Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Must one have experience, ideally collective, before publishing sth?

I just found this little detail on a short biography of Wilbur and Orville*:

Both Wilbur and Orville did well at school, but neither went to university. Wilbur’s plans to attend Yale College and become a clergyman like his father were dashed when he lost most of his teeth in an accident while playing ice hockey. It was only years afterwards when he was fitted with artificial teeth that his confidence to speak in public resumed. After the accident, Wilbur spent several years at home caring for his dying mother.

In March 1889, Wilbur and Orville started producing a newspaper in Dayton. Seventeen-year-old Orville was the publisher and 21-year old Wilbur was editor. Soon they were publishing other newspapers as well. However, in 1892, they became fascinated with a more mechanical interest—the bicycle.

Well, one man of 17 and one of 21 get together to produce a newspaper.

As culture seems to be now, if you are 17 and 21, you may be getting a place cleaning the office of a newspaper. Or, if you are pretty, you may be making articles about dances and cinemas, you may even start doing interviews with rock stars, such as think your paper is worth an interview. Or if you are empty headed and politically correct, you may be writing about the worries of the young.

In 1889, two brothers of 17 and 21 were doing an entire newspaper, if more than they wrote, it was they who judged about it.

Some would not like publishing to return to that state of freedom.

They would ALSO not like my articles to be published. For other reasons.**

Hans Georg Lundahl
La Défense
Easter Wednesday

* CMI : The Wright brothers: pioneers of the skies
by Ann Lamont

** If you have heard the canard "no one is reading his blogs", look at my summary of the stats, even if you are unable to understand French. The word "mille" means "thousand":

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