Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Serenelli vs Bulhan

I just read this news:

UK court sentences teen to mental hospital for stabbings
on mail dot com / 7.II.2017

I am reminded of about 100 years ago. Maria Goretti was killed in 1902, forgave her murderer and is a saint. Her murderer was a wooer who was also not willing to wait to marriage. She appeared to him in prison and converted him, and that was not the only miracle proving she is a saint.

He was 18, her murderer, Alessandro Serenelli.

If he had been 30 or more, he could have got death penalty. His being under 30 made an automatic plea for somewhat diminished responsibility and limited the penalty to maxium 30 years. He did the time, came out. After that, the Italian courts had nothing to do with him.

As a teen, he was given a hope which an adult would not have been given. An adult over 30 would have been given so many weeks to death penalty being carried out and the possibility to convert to God first.

England today is less gentle than Italy 115 years ago. Bulhan has been given what could be the equivalent of lifetime and with added discomfort.

He could also be out within a few years. His age has nothing to do with it, his guilt has nothing to do with it, the only thing which has to do with it is if he strikes the shrinks as "still dangerous" or "no longer dangerous".

All men are dangerous. In the sense that all can defend themselves, all can take a wrong turn, and all can take a wrong turn in what is there for defending themselves.

I am not sure the provocation was entirely such that it must be considered folly to have stabbed.

If there was one.

"Bulhan told police that the devil had made him kill."

Well, one could imagine his having done a thing like that to give psychiatric treatments a push?

By himself? No. But if he had been pushed to it, told he would be out after a few years, perhaps yes.

Or, more probably, he could have seen some provocation which really argues he should not have been in the West in the first place, as a Muslim, and then have been manipulated to agree to pleading like he did.

Or, he could have spoken the exact truth to he policemen and he could be simply needing an exorcist.

Either way, both prison and death penalty might be less hopeless than an existence under the dominion of shrinks.

30 years (as back then in Italy) would have been enough. Enough for him to think over things, enough for people to evaluate if he was some kind of terrorist threat after all, and enough for preparing for a release, either safe by his expulsion, or by his sincere repentance. And perhaps it would not even have taken 30 years.

I am not sure juvenile delinquent psychiatry will be as bad as often adult psychiatry is, but I am not reassured either.

A while ago, we were reminded of how in Norway a real terrorist - non-Muslim and also non-Christian, since Evolutionist-Atheist - Breivik had been treated bad even in prison, by supposed "security measures" in reality constituting a kind of torture.

The world would have been a safer place if shrinks hadn't acchieved the kind of power they have in today's society.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Romuald

PS, look here what the victim's daughter is like:

Ms Wagner, who is a mental health clinician, said Bulhan had “taken a once joyful place and tarnished my memory of the city”, and told the court: “I believe this person has lost all rights to be in society any longer.

Source : Daughter of Russell Square knife rampage victim Darlene Horton demands killer is locked up indefinitely
Tristan Kirk | Monday 6 February 2017

And the victim's son in law (same source):

Prof. Wagner said the family had suffered "an unspeakable tragedy" because of "potentially unknowable deficiencies in our system of identifying and treating individuals with mental illness". “As a result, a potential killer was allowed to walk the streets," he said.

While I feel bad about sharing the world with both Zakaria Bulhan and this Richard Wagner (not to be confused with the composer), I feel somewhat less bad avout Bulhan, or about equally.

Prof Wagner actually recommended retroactively that Bulhan should have been locked up before he did anything bad. Gross! Meanwhile, possibly Bulhan might have on a similarily "intuitional" level have considered the victim as a kind of threat. Precisely like the victim's son in law potentially for the pre-act Bulhan, for Bulhan before 3 August 2016./HGL

PPS: "Judge Robin Spencer sentenced 19-year-old Zakaria Bulhan"

Are we talking of the same Robin Spencer who acquitted three suspects in the killing of Jimmy Mubenga? Who blocked info available to jury?/HGL

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