Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Are there Catholics in Brno?

Security tightened for girl scout photographed epically confronting neo-Nazi supporter

Someone seems to have wanted to lynch Lucie Myslikova. I wonder if that was a Muslim ... or a white, Western, but very dechristianised man. Seriously, I do not wonder it, it was the latter.

I just saw one formerly Nordiska Rikspartiet announce more or less clearly he was going Muslim, it was he who recommended a video by Zakir Naik. Perhaps he was joking, that is why I am not yet giving his name.

I'll give you two answers, and four quizzes with these two answers.

Both answers are about a stab victim who was stabbed as alternative to getting raped, in absence of stabber, and she is dying.

  • A

    Is he gone? He is caught? Can you please kill him? Or at least cut off his genitals, or at least his right hand and his left foot?

    Sorry, if he had been 30, he could have had death penalty, but now it is at most 30 years prison.

    How about forgiving him, you are a Christian?

    Oh, sure, I forgive him as a Christian, I just don't want him to harm anyone else, that is all, and please lock him up well, that bastard!

  • B

    He committed a mortal sin, will he go to Hell now?

    You can forgive him and pray for his conversion and salvation.

    Oh, I will, I will!

    [Spends rest of 24 hours praying for perpetrator, dies.]

Now, here are the four quizzes.

  • I Which of the two would some at least Westerners suppose a Muslima would do, as victim : A or B? (Forgive as Christian obviously exchanged to forgive as Muslima, in this case)
  • II Which of the two would the Workers Party of Social Justice want a victim to do, A or B?
  • III Which of the two would Lucie Myslikova do? A or B?
  • IV Which of the two did St Maria Goretti do? A or B?

If there are Catholics in Brno, I think Lucie Myslikova should not need to worry about lynching!

Her situtation should be like that Swedish king who was asked by a visiting journalist where his life guards were. "Oh, I have seven million of them"*

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
St Pascal OFM of Villa Real

PS, I am known to be "extreme right", which is not extreme wrong about me, but not like Workers Party of Social Justice in relation to Myslíková, much more like the Sept 22 rally Tak dla Życia./HGL

* Sweden then had seven million, now nine million whereof 0.5 millions extra-Nordic immigrants.

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