Monday, 16 October 2017

School & RFID - Bad Combination

Two quotes of people a bit too caving in to school systems:

The first two issues, and several of the others that privacy advocates have broached, amount to concerns that schools will abuse the information provided by the RFID tags. That's possible, of course, but it's going to be difficult to convince school administrators of that, since it amounts to saying that they and their personnel aren't trustworthy.

Slate : Texas Schools Are Forcing Kids To Wear RFID Chips. Is That a Privacy Invasion?
By Will Oremus

Gonzalez, the school district's communications director, maintains that students have never had an expectation of privacy on campus. "By virtue of the fact that you are a student at a school, there is no privacy. ... It is our responsibility to know where every single one of those 3,000 students are while they are in our care during the school day." He has a point. A lot of things that would be rights violations if imposed on the population at large are perfectly acceptable in school settings.

RFID Chips Being Used to Track Students
Zoon Politikon with Holly Seeliger, added 12 Oct. 2017

Are they "perfectly acceptable in school settings"?


They would be so if the school represented free parents - a lot of them, but not the RFID chip. Nor leashes. We are men, not beasts, and that is something we have from day one of conception - not something we need to develop to.

So, if security cannot be guaranteed without these things, what about scrapping school compulsion?

Much of the vaunted benefits of having been to school (apart from knowledge which can be got elsewhere) is in fact only a herd mentality.

And as for convincing school boards, I recall something called the Cristeros, South of Rio Grande.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Hedwig of Poland

Russia Led My Blog Readers One Week

We'll see if they get discrete after I post this.

First take a look at three pictures:

My experience with Orthodox sensibilities tells me there is a reason why Russia is leading reader on this blog, this week. Take a page like "being argumentative with people who dislike that" - well, I am insisting on being a scholastic, not unargumentative like a hesychast. Or top of the posts, I have not left Father Aristobule Adams victor in a debate. A huge no no, if I were his parishioner. Also, what I have written on Latin (in three of the posts, But I AM a Latinist, And a Controversial One at That, More on Post-Alcuinic Latin) disrupts the ecclesiastical smugness of people proud of Church Slavonic not being totally cut off from language of the people "as Latin" - according to the Protestant, Anglican and therefore Russian Orthodox understanding on what was going on in the West.

Now, for the stats:

Australia 2 Austria 1 Belarus 1 Brazil 21 2 1 1 Cambodia 1 Canada 1 80 China 3 6 6 France 60 9 9 1 7 811 1 21 (-1) 37 4 2 4 2 8 11 55 1 21 (+1) Germany 8 1 1 2 1 8 1 2 2 6 1 Greece 2 2 Hong Kong 1 Hungary 1 Indonesia 1 Ireland 5 Italy 72 80 1 145 215 Japan 7 1 1 6 2 1 Netherlands 2 New Zealand 1 Norway 1 11 1 1 1 1 5 5 Peru 6 Philippines 1 Poland 8 7 Portugal 1 1 3 4 Romania 4 Russia 429 12 105 (+1) 21 (+1) 170 587 234 28 48 168 (+1) 8 42 84 (+1) 326 18 21 21 21 21 21 63 (-1) 42 42 (+1) 685 168 105 (+1) 42 (+1) 231 189 (-1) 9 282 5 653 South Korea 1 1 Spain 2 4 2 2 7 3 1 1 4 2 1 1 1 2 3 2 1 5 3 4 2 1 Sweden 7 Switzerland 3 Ukraine 9 2 1 52 4 21 (-1) 4 112 2 2 23 8 1 12 2 1 11 65 1 United Arab Emirates 1 1 3 United Kingdom 2 3 6 1 2 1 1 7 2 6 363 1 1 United States 10 5 2 45 5 4 2 74 1 56 12 5 153 13 152 155 8 13 1 7 86 8 147 (-1) 3 6 15 11 9 7 11 15 67.

8640 in seven days, 1234 and some per day! But if Russians want to consider the readings as "sub rosa", "under the seal of confession" or whatever, no thanks!

My blog posts are PUBLISHED, not confided as to private only reading!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Hedwig of Poland*

* Or of Silesia.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Bergoglio on Genesis 1

On quora I saw this link:

"'When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,' Francis said."

USA Today : Pope says evolution, Big Bang are real
Josephine McKenna, Religion News Service Published 11:47 a.m. ET Oct. 28, 2014 | Updated 2:56 p.m. ET Oct. 28, 2014

Before we can use this as proof against Antipope Bergoglio, we need a better source, since the article is claiming erroneously:

"In 1950, Pope Pius XII proclaimed there was no opposition between evolution and Catholic doctrine."

He claimed the Catholic Church does not forbid that ... somewhat different from saying Catholic doctrine can endorse that.

Here is a better source:

"When we read the account of Creation in Genesis we risk imagining that God was a magician, complete with an all powerful magic wand. But that was not so."

Casina of Pius IV, Monday, 27 October 2014

Note, this is evasive. God is all powerful, but He does not need an all powerful wand to be so. The denial of the all powerful wand is orthodox. Whether God Himself is all powerful, you cannot deny it with retained orthodoxy.

The question is, does the reference to magician and wand mean anything apart from God Himself being all powerful? Linguistically, grammatically, yes. If there were any known sect who claimed God was not all powerful in Himself, but He had in some other universe learned magic and acquired a wand making Him all powerful over ours, the words would certainly be to the point, and merit a respect as perfectly orthodox expression of Catholic teaching.

But not only is there no sect with that conviction (Mormons might be an exception according to what I have heard said from others, I have not heard it from them). The reference to Genesis, the fact he starts the sentence with "When we read the account of Creation in Genesis we risk imagining," means he is referring to a normal reading by a normal reader, if not the best one.

And in such a normal reading by a normal reader, the real issue is, God comes off as being in fact all powerful - and as doing things which have no natural and preexistent root, like magic pretends to do, but ordinarily cannot achieve.

This means, the words are in fact an attack on the Traditional reading of Genesis.

A very polemic one.

Now, the actual words of Pius XII do allow (supposing he was Pope and had that authority) that a non-Traditional view be defended, by someone both experienced in science and in theology. Same as with someone defending the Traditional one.

There are two conditions attached:

  • doing so with measure;
  • being willing to submit to the judgement of the Church

"For these reasons the Teaching Authority of the Church does not forbid that, in conformity with the present state of human sciences and sacred theology, research and discussions, on the part of men experienced in both fields, take place with regard to the doctrine of evolution, in as far as it inquires into the origin of the human body as coming from pre-existent and living matter - for the Catholic faith obliges us to hold that souls are immediately created by God. However, this must be done in such a way that the reasons for both opinions, that is, those favorable and those unfavorable to evolution, be weighed and judged with the necessary seriousness, moderation and measure, and provided that all are prepared to submit to the judgment of the Church, to whom Christ has given the mission of interpreting authentically the Sacred Scriptures and of defending the dogmas of faith"

[Given at Rome, at St. Peter's, 12 August 1950, the twelfth year of Our Pontificate.]

I am not only willing to submit to the Church's judgement, I am already doing so, that of the Council of Trent.

One can argue Pius XII had no right to formulate the words so that anyone might be tempted to think the condition necessarily meant a future judgement rather than the already existing one. But at least he did not claim directly to be referring to a future one.

As for doing so with measure, this cannot, given the already existing judgement by Trent on exegesis in general - with the implicatons this has for this matter - mean desisting from well merited rejection of ill thought through or not thought through or Atheist objections to the Traditional understanding.

It could mean ignoring an argument rather than dealing with it - and those who best know my work as a Creationist know I am not doing so.

In these recent days, I was printing and also scanning a booklet about how the evidence from carbon 14 present in a sample is consistent with Biblical chronology, and especially, on the outer limits or close to such supposing the Biblical chronology to be counted with St Jerome, as in the Traditional Christmas Liturgy.

However, the words of Bergoglio seem, unwilling to submit to the Council of Trent and therefore the Church Fathers, and lack of respect for a Creationist claiming God who is all mighty was very well equipped in Himself, not by any wand, to do exactly what the text says, and seems to say prima facie.

In other words Bergoglio seems to be not fulfilling the conditions as given by Humani Generis for defending one or other option.

But perhaps his words are "a judgement of the Church"?

Look again in Humani Generis:

"Nor must it be thought that what is expounded in Encyclical Letters does not of itself demand consent, since in writing such Letters the Popes do not exercise the supreme power of their Teaching Authority. For these matters are taught with the ordinary teaching authority, of which it is true to say: "He who heareth you, heareth me";[3] and generally what is expounded and inculcated in Encyclical Letters already for other reasons appertains to Catholic doctrine. But if the Supreme Pontiffs in their official documents purposely pass judgment on a matter up to that time under dispute, it is obvious that that matter, according to the mind and will of the Pontiffs, cannot be any longer considered a question open to discussion among theologians."

Pius XII, supposing he was Pope, named Encyclical Letters and the act of deliberately judging, as criteria of what constitutes a judgement by a Pope (supposing Bergoglio could by some still be considered such).

Now, the act of 27 October 2014 was not an Encyclical Letter, was not directed to Theologians but to Scientists, was not pretending to judge, but to bow down to their judgement "You are addressing the highly complex subject of the evolution of the concept of nature. I will not go into the scientific complexity, which you well understand, of this important and crucial question." It cannot remotely be construed as constituting even on his part any attempt to definitely judge in favour of Evolutionist over Traditional reading of Genesis.

In other words, as it was not valid as a debaing defense against a Traditional exegete of Evolutionary exegesis, since being without measure, it is also not valid as a judgement of the Church. Even to those who suppose Bergoglio is "Pope Francis" and supreme judge.

Since I do not so suppose, I cannot consider this as a Filial Correction. I am not Filial to the man I already since 2014 consider as Antipope Bergoglio.

Note, the occasion was uncovering of a bust of a still living predecessor. One possibility is, Ratzinger whose bust was uncovered is "the first beast" and Bergoglio, who honoured it, is the second one. If so, accepting his "God is not a magician with an all powerful wand" would be part of taking the mark "on the forehead" (that is, imbibing the ideology into one's thoughts).

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Edward the Confessor

Ps, my booklet is in French:

Publié en ligne, imprimable, à partir de ce blog ci, sur les limites de la récalibration de C14

Ce matin une dame m'a dit une chose

Après d'avoir demandé ce qui m'est arrivé pour être là, après aussi d'avoir entendu ma réponse "pour être encore là, ce n'est pas tellement ce qui m'est arrivé, mais ce qui ne m'est pas arrivé : d'avoir mes écrit imprimés et vendus", elle me lançait un petit mot quelque peu bidon.

"Avant de vivre de ton écriture, faut prendre des petits boulots".

Ce n'est pas ce que je pense. Je vais vous le dire pourquoi.

Avant de vivre de son écriture, il faut deux choses:

  • avoir écrit suffisamment de texte pour que ça donne un ou plusieurs bouquins
  • idéalement, l'avoir écrit bien, ce texte

Faire des petits boulots ne me permet ni à mieux accomplir l'une, ni l'autre:

  • le temps pour les petits boulots prendrait de temps de l'écriture;
  • c'est en écrivant, pas en faisant des petits boulots qu'on devient un bon écrivain.

Elle n'a pas voulu me croire que ça prendrait trop de temps. Mais oui : elle en faisant de petits boulots après sa retraite du salon de coiffure, elle coiffe encore, mais il s'agit de la coiffure bénévole à échelle limitée, il ne s'agit plus de coiffer des clients tous les jours.

Or, si j'arrive à écrire et à survivre, je n'ai pas à prendre des petits boulots pour survivre.

Alors, si j'ai déjà fait les deux choses qu'il faut pour vivre de son écriture, on se demande pourquoi ce n'est pas encore le cas.

Il y a une troisième chose qu'il faut. C'est pas donné qu'il la faut pour l'écrivain, ça peut être par une autre personne:

  • il faut que les textes soient imprimés et stockés (les exemplaires) en vue de vente.

Là, je ne vois pas en quoi des petits boulots pourraient très bien m'aider. Si en faisant des petits boulots, j'arrivais à avoir un appartement, ça m'aiderais à stocker, en vue de vente.

Mais, le fait de vivre de mon écriture ne dépend normalement pas du fait d'être moi-même celui qui imprime et stocke et vent tout. Il y a une chose qu'on appelle en français "droits d'auteurs" et en anglais (et suédois) "royalties". Il me semble possible de vivre des gens qui vendent et qui m'envoient partie des revenus. Et je viens de mettre mes textes à la disposition de tout et chacun qui voudrait faire ça, en précisant que de mon point de vue, il ne s'agit pas d'un contrat de droits exclusifs pour un éditeur, et en revanche, les "royalties", les droits d'auteurs, seraient volontaires de la part de chaque éditeur.

Cest vrai, "voluntary royalties" sonne mieux que "droits d'auteurs volontaires" parce que en "droits d'auteur" on parle de "droit" ce qui normalement veut dire un droit opposable. Si je faisais un contrat exclusif, si l'éditeur vendait suffisamment, et s'il refusait de m'envoyer de l'argent, alors le droité étant opposable, je pourrais lui faire un procès, parce qu'il aura violé les termes du contrat.

Par contre, en faisant comme j'ai prévu, si un éditeur fait d'argent et ne m'envoie pas un centime, je ne peux pas lui faire un procès, mais lui non plus ne peut pas me faire un procès si je trouve un autre éditeur ou plusieurs et il ne peut pas leur faire le procès non plus, comme s'ils avaient violé une exclusivité lui appartenant.

Ceci je n'ai pas tout expliqué à la dame. Par contre, je vous l'explique, chers lecteurs.

Vous avez, tous et chacun, au moins par rapport aux textes qui relèvent de mes propres droits, ce droit ci:

  • éditer commercialement et m'envoyer partie
  • éditer commercialement et ne pas m'envoyer partie
  • éditer plutôt domestiquement que vraiment artisanalement
  • éditer idéellement et distribuer gratuitement
  • éditer idéellement et charger vos coûtes des copies.

Je dis, pour ceux des textes qui relèvent de mes propres droits. Je suis bien-sûr conscient que pour un dialogue sur quora ou youtube, vous devriez avoir aussi l'accord de l'autre personne en dialogue.

Et pour un fanfic sur un roman ou une série ou autre publication pertinent à un auteur vivant ou récemment décédé vous avez aussi besoin de l'accord de l'auteur ou de ses ayant-droits. Ma "Chronicle of Susan Pevensie" fait figurer Father Brown et Doctor Watson, pour lesquelles les droits d'auteurs sont déjà expirés, mais aussi encore davantage Susan Pevensie (relève de C. S. Lewis), Audoin Errol (relève de J. R. R. Tolkien) et au moins George Kirrin (celle qui est Claude dans la traduction française, relève d'Enid Blyton). En plus, ce roman là n'est pas fini, peut-être encore autant de chapitres à écrire - et si oui, alors pas en me levant à six heures pour faire des petits boulots!

La plupart de mes 5000 ou davantage articles sur ces blogs (je n'exaggère pas) ne font pas partie des 70 à 80 chapitres déjà existants de Chronicle of Susan Pevensie et pas non plus des dialogues cités sur quelques-uns (idéalement la plupart) de ces blogs:

Correspondence de / of / van Hans Georg Lundahl, HGL's F.B. writings, Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere, Répliques Assorties.

Déjà, leur masse en messages ou articles est d'un ensemble de seulement 1052 messages, ensuite, pas mal des deux derniers ne cite pas extensivement d'autres personnes, mais renvoie juste à des youtube ou des questions quora faits par d'autres, et le texte à part ce renoie est de moi.

Donc, "5000"-80-1052 = 3868, vous avez au moins 3868 articles qui relèvent de mes propres droits. Première langue anglais, deuxième langue français, et d'autres langues, suédois, allemand, latin, même des langues que j'ai pas très bien apprises encore, comme espagnol ou italien.

Avec 3868 articles, on peut faire combien de bouquins, genre collections d'essais? Il y a des collections d'essais par Chesterton qui comprennent environ 20.

Mais vous voulez peut-être dire que Chesterton (dont les droits d'auteurs sont expirés, il mourut en 1936) est connu, moi non? Bon, avec des petits boulots on ne se fait pas connaître, à part peut-être par des réseaux, genre synagogues ou loges. Et ce n'est pas de ces gens là que j'ai un quelconque espoir réaliste d'être imprimé, de toute façon.

Je ne vois pas très bien pourquoi cette dame aurait eu l'intérêt de me dire "avant de vivre de ton écriture, faut prendre des petits boulots". À part le soupçon que quelque réseau sur cette localité là lui aurait déjà parlé de moi, et que la phrase "avant de vivre de ton écriture" était juste pour faire joli.

Il y a des métiers pour lesquels on doit commencer en amassant d'argent, souvent pendant des années. Vu que je suis déjà 49, je n'ai pas ce genre d'années à gaspiller pour des préparations, ni le droit (au moins pas prudentiellement) de brader ce que j'ai déjà fait contre une telle démarche.

Si un jour j'imprime commercialement, même à petite échelle, mes écrits, moi-même, ce ne sera pas parce que j'aurais amassée d'argent patiemment pendant des années par petits boulots. Ce sera alors, par contre, parce que quelqu'un d'autre aura commencé à imprimer mon œuvre, m'aura envoyé d'argent dessus, ayant bien-sûr gagné suffisamment lui-même, et alors j'aurais peut-être un jour la possibilité de faire mes propres impressions en plus grande échelle que quelques exemplaires une semaine, quelques exemplaires une autre. Sans de forcément pouvoir vendre, souvent des cadeaux aux amis et aux bienfaiteurs - ou aux gens qui m'intéressent par leur position.

Et quand aux réseaux qui ne voudraient pas que d'autres commencent à imprimer mes écrits, je les condamne. Y compris ceux qui semblent autrement être de l'Église catholique. C'est eux qui ont retardé le bon retournement de mes affaires.

Et si quelqu'un prétend que mes écrits ne sont pas bons, alors, lui-même sera peut-être pas mon éditeur, je lui demande juste de ne pas empêcher d'autres, y compris dans sa famille, de le devenir. Encore une chose : ceci était sur ma propre situation, mais je ne suis pas nombriliste, la plupart ne sont pas sur moi non plus.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
100e Anniv. de Fatima

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Angelic Movers of Celestial Bodies Revisited (Link)

Posted on January 15, 2016

It is almost too ridiculous to mention, but some Internet sites actually use this image, from the Serbian Vysoki Decani Monastery, as “proof” of early visitations by aliens from space. ... Anyone who knows the basics of Eastern Orthodox iconography, however, should recognize that those two images are just stylized representations of the sun (at left) and the moon (at right). ... At left is the sun, which is commonly personified by placing a face within it, or sometimes, as here, the body as well. You can see that aside from the rays emanating at left, the image of the sun has a round shape. ... Here is the moon, with another little figure within to personify it. It has the shape of the crescent moon. Two stars are added to show the connection with night.

The writer, looking back from the 20:th and 21:st Centuries, could be chosing the word "personify".

The iconographer could have been thinking of Angelic movers. We have other indications too, like the three young men in the oven speaking TO sun and moon and a few more, like, in this case of sun and moon, Joshua had done in chapter 10 and verse 12 of his book. We have - West of 1053 - St Francis of Assisi calling them "our brother, Mister Sun" and "our sister Moon". If it was just personification as rhetorical figure, it was at least a very pervasive one, those centuries.

But I'll remind you of an earlier post*, where I not only linked to but also quoted and translated a passage from Riccioli, in which he expressed that the position of heavenly bodies having in actual fact, not just in rhetoric figure of speech, movers of angelic nature was very common among learned men too. Here we have an indication from piety, as the poetry of St Francis and the icon of these Serbs are expressions of.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Maternity of the Blessed Virgin

* New blog on the kid : What Opinion did Riccioli call the Fourth and Most Common One?

This Blog is Not About Interior Locutions or Visions

I happened to see part of why Vassula Rydén was excommunicated by Ecumenical Patriarchate - supposing the man claiming the title can excommunicate anyone.

These leaflets were distributed in Orthodox Churches, and clearly give the impression that Vassula Ryden is an Orthodox Christian. But any educated Orthodox Christian reading this should immediately be put on their guard by terms like “locutions” and “interior visions”, because such things are prima facie evidence of what is called in Russian prelest and in Greek plani, that is, spiritual delusion. Such things should immediately be checked with an experienced spiritual elder (starets, geron, gerondissa) before proclaiming them to the world.

I do not know whether Vassula is or is not checking her visions with a spiritual director. I do know, her words are about what she claims to know from prophecy.

Anyone reading this blog should know, I am writing from natural knowledge : as a Christian, as a cultivated Westerner.

If Vassula hears a voice from God saying that Greek Orthodox are Christians, she should perhaps check that with a Roman Catholic priest. I don't mean one from Vatican II establishement.

If I am saying Greek Orthodox are Christians, I am not saying what they are before God and not claiming to know it. I am merely saying that, like the real Christian Church, the Roman Catholic one, they believe Jesus rose from the Dead, they have traditions about who the Four Gospellers were (I am not sure the tradition about St Luke being one of the seventy is right, it does not seem to be shared by the Roman Catholics, but I have also not seen any condemnation of it), and they have a claim of at least material Apostolic Succession (yes, using the distinction of a false Church having real succession in sacramental character, but not jurisdiction, of bishops), like the Eastern Schismatics or Heretics known as Jacobites or Copts, Armenians, and Nestorians, like at least some later Western schismatics, like Utrecht Jansenists, before union with OLd Catholics.

If I am saying Latin nouns and pronouns have, like Latin adjectives, six cases, I am also not comparable to Vassula Rydén, I am simply a student of Latin.

And if I say Latin was used in France like Church Slavonic is used in Serbia or Ukraine or Russia, i e with a pronunciation adapted to the popular language and how it pronounces the words which are the same as the learned one, I am saying this as one knowing what Alcuin meant for Carolingian renaissance.

Anyone who claims anything in this is plani or prelest should concentrate on my arguments, not on asking whether I have visions and am telling them to a spiritual director.

Why am I saying this? Because I have experience with certain shall we say pastoral tricks of certain of them : withholding criticism and "awaiting confession", judging before hearing what it is about (or so it seems from my side), playing around with excommunications.

You know, if I am sure the world was made not many hours before Adam and Eve, 7200 or 7500 years ago, I am also not having this from visions, but from Mark 10:6, from the Roman Catholic Latin Rite Christmas liturgy with chronology of St. Jerome, from - for the other number - the chronology of Georgius Syncellus.

Human knowledge and human logic does not need constant checkups from spiritual directors, and does also not need spiritual warnings, like the one involved in coincidence with previous post, where the first digits in first draft, those of the post ID, were three consecutive sixes. And by human, I do not mean human as in human against God, I mean human as in humanly normal recipient of Church doctrine, a human believer, not a prophet or a charismatic.

There is one thing about prophecy which makes it look very mean to me that anyone would dream of asking whether I am a real or a fake one. A real prophet must take no money for his prophecy. If my writing were prophecy, I would have no right to take one cent for it. It is not, and I do have this right.

And, in case someone thinks "oh, why did he make that association, we did not think such a thing at all about him", silence and turning the back is mental torture. It leaves one guessing what the other guy is really up to. I may have guessed wrong about this or that or other guy. Someone might think it is even superstitious of me to take a triple six coincidence as a spiritual warning from someone. But if I am guessing wrong about EVERYONE, how come those who could have talked to me about the arguments have persisted in engaging in silence, how come those who could have helped me make money from my learning and talent as debater and philosopher have instead engaged in ... not replying when I bring this up?

I could have been off the street years ago, as a writer and composer, if certain people had made commercial editions of selections of my writings.

I am instead faced with loneliness, "reassuring" faces but hardly any argument on topics I relish from those that do get around me (some exceptions, not many), and of course poverty. What I want is not someone showing "reassuring". What I want is ... socially ... discussions ... economically ... printing and selling my "blogs"* or playing for paying public my composition.

I also think this coming up of Vassula Rydén is significant, because I am a Swede. I am her countryman. I have been attacked by shrinks in our country. I have also been faced with one or two (among them perhaps, but my memory is not sure there) either one or two Orthodox or (more sure) at least someone knowing them, on I am not Vassula Rydén, I don't know what to think of her excommunication, I have no need of being compared to her in terms of what above quote**.

Similarily, if someone thinks I am wrong on any more controversial topic, like my identifying Göbekli Tepe with Nimrod's Babel, I want this person to talk to me, not to talk to God about "correcting me" without ever confronting me himself. There was a thing St. John Chrysostom said about excommunicating lightly. I would consider certain priests (not humanly totally sure who, but not much in doubt either) to be playing around with such games when they would in a more normal pastoral been arguing instead.

I know that Russian Orthodox Church was psychiatry friendly before the Revolution, and now consider this to be an error of Russia, among the ones which Our Lady prophecied at Fatima, hundred years ago. I also know both Trad Catholic priests and simply diocesan but Vatican II ones are, not just more psychiatry friendly statistically than they should be, but also more ecumenic with Russian Orthodox than they would normally have been 100 years ago. I therefore think it is possible for shrinks to persecute me socially via Russian Orthodox, and for Russian Orthodox to do so via Catholic clergy here. There are also Catholic clergy here who have taken to a nutty idea from some War veterans of Afghanistan : the idea that Fundamentalism in general, as approach to religious texts, including the Bible, is what is behind the terrorist threat. And yes, I recently approached one or two of them with a YEC material, the one given in previous post, in French. So, if excommunication as a toy and an insincere menace is their game, well, they would have a motive.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Maternity of the Blessed Virgin

Here is this previous post, its post ID has no three sixes now any more, I made a new draft:

New blog on the kid : Publié en ligne, imprimable, à partir de ce blog ci, sur les limites de la récalibration de C14

* Technically wrong. Blogposts, not blogs. No one blog, except perhaps some few very short ones, could as such be a book : several blogposts from several different ones would certainly be able to be several books. ** From this blog : and this blogpost here:

Khanya : Bad theology: Vassula Ryden and Benny Hinn
19 March 2011

Publié en ligne, imprimable, à partir de ce blog ci, sur les limites de la récalibration de C14

Lien vers la première page: C14, limites, devant – 16
October 11, 2017 ~ antimodernista

Après, suivre les autres pages avec les autres scans, dans les commentaires.

Titre : C14, limites de la récalibration / par rapport à la chronologie de St. Jérôme.

Davantage de livres en français:

Livres en Français
September 2, 2016 ~ antimodernista

Pour chaque nouveau, j'ajoute un lien vers la page principale dans les commentaires./HGL

Monday, 9 October 2017

Why I Have Not Signed Correctio Filialis

One reason: I am not adressing a fairly clear Antipope as "father".

As to content, I consider anyone who has not rejected Bergoglio yet should at least study Correctio Filialis.

Here is Bishop Fellay on the matter:

SSPX news & events : Bishop Fellay: Why I Signed the Correctio Filialis
September 26, 2017

And, if you do not find it in your heart to reject Bergoglio straight away, you should consider signing the Correctio./HGL

Saturday, 7 October 2017

If the Quotes are Genuine, I am Glad I did NOT Directly Recommend Trump in Primaries

I can perhaps live with having been wrong on who was worst between him and La Clinton, if it should be the case.

I can not be blamed Hilary's main opponent was Trump : I recommended other Republicans (Santorum and Rubio). I did not know about a certain third party candidate until it was over. And, as I am not a US citizen, I did not cast any ballot for Trump or anyone else.

WARNING: Trump Is The Antichrist! Testimonies From MANY Christians!
Brother James Key | Ajoutée le 18 janv. 2017

That said, I hope he - James Key - could be wrong about Trump being that bad. I even more hope that there is no RFID chip plan.

Snopes : Chip on Your Shoulder
'Obamacare' health care legislation does not require that anyone be implanted with RFID microchips.


Oct 3rd, Mark of the Beast: Antichrist Trump Ordered Bio-ID to Replace SSN ID
Brother James Key | Ajoutée le 4 oct. 2017

We so far have the words of Trump. Biometric. Could mean photo and finger print./HGL

Friday, 6 October 2017

Islam has a Problem, in Common with Pharisees, Sorry, Sadducees : Christ has the Solution

Source : FB : Islam Exposed - The Original
10 juin ·/ Heaven of Islam, are you interested?

Screen shots of video:

Islam allows a woman who is divorced by her husband saying "I divorce you" to marry another man. Islam, like Christianity, also allows a widow to marry another man. In the Old Testament, a widow without male children was, first option, supposed to marry the brother (in practise could be another kinsman if no brother was available or brother didn't want her), so the new husband's first son would legally count as his nephew, as son of the old husband.

This means, a woman can legally have more than one husband, successively. However, this is about this life. In Resurrection of the Body, all live eternally thereafter, and obviously a woman cannot in eternity be having sex with several different men. Still, it is possible that she is resurrected among the blessed, and so are all of her successive, real, husbands.

So, the Jews who thought (without support in any text of the Old Testament, you cannot find that thought supported by a direct proof text i n their own Biblica Hebraica, even if they might consider this or that as an indirect proof text), you get to have sex if you are judged worthy of eternal bliss, they had a problem. Who would a woman be married to in eternity? No, actually, when I look, the guys who were posing the problem were not Pharisees, the sect we call Jews today, they were Sadducees, a sect among Kohanim, though not all Kohanim were Sadducees. They were not what we call Orthodox Jews.

They used this problem to deny the Resurrection.

Here is how Our Lord Jesus Christ dealt with them: Mark 12, 24-25.

And He did not tell them "you fake the Tawra", He asked them "do you not know the Scriptures?"

He did not say their scribes were writing what they had not read, he said their exegetes were imagining things contrary to what they had read and were continuing to read.

It is possible that Pharisees - the ones we call Jews today - agree with Our Lord on this one. I don't know what their successor Maimonides says about it. If so, everyone there was a bit wiser than the Mollah we just saw, and probably also the texts he is using.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Bruno

PS : it is also the 13th anniversary of my arrival to St James in Galicia, Compostela. And, no, it was not in order to be a monk, though I admire St Bruno, that I did the pilgrimage, and it was not monasticism, though I admire it, which I prayed for as a Christian pilgrim (no reason to confuse this with Hajj of Muslims, I am not hoping for any seventy virgins in paradise!)/HGL

PS 2 : someone on a FB group mentioned the video from which the two screenshots are has been edited. It could be - they said - he was only mentioning a position he did not share, he could have been ironic about it, and the clues about that could have been edited out. Does anyone have the original video conference by him?/HGL

PS 3, next day : here is same cleric saying same thing, first, then another clip:

Same clip as part of above video:

Saudi Cleric: Muslim Men to Enjoy upto 19604 Women in Paradise
TheGreenPastures | Ajoutée le 18 sept. 2013

Other clip, reflecting, their attitude to lying and to psychiatry:

Muslim Cleric How to Lie about Islam
RadioFreeLondon | Ajoutée le 30 oct. 2013

and of course to beer and wine, not directly my grandfather or Gilbert Keith Chesterton!/HGL

Thursday, 5 October 2017

La République de Salò bien nommée

Père Luigi Villa fut condamné à mort par Roberto Farinacci, après son ordination en 1942, et restait un prêtre chassé pour la suite de la République de Salò.

Comme je viens de dire autre part, "la date préférable de consommation" pour Mussolini, c'est avant 1938, avant La Carta della Razza.

C'est vrai, son régime avait déjà outrepassé les termes du Concordat quand Pie XI fut obligé d'écrire l'encyclique Non abbiamo bisogno, parce que, justement, le parti essayait déjà à donner à la jeunesse une éducation assez laïque : un peu entre "Catho mais pas trop" (genre comme Atatürk pour l'Islam en Turquie) et "Catho fier de l'être, c'est partie de l'identité nationale d'Italie" (genre comme Erdogan de nos jours). Mais, à l'époque de "Non abbiamo bisogno", les prêtres avaient vécu à peu près ce que par exemple Don Camillo allait vivre avec Peppone*. On n'avait pas encore eu des prêtres mis sur des listes de mort.

Eh oui ... il Fascismo italiano a changé de l'acceptable au pire. Plus au Nord, on a eu un "fascisme" Sotsialisme Natsionale (Nazionalsozialismus, le z se prononce ts en allemand) qui n'avait jamais été très bon.

Entre les deux, il y a eu un bon fascisme : il est assez négligé par les historiens. Hoch Dollfuss! Lui, il n'a jamais mis des prêtres sur des listes de mort. Ni décrété des trucs racialistes (chauvinisme nationale, ou préférence nationale, oui, racialistes, non).

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
St Placide et fratrie
et compagnons, martyrs de Messina**

Source : English - "Who is Father Villa?"

* Fiction, mais basée sur des exemples bien réelles, et les Pepponi de la vraie vie ont pu ne pas tous être Communistes. Certains étaient, hélas pour la mémoire de Mussolini, fascisti. D'où Non abbiamo bisogno.

** Messanae, in Sicilia, natalis sanctorum Martyrum Placidi Monachi, e beati Benedicti Abbatis discipulis, et ejus fratrum Eutychii et Victorini, ac sororis eorum Flaviae Virginis, itemque Donati, Firmati Diaconi, Fausti et aliorum triginta Monachorum, qui omnes a Manucha pirata, pro Christi fide, necati sunt.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Bernard Antony et l'AGRIF sur les Égorgements de Marseille

deretour : Georges Fennech inquiété par sa réussite. · Deux jours, une même asso · New blog on the kid : Bernard Antony et l'AGRIF sur les Égorgements de Marseille · Répliques Assorties : Isolation et problèmes sociaux

Il faut n’avoir plus aucune vergogne pour oser encore, par tremblante soumission à la religiosité antiraciste, tenir le discours de l’explication psychiatrique pour taire celui de la motivation idéologique !

Égorgements de Marseille : toujours plus odieux, le déni de réalité !
lundi 02 octobre 2017 | Bernard Antony | L'AGRIF

Notons que, si l'explication psychiatrique est retenue, ceci augmente les pouvoirs des psychiatres.

Ce que souhaitent pas mal de Musulmans dits modérés, car l'Islam est une idéologie pro-psychiatrique. Pas chez tous, mais chez pas mal./HGL

Sur la datation radiométrique, on entend des conneries (et pas des créationnistes)

Je viens de regarder la page de Roger Wiens.*

Elle prétend entre autres choses que les datations des "grandes isotopes" (pas de carbone 14, donc) ne remonte pas à l'échelle biostratigraphique. Genre, pendant les 40 - 90 ans qu'on a étudié tel ou tel isotope, on est arrivé à mesurer sa demi-vie.

C'est un peu louche. Prenons potassium argon. La demi-vie serait à 1 virgule 3 milliards d'années.

Combien reste-t-il d'un taux initial après, je ne veux pas dire 90 ans, mais 5000 ans?

Le tout demeure. Donc, impossible d'avoir mesuré directement la décomposition radioactive de l'isotope, on a dû mesurer plutôt autre chose, genre des événements radioactives qui sont censés chacun correspondre à un événement de décomposition.

Bon, après on a aussi la question d'argon superflu de l'air ou de lava.

On a déjà essayé la méthode en pratique, là-dessus Wiens prétend que l'essai ne montre que c'est abusif d'utiliser la méthode sur des rochers trop jeunes : il venait de dire 25 ans. Mais les 5000 ans notés seraient également trop jeunes, en principe, car en principe - comme montré par la calculatrice radiométrique** (image en haut)- la datation serait récente, et en réalité, comme sur Mont Saint Helens, un taux excessif d'argon pourrait fausser le résultat vers des millions d'années.

D'autres se disent peut-être que je devrais m'être trompé en 2015 et en 2016. J'avais dit que si le taux original de carbone 14 est suffisamment bas, alors, l'âge réel est décalé, mais beaucoup.

Prenons d'abord un exemple d'un âge de "10 000 ans".

C'est uniformitarien, le taux d'origine est donc à "100 pourcent". "Après 10 000 ans" restent 29.8 %.

Labourons ensuite avec le taux d'origine comme avec le temps. Disons que le taux était de 50 %, et que c'était il y a 5000 ans.

27.3 %? Mais c'est encore plus bas comme taux de résidu, c'est donc daté comme encore plus vieux*** que 10 000 ans!

Ou que le taux d'origine était 40 %, et que c'était il y a 4000 ans.

Et 24.7 % est un taux de résidu encore plus bas, donc daté à encore plus vieux.*** En fait, un âge comme ça, c'est comme le début de Göbekli Tepe - que j'identifie avec Babel biblique. Et ceci je pose entre 4000 et 5000 ans.

Si le Déluge était 2957 avant Jésus-Christ, Babel a bien pu avoir lieu entre 2551 et 2511 avant Jésus-Christ, selon la chronologie de St Jérôme (celle utilisée par Catholiques du rite latin, et même par "ceux" utilisant le Novus Ordo jusqu'à 1994). Bon, pour le Déluge lui-même, j'aime un taux d'origine beaucoup plus bas. Une des chiffres que j'ai utilisées est 4 % du taux actuel. Et 2957 avant Jésus-Christ + 2017 AD = environ 5000 ans.

Il resteraient 2.2 %. Ce qui donne "31 600 ans". Et, c'est ce qu'on trouve chez les populations gravettiennes les plus vieilles, probablement après le Déluge déjà (4 % au Déluge serait donc un peu trop haut). Vérifions:

Oui, exactement. Si on part de la présupposition que le taux d'origine était à environ 100 ans, un résidu comme un taux actuel de 2.187 % va donner un âge de 31 600 ans. Et tout ce qu'il faut pour que ceci soit en réalité le temps du Déluge (ou un peu après, même), c'est que le taux d'origine n'était pas 100 %, mais 25 fois plus bas, donc 4 % du taux atmosphérique actuel. Pour une supposition 25 fois plus grand sur le taux d'origine, on fait une bourde de 6 fois l'âge réel.

Et il y a des gens qui se disent que des telles erreurs ne seraient pas mathématiquement possibles! Elles le sont, comme montré. Dire que les scientifiques ne peuvent pas se tromper de si beaucoup, c'est une connerie qu'on entend - et, comme constaté, pas des créationnistes.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Saints Anges Gardiens

* Radiometric Dating
A Christian Perspective
Dr. Roger C. Wiens

** Chemistry Fundamentals Program : Nuclear Decay Calculator
sur Shodor par UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Chemistry

*** 10 750 et 11 550 ans pour 27.3 % ou 24.7 %. Je vérifie ceci sur la calculatrice pour carbone 14 d'une autre université:

Carbon 14 Dating Calculator

UPenn = University of Pennsylvania, non?

Trop peu en entreprise, trop peu d'entre eux en famille

Deux nouvelles que j'avais repérés via CNEWS Matin, voici je cite leurs sources:

Plus de deux Français sur trois (68%) pensent que leur patron profitera de la réforme du Code du travail pour réduire leurs droits, même si 63% estiment que le code actuel est inadapté au monde du travail, d'après un sondage* OpinionWay publié mercredi 30 août.

Code du travail : 68% des Français craignent une réduction de leurs droits

Sur les 1018 dirigeants interrogés, issus de la base des 50.000 personnes inscrites sur (plateforme juridique en ligne, spécialiste des PME), 74% considèrent que la vie d'entrepreneur n'est pas compatible avec la vie de famille ou demande des sacrifices. Une estimation qui atteint même 78% chez les femmes. Un quart de cet échantillon confie même avoir remis à plus tard ou renoncé au projet d'avoir un ou des enfants. Cette proportion atteint 32% chez les entrepreneurs de moins de 49 ans. Ils sont 12% à y avoir carrément renoncé, dont 10% des entrepreneurs en couple. Dans le détail, ce sont 17% des 35-49 ans qui y ont carrément renoncé, un choix de vie qui concerne 18% des entrepreneurs du C.H.R (cafés, hôtels, restaurants), 17% du BTP et 16% de ceux évoluant dans l'agriculture et l'industrie.

Entrepreneuriat et vie de famille : un équilibre difficile à trouver

Si 68 % sont "en peur" ou en appréhensions par rapport à leur patron, ça veut dire que 68 % et encore davantage en a un.

Moins de 32 % sont entrepreneurs, donc.

Et les entrepreneurs, vont-ils bien?

Pas trop, si 25 % ont décidé de rapporter les enfants pour plus tard. Ou de ne pas vouloir avoir d'enfants, malgré couple. Même si ça est encore un peu moins, genre 10 % ou dix pourcent des plus jeunes que moi (j'ai 49 ans).

Chesterton nous avait enseigné que l'existence comme libre entrepreneur (surtout paysan) est la plus normale pour l'économie, et, repris de l'enseignement de l'église, un homme marié doit penser faire d'enfants.

C'est déjà idiot d'espérer avoir une économie pour les vieilles années si on ne fait pas d'enfants, et encore plus idiot pour un petit entrepreneur, qui n'as pas les mêmes assurances, pas la même sécurité sociale qu'un travailleur employé. Et la solution n'est pas de renommer les employés autoentrepreneurs pour avoir moins de salaire à donner : ça apporte peut-être à l'exploiteur, pas aux exploités.

L'idéal est donc que presque tout le monde a une famille, presque toute famille se nourrit de l'entrepreneuriat. C'est assez loin de ça d'avoir la majorité en salariés, et la majorité des entrepreneurs douteux sur la famille.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Saints Anges Gardiens

J'avais promis de la lecture en français "bientôt"

C'était avant-hier, et hier je n'ai pas été sur internet, voici j’attrape en donnant un lien vers quelques vieux articles:

Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : La Liberté ...

Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : "On peut tous écrire ..."

Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : Priez pour les victimes de la scolarité ...

Encore en arrière:

deretour : Georges Fennech inquiété par sa réussite

deretour : Franco mit fin aux bizutages à l'académie militaire

deretour : Par gratitude envers quelqu'un de très hospitable cette matinée...

deretour : Deux jours, une même asso

deretour : Idées reçues d'inspiration malthusienne

Trouble Finding Thomas Storck on FB, So Giving Reference from a Google

Discoveries or Heresies? Are you Catholics, Serviam? · Trouble Finding Thomas Storck on FB, So Giving Reference from a Google

Here is one article by himself and then one he links to in it:

What’s Wrong with Distributism
August 24, 2013, by Thomas Storck

And the other one:

Corporation Christendom: The True School of Salamanca
March 14, 2011, by Dr. Peter Chojnowski

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Discoveries or Heresies? Are you Catholics, Serviam?

Discoveries or Heresies? Are you Catholics, Serviam? · Trouble Finding Thomas Storck on FB, So Giving Reference from a Google

But politics and economics are not very much like doctrine. Nor is empirical science. They weren’t revealed from heaven. So they don’t just develop. They change. Sometimes radically. Revelation ended with the death of St. John on Patmos. Every single article of Christian faith was present, at least implicitly, among the apostles. That isn’t true of economics, politics or other fields such as natural science. Those fields find out new things and overturn false beliefs. Like the law of supply and demand. The time value of money. The centrality of individual rights. The earth revolving around the sun. Those are radical discoveries. Even innovations. In doctrine, the correct word for an innovation is a “heresy.”

The Pope Is Not an Oracle and the Church Is Not a Party
Serviam USA

"Revelation ended with the death of St. John on Patmos."

St John died - if that is the right word - in Ephesus, and he wrote the Gospel after Patmos. He was freed from Patmos by Emperor Nerva, after having been banned there by Domitian, who had before that tried to boil him in oil and failed to kill him. Learn your Church history!

"Every single article of Christian faith was present, at least implicitly, among the apostles."

You might perhaps forget implicitly, unless you simply mean translating terminology. Transsubstantiation can be called implicitly present, because Apostles were not using scholastic terminology - but not because there was any real unclarity about what it meant, which was later got rid of by discussion.

"That isn’t true of economics, politics or other fields such as natural science."

Possible .....

"Those fields find out new things and overturn false beliefs."

Finding out new things, OK. Overturning false beliefs? Not having discovered a new thing does not involve being in error over what is already discovered. Not having discovered hydrogen does not mean being in error over properties of water in fluid, frozen or avaproated forms.

I begin to sense a kind of fear we could be facing some kind of heresy of novelty here.

"Like the law of supply and demand."

This supposed law was proposed as objection by some Salamanca Jesuits and answered.

If bread is very scarce, money becomes momentarily very valueless. The fact that in such times you might sell a loaf of bread for a wheelbarrow load of paper money doesn't mean you have the right to do so. And no, the Austrian school did not get Salamaca school of theology right, any more than someone would be getting St Thomas right in claiming the first words in S Th I, Q 2, A 3 prove he promoted atheism. Stork has already answered this proposition. I'll ask him about the correct reference for this.

"The time value of money."

Answered several times over. Time is the gift of God to each of us, you can't buy or sell it for money. Or, money is not a biological entity developing offspring over time. Or, in money, the use is the right to dispose of it, and therefore it is consumption goods, like food, not a productive or wear capable commidity like a tool or a room or a car or a horse.

Perhaps you would refer to "lost opportunities for gain".

Now, there is a licit argument about these. Here is how it goes. Suppose I lend you two hundred dollars over a year. In October 1:st 2018, they are up (purely fictitious, I have no 200 dollars to lend you). Suppose before the time is up, perhaps even before I lend you them, decide to participate in a business opportunity which takes place October 2:nd 2018. But you don't pay in time, I don't have the money I counted on for 2.X.2018, I can't get the offer I counted on. That would entitle me to damages, not over how long I originally lent you money, but over losing after being in my right to count on having the money again.

This does not mean that I can charge you for the year if you pay on the day or before.

"The centrality of individual rights."

The right of a community is "more divine" than the right of an individual in it - or outside it.

Also, individual rights were in fact more respected in the Middle Ages, when their centrality was not preached, than now, when it is. You own a house, the government wants to build a road or a pipeline. You are told to get out, offered damages and opportunity to resettle, if you don't, police is going after you, most places. You owned a house in Paris, 1200, the King wanted to build a Church, you could actually be blocking the completion of the Church for a while. If you were old, chances are they would arrange your sons sell it to the Church after you die.

But pretend individual rights are central, you make them a challenge, and a challenge some community organisers will want to take up.

Some pseudo-communal rights are even formulated as "individual rights", even if it means "individual duties" : like "right to school". Or to "mental health treatment."

"The earth revolving around the sun."

Not a discovery. An error.

"Those are radical discoveries. Even innovations. In doctrine, the correct word for an innovation is a 'heresy'."

Yes, the word for these things too is heresy, in some cases. Charging for contractual time of a loan is not excusable according to Ecumenical Council of Vienne in Isère. If you just do it, you sin. If you exonerate it from sin, you are committing heresy in theory.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibl. R M Rilke
St Jerome


21 Sep 2017 16:00 – 28 Sep 2017 15:00 + 28 Sep 2017 17:00 – 29 Sep 2017 16:00

Australia 1 1 China 1 1 Taiwan 1 Thailand 1 Vietnam 1 Japan 1 Hong Kong 1 1 2 2 Nepal 1 Bangladesh 1 Sweden 7 1 1 1 1 1 Norway 1 Spain 1 3 2 9 1 Netherlands 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 Indonesia 5 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 Russia 84 3 11 7 12 4 15 1 Belgium 52 Philippines 1 1 1 Venezuela 2 Bosnia & Herzegovina 1 Luxembourg 1 India 1 Nigeria 1 Ecuador 1 Egypt 1 1 Portugal 2 1 1 Switzerland 2 1 Austria 1 Finland 2 Saudi Arabia 12 South Korea 10 29 5 22 Ireland 12 4 4 1 6 6 2 United Arab Emirates 1 6 1 United Kingdom 1 2 4 1 1 8 315 52 Poland 2 9 3 33 1 11 12 4 3 4 4 Canada 2 1 5 106 11 1 1 1 1 Morocco 1 Italy 2 1 80 98 179 222 26 72 75 64 United States 4 7 2 124 7 5 7 5 50 1 5 2 3 2 2 3 157 10 1 2 45 13 88 4 27 87 81 40 13 4 15 13 1 18 11 1 6 11 3 1 20 1 3 1 9 1 1 1 6 3 1 48 2 1 France 13 2 2 4 1 13 1 14 3 1 1 319 55 5 1 5 6 5 1 64 42 1 2 11 3 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 3 7 8 1 20 1 Ukraine 14 2 2 14 9 48 1 2 229 3 2 72 7 12 3 42 4 3 1 74 Germany 1 19 14 9 12 5 7 14 6 17 7 20 1 1 1 1 2 Brazil 1 1 1 5 3 1 11 12 15 2 1 3 1 11 1 1 Bulgaria 1

Here are some interesting older stats from a certain blog:

Since the readers on all these are in midhigh 1100's to lowmid 1200 (some rare high 1200 too), I suppose they are basically the same readership - all or most of them reading intently certain posts of mine on that blog and some passing down between some more of them, but none of this list getting really out of these readers into any other group of them or group of groups of them.

This is also a blog where I today posted my latest post:

somewhere else : History is Tradition

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Why Bloggers Are Not Backbiters

I do not know the exact situation of SSPX in Tulsa.

I do think Laramie Hirsch knows it well enough to write about it.

Now, when he had done so on his blog, a certain Jason Ferguson seems to have considered him guilty or reasonably suspect of backbiting.

I'll link to the post (though I know not the situation in Tulsa), and then copy three comments from under the post, namely by Ferguson, Hirsch, and myself.

In Ferguson's comment, he did not make the link clickable, I will vary his actual text so it is. My own words start with a quote from the link, in quotation marks and italics.

Blog post concerned
The Hirsch Files : Where's Tulsa's "Fr. Stan Rother"? SSPX Packs Up And Leaves.

Jason Ferguson
September 25, 2017 at 12:08 PM
After reading through your blog, I think you need a remedial lesson in the sins of the tongue.

Since anything written after 1960 would probably be suspect to you, probably try this little gem writen in 1870.

You are getting drawn into the Scylla that has drowned many a traditionalist Catholic while trying to avoid the Charybdis of modernism.

SINS OF THE TONGUE: The Backbiting Tongue
By Father Belet, of the Diocese of Basle

Laramie Hirsch
September 25, 2017 at 12:46 PM
Thank you for your constructive criticism.

Hans Georg Lundahl
September 27, 2017 at 2:54 AM
"This is truly the nature of backbiters. They cannot do physical harm to those who are absent, so they strike at them with their tongue."

Jason Ferguson, if Laramie Hirsch has given SSPX opportunity to respond and is willing to post any response given (with or without critical comments), he is not guilty of backbiting.

In oral speech, words carry only to a few yards.

Even at 20 yards, two men may be talking about a third who hears the word "malade" ("ill") and doesn't know exactly whom they are talking about, him or someone else, even if him is probable.

But writing on the internet (or otherwise in public) is of the nature to carry a lot further, and therefore, one need not be in the same room to have spoken in someone's presence : he can be told, by oneself or by someone else, and therefore react, precisely as if oral words are spoken to someone at arms' length with eye contact.

Sure, the person cannot slap or hit you on the spot, if he thinks you need it, he cannot shout and interrupt you, he cannot make a scene and phone police and psychiatry about your queer behaviour in it, but this kind of threat should not be the normal rationale for keeping quiet about someone's faults in his physical presence.

Therefore, the only way a blogger can be accused of backbiting is, if he is reasonably suspect of not daring to send his posts to the person concerned, and of being sufficiently stupid to believe no one else will do so.

Or if he posts anonymously, hoping no one will know he is the blogger.

Which I think Laramie Hirsch is NOT reasonably suspect of. Any of these scenaria.

So far our words under that blog post.

Now, if for instance someone at St Nicolas de Chardonnet has told his parishioners my blogs commit the sin of backbiting, and they would commit the sin of listening to a backbiter by reading my blogs, that is if so a real case of backbiting. Blogging is not backbiting, and calling a blogger a backbiter behind his back is to backbite him.

I also, when naming a person, try to contact him, I also write under my own name, I sign each longer article, even short articles have at their end the signature HGL, the only time I don't sign is when I am linking, or when I am posting a dialogue, or on a blog where I tend to post dialogues and perhaps also when the comment on a video is implying a dialogue with it, since there I would not be signing the words of the other party. In other words, I am not the extremely cowardly type of blogger who could be, exceptionally, a backbiter. I am the normal kind of blogger, who is not a backbiter.

Attacking an institution is a somewhat different affair, since no person is named whom I am putting blame on, and therefore I have no specific person to contact. Any reader who knows a person implied in such an institution who should be interested is however very welcome to bring my posts to his attention.

Also, some named persons are actually hard to get at : do not have email on their site, or reserve it for members on their forum, you need to sign up on their forum, and also have no FB page. In such a case I do the best I can to contact them.

I also make my blogs widely known, it is not as if I was speaking in a secret corner. I may be writing in a calm corner, but I am not writing for a secret corner. It is not for nothing I have sometimes posted posts with the statistics of my visitors. They are there as a reminder I am actually being read - and I know it.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Sts Cosmas and Damian

Il semble que des Chrétiens qui parlent leur anges gardiens sont envoyés aux hôpitaux psychiatriques

Je ne recommande pas les pratiques : ni de parler son ange gardien, ni d'envoyer quelqu'un en hôpital psychiatrique./HGL

PS : biensûr, je ne suis pas contre la prière Angele Dei qui custos es mei, ni de prier à son ange gardien en temps de tentation ou danger./HGL

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I Heard Bad News About Ireland

The law against abortion is nearly good, there is just a bit too much exceptions.

And now some nincompoops or evil enemies of Ireland and of all that is Catholic seem to be proposing to tear even that protection down.

In other words, it may well be Ireland may soon be sinking seven years before doomsday - in order to avoid the last tribulations, as St Patrick asked, but also as punishment for if such a referendum would allow abortion, or perhaps if Antipope Bergoglio is welcomed after that./HGL

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I Just Learned Nelson Rockefeller Died 1979

Why is this important?

Well, he was the guy who was responsible for Twin Towers, as Governor of New York State to very late in 1973. I had thought, on top of this, he had died in 2000, one year before 9-11. I had also said so, back when debating on Rockefeller in connection with trutherism in the Chomsky group.

No one there seems to have minded my being wrong by so much, it is only today that someone else (far more connected to truthers than to Chomsky) is telling me Nelson Rockefeller died in 1979. I checked, it seems to have been so, and I thanked him.

But back when I was on the Chomsky group, for some reason no one seems to have bothered contradicting me on the death date of Nelson Rockefeller.

Btw, I was on the Chomsky group because I am a linguist. I think Chomsky has been proven wrong on Creoles, they are not innate grammar, they are, as to Atlantic ones, a West African one. Portuguese with West African grammar, Dutch, English and French with a West African grammar. Then, I am interested in how he would apply tree diagrams to Latin too.

Anyway, I got no tree diagrams on Latin, I got no discussion of The Missing Spanish Creoles, by John McWhorter, AND, when discussing truthers, I was not corrected on the death date of Nelson Rockefeller.

Here is a link to this part of the discussion:

HGL'S F.B. WRITINGS : Debating Mainly on Trutherism, part II, in which I point finger at John Lindsay and Nelson Rockefeller (not forgetting Percy Sutton)

It involves, from today, a correction on this matter.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris X
St Matthew Apostle*

* In Aethiopia natalis sancti Matthaei, Apostoli et Evangelistae; qui, in ea regione praedicans, martyrium passus est. Hujus Evangelium, Hebraeo sermone conscriptum, ipso Matthaeo revelante, inventum est, una cum corpore beati Barnabae Apostoli, tempore Zenonis Imperatoris.

PS, checked, it seems I would have simply confused his lifetime with that of his eldest son Rodman Clark Rockefeller, died May 2000, one brother presumed dead since earlier and two brothers still alive. And if I didn't react, well, a governor of New York state in 1973 who makes that blunder could as well be 41 years old as the really 65 years he actually had. From January 1:st 1971 to December 31:st 1973 (a few days after Nelson left office), if wikipedian list is trustworthy, 4204 people had died in 47 plane crashes, and Aeroflot was only responsible for 16 of them, unless I missed a ? in the counting together of these. Here is the table:

65 0000 060 05 1971-03-31
78 0000 130 13 1971-05-23
50 0000 180 13 1971-06-06
68 0000 240 21 1971-07-03
97 0000 330 28 1971-07-25 V
162 0100 390 30 1971-07-30
111 0200 400 311971-09-04
63 0200 460 34 1971-10-02
50 0200 510 34 1971-11-09 X
69 0200 570 43 1971-11-10
52 0200 620 45 1971-11-12
57 0200 670 52 1971-12-01
91 0200 760 53 1971-12-24
reset 0900 110 03
reset 1000 010 03
104 1100 010 07 1972-01-07 XV
112 1200 020 09 1972-03-14
115 1300 030 14 1972-05-05
122 1400 050 16 1972-05-18
86 1400 130 22 1972-06-14
81 1400 210 23 1972-06-15 XX
118 1500 220 31 1972-06-18
156 1600 270 37 1972-08-14
101 1700 270 38 1972-08-31
109 1800 270 47 1972-10-01
reset 2000 070 47
reset 2000 110 07
reset 2100 010 07
174 2200 080 11 1972-10-13 XXV
60 2200 140 11 1972-10-27
61 2200 200 12 1972-11-28
155 2300 250 17 1972-12-03
101 2400 250 18 1972-12-29
176 2500 320 24 1973-01-22 XXX
66 2500 380 30 1973-02-19
108 2600 380 38 1973-02-21
79 2600 450 47 1973-02-24
reset 3000 090 07
68 3000 150 15 1973-03-05
58 3000 200 23 1973-03-19 XXXV
108 3100 200 41 1973-04-10
63 3100 260 44 1973-05-11
82 3100 340 46 1973-05-19
123 3200 360 49 1973-07-11
reset 3500 060 49
reset 3600 000 09
78 3600 070 17 1973-07-22 XL
88 3600 150 25 1973-07-31
86 3600 230 31 1973-08-13
56 3600 280 37 1973-08-18
108 3700 280 45 1973-09-30
122 3800 300 47 1973-10-13 XLV
51 3800 350 48 1973-12-16 XLVI
106 3800 350 54 1973-12-22 XLVII
sum 3800 404
sum 4204

And here is the wikipedian table:

Note that all air crashes involving fatalities fewer than 50, so 1 to 49, are left out here. So, what made Nelson Rockefeller so sure no plane would crash into Twin Towers? Good ethics in pilots? Hijacking had been going on since 1930's. Including a 40 day long Palestinian one, in 1968. Suicide attacks was no novelty either. Suicide attacks by plane had been done by the Japanese, during the war./HGL

Monday, 18 September 2017

Sheriff Knezovitch blamed "Glorifying Violence"

You can hear or read his comments here:

After School Shooting, Sheriff Gives Second Amendment Defense that Would Make Founding Fathers Proud
Breaking News 365 | Ajoutée le / added 17 sept. 2017

I found this:

Horrifying moment a student, 15, pulls out his gun in the middle of an American school in Mexico, shoots a teacher and two students and then kills himself

The shooter, named as Federico Guevara by Nuevo Leon state governor Jaime Rodriguez, then killed himself.

He had been treated for depression, and his motive is being investigated, said Rodriguez.

Uh, wait, perhaps "treatment for depression" would have sth to do with it? There have been cases other than this when Antidepressants have triggered grave violence! Or what do you say, CCHR?

I'll send the question over here:

And yes, the two school shootings are not the same, Mexico has no County Spokane, but I will send this to both places.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Joseph Cupertino

PS, perhaps the two fifteen year olds being caught in school situations that they hated could have sth to do with it too./HGL

PPS, contacted Spokane via emails, including to Sheriff, and Mexico and CCHR via FB./HGL

Sunday, 17 September 2017

And in Case Someone Wd Call Mark Shea a Dhimmi : Look Here


From Islam to Christ: One Woman's Path through the Riddles of God
Paperback – August 4, 2017
by Derya Little (Author)

Yes, this is not Mark Shea, it is Derya Little. So what has she to do with Mark Shea? Here, back on his blog:

I Interviewed Derya Little, Author of From Islam to Christ

God Bless!/HGL

PS, hearing her question "why couldn't God use evolution" is a bit like "why couldn't God just forgive, without sacrifice?" - the answer to both is : God is good, God is holy, He doesn't put us in too bad positions either morally nor theoretically.

See more thereon:

Creation vs. Evolution : Scenario impossible

And if you happen to think this is not Catholic, if you consider it kind of "Talmudic" to be Creationist, look here:

Creation vs. Evolution : I have been Asked if Kent Hovind didn't have Talmudic Positions?

In which, I quote the Magisterium of Pope St Pius X./HGL

Saturday, 16 September 2017

I do Differ from the Alt Right on Issues

I am not sure if you know of a cuss word among them for certain other non-leftists, "cuckservatives". I am not using it, and for a reason.

Here is Mark Shea on the matter:


Someone left the Church - or the Novus Ordo Sect - due to its stance on immigration.

Note, supporting mass immigration may be wrong for other reasons, but not for these two, the ones I put in bold, quoting what Mark Shea quoted himself, before answering it:

Today, however, Catholic leaders act like cuckolds and support the invasions of their own lands. You see this ranging from Pope Francis all the way to Cardinal Dolan, who openly supports the Third World invasion of the USA.

This is not a healthy church. It is a war upon Western Civilization, and I cannot be a part of it. The Catholic Church today is an enemy of Western Civilization.

Reason 1, "cuckolds" : if an immigrant marries a previously unwed maid or woman of our lands, either both baptised or neither baptised, that is not any one actually suffering cuckoldry, per se.

It does probably happen that Muslim men do think this or that Western man is a loser and his wife needs someone better, and they are sometimes in a position to call him and treat him as a loser. The problem in such a case is not so much in their geographical position as in their social one, and even more, in how much more social position has come to mean than marriage.

It is marriage we must defend, not whiteness, if we do not want to suffer cuckoldry.

It could come to immigrants being too much against a defense of Christian marriage, too much for women divorcing "losers" and remarrying, but the mere fact of an immigrant being here is not cuckoldry, and the fact of an immigrant marrying here, including a Western woman, according to both being or lacking Baptism, is also not cuckoldry. A Persian cultural Muslim of atheist convictions marries a woman raised atheist and never baptised, she is not committing adultery, and a Congolese Catholic coming here marrying a Catholic, she is not committing adultery because he is Congolese. Learn what words mean!

Calling that "cuckoldry" is like saying that all white women in general are married to all white men in general, even before marriage. Ku Klux Klan seems to have historically supported that kind of thing, but it was founded by an anti-Christian mystagogue named Albert Pike, among others. It is Plato at his worst (i e book VI of The State / The Republic). If even that.

Reason 2, "third world" vs "Western Civilisation" : the Third World is part of Western Civilisation.

The Muslim world is not part if Western Civilisation. The Confucian and Shinto and Buddhist world is not part of it, neither is the Hindoo world : because they are not parts of Christendom, because their tradition is not Christian.

In the West, Christianity has a worse enemy than immigrant Confucians or Muslims, even if these on occasion do support this enemy : Marxist Socialism. But note, if Alt Right takes on too much of the tone of Ku Klux, there may come a day when Alt Right too is an enemy.

And Mark Shea replied on the same lines, urging the man to return to the Faith of Charles Martel.

Shall we check with history of the Christendom of Charles Martel did on occasion accept immigrants?

Sagen aus Österreich : Der Purbacher Türke

Now, this was Burgendland, an area with some Calvinistic influence, which was up to World War I not Archduchy of Austria, or (except some decades) Empire of Austria, but Kingdom of Hungary. In a more purely Catholic area of Austria, he might even been free and married, that Turk, once he had been baptised.

And of course, we have the cases of Fraxinet:

Here, the Moors actually had an enclave, up to the provocation of detaining Saint Majolus of Cluny. Next year, Moors were down in the Var, battle of Tourtour liberated the area. But the problem was not that the Moors were living in France. The problem is they tried to play lords here. That they had committed acts of piracy before this deed and now cronwed them by a sacrilege.

I don't know if the man cited above really ceaed to be Catholic totally, or if he profited from too much tolerance of Ku Klux positions in his non-Vatican II surroundings, at least more tolerance than he would have had from me, especially on as great an occasion as getting out of Novus Ordo, had I been a priest receiving him to a parish resisting Novus Ordo (SSPX, Sede Vacante or - as my allegiance - under Pope Michael).

I am not sure Mark Shea made the difference. I sometimes suspected he may be considering me as a National Socialist, which I am not. His words to the Alt Righter deserve some quoting:

You are an Alt Right racist, not a conservative. And you are a heretic at war with Jesus Christ in grave danger of the everlasting fires of hell in your infatuation with white supremacist worship of power. You asked no question because you are a liar.

If you do not return to the Faith, the faith of Charles Martel, you stand in grave danger of burning for all eternity in hell.

Race worship has been done before. Holy Church condemns it as she always has. Christ alone, not your blood or soil or DNA, can save you.

Repent or you shall be damned.

Manly enough for you?

Well, I am not sure he is not committing hasty judgement. Invasion is on certain occasions a somewhat apt word for how certain immigrants have behaved. And some of them have also behaved so ill, that even cuckold is not totally off, namely by gang rapes, for those supporting these guys stay here after prison. And some seem to have been eager to decide who is a "loser" - in my own case this has not meant a divorce, but not getting married : BUT the immigrants who have been involved in that (and I think some have, considering I drink beer with my supper, when I can afford it and considering I have compared Moahmmed to Joseph Smith and supported the French taking of Algers in 1830) could have done nothing without ample backing or even abetting from non-immigrant Socialists and side help from some Conservatives who are Catholics, except a bit too fond of the Alt Right.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Cergy L'Astrolabe
St Edith

Friday, 15 September 2017

Bonum Festum Septem Dolorum

Christifidelibus exopto./HGL

Today we Celebrate Our Lady of Sorrows

There is a prayer to the Seven Sorrows, appropriate today.

There is also a prayer to the Seven Joys, and searching for it, I found a manual of Franciscan Tertiaries. It also included a martyrology of Franciscan Tertiaries or perhaps also Franciscans of First and Second orders. From it, I found this:

This reminds me also of a man who gave me instructions on liturgy, devotions and other things useful for a Catholic, along with some rants about how he missed his wife (he was a widower all the years I knew him, up to dying in 1992). He had made a pilgrimage to Assisi, and written about it, and also been a boy scout leader : he always (when weather permitted - which included rough weather in his opinion) were scout uniform.

He was also an artists and a graphology fan (his brother had been a graphologist).

Would you mind praying for the repose of Karl Einar Michael Kedja?/HGL

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bonum Festum Exaltationis Sanctae Crucis

Christifidelibus exopto./HGL

Exaltatio sanctae Crucis, quando Heraclius Imperator, Chosroa Rege devicto, eam de Perside Hierosolymam reportavit.

Friday, 8 September 2017

A Thirtieth Anniversary for His Holiness Pope Michael

This mail came today, Nativity of Our Lady, 2017, at 4:44 PM:

Thirty years ago on the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1987 I received a letter, which changed my life.

“If anyone assert that it is not the institution of Our Lord Jesus Christ, or of Divine right, that St. Peter has PERPETUAL successors in the office of Supreme Pastor over the Universal Church; let him be anathema.” When I read this from the only Vatican Council, I immediately realized three things:

  • A papal election was possible.

  • The ecclesiastical law limiting a papal election to Cardinals must step aside in favor of this doctrine (quoted above).

  • It was my duty to do all in my power to bring about such an election.

    Through this letter, God revealed His will to me. God speaks to us in many ways.

And the rest is history. For almost three years I contacted people world wide in order to encourage them to participate in electing a Pope. And an election was accomplished on July 16, 1990. True, I was elected that day, but my life changed when I realized what must be done.

I have made a video on this as well.

The video and three more:

Thirtieth Anniversary
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 8 sept. 2017

What If There Was Another Papal Election The Same Time As Yours?
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 4 sept. 2017

How Should We Act In A Time Of Confusion
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 25 août 2017

The Coming Persecution
Pope Michael
Ajoutée le 11 août 2017

Bonum Festum Nativitatis Beatae Mariae Virginis

lectoribus Christifidelinus exopto./HGL

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Il semble qu'il y a eu une confusion entre deux sites suédois (maintenant était et reste (avec nouvelle adresse) une communauté pour des styles vestimentaires et musicaux alternatifs, genre, synth, goths, métallique, surtout des gens entre 16 et 40. est pour les fétischistes et bdsm.

Pas mal sur étaient aussi sur darkside. Moi, non. Et quand je dis "pas mal", je parle de quelques notables et leurs associés./HGL