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Is Mark Shea Describing a Nimrodian Mindset?

Atheism, Christianity, and the ET Problem

But, as I never tire of saying, that won't happen, because we are never getting off the earth in any serious way and we will never contact any aliens. It will be vastly simpler to erect a glittering metropolis in Antarctica then a self-sustaining colony on the Moon, much less Mars. And the irrational anger that cheery assertion typically provokes in our culture is, I think, one of the surest proofs that we have largely substituted a secular eschatology of the Glorious Ascension of Man for a Christian one.

A Secular eschatology of The Glorious Ascension of Man ... Some century after the Flood (one to five, depending on which Biblical chronology you go by) one Nimrod was planning a Tower of Babel, a Tower the top of which would reach into Heaven.

Note, it does not exactly say "a tower so high that the top of it would reach into Heaven". I checked. The text as such does not tie us down to a Skyscraper. Patristic comments seem divided between Skyscraper and Skyline scenario.

At least Jewish comment, as far as I know not formally contradicted by all Church Fathers, described a project of conquering Heaven. St Augustine seems to concur:

But what did these vain and presumptuous men intend? How did they expect to raise this lofty mass against God, when they had built it above all the mountains and the clouds of the earth's atmosphere? What injury could any spiritual or material elevation do to God? The safe and true way to heaven is made by humility, which lifts up the heart to the Lord, not against Him; as this giant is said to have been a "hunter against the Lord." This has been misunderstood by some through the ambiguity of the Greek word, and they have translated it, not "against the Lord," but "before the Lord;" for ἐναντίον means both "before" and "against." In the Psalm this word is rendered, "Let us weep before the Lord our Maker." The same word occurs in the book of Job, where it is written, "You have broken into fury against the Lord." Job 15:13 And so this giant is to be recognized as a "hunter against the Lord." And what is meant by the term "hunter" but deceiver, oppressor, and destroyer of the animals of the earth?

So, despite there being ultra small hope of succeeding in such an intention, it seems they did want to conquer heaven by physical violence.

Is it, as an intention, really very far from that of Tom Flynn, the atheist referred to in Shea's article?

It is also said that they ceased building the city - not that they ceased building the tower.

In a sense, namely that of less direct plotting and planning for a future, perhaps they did continue, until their success was going to be spelled Cape Canaveral and Baikonur.

I don't believe in Ancient Alien Astronauts. I believe there were this other AAA, Ancient Aspiring Astronauts.

And in a sense, I think they will be successful. But their success may be somewhat futile.

Genesis 11:[6] And he said: Behold, it is one people, and all have one tongue: and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed.

God was describing their intention. But perhaps he was also describing the ongoing intention of men who fabled that Perseus and Andromeda* were taken up to the stars. An intention ongoing, with some salutary breaks and inefficiency, up to recent realisations. The text did not state that they ceased to build the tower. If they could not build it materially without the city, they could still go on and build plans for it, like at Stonehenge.**

And then there is this:

Abdias or Obadiah 1:[4] Though thou be exalted as an eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars: thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.

Hyperbole? Or a description of projects we are now seeing?

I think the latter.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Holy Martyrs of Rome
Makar, Rufin,
Just and Theophil

* I am not saying Perseus and Andromeda never existed or never met a monster. ** I said this about it:

Stonehenge can have been singled out 466 years before the structure known as Stonehenge 1. It is far less credible to have a plan at 8000 BC and executed from 3100 BC on.

Over here : Stonehenge and Göbekli Tepe?
on Φιλολoγικά/Philologica

Is Burfeind Calling Chesterton a Gnostic? No, He Is Not!

Update : in note 4 Burfeind is giving a correct attribution. This means that he is NOT impinging in the honour of Chesterton. In this library I am not sure how to add a photo, but the footnote 4 is correct. I will add photo as soon as I can. It agrees with the factchecker's attribution. In other words, the remaining import of this post is no criticism of Burfeind in this respect, but just to exonerate Chesterton and to discuss what Gnostic means./HGL, added 1.VII.2017

Here is a little clip of text from one of his books:

Here is a little clip from left margin of same screenshot:

And here is a search on FB for the author:

I should add, I did another search too : Burfeind instead of peter m burfeind.

Gave some, but none of them Peter M.

If you consider, first of all, that despite his giving a note 4 which I could not access at the preview, he has not attributed the quote, and second, that it is a double eisegesis, first to consider Chesterton as mushy erotic due to the quote (if it had been genuine) and second to consider mushy eroticism and emotionalism as the essence of the Gnostic tradition, and so that the conclusion (not quite stated, but at least plausibly hinted at) that Chesterton was a Gnostic is based on two lies which do not even form a valid syllogism if they had been true, I can see that Burfeind might have a motive for abstaining from FB, where such a bloomer would be pointed out to him.

So, on my third search, I must congratulate him on his courage. He really has a FB profile. He can be reached by criticism.

Now, was Chesterton even guilty of saying that, if not who was, and was it even remotely Gnostic? Here is the google search terms:

A man knocking at the brothel door is looking for God

Here are a few finds:

Crux Sola : Chesterton did not say it (sorry)…

Graham Greene > Quotes > Quotable Quote
“Any man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.”

(Attributed with a tiny variation in letters, but an important one in generalising import, to Graham Greene)

TGC : FactChecker: C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton Quotes
April 14, 2013

Other Quotations by ACS
Quotations which might seem to be from Chesterton, but aren’t.

And his source is not studylight:

Quotations : Chesterton, p. 3 of 3

So, what is the real story?

TGC gives a good research:

But thankfully it does have a source. A great one.It comes from a small and positively delightful 1945 novel, The World, the Flesh and Father Smith written by a lesser-known, mid-twentieth century Scottish writer, Bruce Marshall. His style reminds one of Flannery O'Connor in her hilariously biting sarcasm, coloring for her reader serious spiritual truths in the lives of her larger-than-life idiotic characters.

Our quote appears in a conversation between the book's protagonist, the dutiful Father Smith, while walking home one day, encounters a beautiful, seductive young woman standing on her front stoop. Miss Dana Agdala is provocatively accented by her “frock blowing all around her lovely legs.” She introduces herself to Father Smith as the author of the scintillating and best-selling Naked and Unashamed, “but perhaps you haven't read me.”

... Among many questions, built upon her judgment of the silliness of his faith, she asked about his own sexuality and how he manages to, as she put it, “live without us?”

Easily and confidently, Fr. Smith answers that, in his view, “women's bodies are rarely perfect; they soon grow old and sag, and always the contemplation of them even at their best is a poor and boring substitute for walking with God in His House as a friend . . .”

Miss Agdala judges that Fr. Smith's answer proves what she had always maintained about Christians, “that religion is only a substitute for sex.”

Fr. Smith counters roundly, “I still prefer to believe that sex is a substitute for religion and that the young man who rings the bell at the brothel is unconsciously looking for God.”

Two observations : Father Smith is not Gnostic at all, he's saying the same as St Augustine in Confessions, and a character named Father Smith could easily be confused with the more known character, by Chesterton, Father Brown.

But I wonder how many have considered Chesterton as a Gnostic because Peter Burfeind failed his research.

And I will now give him a link so he can respond. Obviously, I am inviting him to respond so I can quote him, not "in private".

The link to this essay.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Holy Roman Martyrs
Macar, Rufin, Just and

PS, he might also want to go over what Gnosticism actually is in St Augustine's Confessions and other basica definition sources./HGL

PPS, Catholic Answers (which excluded me and a few more Geocentrics, presumably thinking we were lousy on doing research and evaluatiing evidence) seems to have fallen in the same trap:

Catholic Answers Forums > Forums > Catholic Living > Spirituality
"Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.”

Obviously, a page on GKC's works online or a scanned book page with visible author and title on top, would be accepted as evidence I was wrong about the quote./HGL

Update completion, here is photo:

Added 3.VII.2017/HGL

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But is "Francis" correct on Athenian Paedophilia?

This link again.

Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control
November 28, 2016

While I agree Athens was totalitarian, I wonder where he got this from:

The proper translation of « ago:ge: » is « initiation » in a very physical sexual sense : «pushing, goading into ». You as a grown child and then as a teen-ager, for about 7-8 years in total, were entrusted to a state-appointed mentor who submitted you to anal coitus twice daily while you had to remain stoical.

The same mentor was also responsible for your military education, consisting in gymnastics and various other forms of training.

The aim of that sexual initiation was not to open you to newer and more delicate forms of pleasure and rapture, quite the contrary. The aim was to destroy your individual personality, and replace it by the state's mould as personified by the mentor's. If you slept with anybody else before finishing your cursus, you were eliminated for good from citizenship; you had failed your test.

Only after seven years beginning before puberty were you entitled to citizenship. But once you were received as such a citizen you no longer had any will of your own, your whole body and therefore your whole brain, your own soul was possessed by the state, exactly like in the MK-Ultra program of the CIA.

In the discussions I have seen in Classical Sources, indeed there was an encouragement to an emotional, quasi erotic, bond between mentor and the one to be "educated".

However, it was also written in books from there and then (I think Aristotle's Politics, there being a part where diverse attitudes to sodomy are compared*) that In Athens while paederastic sodomy was looked down on, it was tolerated.

In other words, horrid as such an exception is, it was supposed to be an exception, not the rule.

On Crete, it was a capital offense. In Sparta it was standard between male soldiers. In Corinth it was used freely - but in Athens, it was looked down on.

I think that "Francis" would have perhaps accessed, while being into White Voodoo, some misleading information about Ancient Athens, and not have discovered it when turning away from it.

Those networks would have a double interest in giving their adepts such misinformation:

  • 1) to give their own practises some shelter behind an admired concept, in this case Athenian Democracy;
  • 2) to keep their members "disillusioned" about everyone and everything outside themselves.

Anyway, I think he was wrong about Athens and even more so about Rome.

The brainwashing which did exist was not a deadening of feelings : it was a canalisation of feelings into certain set concepts, a bit like modern education channels both indignation and commiseration into the general framework of Shoah or Holocaustianity.

While the former White Voodoo adept has privileged information on White Voodoo, let's not credit him with privileged information on Greek Classics.

There is a simple question to ask : where did he get his info from?

In the case of White Voodoo, the answer is : his past, his former masters in that black art. People who actually had White Voodoo as an ongoing concern.

In the case of Athenian Democracy, the answer is ...

  • ... we know Athenian Democracy was based on mindnumbing mind control because Francis lived in it and reported on it? No ...
  • ... we know Athenian Democracy was based on mindnumbing mind control because the Ancient Sources say so? Not directly at least, and I would like to know who argues they did so indirectly ...
  • ... because "Francis" (or sn else) learned it in the network he was or is in? That network accessed Athenian Democracy when and how?

Supposing he had some initiation claiming to know Athenian Democracy because the Illuminates of Bavaria claimed to be an open refounding of mysteries of Eleusis, which had been going on behind the scenes in the meantime, how do we know the claim is not bogus?

While I have the utmost respect for any community's claim to know how it was founded at the moment it started to exist openly (like US can be trusted to know the Declaration of Independence was in 1776 and signed by inter alios George Washington, or like Rome had been existing since 753 BC and founded by Romulus who was deified), I have very little respect for anything like "Anderson's Lodge of 1717 claimed to continue a society in which King Solomon was in initiate".

Or, possibly the network from which he has it is his present network, the one to which Henry Makow also belongs.

Just so, if child sacrifice was practised by Phoenicians who lived in Athens, I think, first of all, they were Phoenicians, not Jews, second, they were doing it in Tyre or in Carthage, not on Athenian territory.

While Bohemian Grove uses owl symbolism in what looks like child sacrifice (according to people who went in and filmed it, where we get it from is important), this does not prove Athenians honoured the owl-goddess Athena in the precise same way.

I was just looking at a "meme" purportedly by OccupyDemocrats.

It compared Trump to Hitler by reminding how Hitler built the Berlin wall ... he did not, it was built later. By the Communist Honnegger.

Two of my conservative friends were sharing how one man bashed them for the mistake. However, when I went to the post of that man, two or three persons asked for proof this was really from OccupyDemocrats. They got taunts in reply from another man, and nothing from the man who posted the meme.

I went to their own page, and went through their own publications back to Fenruary 21 (the man had posted his remark on February 25th).

Nothing there that little back. Perhaps further back? Could he not have said so?

And if it should so have happened OccupyDemocrats made such an illinformed meme, could they not have deleted the post?

If so, could the man who pointed out their mistake (if really theirs, as said) not have said "I found it on their site, but now they took it down, they aren't that stupid?"

Or, if they did make the remark earlier than February 21, and did not yet take it down, how about showing the link where he got it?

Before doing the check-up, I was remarking that the OccupyDemocrats (for the moment I was under the spontaneous impression the meme was theirs, it had their logo correctly formed and placed**) had made two Conservative friends of mine reflect on the fact that that Communists also had built a wall.

Now, like some guys really took this meme (so far not a proven fact to me) as coming from OccupyDemocrats, some guys are ready to take the link about Athens I posted a few days ago as coming from someone who knows what he is talking about, when it comes to Athenian Democracy.

But Athens was totalitarian in education in another way : every citizen had to go through the same curriculum. Unlike Rome, where even if a standard curriculum existed, it was at least formally a choice the parents (of free citizens) were making.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

* It is 24 years since I studied Greek and even longer since I last opened Aristotle's Politics. I read it in Penguin Classics even before learning Greek so as even to start reading Aristotle and even Plato (who is at least supposed to be easier). ** Which would not be too difficult to fake.

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Index XV ENG : Immaculate Conception 2016 to Candlemass 2017

Part of Index Indicum

Bonum Festum Immaculatae Conceptionis BVM · Bonum Festum Nativitatis Domini · Natum videte regem angelorum · Bonum Festum Sanctorum Innocentium · Bonum Festum Epiphanie Domini · De Purificatione beatae Mariae Virginis, quae a Graecis Hypapante Dmini appellatur, non scripsi, propter lassitudinem vel non accessum ad interrete.


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Are the Times Apocalyptic?

Beer Yes, Abortion No. Links.

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X has no apple, Y has half an apple, Z has one apple

Not Dupe of "Cardinal" Kasper (Links)

The Ideology Behind Wallström's Words Is One Reason I Left Sweden

Newtonianly speaking, Can Earth Still Orbit Sun After 4.5 Billion Years? · Physicality of Heaven

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Index XV FR : Immaculée Conception 2016 à Chandeleurs 2017

Partie de Index Indicum

Bonum Festum Immaculatae Conceptionis BVM · Bonum Festum Nativitatis Domini · Natum videte regem angelorum · Bonum Festum Sanctorum Innocentium · Bonum Festum Epiphanie Domini · De Purificatione beatae Mariae Virginis, quae a Graecis Hypapante Dmini appellatur, non scripsi, propter lassitudinem vel non accessum ad interrete.


Prière de Sainte Thérèse

Vignoble Caritas

Si le fantasy est prophétique, parfois?

Les élèves français étaient arriérés en maths, selon le classement PISA? Un peu d'inspiration pour les études de maths, alors!

Il semble que certains voudraient présumer sur le passé que j'ai eu en psychiatrie

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Pas dupe de "Pape François" (Lien)

Par politique Poutine paraît fort

À un très gentil Musulman : pourquoi la V-ème sourate n'est pas de Dieu, le Coran non plus

Si j'avais porté un ruban noir, je l'aurais ôté aujourd'hui et repris demain

Marche pour la vie (Paris, lien)

"Si on part de Dieu a créé l'homme, on peut motiver toutes les inégalités."

Signez contre Castellucci, s'il vous plaît!

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One Link on the Real Religion

The Day the Host Dropped
On Communion in the Hand
by John Vennari

In one of the three links, the then American Consul to Russia Speaks on Beyliss Case

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order


The author, Francis, is a longtime practitioner of white Voodoo. I can't pretend to understand the black magick he describes and welcome explanations. Warning:

This is gruesome.

Links to:

Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control
Athens, supposedly the cradle of Democracy, was the most perfect mind-control-based totalitarian state in An . . .


I disagree when Jews as opposed to Phoenicians are singled out as the initiators of these evils in Athens.

If King Solomon participated, that was after marrying some non-Jewish wives.

I also think Judah was fairly free from them (have not read the relevant portion of Jeremiah, though).*

And first link also links to:

Jewish Occult Murders How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children
as Part of Their Religion
Rev. Dr. (of law) Matt Hale
Copyright 2002

Commenting : I disagree on the reasons for diverging dates between Russia and US being unknown. Russia as an Orthodox country had simply not accepted the Papal calendar reform. This is known and not unknown.

But Matt Hale has said so just before citing the report of the U. S. Ambassador to Russia, for 1911.

When hearing that a stepfather of mine was Jewish, a friend of the family said "Jesus, Maria, hilf!"

I can only agree.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Mathias, Apostle

* I recalled that there was of course Athalia, in Juda, and asked whether Jeremiah was contemporary:

In Noord Israël werd Athalia’s broer verwikkeld in een oorlog met de Arameeërs en op advies van zijn raadsheren sloot Achazja zich bij hem aan. Joram werd gewond en toen hij Achazja, zijn oom, bezocht bleek dat Jehu zich van de macht had meester gemaakt. Hij doodde Joram en na een spannende achtervolging werd ook Achazja (immers ook een Baäldienaar) door Jehu gedood. “In zijn ijver voor de Here” doodde hij al de Baälpriesters. De Baäldienst bleek zo diep geworteld te zijn, ook in Juda, dat hij onuitroeibaar was. Nog vlak vóór de ballingschap kwam ze voor onder Manasse (2 Kon 21: 3) en Achaz (2 Kron 28: 2) en hebben Jeremia, Hosea en Sefanja daartegen geageerd.

Van : Athalia, de vrouw van Joram op Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel October 14, 2006 in Personen by admin http://www.bijbelaantekeningen.nl/blog/2006/10/14/athalia-de-vrouw-van-joram/

So, no, I was wrong. Juda was not totally free from it either./HGL

On Hollywood Actors and Such Losing Favour with Hollywood

  • Hollywood won't cast Elisha Cuthbert any more, two of her films flopped.

  • Hollywood won't cast Taylor Lautner any more, Twilight hype died.

  • Hollywood won't cast Tom Welling any more, he was too busy with Smallville. He missed out on acting beside the TV series.

  • Hollywood won't cast Ashley Greene, the film which was supposed to kickstart her carreer didn't give all of the budget back.

  • Hollywood won't cast Reed any more, because she has sth other to do, apparently.

The last reason seems fairly legitimate. But the rest of the reasons for the rest of the actors, that is a kind of judgemental and shall we say superstitious attitude one could well do without in work, including media work, outside Hollywood. And perhaps inside Hollywood too.

A film which flops at box office can give returns later on video. Even if it didn't give all the budget back.

An actor with little experience can have roles that are simple enough. There is a story by Chesterton about a theatre company and an actress who is upset because she doesn't get the right role. An outsider can't understand that, he thinks she got the most attractive one - er no, says Father Brown, she got a role which was an insult to her capacity as an actress!

And if Twilight hype has died (perhaps a very good thing per se), the people who were involved might at last be forgiven that and allowed to do sth better!

Credits to the site Nikki Swift for several stories I browsed. Not sure some might not have been from Zergnet, too.

More credits, after above, to Atlas Obscura article here:

Keeping the Art of Knot Tying Alive
A guild of knotters won't let this historic craft die.
by Eric Grundhauser February 23, 2017

It set me zapping between the articles, but it is a good story in itself.

Some members of the Guild prefer to focus on the related craft of rope-making, which in and of itself is a very particular art. Byfleet told us that he knows of Guild members whose focus is on church bell ropes, which need to be made in such a way that they stretch when pulled, making the sound of the bell less harsh and more musical.

Sam Gamgee would second that. So would his author John Ronald, I suppose!

But back to the actors. If Hollywood won't hire them, they can band together to make a cinema in some other studio and be off Hollywood managers. If they like. And if nobody stops them.

And a discredit to Grammarly which has been installed in Nanterre University Library. "Might at last" is underlined red to get me writing "might, at last," even while I am using "at last" more as an adverb to might than as an interrupter, "knotters" and "roles" are underlined with suggestions I might mean "knitters" and "rules", no, as human readers of this post can imagine, and especially "knotters" was a word I had not even chosen myself, had it been a misspelling. But one more thing. I was in Sweden taught British spelling, and Grammarly being an American spellcheck, it ticks off British spellings as faulty. It underlined "theatre" with the suggestion "theater". To me "teater" is Swedish, "Theater" is German. And "theater" would be my respelling of Swedish as per my personal rule of respecting loan giving languages more than Swedish standard spelling. The "th" goes back to Greek θ. If I want English, it is, as I learned it in school, theatre. And the thing can't be turned off either. It just even misanalysed part of my quote. Bell belongs to "sound of the bell" and less to "less harsh". Nevertheless, a non-extant phrase "bell less" was underlined suggesting "bell-less". Churches fortunately aren't exactly that, they have not recently gone through the brutal Reformation of Gustav Wasa!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Matthias, Apostle

PS, Hollywood sth to go with Judaism? See here:

According to Shahak, classical Judaism is inspired by the image of Sparta as it appears in Plato's Laws 942. Judaism adopted the objectives Plato described in the following passage. (Shahak, p.13)

The principal thing is that no one, man or woman, should ever be without an officer set over him, and that no one should get the mental habit of taking any step, whether in earnest or in jest, on his individual responsibility. In peace as in war, he must always live with his eyes on his superior officer...In a word, we must train the mind to not even consider acting as an individual or know how to do it.

Shahak says the words "rabbi" and "officer" are interchangeable. In Communism, the sons of rabbis built a new worldly religion that mirrored the fanaticism and oppression of classical Judaism.

Communism & NWO are Based on Judaism

One of my worst misgivings about Pope Michael is that some of his supporters seem to mimick the pattern./HGL

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Münchhausen par procuration - rare?

La Croix avait hier un article sur la section Télé-radio, pour le programme "Ma mère, mon poison", et l'article s'appelait Se libérer des liens toxiques.

Dedans est dit:

Delphine, elle tente encore de comprendre l'emprise qu'avait sur elle sa mère, atteinte du "syndrome de Münchhausen par procuration". Cette névrose terrifiante, heureusement rare, conduit un parent à rendre malade son enfant pour susciter la compassion de son entourage.

Ou, plus banalement, c'est "Le Malade Imaginaire", sauf que c'est pas chez soi-même, c'est chez un dépendant, que "le souffrant" imagine une maladie qui n'existe pas.

C'est possible que ceci soit, heureusement, rare à propos des maladies physiques imaginées.

C'est par contre très fréquent à propos des maladies mentaux imaginées. Très malheureusement.

Et pas que chez des parents, c'est rentable pour la psychiatrie que son personnel soit atteint par ce syndrome.

Non, je ne prétend pas que la psychiatrie soit payé par cas, mais quand les malades mentaux de surplus ne sont pas marginaux par rapport aux fous génuines, c'est une raison d'emploi dans la psychiatrie.

Chez des métiers quasi "idéologiques" c'est aussi une tactique pour la clique dirigeante de rester en pouvoir, en tamponnant des adversaires dans les idées comme des fous.

Et je souligne, imaginer avec obstination que quelqu'un d'autre soit malade, ça peut arriver pas juste chez un parent ou deux par rapport à un enfant, mais aussi chez chaque figure d'autorité par rapport à ses dépendants. Dans les deux cas, on peut se sentir généreux et compréhensif en voulant susciter de la compassion pour quelqu'un d'autre.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Chaîre de St Pierre à Antioque

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Un sur cinq

Je cherchais celui-ci:

Notre chance de vivre

En France, on pratique chaque année 220 000 avortements pour environ 800 000 naissances. 1 conception d’enfant sur 5 se termine donc par une IVG. Nous sommes 17 millions de personnes nées depuis 1975 à être statistiquement des rescapés de l’IVG, puisque nous avions 1 chance sur 5 de ne pas vivre.

Pour certains d’entre nous, c’est moins drôle puisque nos frères ou nos sœurs ont été avortés avant ou après nous.

Mais avant de le trouver, je suis tombé sur celui-ci:

Un jeune sur cinq ! Génération pauvreté ?

Certes, c'est Belgique, pas France, et c'est de 2012 pas de 2016, contrairement à ce premier lien que je cherchais.

Mais Dieu a pu quand même vouloir communiquer quelque chose avec ces chiffres.

Une société qui admet l'avortement n'est pas une société qui se sauve de la pauvreté, c'est une société qui condamne à la pauvreté.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St Sévérien de Scythopolis

Monday, 20 February 2017

Schizophrénie - ou psychiatrie?

À Toulouse, selon les nouvelles, une femme de 24 ou 26 a tué sa mère.

Confusion causée par la maladie?

Ou rancune causée par les soins déjà prodigués et encore peut-être menacés?

Je penche vers la seconde hypothèse, très fortement.

La psychiatrie détruit des vies. Chaque possibilité détruite par les soupçons d'une expertise qui en a vue trop, engendre colère ou à la fin haine.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Sts Martyrs de Tyr

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Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : 101 Popular Posts (as per 15-V-2013)

3178* : Russia 2310** : 14 211 84 21 21 271 127 28 42 42 4 21 63 20 151 17 21 63 21 84 167 63 21 42 104 4 147 16 231 189; United States 580 : 1 1 192 1 4 1 7 1 151 20 1 1 1 10 1 186 1; Poland 150 : 3 1 1 126 4 1 1 10 3; France 55 : 1 5 2 1 2 1 2 2 7 1 1 1 6 1 1 17 1 1 2; Ukraine 26 : 6 1 4 1 4 1 1 1 2 3 2; Germany 11 : 1 3 3 3 1; Latvia 6 : 2 2 2; Switzerland 5 : 1 1 2 1; Netherlands 5 : 2 3; Philippines 4 : 1 2 1; Brazil 4 : 1 1 1 1; Japan 2; Indonesia 2; China 1 1; Romania 2; Czechia 2; Angola 2; Bulgaria 2; United Kingdom 1; Thailand 1; Singapore 1; Italy 1; South Korea 1; Spain 1; Bangladesh 1; Portugal 1.

20.II.2017, Russia only:

Last week:

Russia 5753 (5754***-1): 444 28 404 168 42 108 591 505 68 84 169 8 64 127 41 324 34 42 114 86 210 644° 420 192 63 84 169 20 466 1 33

Last 24 h:

Russia 8 : 1 1 1 1 1 2 1


  • Russia has views coming in many multiples of 21 or one off;
  • This is recurrent in sum of views, either per week or per day;
  • Russia suddenly stops.

Tentative overall conclusion for Russia : maybe its views follow orders and stop on orders as much as they begin by orders. In Russia, I have a network of readers, rather than single ones./HGL

PS, 20 Feb 2017 c. 14:56 – 20 Feb 2017 c. 16:55 : United States 68 : 4 30 1 1 2 30; Canada 1; France 15 : 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 2 1 1; Latvia 1; Indonesia 1; Ukraine 3 : 1 2.

* 3178 = 151*21+7 ** 2310 = 110*21 *** 274*21=5754 ° 644=30*21+14

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Table modifiée, analysée par convergence avec l'a priori

1.) 50% du "carbone récent", quel âge? Si on divisait une demi-vie en "demi-notes" ....? · 2.) 25% du "carbone récent"? Divisons la distance en 48 parties? · 3.) Trêve de Maths pour l'instant : a-t-on des restes antédiluviennes d'Européens ou non? · 4.) 12,5% du carbone présent : au paléolithique tardif · 5.) Encore "plus bas" dans le paléolithique : 6,25 % restent · 6.) Paléolithique inférieur, alors? · 7.) Raffiner et finir ma table de Fibonacci? · 8.) Table modifiée, analysée par convergence avec l'a priori

D'abord, prenons ma table d'après sa dernière modification:

[ Creation vs. Evolution : If Göbekli Tepe is Tower of Babel ...

2957 av. J.-C.
3,8987 %, + 26 800 ans, 29 757 av. J.-C.
2868 av. J.-C.
28,3588 %, + 10 400 ans, 13 268 av. J.-C.
2778 av. J.-C.
40,1563 %, + 7550 ans, 10 328 av. J.-C.
l'épaisseur des années considérées pour calcule double:
2733 av. J.-C.
49,279 % + 5850 ans, 8583 av. J.-C.
2688 av. J.-C.
56,3215 %, + 4750 ans, 7438 av. J.-C.
2644 av. J.-C.
57,7677 %, + 4550 ans, 7194 av. J.-C.
2599 av. J.-C.
100-40,7657 % = 59,2343 %, + 4350 ans, 6949 av. J.-C.
2554 av. J.-C.
63,2865 %, + 3800 ans, 6354 av. J.-C.
2510 av. J.-C.
67,3894 %, + 3250 ans, 5760 av. J.-C.
2465 av. J.-C.
68,6124 %, + 3100 ans, 5565 av. J.-C.
2420 av. J.-C.
69,8518 %, + 2950 ans, 5370 av. J.-C.
2375 av. J.-C.
72,6148 %, + 2650 ans, 5025 av. J.-C.
2330 av. J.-C.
75,4116 %, + 2350 ans, 4680 av. J.-C.
2286 av. J.-C.
76,3648 %, + 2250 ans, 4536 av. J.-C.
2241 av. J.-C.
77,3305 %, + 2150 ans, 4391 av. J.-C.
2196 av. J.-C.
79,037 %, + 1950 ans, 4146 av. J.-C.
2152 av. J.-C.
80,7643 %, + 1750 ans, 3902 av. J.-C.
2107 av. J.-C.
81,1032 %, + 1750 ans, 3857 av. J.-C.
2062 av. J.-C.
81,4472 %, + 1700 ans, 3762 av. J.-C.
2017 av. J.-C.
82,4281 %, + 1600 ans, 3617 av. J.-C.
1972 av. J.-C.
83,4211 %, + 1500 ans, 3472 av. J.-C.
1928 av. J.-C.
83,689 % + 1472 ans, 3400 av. J.-C.
l'épaisseur des années considérées pour calcule est dimidiée, encore une fois:
1883 av. J.-C.
84,882 %, + 1350 ans, 3233 av. J.-C.
1794 av. J.-C.
89,378 %, + 930 ans, 2724 av. J.-C.
1704 av. J.-C.
90,86 %, + 790 ans, 2494 av. J.-C.
1614 av. J.-C.
93,634 %, + 540 ans, 2154 av. J.-C.
1525 av. J.-C.
94,553 %, + 460 ans, 1985 av. J.-C.
1436 av. J.-C.
96,269 %, + 310 ans, 1746 av. J.-C.
1346 av. J.-C.
96,839 %, + 270 ans, 1616 av. J.-C.
1256 av. J.-C.
97,895 %, + 180 ans, 1436 av. J.-C.
1167 av. J.-C.
98,245 %, + 150 ans, 1317 av. J.-C.
1078 av. J.-C.
98,905 %, + 90 ans, 1168 av. J.-C.
988 av. J.-C.
99,125 %, + 70 ans, 1058 av. J.-C.
898 av. J.-C.
99,52 %, + 40 ans, 938 av. J.-C.
809 av. J.-C.
99,652 %, + 30 ans, 839 av. J.-C.
720 av. J.-C.
99,872 %, + 10 ans, 730 av. J.-C.
630 av. J.-C.
100,004 %, 0 ans ±, 630 av. J.-C.

Introduire des intermédiaires, toute la ligne entre la Tour de Babel et Abraham à En Guédi, fut une nécessité pour le calcul. Je n'ai pas fait très attention à la courbature du graphe.

Et voici, les convergences avec les calculs de faisabilité, faits préalablement dans la série:

50 % restants
Cette table:
2062 av. J.-C.
81,4472 %, + 1700 ans, 3762 av. J.-C.
2017 av. J.-C.
82,4281 %, + 1600 ans, 3617 av. J.-C.
Calculs préalables entourants:
2280 av. J.-C.
84,09 %
1803 av. J.-C.
79,37 %
2042 av. J.-C.
81,73 %, + 1650 ans, 3692 av. J.-C. (cherché : 3713 av. J.-C.)
25 % restants
Cette table:
2778 av. J.-C.
40,1563 %, + 7550 ans, 10 328 av. J.-C.
2733 av. J.-C.
49,279 % + 5850 ans, 8583 av. J.-C.
Calcul préalable:
2758 av. J.-C.
44,54 %, + 6700 ans, 9458 av. J.-C. (cherché 9443 / 9433 9458 av. J.-C.)
12,5 % restants
Cette table:
2957 av. J.-C.
3,8987 %, + 26 800 ans, 29 757 av. J.-C.
2868 av. J.-C.
28,3588 %, + 10 400 ans, 13 268 av. J.-C.
Calcul préalable:
2877 av. J.-C.
22,596 %, + 12 300 ans, 15 177 av. J.-C. (cherché : 15 173 av.J.C.)
6,25 % restants
Cette table:
2957 av. J.-C.
3,8987 %, + 26 800 ans, 29 757 av. J.-C.
2868 av. J.-C.
28,3588 %, + 10 400 ans, 13 268 av. J.-C.
Calcul préalable:
2877 av. J.-C.
11,298 %, + 18 050 ans, 20 927 av. J.-C. (cherché: 20 943 av. J.Chr.)

Donc, si "15 177 av. J.-C." vient d'après 2877 av. J.-C. et "20 927 av. J.-C." d'avant 2877 av. J.-C., la montée graduelle marche. Car "9458 av. J.-C." est de toute mani-re d'un siècle après, et "3692 av. J.-C." prend encore quelques siècles.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St Valentin

PS: Y a-t-il quelqu'un qui joue des jeux avec l'excommunication? Le numéro de ce message commence avec 666 ...? J'avais dit quelque chose à propos ce genre de jeux ici:

In Case Anyone Thinks Excommunication of Denzinger 434 be applicable to me

Si l'excommunication de Denzinger 434 n'est pas applicable à moi, ce n'est pas parce que je serais quelque part au-dessus de cette définition, c'est parce que je n'en soi pas en infraction!

Sur une note meilleure, si vous vous êtes intéressés de Trêve de Maths pour l'instant : a-t-on des restes antédiluviennes d'Européens ou non? et de Paléolithique inférieur, alors? alors vous allez peut-être aimer:

Creation vs. Evolution : Neanderthal Pre-or Post-Flood?

... au moins si votre anglais est au niveau./HGL

Monday, 13 February 2017

In Case Anyone Thinks Excommunication of Denzinger 434 be applicable to me

Once again : I. Am. Not. Preaching.

I have already said so:

This notice is not exactly new. This was said Ember Saturday after Elevation of the Holy Cross, 20-IX-2014, as well as Friday after III Lord's Day in Lent, 4.III.2016.

Anyone who pretends to excommunicate me for preaching without apostolic authority from pope or bishop is therefore inventing intentions or effects of my writings which are not there.

I am a writer, not a preacher.

If you want to excommunicate me for writing, you will have to do so for writing bad things.

That is, you will have to do so while condemning my writings.

Even the Trentine excommunication for writing and publishing without a Nihil Obstat won't wash your perfidy, if you should try any such thing, since:

  • to anyone who accepts "Paul VI" as Pope, the procedure has changed under him. You are no longer automatically excommunicated for publishing without a Nihil Obstat;
  • to anyone who does not so accept him, as is the case with His Holiness Pope Michael (residing in Kansas), there is the question of the difference between rule and harassing misrule, should he demand my seeking a Nihil Obstat and even so never providing such a thing, because he wants to delay. I'll therefore HAVE to take his waiting as an answer "you don't need a nihil obstat", especially since during a certain period, I posted and reposted or sent and resent blog post after blog post onto his wall or his inbox, and he never found any fault with any;
  • the procedure was foreseen for books, not blogs, where the comment section allows due ecclesiastic authority to correct errors, if needed, at least if blogger is keeping the comment section open*;
  • the procedure was never meant to apply on purely technical things outside theology proper, as many of my things are, like providing technical solutions to a Young Earth Creationism which is warranted as per IV session of Trent:

    Grammatica et Logica de Canone Celeberrimo Concilii Tridentini

In other words, if anyone either in St Nicolas du Chardonnet or in St Étienne du Mont had yesterday arranged for me to be punished by refusal of alms due to "unauthorised preaching", this person was clearly perfidously calumniating me and overstepping his authority.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Day of St Agabus

* And I am keeping mine open. See the long comment debate here:

Newtonianly speaking, Can Earth Still Orbit Sun After 4.5 Billion Years?

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Serenelli vs Bulhan

I just read this news:

UK court sentences teen to mental hospital for stabbings
on mail dot com / 7.II.2017

I am reminded of about 100 years ago. Maria Goretti was killed in 1902, forgave her murderer and is a saint. Her murderer was a wooer who was also not willing to wait to marriage. She appeared to him in prison and converted him, and that was not the only miracle proving she is a saint.

He was 18, her murderer, Alessandro Serenelli.

If he had been 30 or more, he could have got death penalty. His being under 30 made an automatic plea for somewhat diminished responsibility and limited the penalty to maxium 30 years. He did the time, came out. After that, the Italian courts had nothing to do with him.

As a teen, he was given a hope which an adult would not have been given. An adult over 30 would have been given so many weeks to death penalty being carried out and the possibility to convert to God first.

England today is less gentle than Italy 115 years ago. Bulhan has been given what could be the equivalent of lifetime and with added discomfort.

He could also be out within a few years. His age has nothing to do with it, his guilt has nothing to do with it, the only thing which has to do with it is if he strikes the shrinks as "still dangerous" or "no longer dangerous".

All men are dangerous. In the sense that all can defend themselves, all can take a wrong turn, and all can take a wrong turn in what is there for defending themselves.

I am not sure the provocation was entirely such that it must be considered folly to have stabbed.

If there was one.

"Bulhan told police that the devil had made him kill."

Well, one could imagine his having done a thing like that to give psychiatric treatments a push?

By himself? No. But if he had been pushed to it, told he would be out after a few years, perhaps yes.

Or, more probably, he could have seen some provocation which really argues he should not have been in the West in the first place, as a Muslim, and then have been manipulated to agree to pleading like he did.

Or, he could have spoken the exact truth to he policemen and he could be simply needing an exorcist.

Either way, both prison and death penalty might be less hopeless than an existence under the dominion of shrinks.

30 years (as back then in Italy) would have been enough. Enough for him to think over things, enough for people to evaluate if he was some kind of terrorist threat after all, and enough for preparing for a release, either safe by his expulsion, or by his sincere repentance. And perhaps it would not even have taken 30 years.

I am not sure juvenile delinquent psychiatry will be as bad as often adult psychiatry is, but I am not reassured either.

A while ago, we were reminded of how in Norway a real terrorist - non-Muslim and also non-Christian, since Evolutionist-Atheist - Breivik had been treated bad even in prison, by supposed "security measures" in reality constituting a kind of torture.

The world would have been a safer place if shrinks hadn't acchieved the kind of power they have in today's society.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Romuald

PS, look here what the victim's daughter is like:

Ms Wagner, who is a mental health clinician, said Bulhan had “taken a once joyful place and tarnished my memory of the city”, and told the court: “I believe this person has lost all rights to be in society any longer.

Source : Daughter of Russell Square knife rampage victim Darlene Horton demands killer is locked up indefinitely
Tristan Kirk | Monday 6 February 2017

And the victim's son in law (same source):

Prof. Wagner said the family had suffered "an unspeakable tragedy" because of "potentially unknowable deficiencies in our system of identifying and treating individuals with mental illness". “As a result, a potential killer was allowed to walk the streets," he said.

While I feel bad about sharing the world with both Zakaria Bulhan and this Richard Wagner (not to be confused with the composer), I feel somewhat less bad avout Bulhan, or about equally.

Prof Wagner actually recommended retroactively that Bulhan should have been locked up before he did anything bad. Gross! Meanwhile, possibly Bulhan might have on a similarily "intuitional" level have considered the victim as a kind of threat. Precisely like the victim's son in law potentially for the pre-act Bulhan, for Bulhan before 3 August 2016./HGL

PPS: "Judge Robin Spencer sentenced 19-year-old Zakaria Bulhan"

Are we talking of the same Robin Spencer who acquitted three suspects in the killing of Jimmy Mubenga? Who blocked info available to jury?/HGL

Raffiner et finir ma table de Fibonacci?

1.) 50% du "carbone récent", quel âge? Si on divisait une demi-vie en "demi-notes" ....? · 2.) 25% du "carbone récent"? Divisons la distance en 48 parties? · 3.) Trêve de Maths pour l'instant : a-t-on des restes antédiluviennes d'Européens ou non? · 4.) 12,5% du carbone présent : au paléolithique tardif · 5.) Encore "plus bas" dans le paléolithique : 6,25 % restent · 6.) Paléolithique inférieur, alors? · 7.) Raffiner et finir ma table de Fibonacci? · 8.) Table modifiée, analysée par convergence avec l'a priori

D'abord, pas la peine de chercher les possibilités réalistes ou irréalistes pour le taux actuel de 3,125 % du carbone 14 actuel. Si chacune des possibilités pour 6,25 % restants était réaliste, les quelques variations pour un taux actuel de 3,125 % (encore une demi-vie, 28 700 ans avant le présent) ne vont pas poser des problèmes majeures. Ni en soi-même, ni pour la vieille "table de Fibonacci" - par contre, étudions-la un peu davantage aujourd'hui:

  • 1) Elle est où?

    New blog on the kid (ici-même, donc) : Avec un peu d'aide de Fibonacci ... j'ai une table, presque correcte

  • 2) Pourquoi "de Fibonacci" ou "Avec un peu d'aide de Fibonacci"?

    Comme on sait, je considère que le taux de carbone 14 a augmenté dans l'atmosphère, de manière que par example au temps d'Abraham on a pu laisser des traces qui, ayant respiré une atmosphère ayant un taux inférieur au nôtre, sont mal datés par exemple 500 ans ou 1000 ans (sinon davantage) en arrière, et un décalage encore plus important aux temps du déluge (10 000 - 20 000 - 30 000 ans de trop).

    Si on part d'un taux de 3.9 % (ou peut-être encore moins) du nôtre au temps du déluge, et d'un taux identique au nôtre (donc 100 %) vers 500 avant Jésus-Christ, alors on peut modéliser la montée de manières différentes.

    Simplement faire monter le taux entre les deux points fixes donne un décalage identique pour juste après le Déluge et juste avant 500 avant Jésus-Christ : dans la première installation de la série de 2015, j'avais une table à deux, voir trois vitesses, dont l'unité de comptage théorique était les 1/32 du taux actuel.*

    Étant dans l'erreur que le décalage par rapport au présent d'un âge réel de 31/32 (Guerre de Troie/Datation de Troie VI), ma première table présente trois parties.

    • n - n*31/32 se déroule entre Cyrus et Guerre de Troie;
    • n*31/32 - n*25/32 se déroule entre Guerre de Troie et la naissance d'Abraham (année réelle : 4030 avant le présent - 2015+2015 - et année apparente 6019 avant le présent, pour cadrer avec 4004 quand Ur en Mésopotamie australe, découvert par Woolley florissait déjà);
    • n*25/32 - n*1/32 et ensuite n*1/64 ou n*1/128 se déroule entre Abraham et le Déluge.

    Et dans cette dernière partie, entre le Déluge et Abraham, on trouve n*13/32 à 4482 avant le présent et ça donne 11 930 avant le présent.

    plus récent
    4482 - 4030 = 452 ans
    11 930 - 6019 = 5911 ans
    moins récent
    4935** - 4482 = 453 ans
    33 600 - 11 930 = 21 670 ans

    Soit, l'exponentialité dans la baisse vers 1/32 garantit une augmentation dans la proportion des années mal datées par rapport aux années réelles, mais en même temps, le taux augmente de 1/32 chaque 38 années jusqu'à Abraham, et ensuite d'un 1/32 chaque 155 années jusqu'à la Guerre de Troie, et ensuite la dernière 1/32 entre 3100 et 2500 avant le présent, donc en 600 ans.

    J'ai voulu avoir une chose plus équilibrée, montrant une augmentation du taux de carbone 14 qui monte vite après le déluge, lentement avant 500 avant Jésus-Christ ET qui en plus donne une belle courbe, si on le met en graphe. Je n'ai juste pas sû quelle fonction je devais avoir pour avoir la meilleure graphe. Invertir une graphe exponentielle m'a tenté, mais j'ai laissé tomber pour deux mobiles : je n'ai pas sû comment le faire et l'exponentialité "invertie" devait se trouver dans la cause de production de carbone 14, qui n'était pas le seul facteur dans la courbe de montée. Car, plus il y a de carbone 14 dans l'atmosphère, plus se décompose. Encore un facteur dont ceci ne tiendrait pas compte (auquel je n'ai pas pensé à l'époque) le taux de carbone 14 en question n'est même pas le taux absolu, il est en relation avec le taux beaucoup plus haut de carbone 12 : et j'ai pris la décision de faire une courbe invertie de Fibonacci comme approximation.

    Donc, il a y une production de carbone 14 qui est commune à notre époque et au Déluge, il y a encore une production qui était supérieur alors qu'à maintenant, et cette partie là j'ai divisé en un nombre de Fibonacci : 610 parties en totale, les 377 partie première division après le Déluge, les 233 parties deuxième division, les 144 parties troisième division et ainsi de suite, jusqu'à disparition des parties supérieurs à notre propre production de carbone 14 dans l'atmosphère actuelle (enfin, ce n'est pas nous qui le produisons, mais vous voyez ce que je veux dire), et chaque division a aussi été réduit en finale d'après la décomposition de carbone 14 qui aurait dû se dérouler dedans.

    C'est pour ça que la table est dite "de Fibonacci".

    Or, à cause du fait que je n'ai pas voulu aller trop haut dans les nombres de Fibonacci, le nombre de divisions est un peu pauvre.

    Depuis, j'ai essayé de pallier en faisant des calculs sur les moyennes. En plus, j'ai longtemps fait l'erreur d'inclure les dates par années superflues (dates trop vieilles dues à un taux inférieur) dans la logique de calculer les moyennes, en fait, l'année fictice n'est pas une fonction de la moyenne entre les deux autres années fictices, déjà dans la table, mais une fonction du taux moyenne sur l'année réelle moyenne.

    En plus, il m'est très récemment venu en esprit que le taux moyen devrait être calculé non pas (a+b):2 mais, pour s'inscrire dans la courbe quasi fibonaccienne, calculé (a+b):1,618.

    D'où l'intérêt de faire une table plus fine.

  • 3) Elle dit quoi à présent (ou dans le message blog qui restera)?

    I 2957 av. J.-Chr.
    3,90625 % + 26 800 ans, 29 757 av. J.-Chr. (20 000 – 50 000)
    [À propos:]
    [Il me semble maintenant que la gamme 20 000 - 50 000 ans avant le présent est une variation trop grande pour l'année du Déluge, ce qui date à il y a 20 000 est forcément d'après le Déluge. Ici, je viens de dénombrer les étapes en chiffres romaines pour servir à référence en bas, pour les calculs.]

    II 2778 av. J.-Chr.
    40,23593 % + 7550 ans, 10 328 av. J.-Chr.
    III 2599 av. J.-Chr.
    62,75068 % + 3850 ans, 6449 av. J.-Chr.
    IV 2420 av. J.-Chr.
    76,66562 % + 2200 ans, 4620 av. J.-Chr.
    V 2241 av. J.-Chr.
    86,26541 % + 1200 ans, 3441 av. J.-Chr.
    VI 2062 av. J.-Chr.
    91,58056 % + 730 ans, 2792 av. J.-Chr.
    VII 1883 av. J.-Chr.
    94,86521 % + 440 ans, 2323 av. J.-Chr.
    VIII 1704 av. J.-Chr.
    96,89571 % + 260 ans, 1964 av. J.-Chr.
    IX 1525 av. J.-Chr.
    98,14985 % + 150 ans, 1675 av. J.-Chr.
    X 1346 av. J.-Chr.
    98,92632 % + 90 ans, 1436 av. J.-Chr.
    XI 1167 av. J.-Chr.
    99,40408 % + 50 ans, 1217 av. J.-Chr.
    XII 988 av. J.-Chr.
    99,70269 % + 30 ans, 1018 av. J.-Chr.
    XIII 809 av. J.-Chr.
    99,88185 % + 10 ans, 819 av. J.-Chr.
    XIV 630 av. J.-Chr.
    100,00129 % 0 ans ±, 630 av. J.-Chr.

  • 4) Et ça s'affine comment, alors?

    Peut-être, au lieu de prendre la formule (a+b):1,618 pour une moyenne du taux, je devais même prendre la valeur à partir des taux moyennes?

    Et puisque quasi chaque valeur existant entoure deux moyennes différentes, je vais avoir des moyennes à en prendre aussi:

    I - II
    I - II - III
    I 3,90625 % + III 62,75068 % = 66,65693 %
    66,65693 % / II 40,23593 % = 1,6566519029136396
    II - III
    II - III - IV
    II 40,23593 % + IV 76,66562 % = 116,90155 %
    116,90155 % / III 62,75068 % = 1,8629527201936298
    III - IV
    III - IV - V
    III 62,75068 % + V 86,26541 % = 149,01609 %
    149,01609 % / IV 76,66562 % = 1,9437146663654452
    À propos :
    les trois six alignés viennent et dans le pourcentage de carbone 14 pour l'année, et dans la proportion de médianité pour ce pourcentage entre les autres années autour : est-ce que 2420 av. J.-Chr. serait connecté à Nimrod ou à la Tour de Babel, par hazard?

    Ou sinon la Tour de Babel, peut-être la mort de Nimrod comme par exemple Osiris d'Égypte ou Ninus d'Assyrie ... ou comme Bel, le père de Ninus? Ou comme Gilgamesh?

    Au moins, 4620 av. J.-Chr. - la date fictice - correspond à une archéologie pour Uruk ...

    IV - V
    IV - V - VI
    76,66562 % + 91,58056 % = 168,24618 %
    168,24618 / 86,26541 % = 1,9503318885286698
    V - VI
    V - VI - VII
    V 86,26541 % + VII 94,86521 % = 181,13062 %
    181,13062 % / VI 91,58056 % = 1,9778282639896502
    VI - VII
    VI - VII - VIII
    VI 91,58056 % + VIII 96,89571 % = 188,47627 %
    188,47627 % / VII 94,86521 % = 1,9867796634825349
    VII - VIII
    VII - VIII - IX
    VII 94,86521 % + IX 98,14985 % = 193,01506 %
    193,01506 % / VIII 96,89571 % = 1,9919876741705077
    VIII - IX
    VIII - IX - X
    VIII 96,89571 % + X 98,92632 % = 195,82203 %
    195,82203 % / IX 98,14985 % = 1,9951332579723759
    IX - X
    IX - X - XI
    98,14985 % + 99,40408 % = 197,55393 %
    197,55393 / 98,92632 % = 1,9969804800178557
    X - XI
    X - XI - XII
    X 98,92632 % + XII 99,70269 % = 198,62901 %
    198,62901 % / XI 99,40408 % = 1,9981977600919399
    XI - XII
    XI - XII - XIII
    XI 99,40408 % + 99,88185 % = 199,28593 %
    199,28593 / 99,70269 % = 1,9988019380419926
    XII - XIII
    XII - XIII - XIV
    XII 99,70269 % + XIV 100,00129 % = 199,70398 %
    199,70398 % / XIII 99,88185 % = 1,9994020935735572
    XIII - XIV

    Les I - II - III jusqu'à XII - XIII - XIV furent calculés en premier, ensuite les II - III jusqu'à XII - XIII, et finalement, à partir des ces deux extrêmes, les I - II et XIII - XIV.

    Alors, ça donne pour la nouvelle table (avec 27 valeurs au lieu de 14, entre Déluge et 630), cette table ci:

    2957 av. J.-Chr.
    3,90625 % + 26 800 ans, 29 757 av. J.-Chr.
    28,41464 % + 10 400 ans, 13 268 av. J.-Chr.
    2778 av. J.-Chr.
    40,23593 % + 7550 ans, 10 328 av. J.-Chr.
    58,52169 % + 4450 ans, 7138 av. J.-Chr.
    2599 av. J.-Chr.
    62,75068 % + 3850 ans, 6449 av. J.-Chr.
    73,24848 % + 2550 ans, 5060 av. J.-Chr.
    2420 av. J.-Chr.
    76,66562 % + 2200 ans, 4620 av. J.-Chr.
    83,68212 % (?) + 1450 ans (?), 3780 av. J.-Chr.
    2241 av. J.-Chr.
    86,26541 % + 1200 ans, 3441 av. J.-Chr.
    90,54925 % + 820 ans, 2972 av. J.-Chr.
    2062 av. J.-Chr.
    91,58056 % + 730 ans, 2792 av. J.-Chr.
    94,05509 % + 510 ans, 2482 av. J.-Chr.
    1883 av. J.-Chr.
    94,86521 % + 440 ans, 2323 av. J.-Chr.
    96,39213 % + 300 ans, 2094 av. J.-Chr.
    1704 av. J.-Chr.
    96,89571 % + 260 ans, 1964 av. J.-Chr.
    97,83779 % + 180 ans, 1794 av. J.-Chr.
    1525 av. J.-Chr.
    98,14985 % + 150 ans, 1675 av. J.-Chr.
    98,73274 % + 110 ans, 1546 av. J.-Chr.
    1346 av. J.-Chr.
    98,92632 % + 90 ans, 1436 av. J.-Chr.
    99,28488 % + 60 ans, 1316 av. J.-Chr.
    1167 av. J.-Chr.
    99,40408 % + 50 ans, 1217 av. J.-Chr.
    99,62811 % + 30 ans, 1108 av. J.-Chr.
    988 av. J.-Chr.
    99,70269 % + 30 ans, 1018 av. J.-Chr.
    99,8371 % + 10 ans, 908 av. J.-Chr.
    809 av. J.-Chr.
    99,88185 % + 10 ans, 819 av. J.-Chr.
    99,95645 % 0 ans ±, 720 av. J.-Chr.
    630 av. J.-Chr.
    100,00129 % 0 ans ±, 630 av. J.-Chr.

  • 5) Et elle est fausse en quoi?

    Bon, il semble y avoir une piste archéologique à propos la vie d'Abraham:

    CMI : The Times of Abraham
    By Dr A.J.M. Osgood

    Si on part du fait que le chalcolithique d'En-Guédi plutôt que le néolithique du même endroit est la bonne piste pour Abraham et son séjour là-bas, je fais les résonnements dans ce message ci:

    Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Osgood and the Dating of Abraham? And I am Wrong on Fibonacci Table

    Et j'arrive aux conclusions que c'est 1972 avant Jésus-Christ, non pas 2241, qui devrait correspondre à la datation carbonique non calibrée de 3441 avant Jésus-Christ. Et que donc, c'est la datation carbonique autour de 3441 avant Jésus-Christ, non pas autour de 2482, qui devrait correspondre à 1972 avant Jésus-Christ.

    L'erreur est autant plus grand, que la vocation d'Abraham, avant son séjour à En-Guédi, eut lieu encore un peu plus tard, en 1940 avant Jésus-Christ.

Et là, pour l'instant, je ne recalibre pas. Supposons par contre, que c'est le néolithique à En-Guédi qui correspond au séjour d'Abraham, il y a encore davantage de décalage par rapport à ma table. D'où le fait que le vrai finissage serait en rapport avec un tout refaire à partir de 3400 comme la date carbonique pour le séjour d'Abraham à En-Guédi. Et ça casserait pas mal des autres dates aussi, qui monteraient moins vite avant Abraham et plus vite après Abraham, par rapport à la vieille table de Fibonacci. Alors, refaire, ça serait quelque part finir cette table. Pour faire une autre.

Ce qui serait une bonne idée, mais pas aujourd'hui.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St. Romuald de Ravenne

* New blog on the kid : Datation de Carbone 14, comment ça carre avec la Chronologie Biblique

** 37 ans après le Déluge, puisque le Déluge devait avoir un taux encore inférieur, n*1/64 ou n*1/128

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Answering Two Anglicans

They were going to the American Church of Paris, told me I would feel at home there, but then admitted there was no Tabernacle. They did not even know what it was.

Some readers might be in the same position:

Church Tabernacle on Wikipedia

A tabernacle is a fixed, locked box in which, in some Christian churches, the Eucharist is "reserved" (stored). A less obvious container for the same purpose, set into a wall, is called an aumbry.

Within Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and in some congregations of Anglicanism and Lutheranism, a tabernacle is a box-like vessel for the exclusive reservation of the consecrated Eucharist. It is normally made of metal, stone or wood, is lockable and secured to its altar or adjacent wall to prevent the consecrated elements within from being removed without authorization. The "reserved Eucharist" is secured there for distribution at services, for availability to bring Holy Communion to the sick, and, especially in the Western Church, as the center of attention for meditation and prayer. The term "tabernacle" arose for this item as a reference to the Old Testament tabernacle which was the locus of God's presence among the Jewish people - hence, it was formerly required (and is still generally customary) that the tabernacle be covered with a tent-like veil or curtains across its door when the Eucharist is present within.

After some to and fro, they explained why the Real Presence of the Body of Christ (primary sense, the one which was born of the Virgin, died on the Cross, was alive again the Third Day, is Seated in Heaven) is less important to them.

Two ideas emerged as their motives:

  • The Jews had a holy of holies, and since the veil was rent, we don't need that kind of thing any more. We can go directly through Christ.
  • The Church - "we" - are the Body of Christ.

And there are two rather obvious answers :

  • Receiving the Eucharist as being the Physical body of Christ is somehow NOT going through Christ?
  • The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, because it partakes in the Physical Body of Christ, in the Eucharist.

I might want to expand a little on either.

Natrium chloride is salt, and certain products are salt because they contain natrium chloride. When Our Lord talked about "salt loosing its savour" he was talking about such a product loosing natrium chloride.

The physical Body of Christ is the Body of Christ in its own right. The Church is only Body of Christ because containing it.

The sun is light by itself. Air in daytime is light because sunlight is present.

The Body of Christ, the Blood of Christ, the Sacrifice of Christ, the Soul and Divinity of Christ - that is the Sun of Justice in its own right. The Church is giving light because of its presence, not in its absence. The same atmosphere which is bright and transparent in daytime is dark and mostly opaque when the Sun is in nadir, any place. And so the Church without Christ is giving darkness, or at best some candle-light.

The Body of Christ is the Temple per se. Both our bodies as temples of the Holy Ghost, the clerical communion as "living temple of God" (St Paul) and the temple of the old covenant, where the veil was torn, are only images of this temple.

I will tear this temple down and in three days I will build it up again.

For the old covenant it was true enough, that the temple was holier than any animal sacrificed in it, they were sanctified as sacrificial gifts by the temple. A Church is not so. It is holy because the Sacrificial Lamb is or can be present in it.

The reason the veil was torn is so that we went from an era in which the Temple of Solomon showed forth the Temple which is His Body to one in which His Body, present in spirit (that is by miracle) and truth (that is, not just figuratively, but actually) makes a building where it is preserved into a kind of temple. In a Catholic Church, it is the Sacrifice which sanctifies the temple.

And if on Good Friday He made a miracle at a distance, destroying the veil to the old Holy of Holies, on Resurrection Sunday, He identified Himself to the disciples of Emmaus "in the breaking of bread".

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XI
IV Sunday after Epiphany
and St Agatha's Day

PS, two more things : next Sunday is no longer a "Sunday after Epiphany", but Septuagesima Sunday. And the two Anglicans are kindly asked to forward this also to my hosts and "table friends" of the two picknicks of IV of July. Those years ago./HGL

Merci, Sainte Agathe!

Merci pour ce jour il y a 19 ans!/HGL

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Paléolithique inférieur, alors?

1.) 50% du "carbone récent", quel âge? Si on divisait une demi-vie en "demi-notes" ....? · 2.) 25% du "carbone récent"? Divisons la distance en 48 parties? · 3.) Trêve de Maths pour l'instant : a-t-on des restes antédiluviennes d'Européens ou non? · 4.) 12,5% du carbone présent : au paléolithique tardif · 5.) Encore "plus bas" dans le paléolithique : 6,25 % restent · 6.) Paléolithique inférieur, alors? · 7.) Raffiner et finir ma table de Fibonacci? · 8.) Table modifiée, analysée par convergence avec l'a priori

Si le paléolithique supérieur est généralement datable et daté en carbone 14, dont je considère que "plus jeune que 30 000 ans" est d'après le Déluge, "plus vieux que 40 000 ans" pourrait même être avant le Déluge (ou il y a eu des diversifications en bas du taux de carbone 14 pendant le Déluge et les années qui le précédaient). Que doit-on, alors, considérer du paléolithique inférieur?

Celui-ci est généralement daté (en ses diverses trouvailles, par exemple 300 000 ans pour tel ou 800 000 ans pour tel ou davantage) par d'autres méthodes. Les 1,9 millions d'années attribuées à KNM-ER 1470* ou KNM-ER 1813, les deux présentés comme Homo habilis, ne sont pas du tout datées et ne sont pas censées être datables par carbone 14.

Donc, pour ces deux squelettes, dont les crânes semblent humains* et qui ont utilisé des outils acheuléens n'ont pas été datés par carbone 14. Pas non plus que tel Homo Heidelbergensis ou tel Homo Antecessor ou tel Homo Ergaster.


Ça veut dire que les dates ont été déterminées par d'autres méthodes, beaucoup plus douteux, et qui à mon avis ne sont même pas à mettre dans une chronologie entre eux, même pas une chronologie revisée.

Les hommes antédiluviens que nous avons sont de diverses races, et de divers états de santé (les 750 centimètres cubiques semblent peu pour un homme, mais ça pourrait être une maladie), dont le point commun est qu'il s'agit des gens vivant à l'état sauvage, les cités de Nod (Henoch et autres) étant sans doute trop déplaisantes à sa majesté divine pour leur permettre d'être même retrouvées; à moins qu'il s'agit des villes déjà repérées par des archéologues mais cachées pour soutenir les idéologies évolutionnistes, ou encore, ça pourrait être une découverte que Dieu nous réserve encore : mais ce qui est sans doute, c'est que nul ville déjà mondialement connue et enseignée dans les écoles, et reconnue par les média conventionnels** est une ville antédiluvienne, même s'il y en a eu. Ou, au moins, des cités ... dont l'architecture n'a pas besoin d'avoir été une ville. Mais à Babel en Schinear, on a déjà connu le concept de ville, probablement, donc de l'avant le Déluge.

Or, pour ces sauvages, certains sont répertoriés par carbone 14 dans le paléolithique supérieur, dans sa partie antédiluvienne, c'est le cas pour les squelettes néanderthaliens dits tardifs. D'autres ne le sont pas, sont datés par d'autres méthodes, dont le carbone 14 est absent d'office, et ont donc des dates tellement exorbitants que le carbone 14 n'y est pour strictement rien.

Ça pourrait être un hasard que le néanderthalien reçoit des dates assez jeunes et le habilis ou rudolfien des dates assez anciennes - ou ça pourrait être aussi que de dates en conflits, on retient celles qui accommodent la théorie et refuse celles qui la contredisent.

Ou encore, puisque dans ces cas, quasi tous, on peut soupçonner qu'ils viennent du Déluge, puisque au Déluge Dieu a pu donner libre voie à certains déviations des démons des vagues et des vents, et puisque, contrairement au carbone 14 qui se trouve dans l'organisme vivant ou humain même, donc dans l'image de Dieu, le rubidium, le thorium, le potassium, l'uranium ont pu être arrangés par les démons en but déceptif.

De toute manière, en attendant des réponses d'autres créationnistes***, je me méfie beaucoup d'une date comme "300 000 ans avant le présent" ou "1,9 millions d'années avant le présent". Ce qui est le cas pour la plupart des restes humains ou d'habitations ou d'outils du paléolithique inférieur.

Parlant d'outils, le fait que l'Acheuléen et le Moustérien sont deux styles me semblent contredire complètement le fait prétendu qu'ils aient été utilisés pendant respectivement le laps qui séparerait il y a 1,76 million d’années d'il y a 300 000 ans, ou encore 300 000 à 30 000 avant le présent.

Si on part du fait que ces choses viennent normalement des hommes d'avant le Déluge, alors il devient beaucoup plus évident d'expliquer que des styles humains aient cohabité les uns avec les autres en peu de laps de temps réel, et qu'ils aient cohabité aussi avec le bronze antédiluvien non répertorié.

Donc, en soi, mes calculs pour le carbone 14 n'apportent rien au problème qu'un créationniste pourrait avoir à première vue avec le paléolithique inférieur. Ce qui ne veut pas dire que celui-ci donnerait forcément tort aux créationnistes.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St Aventin de Troyes

* Les crânes ont été réproduits par moulage, ce sont les moulages qui se trouvent au Musée d'Histoire Naturelle de Gothembourg et qui ont servi pour la photo qui se trouve en wikimedia.

Par Conty. Uploaded: 28 July 2014. CC BY 3.0.

Skulls of KNM-ER 1470 and KNM-ER 1813 at Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum. KNM-ER 1470 is regarded as Homo rudolfensis, and KNM-ER 1813 is often regarded as Homo habilis. Some paleoanthropologists, however, regards this taxon as an invalid one, consisting of bones from many different species, both Australopithecus and Homo erectus. Some scientists regard KNM-ER 1813 as Homo erectus.[1]References Wolpoff M.H. Paleoanthropology ((2nd edition) McGraw-Hill, 1999), p. iv.

** Je ne veux pas dire journaux et bouquins et émissions de télé plutôt que des fanzines en soi, je veux plutôt dire : dans les journaux conventionnels, périodiques conventionnels, émissions de télé conventionnelles ou pourquoi pas même fanzines conventionnels plutôt que ceux d'une ou d'une autre vision alternative.

Mise à jour : comme, peut-être, ceci: Nephilim Giants found in Utah, Brewers Cave the untold story
Terry Carter

Je n'ai pas encore vérifié, ni invalidé. D'où le "peut-être". C'est pas le bon endroit pour Nod, il me semble, mais avant le Déluge, Nod a dû ne pas être la seule région à villes./HGL

*** Pour ceu qui captent l'anglais, un peu d'analyse ou déconstruction de la méthode rubidium-strontium:

Joel Kontinen : New Research Spots a Key Flaw in Radioisotope Dating Methods

Il renvoie à cette source:

Science Daily : Paper spotlights key flaw in widely used radioisotope dating technique
North Carolina State University, 31 January 2017

Qui renvoie à:

ANS : Some Mathematical and Geophysical Considerations in Radioisotope Dating Applications
Robert B. Hayes, January 24, 2017