Thursday, 20 June 2019

Bonum Festum Corporis Christi

Christifidelibus lectoribus exopto./HGL

(Dixi Christifidelibus, non Christifideles vexantibus vel iniuste Christifidelem)

On Maria Goretti as Martyr for Purity

  • 1) She was killed for saying no to a sin against purity.
  • 2) I'm not sure Alessandro was very into actually raping her, he was probably threatening to get consent - if at all, and very briefly - between asking for consent and killing her for refusing it.
  • 3) While she certainly refused consenting to a very grave sin (fornication with deflourishing, but apart from that natural fornication), she might not have refused consent to some other proposal which Serenelli could have made if their government had still been Papal States, like "in a few months, you will be twelve, would you like to marry me". It was anticlerical Italy which had raised the bar from 14/12 to 18/18 and probably making exceptions in case of pregnancy - a pregnancy which could only be obtained either by rape or by the sinful consent St Maria Goretti refused. To the honour of Alessandro - he died a penitent after I was born - I think it was only the latter he was after.

Whether or not a raped woman is morally still pure or not (which might depend on how she reacts to it) there is a loss of physical integrity of the virginal purity./HGL

Monday, 17 June 2019

Tännsjö - one good Swede

Vox : The case for adding more and more people to the Earth
By Dylan Matthews | Updated Jun 13, 2019, 9:06am EDT

Ordinary human lives are worth living. But if you want to continue with humanity, then you of course want to continue as long as possible.

But why should we do that? The simplest explanation is that we should maximize the sum total of happiness in the universe, and that by going on, generation after generation, we accumulate more happiness.

B u t : he thinks life quality decreases with population growth.

Wrong, it is not population growth but capitalism which necessitates labour reducing production.

Food overall available is dependent on arable land and similar resources, and not dependent on labour reducing or labour intensive production methods.

These only decide how close or far from growing food most people live.

If 90 % are farmers, each farmer is growing food for himself plus one ninth of himself. Ten men can epitomise this, one is not a farmer, nine farmers grow food for tenth man, and that means nine farmers grow food for one ninth of him each.

If 10 % are farmers, each farmer is growing food for himself and nine more.

If 1 % are farmers, each farmer is growing food for himself and ninety-nine more.

Somewhere between latter two extremes, farmers become miserable, stressed, conjecture depending and yet not conjecture deciding, and some countries have really unhappy farmers. That's not what we want.

Somewhere between former two is better.

In Sweden of our Swedish Empire era, we had ten farmers growing food for themselves in peace time, but also nine of them for the tenth in war, when he went off to serve in the army. At all times, the ten would also grow food for the parish priest (or not really priest, since we were unfortunately Lutheran) as well as for people in towns and cities.

Doubling the population does not mean same ten cannot grow food for same amount of people, but doubling portion in cities does.

Pushing people back from cities is a bad idea, but pushing them into them away from country-side an even worse one (well, also depends on how it is executed). So, no, it's not amount of people on earth that decides how much food is transported long ways from field or garden to mouth and intestines.

A good quality of life as per portion of country dwellers and as per buying local can be maintained even with a large population. Until, of course, fields get scarce. Refer to how Allan Savory thinks green fields can be preserved and increased.

Hans Georg Lundahl
St. Antidius of Besançon

It is also 262 martyrs of Via Salaria under Diocletian, as well as monday after Trinity Sunday, and here is the tip by Allan Savory again:

Allan Savory: Comment transformer nos déserts en prairies et inverser le changement climatique
TED | 4.III.2013

Sound's in English even if title is automatically translated./HGL

Sunday, 16 June 2019

How to Calculate the number of possible Sudokus

The notepad where I had a few sudokus I had constructed has, alas, been taken away. Three possibilities for who could have taken it, no use accusing one of these.

However, this doesn't quite stop me from thinking of sudokus.

I tried to figure out how many sudokus can be made, only by nine by nine and solutions (each sudoku being at once a solution and the grids with empty spaces leaving you to find the solution, for each solution, what can be left empty is of course various, and I'm not considering that).

I made a mistake, but I'll give my first thought first.

First slot obviously can be filled in nine ways, any numeral from 1 to 9. Next, 8 ways, all except the one taken. Next, 7 ways and so on. First row or column, whichever way you prefer to count, is therefore obviously 9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1.

This is obvious.

Now, I considered, next row (as I count) begins with 8. Also obvious. Then you go on with 7 so, second row = 1st row:9. And so on, then only to multiply possibilities for the rows.

No. First slot in second row is 8, but second is not necessarily 7 (except between these two it is, I'll come back to that). If the second of first row and first of second row are two different numerals, yes, then second of second row has only seven possibilities. But if they are same numeral (not possible except where that would be two different 3 by 3 squares, not the case here, but the complication actually comes in later on if not here), the second also would have 8 numerals, any which was not the one which was "both second of first and first of second" (applicable at other places than the one mentioned).

Despite this complication, as there are only nine rows, and as the ban on identic numerals within same 3 by 3 square poses further limitations, the number of sudoku solutions is finite. While they are many, probably many more than a man can solve sudokus in a normal lifetime.

However, computers can deal with "infinite" combination possibilities more than men, but an infinite use of all the possibilities is not necessary.

Constructing sudokus is a passionate pastime, which can then be used (if your notepad isn't taken away) to write others entertaining sudokus.

And, when your projects are being cancelled by people referring to you as meshuggah, perhaps a passionate pastime is needed. Not accusing the man in Jewish outfit sitting in front of me who pronounced the word, not exonerating him either. It could be a coincidence, it could be not such.

Either way, I did some sudokus earlier here, and as I link to them via label sudoku, you click the label and enjoy my former sudokus (solutions on another blog, originally serving as a test blog to disprove AI)./HGL

Friday, 14 June 2019

US May Have a Right to Build a Wall, But Not to Include a Death Trap in it.

There are various models of death traps in border walls.

Berlin wall, of unhappy (but happily over by now) memory involved machine guns which started firing at crossings. The widow of Honegger tyrant said "that hadn't need be, they didn't have to cross the border".

Before the Flood, I think dinosaur lands (more Jurassic Park than Kent Hovind's version) were used with T Rexes as similar death traps. One reason for the Flood being sent, I think.

And Sonora Desert without water is a place where people risk to die.

What Real Religious Persecution Looks Like
June 14, 2019 by Mark Shea

The trial of Scott Warren ended in a hung jury. For those not following the news, this was a guy who left water out in the desert so that desperate refugees would not die of thirst.

I'd consider the best enthusiast for the wall, even John Horvath, ought to stand up for Scott Warren.

This said, actual blocking, not from his blog, which happened to me again, but from a major internet logistic for links, like FB or Pinterest or Twitter is also persecution.

It may sometimes be the kind of persecution considered here:

And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Apoc. 13:17).

There just started an unjust blockade at FB, as I complained here:

HGL's F.B. writings : Abusive Block on Φιλολoγικά/Philologica Blog

And it was not the only one, since I found "spam" as reason for considering another blog, this one ...

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere

... as contrary to the conditions. These kinds of blocks detract from my possibilities of getting my writings to the level of popularity where they could attract a paper publisher, meaning, they stop me from making money from my work as a writer.

That's a kind of persecution too. I'd say, Scott Warren as not convicted is somewhat luckier than I, but we are both luckier than guys who die from thirst in Sonora or than aborted babies.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Parmentier
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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Gérard Joulié comme Biographe de Chesterton

Notons, je ne conteste pas le bienfondé de sa traduction du livre The Outline of Sanity.

Le problème est quand il écrit Chesterton ou la quête excentrique du centre.

Il considère Chesterton naïf en imaginant que dans la révolution française le peuple se révoltait contre les riches, quand en réalité les riches se mettaient contre le peuple. Ça passe encore, sauf qu'il faut se souvenir qu'avant la fusillade des marins de Kronstadt, il y avait eu la révolution à St. Pétersbourg. Il y avait eu un moment que le peuple avait effectivement le pouvoir, même bref. Pour la Révolution en France, elle avait laissé la trace de l'abolition du servage, donc de la propriété manoriale. Ceci a certes laissé libre chemin à maintes spéculateurs sur la longueur, mais la propriété du serf ou de l'arrendateur s'était affranchi d'une mainmise manoriale, qui avait perdu sa fonction public mais en gardaient les privilèges, quasiment comme le fisc en direct des serfs. Un peu comme l'abolition des kolkhoses en Union Soviétique devenu Russie.

Mais il y a pire.

Il prétend interprêter Chesterton quand il peut dire que Chesterton est gêné par les miracles. Qu'il appréciait les grandes miracles à régularité grande échelle ne veut nullement dire qu'il serait gêné par les petites miracles en apparence moins régulières.

Et en plus, parler d'un royaume dégradé en église à la manière de Loisy, en le citant, ça n'a aucune place dans un livre sur Chesterton.

St Pie X a béatifié Sainte Jeanne d'Arc l'an après que Chesterton l'avait "précanonisée" en Orthodoxy.

Et les choses qui n'étaient pas le royaume, dans les sectes Protestantes, notamment l'Anglicanisme, Chesterton avait vu d'autres choses que le Catholicisme./HGL

Should Live Action sue Pinterest?

Background provided by Faithwire:

Live Action Permanently Banned from Pinterest for Spreading ‘Harmful Misinformation’
By Tré Goins-Phillips Editor June 11, 2019

A statement from Pinterest informed Live Action its page was “permanently suspended because its contents went against our policies on misinformation.” The note went on to claim Live Action spreads “medical misinformation and conspiracies that turn individuals and facilities into targets for harassment and violence.”

This is not "you are not welcome in the club" as per a private dislike. This is more like doing some kind of public justice.

This means, Mark Shea's analogy of a platform deplatforming someone with a club showing someone the door fails. This one:

Mission Creep
May 8, 2019 by Mark Shea

He had echoed some who said "you make your own printing press", "you make your own TV channel", "you make your own internet platform", a theme on which I saw a caricature following up with "own government" and the glib PC's going "wait a minute ...". Here is his version:

The people shown the door by Facebook are not having their free speech impinged in the slightest. They can go find some seamy spot on Stormfront or elsewhere on the Dark Web and talk all they like. But FB, Twitter and any other platform that doesn’t want Nazis, racists, and conspiracy theorists does not owe them a thing.

Now, for National Socialists marked out as National Socialists (for instance not an Austrofascist mislabelled as one) and for Racialists openly acting as Racialists (I was shocked to see a Swedish NS site use the expression "race foreigner" or "race stranger"), that is all fine and dandy. If people wanting explicitly NS content know they cannot get it on FB, fine. Then they know they need to look for it elsewhere.

Like, if you go to Pinterest, you know you can't get porn. But we have a very different situation when Pinterest labels a pro-life site with a "porn block" filter.

Let's give an analogy. FB, Twitter, Pinterest are very large social media.

As of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users.

Twitter reported that the number of monthly active users is declining. Twitter claimed 321 million monthly users, down 9 million, or more than 2 percent from the same time last year. Feb 7, 2019

Social network Pinterest has 265 million monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2019. As of that period, the visual bookmarking platform had 85 million MAU in the United States, compared to 206 million international monthly active users.

Note, this is not like when a social medium requires you to be a certain type of person and you aren't, like Helgon net requires you to be open mind (not stating about what) and alternative (not stating to what), Haket required you to be writing poetry and short stories, I think it is down, Silverplanet requires you to be young ... you get the idea. When opening a profile, you describe yourself in certain terms. FB, twitter, Pinterest are not like this.

If a thing like Live Action is banned on more and more of the big social media, it comes out as a ban on free speech.

Now, in the article, Mark Shea shows a stick-figure comic stating free speech is protected only against government intereference against free speech.

This is not the case. I am not sure whether you heard of Castellucci's "on the concept of the face, regarding the Son of God." I and SSPX considered this piece as blasphemy, some SSPX went to pray a rosary outside the theatre as a peaceful protest (and of course as a way of making up for it before God's justice, as a reparation), when I wanted to join them a police officer pointed a gun to me. One of those who had got there in time got his leg ran over and fractured by police. Why so? Because, France takes "free speech" seriously, as a constitutional value. This means that "entrave à la liberté d'expression" (which I consider praying outside the theatre was not directly) is legally an offense, not just in police officers, but in any private citizen.

Imagine Trump had backed down on border wall, and also said border police are not allowed to detain illegal immigrants in prisons or take away their children - would you condone or imagine US would condone the continuation of such practises by private vigilante groups? No. So, obviously, when government restricts its own action against free speech, it also logically restricts other people's action against free speech.

You are shown out of your local pub, because the barman considers you a Nazi? No hindrance on free speech, since for one thing a pub is meant as much for drinking as for talking, and for another, the clientele of the pub tend to be a close knit set of people, or perhaps more correctly several such, at different hours. The barman's action would be the equivalent of a group of friends telling you to go away and play with someone else because "you don't belong with us". If the guy contested being a Nazi he could claim damages for being called that, but not totally for being shown the door. The barman might owe the non-Nazi beers, but not in his pub.

Now, getting shown out of FB, Twitter, Pinterest is more like a newspaper being banned from using post-office to distribute to households making a subscription, or the private company Tidningsbärarne (owned by major dailies in Scania, and I worked for them one summer on weekends, when I was less than half as old as now) deciding one of the papers, willing to pay the service and part owner (ok, part owner is where the analogy breaks down), no longer can use it, because the other major papers decide they dislike the political stance of that paper. Won't happen, the company no longer exists as such, but that could constitute breach of contract and hindrance to freedom of speech.

To an internet content provider, commercial or otherwise, FB functions among other things as a logistics company.

The company Tidningsbärarne may certainly decree "we don't do comics, they need the post office, otherwise our distributors have too much to carry some days", but it cannot stamp Arbetet as a comic, just because this daily extends the usual comic strips from one page to two pages. If they did and tried to ban Arbetet from distribution on that ground, one might suspect that Sydsvenskan, Svenska Dagbladet, Skånska Dagbladet had decided what amounted to a hindrance on freedom of speech because Arbetet was too unions' friendly. As said, since the company no longer exists, it won't happen.

You see what the difference is between banning a person from a close knit circle of friends and actually deplatforming someone from where he had freedom of speech and with it outreach to an audience. The latter reminds of banning free speech. As for alleged ground "some people don't want to listen" all social media I use have a "block" function : anyone who does not want to listen to Farrakhan can block him. Now, one may of course also state FB has liability for giving Farrakhan a platform for speech which might be illegal.

If Farrakhan tried to sue FB, and FB replied "we don't want to be crushed in court like Alex Jones" (at least Mark Shea considers Alex Jones was so, and FB is likely to agree with the sentiment, I don't know which affair it is about), the court could of course rule, FB was in fact protecting the legal version of free speech against someone committing illegal acts of utterance. In France that would be likelier for Farrakhan than in US.

The point is, such a ban on FB - especially if followed up by other social media bans - would be in fact a ban on a certain type of speech, and in cases not Louis Farrakhan on Jews in French justice (perhaps not even in that case) this ban could be seen as banning speech on non-legal grounds.

There may come a day when banned speech comes back as a not bannable government, and there may be a day when abortion personnel are getting handcuffed and pushed around by police officers.

Meanwhile, Pinterest has not acted as a club showing someone the door, Pinterest has acted like someone concerned with public interest, and ... wait, did I make a pun revealing the etymology for their name? .... making allegations about the person showed the door. In fact allegations about criminal behaviour, and such allegations can be punished if untrue.

Also, it seems Pinterest used a porn block to implement the permanent ban.

This is insult, disinformation, and could make a China man using Pinterest believe Live Action refers to pornographic content. (Let's say he tries to link to them, then gets a no to publication, with motivation "porn blocklist" and he is overconfident in "artificial intelligence" and believes a super intelligent computer has detected Live Action deals in porn). This not being the case, I think Live Action could very well sue Pinterest.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Parmentier
Ember Wednesday of Pentecost

I think FB has a more clearly neutral profile than Mastershop Cakepiece. I think some fair judge based on that and on much larger consequences from a ban from FB or Pinterest could argue Pinterest was discriminating, Masterpiece Cakeshop was sticking to a set policy. Not baking a gender transition cake is same policy as not baking a gay wedding "wedding" cake. Not baking for someone who previously sued one in court is fairly common among bakers or barmen./HGL