Friday, 11 March 2016

Dangerously obsolete?

Just a few lines from a post on lifesite:

After a lengthy debate over coffee, muffins and cantaloupe, French wrote, “it eventually came down to this. [My friend] looked at me and said, ‘Your beliefs are so dangerously obsolete, they should be silenced.’”

“You’re forgetting the small detail that conservatives have constitutional rights,” French shot back.

“The constitution,” her friend said coldly, “should be amended.”

Wrote French, “She ended the conversation and our friendship by saying she didn’t want to discuss this further because my status as a Christian meant I lacked the mental skills to have an intelligent debate. Her last words spoken to me were ‘You only believe in faith … not logic.’”

A view can hardly be dangerous if it is obsolete!

It can only be dangerous if it is current, at least in some degree.

Obsolete means "out of use":

obsolete (adj.)
1570s, from Latin obsoletus "grown old, worn-out," past participle of obsolescere "fall into disuse, be forgotten about, become tarnished," which probably is from ob "away" (see ob-) + an expanded form of solere "to be used to, be accustomed" (see insolent).

Obviously, any view which at any time is dangerous is one which at the time is NOT obsolete, one which IS in at least some limited use!

It is the moderns who, not believing in faith, do not believe in logic EITHER.

In the Western world, except among very poor villagers and similar subcultures, if even as much, the view expressed in Tolkien's chapter "Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor" that Sun and Moon are a kind of lanterns carried about by a kind of angelic spirits was obsolete, and therefore not at all dangerous when Tolkien expressed it.

But by now, it is becoming dangerous again, since I have put it back in use. My fellow Geocentric Sungenis is very eager to ... well, silence it:

HGL's F.B. writings : Debating with Sungenis, Mainly
[see sections I, III, V and VI]

If he had been dealing with "Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor" in original context, he would probably have been less .... incoherent and over eager. He is seemingly NOT ready for letting scholastic philosophy judge scientific paradigm, unless VERY well and clearly supported in Bible and Church Fathers, which he thinks, with some right, angelic movers are not.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Friday after Laetare Sunday

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