Friday, 7 April 2017

A Jew who is Just

Zionism, Apartheid and the Delegitimisation of Passover
April 2, 2017 by Robert A. H. Cohen on
Writing from the Edge

The word Mitzrayim, can be understood as meaning to border, to shut or to limit. It can mean to bind, to tie up, to be restricted. It can mean scant, tight or cramped. But most commonly you hear Mitzrayim talked of as ‘the narrow place’.

This Passover, being Jewish and calling for equal rights for all who live in Israel/Palestine is a very narrow place to be.

To some Palestinians, being Palestinian as as narrow a place, if not narrower, perhaps?

This Passover abandon the traditional Haggadah. Set aside the alternative Haggadahs too. Leave the supplements alone.

Instead adopt an entirely different religious text.

My proposed liturgical replacement also tells the story of slaves and of a Pharaoh.

Mr. Cohen, there is a Haggada which goes on beyond the Exodus. You can hear it in the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil. Evening to Easter Sunday 16th of April, this year. If you don't understand Latin, you might want to ask for a parallel text between Latin and whatever language you prefer./HGL

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