bars or under surveillance : after six years (1998+6=2004) I should be a free man again.

God posed the lex talionis as a limit, because He was displeased with the vindicta ultra talionem°. Even if kings could be avenged sevenfold (and God made Cain the first King at the moment), because a ruler precisely is not just worth his human person but also justice in general, it is absurd to avenge seventy times sevenfold, as Lamech did.

The great problem with abolitionism as to death penalty is that it can be doing away with the lex talionis** in the wrong direction.

When St Volodimir of Kiev was baptised, the death penalty was abolished under his rule, but I think this meant that grace of conversion was so overflowing that pardoning was safe. It does not mean he forced every culprit to enter a monastery.

But when death penalty is attacked now, it is often by people who, under the pretext of public safety, will still not simply pardon criminals, but instead hand them over to shrinks. And that can very easily become a vindicta ultra talionem

So, is Mark Shea saying every man on death row should be pardoned and given full freedom? Or is he saying every man on death row should be handed over to shrinks? In the latter case, I cannot see how Mark Shea is being merciful, let alone expounding the mercy of God!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Joan the wife of Chusa °°

* The ? mark due to my presuming the rightful monarch would be King Francis II ... ** Lex talionis = the law of sameness in retribution. *** Depending on where you stand at licitness of psychiatry kidnapping me through police that day. ° Revenge or retribution beyond the measure of sameness. °° Item beatae Joannae, uxoris Chusae, procuratoris Herodis, quam Lucas Evangelista commemorat.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Father Hunwicke on Bergoglio (link)

Two aspects: why he normally would be a heretic, and why he isn't even so.

why he normally would be a heretic, citing:
So, if the present Pope appears to imply that God's final Word was not already spoken in Jesus Christ, and that the Divine Priority now is to create and consolidate a New Age, the New Bergoglian Age of Mercy, does that make him a heretic? ... If one were to take the pope's words seriously in a nakedly propositional way, one might have no alternative but to condemn them as most gravely erroneous. One might even have to condemn them as analogous to other claims made to the possession of a New Understanding which supersedes or completes the Old. Obvious examples are Islam, Montanism, and Mormonism.

why he isn't even so, citing:
And, dear readers, that is precisely why Papa Bergoglio cannot be deemed a heretic. To be definable as a heretic he would need to have advanced formally, with full understanding and responsibility, propositional errors. It is perfectly clear to me that he has, quite simply, not done so. Nor has he ever come close to doing so. Nor is he ever likely to. Not in a month of Sundays. He avoids precise propositional assertion like the very plague. It would get in the way of what he really wishes to achieve.


Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment : Is the Pope a heretic? (4)

Implying, there are three earlier parts. Part 1, part 2, part 3.

To me, the latter argument sounds like "Einstein cannot have reasoned unlogically, because he was avoiding showing his reasons in precise syllogistic form like the plague". Well, if he had ANY reasons, they CAN be shown in syllogistic form. And if Bergoglio has ANY preferences, they CAN be shown in propositional forms./HGL

Si les annonces pour capotes étaient honnêtes ...

... ça ressemblerait à ceci:


La sensation de ne personne apporter au monde, de ne pas contribuer au peuplement du monde.

Si vous aimez le solitaire, vous allez adorer votre vieillesse! (Attention, les jeux de cartes doivent être procurés séparément!)

(Librement après une annonce pour SKYN)

Monday, 22 May 2017

On vient de me lancer hier que je devais chercher un appartement et un boulot

L'occasion était un peu pénible.

Je m'étais couché sous la partie imminente devant le portail d'une école. Des gens ensuite s'étaient assis à peu près 30 ou 50 m. à côté, de toute manière je pouvais les entendre un peu trop facilement.

Après d'aller un peu à côté pour me soulager, je suis allé leur dire qu'ils me gênaient.

Un me lançait alors ce que vous trouvez dans le titre. Que je devais chercher un appartement et un boulot.

Un autre de dire que, eux, ils y étaient depuis 20 ans, moi juste "depuis" un jour. Et que je ne devais pas rester là.

Je demandais s'il avait quelque chose de mieux à proposer. Il ne proposait rien comme un cage d'escaliers, une cave ou truc comme ça, non, il pointait juste vers un endroit imprécis et m'assurait que c'était mieux.

Et il jura que si je restais, des policiers allaient venir m'embarquer. Car, comme si je ne le savais pas, c'est une école. Il était en occurrence parjure, car 6 h du matin ou un peu avant, je me suis réveillé, je suis allé pour prendre un petit-déj’ et faire la manche là où j'avais voulu d'abord me coucher dans une locale de banque. Les policiers m'avaient laissé tranquille.

Les policiers pourraient probablement être davantage intéressés, si j'avais eu l'imprudence de m'y mettre encore aux heures quand les enfants arrivent, sans me déplacer un mètre. Mais même à supposer que je n'étais pas réveillé de moi-même un peu avant six, il est très probable qu'un gardien des lieux m'aurait réveillé. Dans ce cas, j'aurais demandé un café avant de partir, il aurait probablement eu le temps, car il n'aurait probablement pas voulu me laisser là jusqu'à 7:45 ou quelque chose. Donc, même alors, je ne crois pas que les policiers seraient venus m'embarquer.

Le mec qui me lançait ça, le "savait" parce qu'il y vivait depuis 20 ans. Je savais avec grande probabilité, et j'avais raison, le contraire, à partir des 12 ans que les policiers ne viennent que si on les appelle, et parfois ils ont encore la bonté (ils me connaissent aussi) de demander aux gens qui appellent si c'est la première nuit qu'ils me voient (ce qui est souvent le cas) et, en cas que ce l'est de demander aux propriétaires ou gardiens ou colocataires de faire une exception pour cette nuit.

Revenons à l'autre.

Aujourd'hui, je n'ai pas exactement glané. Voici le production d'aujourd'hui, y compris deux messages de samedi:

ENGLISH : What Sunday Letter was the Year of Creation? I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
... on AiG, contra CosmicSceptic
FRANÇAIS : Sur quora, un mélange
La Civilisation la plus ancienne (quora)
L'obligation scolaire (quora)
Formation de la terre (quora)

Les premiers deux sont de samedi, je les donne parce que les deux autres sur le même blog aujourd'hui (et ensuite il y a deux autres blogs) sont dans la même série, sur laquelle il me reste au moins un message à écrire.

Donc, ce n'est pas exactement à la paresse que je fais la priorité en ne pas cherchant travail. Quand à avoir un logement avant de gagner sur les choses que j'écris, je suis sceptique. Ça présuppose assez souvent, quand on loge sans le pouvoir payer par ses propres prestations, d'avoir une aide sociale, et là, j'ai des mauvaises expériences de la Suède.

Encore, depuis 17 jusqu'au 24 il y a un événement livres, un événement éditeurs, auteurs, publique. J'avais espéré de pouvoir coudre quelques exemplaires de mes livres, et je viens de découvrir que mon sachet à couture est disparu. Mauvaise chance quand je me suis déplacé un peu trop fatigué? Ou encore vol quand je viens de dormir à côté de mes bagages ou viens de demander à untel ou untel de les garder?

Je l'ignore, mais pour ceux qui ne voudraient pas que je vive de mon écriture, ma perte est venu à un moment assez commode - comme il était assez incommode pour moi. Je vais bien-sûr essayer d'abord de récupérer.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Ste Rita de Cascia

Friday, 19 May 2017

Large and Small Magellanic Clouds - Real Size?

LkCa 15, Diameter if 1 light day away · Large and Small Magellanic Clouds - Real Size?

Some wiki will be cited:

The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way.[5] At a distance of 50 kiloparsecs (≈163,000 light-years),[2][6][7][8] the LMC is the third-closest galaxy to the Milky Way, after the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal (~ 16 kpc) and the putative Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy (~ 12.9 kpc, though its status as a galaxy is under dispute) lying closer to the center of the Milky Way. The LMC has a diameter of about 14,000 light-years (4.3 kpc) and a mass of approximately 10 billion Sun masses (1010 solar masses), making it roughly 1/100 as massive as the Milky Way.[3] The LMC is the fourth-largest galaxy in the Local Group, after the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), the Milky Way, and the Triangulum Galaxy (M33).

Distance 163,000 LY - 1 LD
Diameter 14,000 LY - ?

LY = 31557600 light-seconds = 365.25 light-days

Real Diameter:
14000*31557600/59535750=7420.8588957055214724 LS
=123.68098159509202454 LM
=2.06134969325153374233 LH
=14.8713415036863862262 AU (see below)


Small Magellanic Cloud, then:

The Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), or Nebucula Minor, is a dwarf galaxy near the Milky Way.[4] It is classified as a dwarf irregular galaxy. It has a diameter of about 7,000 light-years,[3] contains several hundred million stars,[5] and has a total mass of approximately 7 billion times the mass of the Sun.[6] The SMC contains a central bar structure and it is speculated that it was once a barred spiral galaxy that was disrupted by the Milky Way to become somewhat irregular.[7] At a distance of about 200,000 light-years, it is one of the Milky Way's nearest neighbors. It is also one of the most distant objects that can be seen with the naked eye.

Distance 200,000 LY - 1 LD
Diameter 7000 LY - ?


Real Diameter
7000*31557600/73050000=3024 LS
3024/499.004=6.0600716627522024 AU

Let's quote the two other galazies mentioned as well, shall we? Here:

The Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy (Sgr dSph), also known as the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy (Sgr dE or Sag DEG), is an elliptical loop-shaped satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. It consists of four globular clusters, the main cluster having been discovered in 1994. Sgr dSph is roughly 10,000 light-years in diameter, and is currently about 70,000 light-years from Earth, travelling in a polar orbit (i.e. an orbit passing over the Milky Way’s galactic poles) at a distance of about 50,000 light-years from the core of the Milky Way (about 1/3 the distance of the Large Magellanic Cloud). In its looping, spiraling path, it has passed through the plane of the Milky Way several times in the past.

Distance 70,000 LY - 1 LD
Diameter 10,000 LY - ?


Real Diameter
10000*31557600/5567500=56681.814099685675797 LS
56681.814099685675797/499.004=113.589899278734590899 AU

The Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy is classified as an irregular galaxy and is now thought to be the closest neighbouring galaxy to the Earth's location in the Milky Way, being located about 25,000 light-years away from the Solar System[2] and 42,000 light-years from the Galactic Center. It has a roughly elliptical shape and is thought to contain as many stars as the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, the previous contender for closest galaxy to our location in the Milky Way.

Doesn't say how many LY diameter, so cannot be used for showing any real size.

So, Large Magellanic Cloud, c. 15 AU, Small Magellanic Cloud c. 6 AU, Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy rather larger, with 114 AU!

And Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, I don't know.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St. Celestine V

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Are there Catholics in Brno?

Security tightened for girl scout photographed epically confronting neo-Nazi supporter

Someone seems to have wanted to lynch Lucie Myslikova. I wonder if that was a Muslim ... or a white, Western, but very dechristianised man. Seriously, I do not wonder it, it was the latter.

I just saw one formerly Nordiska Rikspartiet announce more or less clearly he was going Muslim, it was he who recommended a video by Zakir Naik. Perhaps he was joking, that is why I am not yet giving his name.

I'll give you two answers, and four quizzes with these two answers.

Both answers are about a stab victim who was stabbed as alternative to getting raped, in absence of stabber, and she is dying.

  • A

    Is he gone? He is caught? Can you please kill him? Or at least cut off his genitals, or at least his right hand and his left foot?

    Sorry, if he had been 30, he could have had death penalty, but now it is at most 30 years prison.

    How about forgiving him, you are a Christian?

    Oh, sure, I forgive him as a Christian, I just don't want him to harm anyone else, that is all, and please lock him up well, that bastard!

  • B

    He committed a mortal sin, will he go to Hell now?

    You can forgive him and pray for his conversion and salvation.

    Oh, I will, I will!

    [Spends rest of 24 hours praying for perpetrator, dies.]

Now, here are the four quizzes.

  • I Which of the two would some at least Westerners suppose a Muslima would do, as victim : A or B? (Forgive as Christian obviously exchanged to forgive as Muslima, in this case)
  • II Which of the two would the Workers Party of Social Justice want a victim to do, A or B?
  • III Which of the two would Lucie Myslikova do? A or B?
  • IV Which of the two did St Maria Goretti do? A or B?

If there are Catholics in Brno, I think Lucie Myslikova should not need to worry about lynching!

Her situtation should be like that Swedish king who was asked by a visiting journalist where his life guards were. "Oh, I have seven million of them"*

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St Pascal OFM of Villa Real

PS, I am known to be "extreme right", which is not extreme wrong about me, but not like Workers Party of Social Justice in relation to Myslíková, much more like the Sept 22 rally Tak dla Życia./HGL

* Sweden then had seven million, now nine million whereof 0.5 millions extra-Nordic immigrants.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Le vrai danger islamiste (cité, commenté)

Ceci n'est pas question de voyous, mais d'administrateurs. Plus "éclairés" que les Chrétiens, selon certains goûts, jusqu'au moment que Norvège et Suède (avec les DDAS) veulent se montrer de nos jours encore plus éclairés.


Il y a dans certaines administrations de faits plus difficiles à surmonter que la mémoire d'un viol./HGL

J'espère que Lucie Myslikova aurait eu une place d'honneur (si voulue) dans la marche de Ste Jehanne, hier!

Car, à part d'annoncer une attitude qui rappelle Ste Jehanne justement (un peu moins l'autre Jehanne, celle de Beauvais) avec un brin de Ste Marie Goretti, elle donne aussi une très bonne solution au problème.

J'espère que les choses vont pas au si mal qu'elle va vite au martyre, pourtant.

Mais, si chaque fille enceinte violée avait eu son attitude à elle, on n'aurait pas eu les 343, et la France n'aurait pas eu la dénatalité, l'Allemagne n'aurait pas eu la dénatalité, la Suède n'aurait pas eu la dénatalité parmi les indigènes qui fait paraître la fertilité des immigrés comme une menace, purement par comparaison./HGL

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Why I Have Not Signed Cardinal Burke's Petition

Here it is by the way:

To Pope Francis: I support the 4 cardinals' letter pleading for clarity

I feel queezy about adressing Bergoglio as "Pope Francis". Apart from that, and if you don't share my scruple, please do sign the petition!/HGL

How Many are Currently Claiming Papacy or Claimed to be Popes?

I H. H. Pope Michael on Lent 2015 · II Five Years Ago · III Pray for a Pope · IV Reflection on Sedevacantism and Conclave of 1990 (quora) · V How Many are Currently Claiming Papacy or Claimed to be Popes?

1) Pope Michael, 2) Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI claimed to have resigned invalidly, 3) Pope Francis, 4) Pope Boniface X.

Anyone who thinks this adds up to 30? I hope not!

Those are the ones Pope Michael thought worth bothering about, I suspect there is a fifth, the current Palmarian Pope, which he discounts because of apparitional foundation of Palmarian line - and which I discounted when finding evidence some apparition content is false.

Whether an Apparition from Heaven can decide who is the Pope or not - I hope HH Pope Michael is not taking my disagreement or reserve for doctrinal rebellion - an Apparition from Heaven cannot reveal false things.

I rejected Palmar over this:

"The Antichrist sees the world from the 4th dimension, the Very Pure Virgin from the 8th dimension".

God created a world in which space has three dimensions, not 4 or 8! Three, because they reflect the Trinity, as do the three parts of Time or three operations of human mind (memory, understanding and will).

The above quote was claimed to be in a Palmarian Catechism, and to have been revealed to its prophet and first Pope, Clemente Vincente, a k a Gregorio XVII.

The rejection of him as Pope was about half a minute before in same mail being informed he had sexually abused consenting adults also of the male sex.

So, five at the most.

According to Pope Michael, the claim I considered very briefly between Bergoglio and himself is now out of the way, no more a claimant : Alexander IX of Iglésia Católica Remanente. So, not six, or five if Palmar is out.

But returning to Palmar as claimant, the present one seems to have "replaced the Bible" with Palmarian apparitions. So, apostates are not considerable as Papal claimants any more than false apparitions.

And it seems the Tremblay succession in Canada is also moot, or over, meaning the four remaining claims ones are those mentioned above.

Now, how about hearing His Holiness Himself:

Pope Michael What If You Are Wrong?
Pope Michael

Requirements for a Valid Papal Election
Pope Michael

Why It Took So Long To Get Ordained
Pope Michael

AND the one I just saw subtitled, where the claimants are gone into in some depth:

Claimants to the Papacy
Pope Michael

By the way, if anyone is claiming I am the Pope or I claim to be the Pope or have previously claimed to be the Pope, he is wrong. Unless he is dishonest.

The above videos do not include why Pope Michael discounts the Vatican II Church Papal line, unless perhaps the "what if you are wrong" one. I'll gladly link to where he explained that in more detail too.

For the moment, I am out to explain, I have not just randomly picked one non-Vatican II Pope among 30.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Robert Bellarmine

School Compulsion Kills (Link)

In US, school deaths have more spectacularly been killing sprees rather than just solitary suicide.

In Europe - France, Germany, Sweden - these last years, suicide has predominated.

It seems US is having to take a look at suicides related to school. Something which cannot be fixed by banning guns, but by banning school compulsion - if that is done correctly, so the new freedom does not remain purely formal and easy to circumvene, but so any parent can take any boy out of school if bullied, and so that any school can ban any bully without a trial, without having to worry about this infringing on his "right and duty to education".

Here is Cincinnati:

School: 8-Year-Old Boy Never Said He was Bullied
May 13, 2017 on mail dot com


A Cincinnati school spokeswoman says an 8-year-old student who killed himself two days after he was knocked unconscious at school never told staff he'd... [been bullied]

In prison, telling the guards about a racket you are victim of is called "squealing" and can backfire, because the persons involved in racket may be around you more than the guards who would protect you are, and in schools, it is called "snitching", and can also backfire. In other words, telling staff could also have been suicidal./HGL

Friday, 12 May 2017

Is Bergoglio Plotting to Make a One World Order?

This article is a bit old:

Pope decries 'virus' of polarization over race, faith
mail dot com : November 19, 2016

Francis, in a message a few days earlier to U.S. bishops, had urged them to help heal a society facing growing polarization. On Saturday, after receiving his red hat, Mexican Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes, archbishop of Tlalnepantla, expressed concern about Trump's plans, including deporting large numbers of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, soon after assuming the presidency.

"You can't divide a family. You can't divide a community. You can't divide the world," the prelate said in reply to a question by The Associated Press about Trump. The Mexican churchman added: "One thing is the election campaign. Another thing is reality."

So far the new "Cardinal", whose red means he is supposed to love the faith to the shedding of his blood for it.

"You can't divide a family."

If you mean, you mustn't, as a Christian I agree. Does your "Pope Francis"? Check out Amoris Laetitia!

[Thunder struck when I was doing html for these words.]

"You can't divide a community."

You sometimes, seldom, even as man need to do so.

But more often not.

And God did it on some occasions, preserving a smaller group (at least smaller for the moment) of faithful, by dividing them from the rest.

"You can't divide the world."

Well, guess what, the world is divided, because God divided it into several nations and tongues (and more have come about since) in the day when he counfounded the tongues at Babel.

In the morning they all come speaking one language. At lunch, presumably, they take a rest. After lunch, they suddenly have communication problems, which cannot be overcome in time to save the project.

And when it comes to the so called Pope, here is the deal.

You must not divide over faith or race, basically says Bergoglio.

You can very well divide over race, but religion should not become sectarian and divisive, basically says Putin.

Truth is : you sometimes need to divide over religion, but not really over race.

If we seek a solution in the eyes of the Christian religion, however divisive it may be, there will also be a demographic surge for the white race or caucasian race, presumably. At least if they don't all apostasise.

But if we seek solutions along race lines, we end up with the nonsense of either Putin or Bergoglio and will be losing both religion and race.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Dominic of the Road

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Is Putin Plotting to Make a One World Government or New World Order? (link)

Check this news item:

On Victory Day, Putin calls for international unity
on mail dot com, May 09, 2017

"To effectively combat terrorism, extremism, neo-Nazism and other threats, consolidation of the entire international community is necessary."

Necessity was aye the tyrant's plea ...

I wonder if Marine would have been better, since more sovereignist, or worse, since more pro-Putin?/HGL

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

New Concept Alert on Number of the Beast

S   8 3  S  8 3
O   7 9  O  7 9
C   6 7  C  6 7
I   7 3  I  7 3
É  2 0 1  E  6 9
T   8 4  T  8 4
É  2 0 1  Y  8 9
Σ  7 8 8  Σ 5 4 4

(788 + 544) : 2 = 666