Friday, 15 September 2017

Today we Celebrate Our Lady of Sorrows

There is a prayer to the Seven Sorrows, appropriate today.

There is also a prayer to the Seven Joys, and searching for it, I found a manual of Franciscan Tertiaries. It also included a martyrology of Franciscan Tertiaries or perhaps also Franciscans of First and Second orders. From it, I found this:

This reminds me also of a man who gave me instructions on liturgy, devotions and other things useful for a Catholic, along with some rants about how he missed his wife (he was a widower all the years I knew him, up to dying in 1992). He had made a pilgrimage to Assisi, and written about it, and also been a boy scout leader : he always (when weather permitted - which included rough weather in his opinion) were scout uniform.

He was also an artists and a graphology fan (his brother had been a graphologist).

Would you mind praying for the repose of Karl Einar Michael Kedja?/HGL

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