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How Many are Currently Claiming Papacy or Claimed to be Popes?

I H. H. Pope Michael on Lent 2015 · II Five Years Ago · III Pray for a Pope · IV Reflection on Sedevacantism and Conclave of 1990 (quora) · V How Many are Currently Claiming Papacy or Claimed to be Popes?

1) Pope Michael, 2) Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI claimed to have resigned invalidly, 3) Pope Francis, 4) Pope Boniface X.

Anyone who thinks this adds up to 30? I hope not!

Those are the ones Pope Michael thought worth bothering about, I suspect there is a fifth, the current Palmarian Pope, which he discounts because of apparitional foundation of Palmarian line - and which I discounted when finding evidence some apparition content is false.

Whether an Apparition from Heaven can decide who is the Pope or not - I hope HH Pope Michael is not taking my disagreement or reserve for doctrinal rebellion - an Apparition from Heaven cannot reveal false things.

I rejected Palmar over this:

"The Antichrist sees the world from the 4th dimension, the Very Pure Virgin from the 8th dimension".

God created a world in which space has three dimensions, not 4 or 8! Three, because they reflect the Trinity, as do the three parts of Time or three operations of human mind (memory, understanding and will).

The above quote was claimed to be in a Palmarian Catechism, and to have been revealed to its prophet and first Pope, Clemente Vincente, a k a Gregorio XVII.

The rejection of him as Pope was about half a minute before in same mail being informed he had sexually abused consenting adults also of the male sex.

So, five at the most.

According to Pope Michael, the claim I considered very briefly between Bergoglio and himself is now out of the way, no more a claimant : Alexander IX of Iglésia Católica Remanente. So, not six, or five if Palmar is out.

But returning to Palmar as claimant, the present one seems to have "replaced the Bible" with Palmarian apparitions. So, apostates are not considerable as Papal claimants any more than false apparitions.

And it seems the Tremblay succession in Canada is also moot, or over, meaning the four remaining claims ones are those mentioned above.

Now, how about hearing His Holiness Himself:

Pope Michael What If You Are Wrong?
Pope Michael

Requirements for a Valid Papal Election
Pope Michael

Why It Took So Long To Get Ordained
Pope Michael

AND the one I just saw subtitled, where the claimants are gone into in some depth:

Claimants to the Papacy
Pope Michael

By the way, if anyone is claiming I am the Pope or I claim to be the Pope or have previously claimed to be the Pope, he is wrong. Unless he is dishonest.

The above videos do not include why Pope Michael discounts the Vatican II Church Papal line, unless perhaps the "what if you are wrong" one. I'll gladly link to where he explained that in more detail too.

For the moment, I am out to explain, I have not just randomly picked one non-Vatican II Pope among 30.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St. Robert Bellarmine

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