Saturday, 13 May 2017

School Compulsion Kills (Link)

In US, school deaths have more spectacularly been killing sprees rather than just solitary suicide.

In Europe - France, Germany, Sweden - these last years, suicide has predominated.

It seems US is having to take a look at suicides related to school. Something which cannot be fixed by banning guns, but by banning school compulsion - if that is done correctly, so the new freedom does not remain purely formal and easy to circumvene, but so any parent can take any boy out of school if bullied, and so that any school can ban any bully without a trial, without having to worry about this infringing on his "right and duty to education".

Here is Cincinnati:

School: 8-Year-Old Boy Never Said He was Bullied
May 13, 2017 on mail dot com


A Cincinnati school spokeswoman says an 8-year-old student who killed himself two days after he was knocked unconscious at school never told staff he'd... [been bullied]

In prison, telling the guards about a racket you are victim of is called "squealing" and can backfire, because the persons involved in racket may be around you more than the guards who would protect you are, and in schools, it is called "snitching", and can also backfire. In other words, telling staff could also have been suicidal./HGL

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