Monday, 13 February 2017

In Case Anyone Thinks Excommunication of Denzinger 434 be applicable to me

Once again : I. Am. Not. Preaching.

I have already said so:

This notice is not exactly new. This was said Ember Saturday after Elevation of the Holy Cross, 20-IX-2014, as well as Friday after III Lord's Day in Lent, 4.III.2016.

Anyone who pretends to excommunicate me for preaching without apostolic authority from pope or bishop is therefore inventing intentions or effects of my writings which are not there.

I am a writer, not a preacher.

If you want to excommunicate me for writing, you will have to do so for writing bad things.

That is, you will have to do so while condemning my writings.

Even the Trentine excommunication for writing and publishing without a Nihil Obstat won't wash your perfidy, if you should try any such thing, since:

  • to anyone who accepts "Paul VI" as Pope, the procedure has changed under him. You are no longer automatically excommunicated for publishing without a Nihil Obstat;
  • to anyone who does not so accept him, as is the case with His Holiness Pope Michael (residing in Kansas), there is the question of the difference between rule and harassing misrule, should he demand my seeking a Nihil Obstat and even so never providing such a thing, because he wants to delay. I'll therefore HAVE to take his waiting as an answer "you don't need a nihil obstat", especially since during a certain period, I posted and reposted or sent and resent blog post after blog post onto his wall or his inbox, and he never found any fault with any;
  • the procedure was foreseen for books, not blogs, where the comment section allows due ecclesiastic authority to correct errors, if needed, at least if blogger is keeping the comment section open*;
  • the procedure was never meant to apply on purely technical things outside theology proper, as many of my things are, like providing technical solutions to a Young Earth Creationism which is warranted as per IV session of Trent:

    Grammatica et Logica de Canone Celeberrimo Concilii Tridentini

In other words, if anyone either in St Nicolas du Chardonnet or in St Étienne du Mont had yesterday arranged for me to be punished by refusal of alms due to "unauthorised preaching", this person was clearly perfidously calumniating me and overstepping his authority.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Day of St Agabus

* And I am keeping mine open. See the long comment debate here:

Newtonianly speaking, Can Earth Still Orbit Sun After 4.5 Billion Years?

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