Wednesday, 31 May 2017

If someone doubts my stats

This is how I do it.

You may of course say I inflate, but this is the method. I am not going to make one picture per blog I see the stats of. The jpgs cost some internet space, and while the blog is free, it has limited space for images./HGL

PS, click each image to enlarge and see details./HGL

PPS, also the stats for today are going down, so new readers are welcome:

Total : 428

United States 23 blogs 151
France 10 blogs 92
Ukraine 11 blogs 66
United Kingdom 5 blogs 32
Ireland 6 blogs 19
Russia 8 blogs 15
Netherlands 5 blogs 9
Germany 5 blogs 9

1 to 3 blogs:
4 views each:

Italy, Portugal, Brazil; (12)

3 views each:

Romania, China; (6)

2 views each:

Canada, Lebanon, Turkey, Czechia; (8)

1 view each:

Kenya, India, Sweden, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Colombia, Israel, Mexico, Australia. (9)

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