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H. H. Pope Michael on Lent 2015

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Lent 2015

"In the eyes of civilized man and savage alike, the strongest argument in favor of a doctrine is to be found in the sacrifices made by those who propagate it; the sacrifice of life, if need be, and, in a minor degree, the sacrifice of ease, country, fortune, home. The is the secret of success of our missionaries abroad, and of he most influential and venerated priests around us.” Daily Thoughts for Priests page 97.

Dear friends of Christ,

We are entering the holy season of Lent on Ash Wednesday, February 18, 2015. Lent is a good time for spiritual spring cleaning. Lent is a good time to see where we are and more important where God wants us to go. Out next step this Lent is to get out the map and plot out our course to where God wants us to go. We must be ready to say with Jesus: “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”

We are all called to be saints. It is time to ask ourselves, what would the saints before us do at these times? In difficult times, they have abandoned the comfort of their home to defend the Church. Saint Bernard left his monastery to defend Pope Innocent II against Antipope Anacletus I.

Many today look for martyrdom, but martyrdom is not a grace that is given to the lax, but those who prepare for it by a life lived for the love of Jesus Christ and in His holy service. If we must be ready to sacrifice our life if called upon, we are all called to live our life for Jesus Christ. And if this is true in all ages, how much more so today, when so few live as they ought. We have a lot to meditate on this Lent.

“For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20) Are we gathering together in Jesus Name and praying for an end to the Great Apostasy? We must remember that our spiritual strength begins with a life of serious prayer. We can preach all we want to with our lips, but if our heart is not near Jesus, our words will be worthless. It is our heart we must bring close to Jesus. In Lent we will find we have drifted away from Jesus a bit. We always do, because we live in the world and the world is full of distractions. In Lent, it is time to come home and bring our heart back close to Jesus.

Jesus gave us the example, He spent forty days and forty nights in the desert praying before His public ministry. The desert is a place separated away from the noise of the world. During Lent, we should separate from the world as much as duty will allow. We need this time to reflect on our lives and on moving forward spiritually.

We also must retire often to prayer. Jesus also retired often to prayer, during His public ministry. Scripture says He went up a mountain to pray. A mountain is also away from the noise of the world, where we ascend spiritually to life our hearts up to God.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, end the Great Apostasy.” Every one of us must ask ourselves, are my actions extending the Great Apostasy or ending it? Remember Jesus did not give us a middle ground. We are either gathering with Jesus or we are scattering.

The Holy Ghost has blessed us with a knowledge of the truth. Why has He chosen us? He has chosen us, because He wants us to bring others to a knowledge and acceptance of the truth. And yes, He has chosen you, because He has led you to this email. We cannot follow the worldly, who allow others to do their work whenever possible. We are called to go and teach all nations.

And so, this Lent let us ask ourselves, what am I doing to end the Great Apostasy.


+Michael pp

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