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Commenting, but not linking : female teachers sleeping with students

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Alaska has Funny Criteria for Statutory Rape, 2) New blog on the kid : Commenting, but not linking : female teachers sleeping with students

I read a news-story with 50 teachers caught - well basically in bed - with the students. Varying charges, ranging from less days in prison than two months or even a fine without prison (but she was not in bed with the student), all teachers female, one of them in a lesbian affair (and she got one of the lighter punishments), up to getting probabtion for lifetime as a sexual offender after leaving prison.

Note, first of all, I have never been in such a position. When I was a teacher, I studiously refrained from falling in love with junior high school students (? is that right for grades 7 - 9?) and even more from any action, as long as I was a teacher. When I did fall for one, I already knew I was the last weeks of being her teacher and also did very little. I was not then and am not now experienced. I only have some regret (or have had for some times since, but not really any more) that she and I didn't come together, obviously AFTER I was already out of the position of trust.

But back to the story.

Obviously, I do not think a ten year older than oneself woman is an ideal wife for a fourteen year old boy. And yes, most of the supposed "victims" of things called "third degree rape" were fourteen, or at least it was a fairly recurrent age value.

I think a twenty years older man is a better husband for a fourteen year old girl. Why? Because marriage is about getting children, and it's the male period of fertility which is longer.

A man can have the chore of a youth spent in celibacy (as I have had), and then marry a younger wife and satisfy her up to her menopause. Or he can marry young a wife of same age - and then perhaps have the chore of living with a wife who, after menopause, is distinctly less interested than he. Or he can avoid that by marrying twice - if he has the chore of widowerhood.

But he cannot, and as a Catholic he knows he cannot, marry a younger woman while the first wife is still alive, not by divorce and remarriage and not by bigamy either. It's against the Law of God.

Now, back to the story, having said that a female teacher having any kind of affair with a male junior high school student (unless she's a very young teacher), and ending up his wife is for this reason not very appropriate. Why does it happen anyway? Well, one of the fifty cases the "victim" did end up marrying the "perpetrator". But mainly : why do the affairs happen?

  • 1) Boys in age of getting married (i e above 14th birthday) still stopped from marrying. For economic reasons, that would historically have been the case for most bourgeois boys, though not for lower classes who can start their contributions as shepherds very early or for very rich where the young man (or boy) has a living off feudal or other taxation due to the position he will fill.

  • 2) Same boys also forced to attend school.

  • 3) Same boys also forced to attend school with girls so as to make forgetting about sex an impossibility. (Absence of fasting and abstinence and presence of rock music and even sentimental non rock music are also taking a toll).

  • 4) Girls also stopped (despite the evil practise of tempting them by forced coed schools) from getting seriously involved with the boys and therefore a less ideal target for the boys we talk about.

  • 5) Female teachers being allowed. In compulsory schools with coed. (As in cases with just boys in school).

Take away any one of these five factors, the fifty stories would not have happened. Btw, congrats to the couple that did marry.

But by taking away any of the five factors, you would also challenge feminism. Accepting 14-12 as the age limit (as one has done for centuries) challenges feminism over young girls having a preference for marriage over career, if they can get married that early. Take away the school compulsion for girls, and no carreers will ensue anyway. Take away the coed and feminist teachers miss lots of opportunities to point out to girls how gross boys are. Factor four here = factor one. And not allowing female teachers is both taking away the female non-mothering carreer they represent, and that one is giving a mental substitute for real mothering of own boys and girls, and also taking away the opportunity for feminists (since the ideology is rarer among men, at least at its most virulent) to indoctrinate the future generations.

That is why, instead of changing matters for the young, in general, these stories go on a go on being punished.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Phocas Martyr

PS, one more thing : if young marriages were allowed or if coed wasn't happening by force, lots of abortions would also not be occasioned. Without coed, many pregnancies would have been avoided the good way. With allowing young marriages, the pregnancies would often have been the start of joint parenthood also known as marriage./HGL

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