Thursday, 2 March 2017


From the News:

In all, 57 nations attended the hastily convened one-day conference in Brussels and the funding drive was boosted by Sweden, Canada and Finland each promising 20 million euros ($21 million). The private Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also provided $20 million.

Conference host and Belgian Deputy Premier Alexander De Croo said one anonymous U.S. donor committed $50 million, pushing the total up to a provisional 181 million euros ($190 million).


Donors pledge nearly $200 million for family planning

Criminals, both as to murder and as to treason. The countries where indigenous population decreases by abortions and contraception as well as by homosexuality and masturbation will not simply become empty space, they will get quasi invaded by newcomers taking their place.

As long as the hosts are a clear and vast majority, the situation is tolerable for them. If they become about half and the older half, probably not so.

But over and above this consideration, abortion as such is murder, and contraception as well as other sins against nature, the worst crime against neighbour after murder.

Sweden, Finland and Canada are rogue states. The Gates couple are also rogues. Alexander De Croo is a rogue for hosting them.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Thursday after
Ash Wednesday

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