Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I Have Some Reasons to Believe in a Forceps Plot

  • One side of it:

    • Catholics of more observant and traditional grasp on Orthodoxy (also liturgy) are in some places and cases being made to believe I am an esoteric.

    • It is known that I am an avid reader of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.

    • An easy way without mentioning me* is to attack these two, and rely on John Todd "testimony" for doing so.

  • Other side of it:

    • Esoterics see me excluded from Catholics, through suspicions of above type.

    • Esoterics do have some interest in CSL and JRRT (not necessarily same as mine, but they need not note the difference).

    • So, they can go on and hope I have or will have an interest in esotericism.

    • Therefore, whatever they arrange about my situation, they can tell others (including presumably police, should I try to complain) it is somehow part of "my" initiation, like that Masonic year when one doesn't speak a word (a joke about a French politician said "he couldn't be a Mason, he could never have managed the year of silence").

Let's analyse this other side a bit.

Statement 1, esoterics see me, etc. I am begging in Paris, there are Templars in St Nicolas du Chardonnet, I used to frequent the Georges Pompidou centre in Beaubourg very much, it would really be lousy observers of other people if no esoterics had seen me or figured out my situation.

Statement 2, I have heard so. I admit I have this from hearsay, mainly from the kind of Catholics and Evangelicals who are denouncing CSL and JRRT.

Statements 3 & 4, I purposefully said that they can do so, not that they did.

Why? Because I have no proof as solid as a clear and candid admission on their part, only as much as what amount to me as hints. Hints which add up to them presuming I am in some kind of initiation process, when I know that as far as my conscious will and mind is concerned, I am not.

Now, why do I bring this up?

I happen to know one way in which I could blow it for these guys. Clearly and solidly showing that CSL and JRRT are not esoterics, unlike the rumour. I was doing this - assembling information and preparing another article than this one - on in a session of the EPL or EPN**, which means free internet against a yearly fee. I was going about this and then the internet connection was cut, all had to start over again. I checked the notepad after the cut, it was not possible to restore the session.

This means at least 15 minutes or 20 minutes' or more work was lost. This could of course have been purely fortuitous. Or it could have been some kind of will behind this. Either some person arranging the cut connection among the personnel (many of whom are presumably esoterics!), or someone on the Catholic side or among Orthodox who perhaps would like to make me The Russian Pilgrim bis, and are at least not enthusiastic over my writing, someone there might have prayed for me NOT being able to exonerate myself as easily as I had hoped when starting the article I have not here and now written.

Tiny things like that add up to my not getting my work published by other Catholics, or rather re-published on paper, since the internet version is my own first publication. This in turn adds up to prolonging my poverty and exposure to people who might be interested in abovementioned types of intrigues.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Mairie du III, Paris
Spy Wednesday

* That could draw someone's attention to my writings on the web, and thereby provoke a discovery which would interfere with that kind of plotting.

** In Mairie du III Arrondissement, which has a reputation of being fairly gay friendly, among other indications of it not being purely good Catholics around here.

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