Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Advice to a Pregnant Girl (quora)

I am pregnant with my P.E. teacher’s child. Should I keep it and tell him?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Was bullied in school, both as pupil and as teacher. Against school compulsion.
Answered just now
You should certainly keep the child.

If you have any confidence in your PE teacher (with PE teachers it might be misplaced, they might be a polygamous lot), you could try to arrange so you could:

  • a) no longer be his PE pupil
  • b) after that carry on affair openly and marry him.

In that case, you should tell him.

But, if you have any doubts about him, at the very least tell your parents first, and make sure he can’t force you to abort!

If he’s already proven a jerk, go to the police. BUT first to your parents.

The PE teacher might want to wiggle out of economic responsibilities.

If so he might want to put some pressure on you to abort.

When going to the police, make sure they understand you intend to charge PE teacher economically only after birth of child and only after he’s proven the father. And have your parents at hand so they can’t try to push you into a mental hospital for the story. Even ask your dad to bring a gun, just in case.

Hoping of course, all these worries turn out OK and you get the man you want. But if so, be prepared to have your parents at hand. It’s a dangerous world even for a lone man of 28, sometimes, so imagine what it is to a lone girl of … I imagine you are below 18 even?

Best wishes!

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