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I am NOT into Illuminati, NOR into Spammers

I don't know if this is an Illuminato camouflaging as a spammer or a spammer camouflaging as an Illuminato, which is very likely.

I do know I don't like this kind of attention. Here:

Not Supporting Canada Herein

Vox Cantoris : Ontario Court of Appeal to hard case of Christian father

Vivat Steve Tourloukis!

We live in a time when abnormal parents can meddle in their offpsrings' lives on supposed account of them being immature, well after them turning 18, but where normal parents cannot defend their children under their normal care against a school board.

Or a social service board - as back in 1983 when they decided against my mother homeschooling me in 9th grade with a correspondence course which was publically endorsed./HGL

Can One Wish Happy Birthday to People who Died?

Antoine Saint-Exupéry was born on this holy feast of Sts Peter and Paul, back in 1900.

RIP, if you still need it!

And I read a very lauding criticism of him on Pravoslavie:

Antoine de Saint-Exupery as a Christian
Archpriest Andrei Ovchinnikov
Translated by Dmitry Lapa 26 / 01 / 2017

Now, Antoine was in fact a Christian - like Tolkien was. But deducing this is as easy from Lord of the Rings in one case as from Little Prince in the other.

I may be oversensitive, coming from a Sweden where Astrid Lindgren finishes an otherwise brilliant story meditation over the last times with a double suicide, a death jump, not as the former death jump in order to save the brother's life, but on the contrary to save the other brother from a life in pain, and having in my teens had to overcome temptation to suicide at least once or twice*, but the death of the Little Prince seems suicidal (he allows a snake to bite him so he dies), while Tolkien very clearly admonishes against anything suicidal. Yet, Antoine gets praise as a Christian from this work, and Tolkien gets undeserved warnings from Yuri Maximov on same site.** Against which I defended him, back here:

Answering Yuri Maximov on Tolkien, on the Lord of the Rings

I think there is a common theme on what might be wrong with Russian Orthodox spirituality.

The next problem is that in general life of all Tolkien's creatures (elves, dwarves, humans, hobbits etc.) looks rather senseless. They struggle heroicly, it is described very vividly and breathtakingly but all of them dream of peaceful life, they struggle for it and die. In their struggle there is sense. But the peaceful life as their purpose looks extremely wan and senseless as an old faded picture stuck onto the wall. / Yuri

Christian life always presupposes our development. We should seek for something lighter and better all the time. / Andrei

Yes, God appreciates our struggle. Yes, the Christian life is warfare.

But no, taking a breath, or seeking a quiet life, these are not sins, at least not major ones. These are not senseless pursuits.

Ecclesiasticus 24 : [11] And by my power I have trodden under my feet the hearts of all the high and low: and in all these I sought rest, and I shall abide in the inheritance of the Lord.

If Wisdom herself has said "and in all these I sought rest", why would it be wrong for a man to seek rest, in ways that are not sinful?***

Russians seem not to be getting that!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Sts Peter and Paul

* I was greatly aided by C. S. Lewis' description of Hell.

** "The Lord of the Rings" and Christianity
Yuri Maximov 27 / 01 / 2003

*** A monk who has vowed to take a fight to be better every single day as a Christian is a somewhat other thing.

Is John Horvath Just about the Young?

Perpetual Adolescence: When Coming of Age Doesn’t Come
By John Horvat II

"One in three of those between the ages of 18 and 34 live with their parents."

More "immature" young ones?

Or less ease in getting the jobs they were counting on?

Less ease in getting appartments or other housing?

Less ease in getting married than ever before?

Some 30 percent of all college students drop out after their first year. A recent test of college seniors found that one-third could not make cohesive arguments, think critically, or evaluate the quality of data.

More "immaturity" in college students?

Or more college students recruited from people who could have done better elsewhere?

If so, more "immaturity" in the choice?

Or more of default choices, "faute de mieux" as they say here?

Also, it might very well be those doing that test are asking about a more specific culture than ever before.

If you were tested for coherent argumentation 100 years ago, you would probably need to avoid undistributed middles and unbacked premisses. End of story. Today, a Christian or Muslim or Animist can be "failing" simply because he is not evaluating in terms of diamat.

OK, not quite all there is to it. At certain universities 100 years ago, a Catholic believing St. Botulf came to Iccanhoe and literally evicted demons from what then became the Boston of Yorkshire might have been considered inadequate in his evaluation of quality of data too at certain universities, not least Cambridge and Ivy League with their heavily Anti-Catholic leaning. But he would not have been failing a "test". He would have been told "sorry, we think you are a superstitious Papist if you believe that kind of stuff, we don't encourage you saying it from OUR platform". This is basically the reason why Hilaire Belloc quit University after five years (coincidentally the time I have exams for, even if they took me longer).

One hundred years ago, then, maturity was not per se considered testable in the kind of tests those students failed (I have not yet looked up the link).

And, above all, one hundred years ago, so many older people would not have used so much perfidy to stamp younger particulars (or younger people in general) as "immature" and therefore needing some more mentoring. With fewer young per old and more old per young, such perfidy is one way out of a perplexity, so many old having so much to give and so few young being able or willing to listen to them. This comes from contraception and abortion.

Even so, most of the older ones are encouraging abortion at least in certain cases and are also encouraging contraception. That is not as backhanded as a man of 34 actually living with his parents. That is about as backhanded as a man of 18 planning in advance to live with his parents to 34 in an apartment made for one generation of adults + their children. And hoping that after that he will have a good job and a house of his own at 35.

Even John Horvath II will presumably admit, most of the young men and women of 34 living with their parents did not plan to do so in advance, they just failed to do better. That poses the question whether they failed to do better due to an immaturity in themselves or due to outer circumstances they could not possibly have foreseen, including but not limited to a behaviour by older people unprecedented in the West in at least recent centuries - and I would say in centuries back to Nimrod and the Pharaos or even in centuries back to before the Flood.

Even I will agree that a man of 18 agreeing to stay with a parent or grandparents with the intention of doingb so up to 34 would be a very immature person. So immature I even suppose he is part of a new mythology : less well documented than Cyclopes (at least Ulysses claimed to have seen one at uncomfortably close range).

BUT we both know that older people at once counting on pensions staying a decent outcome for old persons and encouraging contraception up to abortion do indeed exist and are indeed in a majority in the West (look where votes are going!) We know they are no more mythological than Indians learning scalping from Indian Hunters. They are no more mytholical than the Muslim Pirates of Algeria whom the French were hanging in 1830 (probably the finest moment of French Algeria, up to the ones who were walking to relieve besiged comrades with food and basically martyred for this in the shooting of 26 March 1962, rue d'Isly).

This extreme unwiseness in so many old people poses the question how much of the young are really in situations like living with parents at 34 due to being unwise themselves, and how many are so due to being pushed out of situations where their wisdom could have counted.

At 14 I was in love with a girl for the first time. I had no idea one could even imagine what I think now, that it would be a good idea to bring back marital age minima to the millennial 14 / 12 limit of the Catholic Church up to 1917. I just thought, if I could only persuade her to love me too, we would get engaged, we would fight for a life together for the four following years, we would marry at 18, when I would have made good use of my talents (including as a writer, hadn't noticed Tolkien was about 50 when he published The Hobbit - that immaturity I did have at 14! - including as a composer - even before I was good at counterpoint, before I had read the music theory I know now), but also done some less inspiring stuff for the good cause. And I probably would have.

Older people, not including my mother, but certainly including both her parents and the school we were at were very much NOT inclined to let it get even as far as my talking to her. Or, she already had fallen for my rival, whichever it was. BUT, they probably (the following is my estimate, not my knowledge) preferred getting me away from her, just in case their story should finish and she should have a weak spot for me once that happened. Their story did finish, as he told me when we were going to enroll for military service. But I was not around, I had been given the choice between Bladins - a school for mentally handicapped in Malmö - or SSHL, a boarding school, near Stockholm, involving me in full day train rides each beginning or end of holiday.

I and my mother, neither of us could have foreseen how demoralising or how infantilising for me that school would be during the 4 years I was there. The "study rector" (someone subsidiary to the principal) of that school was an old fashioned and old man (back then!) with as I learned later Kantian or close enough ideas, he seemed decent. A good change from a school where I suppose the infiltration from East German Stasi indoctrination was high, it would seem. Only later did I know Greta Olsson was not the same kind of person as Folke Åkerblom. Widow of one freemason, lover of another (whom she married when the widow pension was abolished), a kindly person to chat with, but ultimately bent on driving me away from the faith. Instead she and my comrades and harrassers got me to convert to Catholicism. Her revenge (or so it would seem) was to tell my grandmother I simply could not live in a student corridor, I had to live with her, if it was at all possible. Which I did, socially ruining my first years at university, morally ruining my first year as practising Catholic.

THIS is the kind of situation you cannot simply consider someone as victim of his own immaturity for being a victim of.

Such older persons as my grandmother or as Greta Olsson are older persons God did not create young persons to be normally facing. Not to mention the ones at the earlier school.

Could the presence of such old people be one clue why some have chosen university studies they had NO aptitude for (something one has claimed about me, without cause!) and why some are still or once again living with parents at 34?

Indeed, I think the presence of such old people is a key to understanding the immaturity of "adolescence". Back 300 years ago, a 14 old year man could be doing a farm work important enough form him to afford marriage, if he was modest about his abode, or advancing from apprentice to journeyman (=employee), or preparing to go to University at 15 (as I mentioned in connection with Cardano, with some help from a certain "Boniface"). If you analyse my intentions as here stated back when I was fourteen, you might find that I might have done better than I did, if I had not been brought to such hard choices so soon, with so little room for real good. I would have been a young adult and was forced to be socially regarded as an awkward adolescent. OK, some awkwardness there would have been anyway, I presume, I was also a fatty up to the first Lenten fast when I converted.

If you came across Maurice Cling just after he had gone through Auschwitz, without being gassed, without seeing anyone being gassed, but not without hearing of such things, would not he have given you a great spectacle of ... immaturity? Especially perhaps ... passivity? Is that because his parents (Jewish businessmen, in cloth, father decorated for service in WW-I) or the Jewish boyscouts had given him no education? Is that because Auschwitz had given him no education? Or is it because Auschwitz had given him the WRONG education, because of his being a Jew? Well, beware lest you endorse giving anyone what is in fact the WRONG education, just because he is young or - in your view - "immature".

A young man that shows up on time for work one day might claim he is “adulting.” He is not assuming adult habits but merely temporarily leaving his perpetual adolescence.

A man of 24 back 500 or 700 years ago would not necessarily have been an employee. If he had been a good journeyman from age 14, he could fairly easily have been a master of his trade at 24 (easier 700 years ago, than 200 years later). Companies were smaller and more numerous. This means that more were self employed and even employing others, fewer were employed by others (unless, as said, between 14 and 24), in the town trades.

A person of 14 has the capacity to be mature if given a chance, and modern society is built on NOT giving him a real chance until 30. Or by now perhaps 40.

Your example is an example of "(im)mature employee" from the view point of a boss. But 700 years ago, most of these employees, whether "mature" or "perpetual adolescents" (meaning bosses are taking on a role of quasi parental judges of maturity!) would not have been employees at all. Supposing they had been serfs on a manor, in some ways the serfs on a manor had more freedom than employees have now. They were certainly able to support families quicker.

Not that I particularly uphold serfdom and manorial economy as an ideal. But I am not sure those upholding employment under bosses as the most normal ideal for an adult are in a position to criticise serfdom too much. Especially not if they are blocking persons from becoming their own, if they are blocking both a writer and composer (my ambitions at 14 are not totally unrealised) and the young in the parish who could have profited as paper-editors* or performing musicians.**

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Sts Peter and Paul

* Paper-editors : i e as by contrast with my editing the primary and for free net publication of what I write. ** Yes, I have a particular parish in mind!

PS, for what it is worth as consolation, some of today's young may be better on this:

... than on this:

I am not one of them./HGL

PPS, I looked at the source for one third not being able to think critically, construct a coherent argument, etc. It seems John Horvath is either a bit off on critical thinking himself or endorsing the secrecy of certain "pay only" informations for online reading.

His immediate source here on Glenn Beck's site gives no details about the test, just a speech held and supposed to presuppose it. This in turn links to an article in Wall Street Journal where the preview gives no details either and I would have to subscribe to read the rest./HGL

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Why is Google Not Making My Blog Post Searchable?

Here is a link to the post:

New blog on the kid : Philadelphia!

Can YOU find it via google?/HGL

PS, the blog as such can be found:

Trump and Scalise

I heard a tirade by an US citizen on vacation in Paris about how Donald Trump could do nothing to end abortion.

Legislation being Congress, not President.

I had been somewhat confused on that issue, since in Sweden legislation used to be parted between King and Riksdag. As were declarations of wars. Taxation was Riksdag only, administration, including justice, King only. So, Trump cannot make a law to outlaw abortion.

But Scalise can vote such a law, I heard he was shot in the hip, and hope he is recovering or has recovered now.

I am glad, from this video, to know that Trump is at least also a personal friend of Scalise:

The Next News Network

Otto, if you are in Heaven you will know, his family, I can tell you my parents were drinking warm beer (etymology of your family name) in Warszaw within hours of probably making me.

I recommend you to take a Pilsner Urquell, heat it until it first foams, then ceases to foam, and serve when it starts foaming again. That is how I like warm beer, and next time I drink some, I'll toast to the memory of Otto.

I hope, unless I forget ...

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Crescens of Galatia*

* In Galatia sancti Crescentis, qui fuit beati Pauli Apostoli discipulus. Hic, in Gallias transitum faciens, verbo praedicationis multos ad fidem Christi convertit; regressus vero ad gentem cui specialiter datus erat Episcopus, demum, sub Trajano, cum Galatas ipsos usque ad finem vitae suae in opere Damini confirmasset, martyrium consummavit.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Bonum festum Sancti Ioannis Baptistae

Christifidelibus lectoribus exopto./HGL

Nativitas sancti Joannis Baptistae, Praecursoris Domini, ac sanctorum Zachariae et Elisabeth filii, qui Spiritu Sancto repletus est adhuc in utero matris suae.

Romae commemoratio sanctorum plurimorum Martyrum, qui a Nerone Imperatore, ut a se incensae Urbis odium averteret, calumniose accusati, diverso mortis genere jussi sunt saevissime interfici. Horum siquidem alii, ferarum tergis contecti, laniatibus canum expositi sunt; alii crucibus affixi; aliique incendio traditi, ut, ubi defecisset dies, in usum nocturni luminis deservirent. Erant hi omnes Apostolorum discipuli, et primitiae Martyrum, quas Romana Ecclesia, fertilis ager Martyrum, ante Apostolorum necem transmisit ad Dominum. ...

Grey Pride - ça existe

Il y a des vieux pédés qui ont choppé le SIDA à une époque quand c'était encore davantage courant parmi les pédés que maintenant.

Et qui, étant justement vieux, ne sont pas très attractifs.

Pendant quelques années j'ai eu peur d'avoir choppé le SIDA moi-même. J'avais été accueilli par un vieux pédé. J'avais une mémoire de ne pas avoir protesté quand il me proposait de coucher dans le même lit, mais de l'avoir repoussé quand il approchait la main vers certaines régions. Et ensuite, le réveil, j'avais mal au cul. J'avais peur qu'il m'avait abusé pendant sommeil ou ivresse, et il me montrait le portrait d'un "ami" qui était mort, probablement en ... SIDA ... au moins à mon avis d'hypersensible "lisant entre les lignes" de ce qu'il disait. Et de peureux.

Avait-il le choppé aussi? L'avais-je moi-même? Des années plus tard je me vois obligé de cautériser un endroit où j'avais involontairement été en contact avec le seringue d'un drogué. Mais je le fais un peu trop tard, le lendemain. Bonne occasion de me faire dépister - et pour protéger le drogué j'évoque en des mots lacunaires l'histoire avec le vieux pédé devant les médecins. J'étais clean - après les deux risques.

Mais évoquons le sujet de Grey Pride. Le vieux là m'avait répéré quand j'étais en train de faire une pause quand j'avais 17 et étais à Strasbourg sur un tour intérrail. J'étais seul, fatigué, épuisé, je repoussais les premiers soupçons que le mec m'inspirait. Une hospitalité ça me parlait. Le soir allait être un peu plus monotone que j'avais espéré : un pédé qui essaie de séduire en parlant juste de sentiments, qui en plus ne respecte pas les sentiments hétérosexuels directement évoqués par moi, mais qui voulait tamponner ça comme une amourette, je ne savais pas ce qu'était le grand amour, en plus avide de me faire partager son deuil du copain perdu.

Non, parmi des hommes plus vieux que moi, comme causeurs, s'il y a eu du pire, il y a certainement eu du mieux aussi.

Celui-là était rélativement riche et pouvait se payer de prétexter l'hospitalité.

Il y a qui sont, comme dit, atteints de SIDA, vieux et encore pauvres. Et qui font quelque chose qui s'appelle Grey Pride, en marge de ce spectacle que je viens de soupçonner avait lieu mais dont je n'étais pas cette année averti par l'internet en avance, d'où ma non-évitation cette année.

Oui, il y a Grey Pride. Il y a des hommes qui choisissent un mode de vie qui détruira deux fois leur vieillesse, par le manque d'enfants et par la mauvaise santé d'un patient de SIDA. Et qui, arrivés à leur vieil âge détruit par ce choix, arrivent encore à en être fiers.

Étonnant, non?

Ce qui est moins étonnant est qu'il y a des jeunes qui ne réussissant pas leurs amours hétérosexuels, qui permettent qu'ils soient réduits en amourettes par une société qui n'aime pas que les jeunes s'épousent et échappent à des divers mentorats trop tôt, se laissent influencer dans le mauvais sens qui je viens de voir.

Et quelles belles gouines! Je les comprends. Comment peut-on être amoureux ou amoureuse d'un homme? Nous sommes si imparfaits ...

Et pourtant il y a des gens parmi nous hommes qui arrivent de trouver une femme amoureuse de lui. Peut-être parce que les femmes sont aussi pratiques et pas trop poussées sur l'intention de participer à un Grey Pride.


Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris IV
Nativité de St. Jean Baptiste

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Refaire le péché d'Adam n'est pas une brillante idée

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Comment savons-nous le Moyen Âge? · New blog on the kid : Refaire le péché d'Adam n'est pas une brillante idée · Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Comment savons-nous l'histoire primordiale?

Ce matin, je parlais à un homme qui est de en dehors de la caste intellectuelle. Ce qui n'empêche nullement d'être intelligent, il l'était au moins sur un sujet. Plus son boulot de barista, faire que le café soit bien mais pas trop bien pressé en dessous du jet d'eau de la machine n'est pas à la portée d'absolument tous et chacun, j'en suis moi-même un peu handicapé (j'ai essayé).

L'évolutionnisme a quelque part une ambiance de "la connaissance" et d'y croire est donc en quelque manière de manger le fruit de la connaissance. Et Satan est quelque part présent pour souffler au moins à certains qu'ils seront comme des dieux.

Dans les Années Trente, la plupart des gens qui s'intéressaient pour l'Atlantide avaient une curiosité si par hazard ils descendent des dieux et pour certains même s'ils re-seront un jour des dieux. À Tolkien d'écrire à la suite un conte titré Akallabêth qui raconte l'Atlantide, à l'inverse, avec la moralité que c'est la diable qui souffle "vous serez comme des dieux" et il rigole de ceux qu'il trompe.

Si l'Atlantide est démodée, il y aura d'autres curiosités. L'évolutionnisme ne l'est pas encore, il est encore en mode; pourtant, comme l'avait constaté le bariste, il est faux.

Par tel ou tel volcan on peut déjà savoir que la méthode potassium argone ne fonctionne pas pour le présent, et pourquoi donc fonctionnerait-elle pour le passé? Néanmoins, il y en a à y croire, par exemple que les empreintes de pieds de Laetoli sont d'il y a un million d'années et demi. Et que donc l'humanité a fait un énorme progrès depuis, car lescrânes trouvés "de ce temps" à la région ressemblent à des singes. Et pour ce qu'il y a des vrais hommes datés par carbone 14 à il y a 40 000 ans, le seule chasse et cueillette pour des dizaines de milliers d'années, on imagine que peut-être l'homme a évolué lui-même aussi, qu'il n'a pas juste fait évoluer ses moyens de subsistence.

On a des gens qui s'imaginent vraiment comme des dieux en train de redéfinir le bien et le mal : quand le vrai Dieu a couplé le sexe et la procréation, eux, ils disent que le plaisir devrait être accessible sans les enfants ou qu'on pourra nier à des gens qui se font ce plaisir d'avoir d'enfants, même à un homme et à une femme mariés. Et aussi ils disent que ceci devrait être accessible pour ceux qui ne veulent pas bosser pour leurs enfants mais, aussi, pour ceux dont ils disent qu'ils ne devraient pas faire d'enfants.

Et inversement, pour d'autres, ils disent qu'ils ne devraient pas rester stériles involontairement. Ils proposent la conception par éprouvette, un embryon pour le couple, trois pour la mort, directement ou par la recherche - ce qui est une tuérie de trois hommes.

Et si les parents (normaux) ont déjà leurs enfants, ce n'est pas encore fini. Il y a les DDAS (en Norvège, Suède, Danemark et Finlande ils ont probablement un récord mondial d'enlèvements des parents : en Suède, il y a 14 ans, j'ai lu la statistique qu'un tiers des placements devaient être interrompus, à propos le cas d'une fille qui était de retour chez son père, le vrai, après d'avoir été aggressé sexuellement par son père d'accueil). Et l'école plus ou moins obligatoire. Et s'il y a quelqu'un que l'un ou l'autre ne fait pas évoluer, il y a la psychiatrie aussi.

Oui, il y a des gens qui semblent croire à ce fameux "vous serez comme des dieux" : ils se comporte de manière à signaler à d'autres qu'ils sont restés des simples mortels.

Souvent, je ne parle pas de ceci, je préfère fustiger les technicalités à propos la fausse connaissance. Moins les volcans et potassium - argone. Et davantage carbone 14 qui, en même temps qu'il ne donne pas une gamme correcte du temps écoulé, il en donne au moins une gamme corrigible selon la chronologie biblique, quand on tient compte d'un taux de carbone 14 qui monte.

"Il y a 40 000 ans" - ça pourrait être il y a 4974 ans, l'année du Déluge (2957 avant Jésus-Christ, selon St Jérôme).

En 4974 ans, on doit avoir en chaque échantillon 54,788 % du taux à l'origine. Si donc le taux qui reste est de par exmple 0,792 % du taux atmosphérique, on présume que ça aurait baissé de 100 % à 0,792 %, ce qui prendrait 40 000 ans. Si en réalité on a eu 4974 ans, on n'a perdu que 45,212 %, le taux d'origine doit être 1,445 ou 1,446 %.

Et si le taux vient de monter à 69 fois le taux d'origine, ceci n'est pas arrivée en une nuit, il y a eu une montée lente. Et encore pas trop lente, elle doit avoir fini avant le début de l'ère chrétienne et encore un peu en avant.

Mais, bien-sûr, si l'étude de cette montée, les diverses approches où je peux y aller (et je multiplie les tables sur mes blogs) est une étude assez intéressante, il ne convient pas d'oublier d'où vient et où mène l'idéologie que je fustige.

Je remercie l'homme de ce matin de m'avoir donné ce bon rappel. "Vous serez comme des dieux", dit quelqu'un quiveut que nous soyons au contraire des très pauvres diables, ce qu'il convient à éviter, pour cette vie et pour la vie éternelle.

Et l'antidote se trouve en bonne partie dans la Sainte Bible.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Pape St. Silvère*

PS, je demande pardon pour le délai de quelques heures, je viens d'écrire aussi l'article avant et encore un sur le blog Assorted retorts, à savoir ... on Misrepresenting Origins of Catholic Church - les tables se trouvent sur ce blog ci après un début sur Datation de Carbone 14, comment ça carre avec la Chronologie Biblique et une table en théorie idéale en Avec un peu d'aide de Fibonacci ... j'ai une table, presque correcte - et ensuite, j'ai intégré d'autres facteurs, en anglais, sur un autre blog, Creation vs. Evolution, avec une assez bonne table à Interim II St Jerome A / St Jerome Fibonacci et avec un dernier article où j'essaie de faire la même chose avec la chronologie de Syncellus (Déluge en 3358 plutôt que 2957 avant Jésus-Christ), où je fais peut-être le début un peu mieux, mais où je me suis aussi planqué dans un petit paradoxe chronologique pour les patriarches - qui n'est pas là en St Jérôme, de toute manière : Continuing Interim III to Joseph in Egypt. PPS, le paradoxe était une simple erreur de subtraction, corrigée maintenant./HGL

* In insula Pontia natalis sancti Silverii, Papae et Martyris, qui, cum Anthimum, Episcopum haereticum, a suo praedecessore Agapito depositum, restituere noluisset, a Belisario, agente impia Theodora Augusta, in exsilium pulsus est, et ibidem, pro fide catholica multis aerumnis confectus, defecit.

Chrétiens en Inde

Est-ce que les Français savent que les chrétiens en Inde sont opprimés par le gouvernement nationaliste hindou de Modi ?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bloggueur et débatteur d'internet. ENG/FR
A répondu lundi
Il me semble que non, les français ne le savent pas.

Avez-vous les détails?

Nikhil Roger
Je vis dans une région méridionale appelée Tamil Nadu, cette région est très instruit, plus libéral et plus riche que le nord parlant hindi. Donc, je ne sais pas combien il est mauvais, mais de ce que je vois, entendre et lire, il semble que les choses sont très mauvaises.

The Guardian : Christians in India increasingly under attack, study shows

Hans-Georg Lundahl

Friday, 16 June 2017

Je viens de signer la pétition : plus un centime pour le Planning Familial

Il m'est arrivé de ne pas signer tel ou tel truc, parce que même si le sujet me tient au cœur, il y a tel ou tel aspect qui n'est pas signable.

J'ai soigneusement vérifié que ceci n'est pas le cas, avant de signer celle-ci.

Pas un aspect éthique dedans qui est douteux, et quand à la phrase "Une pratique qui fait tous les ans 220 000 petites victimes dans notre pays, soit 70 000 de plus que le cancer," je viens juste de lire la statistique pour 2015 pour le cancer, il est de 150 000, soit 70 000 moins que l'avortement. Donc, je sais que je n'ai pas signé un faux, quand aux statistiques.

Donc, pas juste que je recommande la pétition, je viens de la signer moi-même, sans réserves, la voici:

Malheureusement que sur la signature mon nom de famille n'apparaît pas, juste les quatre prénoms:

Ceci dit, c'est bien moi.

Hans Georg Lundahl
BU de Nanterre
Sts Aurée, évêque
et sa sœur Justine

You Call That "Child Marriage", Jane?

Child Marriage and Christians
June 13, 2017 by Jane the Actuary

And is a married 16 year old mother any worse off than a unmarried one? After all, the difference between “our” teen brides and “their” teen brides is that in the US, marriage is a way of managing teen pregnancies and ensuring the father does his duty, but elsewhere, teen marriage is outright encouraged by society.

Which are all pretty lousy rationalizations.

Child support laws and social pressure within the community should be sufficient to push fathers to caring for their children. Marriage laws in which children can marry with parental permission affirm the cult’s belief and lead those girls to think that what’s happened to them is OK. And even if only a small number of children are affected, it’s still a law that should be removed from the books.

Did I hear you right? I just heard you call a sixteen year old girl who is pregnant a "child"?

Just checking your religious affiliation a bit ...

"Home Catholic Channel Jane the Actuary"?

And a bit earlier a post called "How Does a Pope Greet a President?" (not linking) with the clear non-Pope Bergoglio in picture, so you are probably a Novus Ordo Catholic.

And very out of touch with the history of your Church, or the Church it pretends to continue.

There was a case in Poland in the 18th C. where a real Pope was concerned with a real child marriage.

  • the bride was not 12 yet, which is the legal minimal age for brides in the Catholic Church;
  • if I recall correctly, she was not yet even 11 and a half;
  • and even at 11 and a half, you need Papal dispensation for marrying so low, if you are a girl (at 13 and a half for boys);
  • AND the bridegroom or not validly such, was a Protestant, which totally makes a Papal dispensation impossible anyway.

I am sorry, I forgot the reference.

For the normal minimal age (without special dispensations) being 14 for the male and 12 for the female partner, I can however give a reference or two:

"Home > Summa Theologiae > Supplement > Question 58"
Article 5. Whether defective age is an impediment to marriage?

And giving you the corpus of this article:

I answer that, Since marriage is effected by way of a contract, it comes under the ordinance of positive law like other contracts. Consequently according to law (cap. Tua, De sponsal. impub.) it is determined that marriage may not be contracted before the age of discretion when each party is capable of sufficient deliberation about marriage, and of mutual fulfilment of the marriage debt, and that marriages otherwise contracted are void. Now for the most part this age is the fourteenth year in males and the twelfth year in women: but since the ordinances of positive law are consequent upon what happens in the majority of cases, if anyone reach the required perfection before the aforesaid age, so that nature and reason are sufficiently developed to supply the lack of age, the marriage is not annulled. Wherefore if the parties who marry before the age of puberty have marital intercourse before the aforesaid age, their marriage is none the less perpetually indissoluble.

In other words, St Thomas Aquinas as firmly as FLDS believed a girl of 12 was a woman fit to marry, unless puberty was delayed a bit after that. Where he disagrees (see elsewhere) is on bigamy.

"Yeah, but that is just one opinion" ... no, just like St Thomas Aquinas is so often elsewhere simply defending the Bible, the most read Church Fathers or a dogma like those of Nicaea or Constantinople, or like the Transsubstantiation recently defined in IV Lateran Council, here he is simply defending the normal canon law of the Church.

He does that too, quite a lot. He's the intellectual who defends the non-controversial opinion against those taking controversial ones.

"But surely that didn't happen in practise?"

I just mentioned Poland. Someone tried to push it downward a bit. Not much, the Polish szlachta are not Muslims, just down to eleven and some. An age in which marriage is legal in Tibet under the Dalai Lama (apart from the fact his country is occupied by China men). And the Pope said, "no, no, she must wait to twelve, and she can only marry a Catholic even then!" Not a Protestant, like the guy who had wanted to marry her when she was less than twelve.

I just read an article on French wikipedia, that other week, saying "in the Ancien Régime only 4 % of the women married before 17" - maybe so, but Marie Antoinette who had no problems scraping together a first home, was among the 4 %. She was 14.

In German wiki, I went through two family genealogies, going back in the case of Maria von Baden, and if I recall correctly, going forth a bit in the case of Philippa of Hainault. Citing myself:

Median 20
Untere Quartile 19
Höhere Quartile 21 / 23
Mittelwert 20.79 oder 20.75

One girl of 15, 3 of 17, one of 18 and three of 19 at 6 and 7th position, 20 at positions 12 / 13, positions 18 and 19 divided between 21 and 23 and one old maid married at 30. One of those married at 17 could have been just 16. This was Maria von Baden, but now lets look at Philippa of Hainault's kin:

Median 17 Jahre
Untere Quartile 12 oder 13 Jahre
Obere Quartile 19 Jahre

Note that of the 26 I looked at, 2 to 5 were under 12 when married. Depending on incertainties, similar to those involved in number of married under 12, the position 7 of 26, or lower quartile, is either at 12 (second to last among 12) or at 13 (first at 13). 8 or 9 of the 26 were 13 or younger when married first time.

Yes, it did happen.

"Oh, that was the Middle Ages ..."

Sure. And I thought you were a Catholic, i. e. proud of the Middle Ages?

But perhaps, among Novus Ordo Catholics, you have seeped in a Protestant pride in getting "past the Dark Ages" a bit in reverse, so you are ashamed of Middle Ages?

Jane, if you would like to be considered anything like a Catholic by me, you can do better than that!

Until 1917, canon law had basically considered anyone above the age of 12 capable of marriage. Thus, when the 1917 Code raised the minimum age for marriage in the church to 14 for girls and 16 for boys (1917 CIC 1067), the change was greeted as an improvement that recognized that something beyond mere reproductive ability was required for Christian marriage.

Too Young to Marry
Dr. Edward Peters

And here comes a little reasoning, it is on your side:

The idea of children hardly into their adolescent years being allowed to marry is a little embarrassing, and canonists queried on the topic usually reply that very few 14-year-olds get married anymore. Canon law, we add, was meant to apply in a wide variety of cultures, including those in which 14-year-olds marry happily (just where that land is we leave to anthropologists to determine), and in any case, we note, boys cannot marry until they are 16. Obviously, not all questioners are satisfied with these replies.

I actually read an anthropologist who was writing in 1910, just before the 1917 code of canon law. In Spain back then, marital law was at the same 14 / 12 limit as prescribed by St Thomas. Austria - the author mentioned nothing about when boys could marry, unless same provisions were there for both - the minimal age for girls was 14 (as in canon 1067 of 1917 canon law) with parental consent, or 21 without such. Italy, however, as a progressive country, had introduced the 18/18 limit. Before Soviet Russia followed suit, in the 1917 Revolution or the years after. One can argue that the raising of marital age in 1917 canon law was due to undue Italian pressure on the Papacy, and while Pope St Pius X had resisted, Benedict XV didn't. It also involves more acceptance than previously of usury (counselled to Benedict XV by a canon lawyer Pacelli, later known as Pius XII).

In Italy of 1902, the state prescribed the 18/18 limit, which meant that if one Maria Goretti and one Alessandro Serenelli had decided to marry, they would have had to wait for 6 years, since he was 18 but she not quite 12. Probably there was some dispensation for those who had gotten a pregnancy going before 18 and that is what Alessandro Serenelli was proposing and the saint refusing because it was a mortal sin.

If Nettuno had not been under the progressive rule of Sardinian house, if Nettuno had in 1870 remained Papal States, instead of that State going down, the marital age would have been 12 for women, Alessandro Serenelli would have been more sheltered from bad books, and less impetuous, and he would probably have made a proposal which they could have made serious business of in Church a few months later.

Under the novelty of 1917, they would still have had to wait for two years. But that is at least better than six. In case you don't know what the 18/18 limit and Alessandro Serenelli's reading of bad books and his impetuousness caused as a drama, I hope you pay attention to Saint of the Day on upcoming July 6th.

Hans Georg Lundahl
from Nanterre University Library
Saints Auraeus, bishop, and his
sister Justina, Martyrs

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Quoran Questions - Mainly Middle Ages and Catholicism

Why is there huge amounts of people that are still be-fooled by the papacy?

C on Q
I could understand in the medieval ages how the papacy manipulated Christians into thinking that the pope is the key to heaven just so they can monopolize on religion & politics at the time, but today is a different age yet a lot of people cannot think for themselves?

Answer requested by Anonymous

Own answer
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Written just now
"I could understand in the medieval ages how the papacy manipulated Christians into thinking that the pope is the key to heaven just so they can monopolize on religion & politics at the time,"

Why? I could for one not understand how papacy could have done that without at least fairly good Biblical support.

Especially as they were NOT monopolising politics.

"but today is a different age yet a lot of people cannot think for themselves?"

You seem to have little talent for thinking for yourself if that is how you contrast Middle Ages with today.

  • thinking for oneself has not become easier by mass education, since it is a compulsory one;
  • thinking for oneself does not mean thinking what you would want someone thinking for himself to think.

Was the spread of Islam a reaction to Christianity?

Answer requested by Victor Asanache

Own answer
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Written 11m ago
In what exact way?

I would say that on Arabic Peninsula, it was a reaction against Jewish vs Christian feuds, as imported from Ethiopia into Yemen the century or centuries before Muhammed.

But in a more general way, I don’t know. Why would it be?

There is any evidence that "shuriken" style weapons were used in Europe during ancient/middle ages?

C on Q
The first shuriken were improvised from pieces of broken weapons and armor found in battlefield. As it is simply a sharp piece of metal or a spike, it is quite simple to make. There is any evidence of its use in ancient/medieval western world?

Answer requested by Adler Mow

Own answer
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Middle Ages fan + Latin student in Lund (where Medieval Latin rules).
Written 15m ago
I spontaneously came to think of Der Bundschuh.

It was some league which had lost its banner, and the banner keeper or sn else made an improvised banner of one of his shoes. They won the battle and the shoe was accepted as their new banner.

However, that is not a shuriken style weapon, it is if anything a shuriken style banner.

As for weapons, I don’t know.

Adler Mow
Not mean to be harsh, but are you being sarcastic or “shuriken” has meanings others than the weapon?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I was giving it an extended meaning for the context.

I was also adding “if anything” precisely because I don’t know if such a meaning exists.

Adler Mow
Ahhh… well :-)

What are the most realistic movies ever made depicting the Middle Ages?

Answer requested by Christian Dechery

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Been going to movies most of my childhood and teens.
Written 24m ago
It is actually easier to come up with unrealistic ones.

Even The Name of the Rose is less realistic as a movie than as a book.

I read the book, did not bother about the movie.

How did society and the church see people who disputed creationism before an understanding of evolution?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Written 27m ago
I consider the terms of the question misleading.

Evolution belief is not an “understanding of evolution”.

It is not an understanding of genetics, mutations, epigenetics and natural / by breeder / selection.

And creationism is not a complete fixity of species either.

I will give an example : Isaac de la Peyrere was a Jew who converted to Catholicism.

France has a way of honouring Evolutionists even if they are not orthodox Darwinists or Neo-Darwinsists. Therefore, it is not surprising that streets are named for him.

So, I had to look him up.

He wrote a book stating that there were human people before Adam and which seemed to indicate for instance Black Africans or Red Indians were really not Adamites but pre-Adamites.

His book was condemned, as it should.

So, this story shows that in condemning Evolutionism, I am taking my stand with the Church of back then, with the Church of the Centuries and indeed Millennia (close to two of them by now, just counting the Catholic Church without the predecessor Jewish Church as existing between Aaron and Kaiaphas, or its predecessor the Patriarchal Church).

How many languages are spoken on planet earth?

Answer requested by Stephen Kahn

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I speak two langs, Latin and Germanic. In a few dialects.
Written just now
Earth is not a planet, so actually none.

Or is there a bar called “Planet Earth” somewhere?

Now, on Earth as non-moving centre of the Universe, I think there are about 6000 languages.

Most of them spoken by very few people.

Which is the true Christianity: Protestantism or Catholicism?

C on Q
I don’t want to start a debate. I have not had the relationship with God that I seek and am told I can have, so I asked which is true christianity and want to see for myself which will bring me closer to God.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Written Mon
I think James Hough and another friend of mine already answered, namely Catholicism.

Next question is : what is the true Catholicism, Orthodoxy or Roman Catholicism?

I’d say, and I think they said, Roman Catholicism.

NEXT question is, what is true Roman Catholicism, who is the true Pope?

Can you trust “Francis” or “Benedict” or both, or should you look around between Pope Michael, Palmarians, Alexander IX, Feminist Colinists in Canada …? I say the second and have submitted to Pope Michael.

“another friend of mine” - Alex Pismenny. A good guy, but I keep forgetting his name.

James Hough
Catholic who teaches Catechism, RCIA, and Prayer classes.
Updated Feb 17
Upvoted by Christopher Delich,
Ioannes Petras, and Alex Pismenny
Catholicism is the only religion which was established by God, in person, and guaranteed by Him. It is the only one that He sent the Holy Spirit to guide, the only one He promised to be with it until the end of time. Catholic Christianity is His Body in a very real sense, and His Bride, and He does not have multiple bodies, and he is not a polygamist.

Protestantism is a collection of various religions which were made up by disaffected Catholics who LEFT Christ’s Church to found their own “churches”. They may call themselves Christianity, they may rewrite the Bible to agree with their teachings, and they rewrite Christianity itself to be palatable to their followers, but the only Church that Christ established and guaranteed, the only Church that has been here for 2,000 years, and the only Church which will be here at the end, REMAINS the Catholic Church, and no amount or redefining terms or rewriting history or the Bible is going to change the fact that there were no other Christians for hundreds of years, and there will no other Christians in heaven.

On that last statement, please note that since the Catholic Church IS the Body of Christ (see Acts (9)) anyone who is saved is saved through the Catholic Church even if they are not a visible member of the Church. Thus a baptized non-Catholic Christian, IF they are saved, are saved through the Catholic Church. And even a non-baptized person who is genuinely searching for God, and trying to lead the best life possible in their circumstances would still be saved through the Church.

Does this mean that people do not need to become Catholic, or that Catholics do not need to evangelize? By no means. Everyone who is saved dies in a state of grace - with no unforgiven mortal (serious) sin on their soul. The only normal way for sin to be forgiven is through the sacrament of penance.

Can God save someone outside the Church who has never heard of Christ? Can God save someone who was raised with an animus towards the Catholic Church which makes their conversion all but impossible. Sure, He can. Does He? We don’t know. The only thing that we know for sure is that He established His Church - the Catholic Church - for men’s salvation. Everything outside the visible Catholic Church is mere speculation on our part.

Johan Nijhof
Feb 15
Interesting view, I always heard Catholicism was established by a power hungry emperor, Constantine, who presided the council in 325, and used much violence (inter alia melted lead poured into the throats of unwilling bishops) to form his church into a suitable instrument for his power politics. He himself was no Christian by the way, he was only baptized when he died. If you think there has been 2000 years of Christianity, you calculate badly. 2000 years ago Christ was just an adolescent, and had not even entered his ministry. Let`s see if your church will pass this milestone yet.

James Hough
Feb 15
Hi Mr. Nijhof,

The fact that you never heard of commonly accepted history just proves that you were educated in a Protestant influenced education system.

It’s not my view, it has been the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church since the beginning. Everyone who has taken a Church history course knows when Constantine was baptized, and knows exactly how “Christian” he was. Which has exactly nothing to do with a church which was already nearing its third century mark at that point - after having surviving atrocious treatment by the Roman Empire.

The ridiculous theory that Catholicism was established by Constantine is just a red herring, one among many, concocted by Protestants to try and give themselves validly by attacking Christ’s Church. Won’t work, Christ had guaranteed His Church and kept it around for 1,500 years at that point, anything they come up with is just ridiculous at that point.

2,000 is just a round number referring to two millennia of Christianity, I’m not using a calculator.



Feb 15
If I were you, I just choose to reply they who really curious only.

Let him go on denying. It's hard to change the denials perception.


James Hough
Feb 15
You’re probably right, but then you never know. As soon as I start treating everybody like a denier, the next one turns out to be someone who genuinely never heard the truth!



1 upvote
Feb 16
Hahahahahahahaa! You patience should be awarded!

Great job sir!

Alberto Cano.
Feb 17
Your statement is rather hard. Would Pope Francis agree with you on no other Christian faiths followers being allowed into heaven in the final days?

James Hough
Feb 17
Hi Mr. Cano,

Please re-read the answer, I tried to make it more specific. See if that helps, and get back to me, okay?



Alberto Cano.
Feb 18
Yes is much clearer now. Thanks for adding that information. I grew up in a chatolic-protestant home so you can imagine how much fun that was. Personally I love chatolic liturgy and Im very fond of this new Pope. I have some argentinian friends that actually knew him personally and they tell me this man has an exceptional kind heart. On the other side my local chatolic church lacks a sense of a community that I did found among protestant and my pastor is like a father to me, always there when we need him. Well thanks for your reply and may God continue to use you in his plans.

John Rallison
Feb 16
First, you have left out the entire Eastern/Orthodox church in terms of churches having a 2,000 year history.

Second, ou disowning all other Christians reminds me of Paul telling the believers that the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you.”

The Reformation was finally touched off (it had been brewing for a while) when the Roman Catholic church, in an effort led by a Dominican Friar named John Tetzel, was selling forgiveness of sins and release from purgatory to fund the refurbishment of St. Peter’s Basilica. Martin Luther tried to ask questions and point out theological problems with this process (read his 95 Theses) but the response of the Roman Catholic church was to put a price on his head. Martin Luther did not want to start a new church. He wanted to call the Roman Catholic church back to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who would never have sold forgiveness. He didn’t even sell healing. “Freely you have received, freely give.” I would be willing to have a discussion in much greater detail if you are interested. I am being intentionally brief because if Quora has a fault, it’s that some of the answers posted are very long.

James Hough
Feb 16
No need, I did my thesis in college on this and I know the facts in greater depth than you are presenting, and that was 40 years ago, I have a much greater knowledge and understanding of it now than I did back then. And I have no wish to refight the wars of religion.

John Rallison
Feb 17
There isn’t room in Quora to present the facts in depth. And most people wouldn’t be interested. You seem very comfortable in your positions, so I wish you the best. Pax, John

Inserted comment:
[There certainly IS room on or in quora to present the facts in depth.]

James Hough
Feb 17
Hi Mr. Rallison,

As I have gotten older, what is important has become much more important to me; and I strive each and every day to know and do the Will of God in my life. I find it extremely sad that so many people over so many centuries have tried to come up with their own versions of Christianity.

Although we are all called to be evangelists in our own particular field, and none of us can walk away from that, nevertheless, I find myself overwhelmed with just caring for and educating the converts right in front of me. I do find it interesting and necessary to answer questions when I can spare a few minutes, but I must always draw the line if it threatens to tear away time from those whom God has given to me to take care of.

I don’t know if any of us can ever be described as “comfortable” while we are away from the Lord; this life was never ever meant to be comfortable, it is a time of decision, and time of fighting for Him and His Kingdom. Anytime I start to feel comfortable, I know that I am sliding the other way, away from my God and what is asked of me.

Does that make sense?

Oremus pro invicem,


Answer requested by Trish Meyer :

Alex Pismenny
Catholic Christian.
Written Feb 17
There is little I can add to James Hough’s answer.

On the other hand, it appears that many answers here are written as a shopping guide: “this part is good, that part is bad, pick one”. That is not a serious approach. Religion is not a club, not an object of art and not a lifestyle choice. The purpose of religion is simple: to teach you how to have eternal life after you die.

Anyone interested in salvation should avoid facile answers stemming from the falsehood that one is saved by faith alone and is instructed in salvation by scripture alone. These were gross simplifications of faith, and these both simplifications are contradicted by the Holy Scripture itself:

…wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

Was not Abraham our father justified by works, offering up Isaac his son upon the altar? Seest thou, that faith did co-operate with his works; and by works faith was made perfect? And the scripture was fulfilled, saying: Abraham believed God, and it was reputed to him to justice, and he was called the friend of God. Do you see that by works a man is justified; and not by faith only? And in like manner also Rahab the harlot, was not she justified by works, receiving the messengers, and sending them out another way?

For even as the body without the spirit is dead; so also faith without works is dead. (James 2:20–24)

Faith is necessary for salvation, but so do good works. In fact, faith, as this passage teaches, cannot be separated, let alone seen in opposition to good works. We are saved by both; and indeed even though the scripture praises faith a good deal, nowhere does it say that we are saved by faith ALONE as Protestantism teaches.

Neither is the scripture alone is the Rule of Faith. If it were, then it would have said it somewhere. It doesn’t. The Holy Scripture is praised many times, but nowhere does it formulate that unfortunate Protestant dogma. And indeed:

...if thy brother shall offend against thee, go, and rebuke him between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou shalt gain thy brother.

And if he will not hear thee, take with thee one or two more: that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may stand. And if he will not hear them: tell the church. And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican. Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven. (Matthew 18:15–18)

Here you go: the Church and not the Scripture is the Rule of Faith; it is the Church that resolves disputes among Christians.

And who rules the Church?

Invisibly, Christ does; He said that the “gates of hell” shall not prevail against “His” Church. Not “your” church, “His” church. (Matthew 16:18).

But visibly, the Church is hierarchical:

Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, wherein the Holy Ghost hath placed you bishops, to rule the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood. (Acts 20:28)

ordain priests in every city, as I also appointed thee (Titus 1:5)

Think about it.

James Boll
So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter. 2 Thessalonians 2:15

Catholics: how do you know that Protestantism and other forms of Christianity are not correct where they differ from Catholicism?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Written just now
Because they don’t have the Catholic Tradition behind their positions.

And that means they don’t have the Apostolic Sucession behind it either.

And THAT means they are not the Church described in Matthew 28:18–20.

This refers to Protestantism.

With Eastern Orthodox, it can be a bit delicate as in the time when schism broke out both sides accused each other for inventing novelties and claimed to be only applying what had always been taught.

Finally, Eastern Orthodox don’t have as good a case as they think, but they have a better one than Protestantism.

Why were the early middle ages called "dark ages"?

C on Q
There were negative consequences for europe due to the collapse of the romam empire, but were those centuries so bad to be called the dark ages?(besides the justinian plague)

Answer requested by Rodrigo Carlos dos Santos :

Hans-Georg Lundahl
History buff since childhood. CSL & Eco added to Medieval lore. + Classics.
Written Mon
Obviously you can’t call them the Dark Ages just due to Justinian Plague.

That would be like calling XXth C. the Dark Ages just due to 1918 flu pandemic. Or just due to AIDS. Or just due to Ebola. …

There are two options:

  • a series of disasters for government and frontiers, mainly;
  • a lack of [written] sources compared to earlier and later.

Either of these would be mostly finished by the time of Charlemagne.

What is the stance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on gambling?

Answer requested by Amanda Marie :

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Written Mon
If you mean a Catechism which is truly of the Catholic Church, I think any would give this answer:

  • if the stakes are so low that stealing would be a venial sin, taking what you win on gambling is a venial sin;
  • if they are so high that stealoing would be a mortal sin, taking what you win on gambling is a mortal sin.

Note that by gambling you mean not a production or service with risk taking in the part of repayment, but an agreement to hoard money or other things, including future purchases of coke bottles (would not be mortal!) in a lump, and decide that whoever wins on sth truly related just to chance, normally, like the roll of dice or the playing of cards (which means : including where the chance element is most basic, even if there is a tactics element to it too), gets the lump.

If you mean the non-Catholic work termed “Catechism of the Catholic Church”, I think it would say the same, even if I have not checked : it is non-Catholic on other items, such as possibility to prove existence of God or perhaps also literal inerrancy.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Advice to a Pregnant Girl (quora)

I am pregnant with my P.E. teacher’s child. Should I keep it and tell him?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Was bullied in school, both as pupil and as teacher. Against school compulsion.
Answered just now
You should certainly keep the child.

If you have any confidence in your PE teacher (with PE teachers it might be misplaced, they might be a polygamous lot), you could try to arrange so you could:

  • a) no longer be his PE pupil
  • b) after that carry on affair openly and marry him.

In that case, you should tell him.

But, if you have any doubts about him, at the very least tell your parents first, and make sure he can’t force you to abort!

If he’s already proven a jerk, go to the police. BUT first to your parents.

The PE teacher might want to wiggle out of economic responsibilities.

If so he might want to put some pressure on you to abort.

When going to the police, make sure they understand you intend to charge PE teacher economically only after birth of child and only after he’s proven the father. And have your parents at hand so they can’t try to push you into a mental hospital for the story. Even ask your dad to bring a gun, just in case.

Hoping of course, all these worries turn out OK and you get the man you want. But if so, be prepared to have your parents at hand. It’s a dangerous world even for a lone man of 28, sometimes, so imagine what it is to a lone girl of … I imagine you are below 18 even?

Best wishes!

"It's the kind of thing heretics do"

Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment : Older than the Octave

Since there is a triple six sequence in the post number, I'll check the ASCII for Gaiseric .... no direct hit.

But in the light of the comment: what shall one expect of Arturo Sosa Abascal or of Ralph Heskett?

In 455, the Arian Gaiseric was attacking Rome (he took it on the Ember Wednesday, secured thousands of potential candidates for the slave markets, and pillaged most of the basilicas ... it's the sort of thing heretics do).


Petition to: Prime Minister of Poland, EU Commissioner for Migration, And the Leaders of all EU members states

After terror attacks, say 'NO' (like, Poland) to EU immigration quotas

I don't see each and every Muslim living here as an enemy, but I do see people importing more and more of them as being somewhat so./HGL

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Les Sénateurs Communistes : Barbares Meurtriers d'Idéologues (lien)

Le blog de Bernard Antony : Les sénateurs communistes veulent inscrire l’avortement dans la Constitution : dans la continuité du nihilisme anti-humain.

What Religions are Historically Reliable?

Why does reading the Quran actually help me in my deconversion from Christianity and religion in general?

C on Q
I’ve been struggling for years to fully free myself from Christianity. Instead of reading the bible to get over the bible, I read some of the Quran today and noticed my religious indoctrination start to fade.

*I’m not shifting toward Islam…at all.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Studied religions as curious parallels and contrasts to Xtian faith since 9, 10?
Answered just now
I have no idea why you would be reading the Quran as an example of religious texts.

Like Book of Mormon, Bhagavadgita, Hesiod’s Theogony and Numa Pompilius’ revelations from Egeria about how to do diverse types of superstition, it is purporting to be received from one spiritual entity by one man (Joseph Smith, Arjuna, Hesiod and Numa Pompilius).

Unlike most of Bible, Iliad and Odyssey, and Mahabharata and Ramayana it is not even pruporting to be a series of events observed by people concerned in a community being able to check and double check at least the external events.

I think Iliad and Odyssey, in somewhat less degree Mahabharata and Ramayana can stand as histories of what really happened, even from a Christian view.

And if you approach Gospels and Exodus and Genesis with this in view, I think you will find something which is very reliable and can help to boost your Christianity - unless you are totally decided to ditch it whatever the arguments could be!

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