Friday, 12 May 2017

Is Bergoglio Plotting to Make a One World Order?

This article is a bit old:

Pope decries 'virus' of polarization over race, faith
mail dot com : November 19, 2016

Francis, in a message a few days earlier to U.S. bishops, had urged them to help heal a society facing growing polarization. On Saturday, after receiving his red hat, Mexican Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes, archbishop of Tlalnepantla, expressed concern about Trump's plans, including deporting large numbers of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, soon after assuming the presidency.

"You can't divide a family. You can't divide a community. You can't divide the world," the prelate said in reply to a question by The Associated Press about Trump. The Mexican churchman added: "One thing is the election campaign. Another thing is reality."

So far the new "Cardinal", whose red means he is supposed to love the faith to the shedding of his blood for it.

"You can't divide a family."

If you mean, you mustn't, as a Christian I agree. Does your "Pope Francis"? Check out Amoris Laetitia!

[Thunder struck when I was doing html for these words.]

"You can't divide a community."

You sometimes, seldom, even as man need to do so.

But more often not.

And God did it on some occasions, preserving a smaller group (at least smaller for the moment) of faithful, by dividing them from the rest.

"You can't divide the world."

Well, guess what, the world is divided, because God divided it into several nations and tongues (and more have come about since) in the day when he counfounded the tongues at Babel.

In the morning they all come speaking one language. At lunch, presumably, they take a rest. After lunch, they suddenly have communication problems, which cannot be overcome in time to save the project.

And when it comes to the so called Pope, here is the deal.

You must not divide over faith or race, basically says Bergoglio.

You can very well divide over race, but religion should not become sectarian and divisive, basically says Putin.

Truth is : you sometimes need to divide over religion, but not really over race.

If we seek a solution in the eyes of the Christian religion, however divisive it may be, there will also be a demographic surge for the white race or caucasian race, presumably. At least if they don't all apostasise.

But if we seek solutions along race lines, we end up with the nonsense of either Putin or Bergoglio and will be losing both religion and race.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Dominic of the Road

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