Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Index XVI ENG Candlemass to Pentecost 2017

Part of /Partie d'Index Indicum (pars indicis indicum huius bloggi)

De Purificatione beatae Mariae Virginis, quae a Graecis Hypapante Dmini appellatur, non scripsi, propter lassitudinem vel non accessum ad interrete. · Bonam Diem Cinerum · Bonum Festum Annuntiationis beatissimae Virginis Genitricis Dei Mariae · Bonam Dominicam II Passionis sive Palmarum · RIP, RIP · Bonam Cenam Domini et Triduum Paschale · Christus Resurrexit - Vere Resurrexit · Bonum Festum Sancti Marci Evangelistae · Bonum Festum Pentecostes

Answering Two Anglicans

Serenelli vs Bulhan

In Case Someone Thinks I am Preaching ... · Once again, in case ANYONE thinks I am PREACHING ... · In Case Anyone Thinks Excommunication of Denzinger 434 be applicable to me

A Neurosurgeon who is a Thomist (Link) · From Dymphna's Road · One Link on the Real Religion · Other Good Lenten Reading · "Are We Required to Give to Everyone Who Asks?" - Answered by Fr. Michael Kerper - Link · Chesterton at his best - Linking to Mary and the Convert · Sometimes Fr Hunwicke does publish my comments! · Hospitality Exists (link) · A Good Flyer Against Abortion · Zakir Naik has Refuted his Own Prophet Mohammed (link) · Domne Ioanne Michael Blanquer ...

Adult content on my Hypno Journal · Stats, Observation on Russian Readers · Some Seven Blogs with 50 + Readers Today and Yesterday · Ten Blogs, Including This One, Posts with 500 + Readers or Page Views · Six Blogs / Five Blogs · Seven Blogs, Excluding This One, Posts with 500 + Readers or Page Views · Work on Three Blogs & Readers on Five Blogs · 32 posts in 10 days, 31 posts in 24 hours, nearly 3000 readers over the blogs same time · Example of Non-Debate (link) · If someone doubts my stats

Should I Cease Writing? · It seems the readers of the blog tend to know me · It also seems the blog has a time setting on Pacific Coast US Time · Was FB April-Fooling Me, or was Someone April-Fooling FB About Me?

On Hollywood Actors and Such Losing Favour with Hollywood

Take a Look at These Two · Bergoglio is Still Wrong About Marriage · For those of you who woke up optimistic this morning : Bergoglio, the Antipope "Francis" · New Concept Alert on Number of the Beast · Is Putin Plotting to Make a One World Government or New World Order? (link) · Is Bergoglio Plotting to Make a One World Order? · Why I Have Not Signed Cardinal Burke's Petition · Father Hunwicke on Bergoglio (link)

In one of the three links, the then American Consul to Russia Speaks on Beyliss Case · But is "Francis" correct on Athenian Paedophilia?

Is Burfeind Calling Chesterton a Gnostic? · Is Mark Shea Describing a Nimrodian Mindset? · Moses and King David, Death Penalty

I sometimes get funny questions on quora · No, I'm Not Going Gay Community ...

Criminals! · Criminals, bis!

Philip Bell is Actually Very Accurate

A false witness shall not go un punished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape ...

A Catholic Opposes Christian Zionism (Link) · More on Christian Zionism Being Wrong · A Jew who is Just

Selling Honey in Spain, Comparing Thor and Perun, Memorisation and Language Fluency : Quoran Pot-pourri

New blog on the kid : A Yogi was Very Sure of "Science" · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Two Quorans answering "What is the best answer to someone who says the universe is only 6,000 years old?" (quora, obviously) · New blog on the kid : An Unpleasant Debate with a Scandinavian · Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : Other Answers, Where I do Arguing on Matters Not Persons, Crossing words with Iñaki Rodriguez under Two Answers

Answering Yuri Maximov on Tolkien, on the Lord of the Rings · Was Rowling Thinking of John Todd? · Can we Trust Wiki over John Todd?

Have Women at Work Lowered Men's Wages, or Men's Relatively Lowered Wages Driven Women To Work? (quora)

Does the Bible Say That Emotions Are Deceitful?

No, Horvath, This is Not The Only Option · Is John Horvath II a Calvinist? Or a Fan of Romanides Version Eastern Orthodox?

Two points on Krishna : god or lord - no, man - yes (quora) · Origin of Hinduism, a Christian Answer

Are They Islamising Florida? To Ramzan Kadyrov

Some People Want me to Confess While Not Confessing Their Faults About Me · I Have Some Reasons to Believe in a Forceps Plot

LkCa 15, Diameter if 1 light day away · Large and Small Magellanic Clouds - Real Size?

Does Good Science Lead to Naturalism?

School Compulsion Kills (Link)

I H. H. Pope Michael on Lent 2015 · II Five Years Ago · III Pray for a Pope · IV Reflection on Sedevacantism and Conclave of 1990 (quora) · V How Many are Currently Claiming Papacy or Claimed to be Popes?

Are there Catholics in Brno?

Some Only Recall Half the Story

Sometimes Hate Makes People Gullible

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