Saturday, 25 February 2017

Index XV ENG : Immaculate Conception 2016 to Candlemass 2017

Part of Index Indicum

Bonum Festum Immaculatae Conceptionis BVM · Bonum Festum Nativitatis Domini · Natum videte regem angelorum · Bonum Festum Sanctorum Innocentium · Bonum Festum Epiphanie Domini · De Purificatione beatae Mariae Virginis, quae a Graecis Hypapante Dmini appellatur, non scripsi, propter lassitudinem vel non accessum ad interrete.


Chesterton on Christmas · Holy Night

Someone Has Riddled My Comboxes with Publicities for Amazon Gift Cards

Three Countries Stats for Past Week · And some more stats from last 24 hours · Just another day about Russian readers, 22-23.XII.2016 · 3 Blogs - Readers and Posts / Lecteurs et Messages - 24 h

Five Years Ago · Pray for a Pope · Reflection on Sedevacantism and Conclave of 1990 (quora)

On Printing by Xerox (Quora)

Are the Times Apocalyptic?

Beer Yes, Abortion No. Links.

I admire Tim O'Neill with reservations - but it is one sided. Feat.: Galileo Affair and Sensus Literalis · Quoran Questions on St Thomas and Other Medieval

Of those who Dislike JPHolding · And as we approach Christmas, Matthaean Priority is Relevant

Congratulations to all faithful Dominicans!

Some People Cannot Take it if Jews are Criticised · Bonus : Link to My Quora Profile

Why Do they Remain Single?

Prompted by a Quoran Question Linking to Rational Wiki · The Quoran Debate Which Prompted Previous and Some Others, on Evolution / Creation


X has no apple, Y has half an apple, Z has one apple

Not Dupe of "Cardinal" Kasper (Links)

The Ideology Behind Wallström's Words Is One Reason I Left Sweden

Newtonianly speaking, Can Earth Still Orbit Sun After 4.5 Billion Years? · Physicality of Heaven

I Heard Trump has been Sworn In as President · Two Good Moves : Mexico City and Jerusalem

March for Life (two links)

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