Thursday, 12 May 2016

On Bergoglio and Russia, Links, With a Commented update

From Rome : How Bergoglio’s permanence signifies the Apostasy of the Flock
by The Editor, May 12th 2016


Wilmongton Conservative Examiner : Verified; Russia in possession of 20,000 hacked Hilary Clinton emails
by Timothy Whiteman, May 11th 2016

Update on Obama and Bergoglio:

Mail dot com : Obama to welcome Nordic leaders to the White House

"The president often says, 'Why can't all countries be like the Nordic countries?'" said Charles Kupchan, senior director for European affairs at the National Security Council. In the Nordic countries, "not only do you have a part of the world that is extremely stable and Democratic and liberal, you have a part of the world that is peaceful and that is contributing to peace and to the humanitarian agenda and to many of the interests the United States cares about."

I am sorry, but I loathe that kind of praise for Nordic countries, particularly Sweden and Norway, where the precursor of Simon Magus and of Antichrist, Oden, was ancestor to early royalty.

I like the landscape, I like the popular culture, I like the voices of common people, but some of these simply have enough of the Socialist tyranny up there, I was one of them, lucky enough to be blogging, lucky enough to speak French and German and so to have a refuge with some more Catholic traditions, lucky enough to be Catholic.

What Obama praises is partly good, but very threatened and fragile by now – free speech and fun (without blasphemy, Charlie Hebdo would have been unthinkable as a regular publication in Sweden!) is threatened by political correctness, as when one immigrant librarian took away Tintin in Congo, social security in the good sense, like old age pensions, by low natality of indigenous people, and general happiness by compulsory school, child protective services, 18-year limit for marriage both sexes, psychiatry, and of course abortion and contraception which destroy lives.

This is paid for by over high taxes. But even those (which are also meant to support better purposes, like libraries!) depend on a population with sufficient number of working age people per the aged, disabled and children.

A poor man can more easily go back and forth between social services and stray jobs than start up as, for instance, even a busker or anything independent, by now. In Norway at least, but Sweden too I think, small farms are threatened by the hard animal protection, one aberration of which is to force farmers having cows meant to graze on mountains (fjellkor) to have animal feed in cribs even over grazing season. And of course, a farmer who looses his cows is not seeing them get a better owner either, they are slaughtered, for their own supposed good.

This is a dreamland for Bernie, and I am supposed to be a « one question voter » if preferring pro-life candidates.

It’s a dreamland for Obama too, and I am apparently a racist if I don’t like his politics ?

By the way, may I remind that Queen Silvia's personal charity which is international, which does not depend on Swedish Government, which is her own choice, not the fault of the constitution, actually if not provides abortion to pregnant teens, at least has redirected such to abortion facilities.

New blog on the kid : Do not support World Childhood Foundation!

Vox Cantoris : Bishop of Rome welcomes his fellow Rotarians to the Vatican for audience -- Rotary funds Planned Parenthood!

Symbol of Rotary : the cogwheel, also known as the cog (the word also in use for individual things butting out from it). Even if cog is meant by someone as individual « little horn » (quite a descriptio for cogs on a cogwheel, huh?) on the wheel, there are such on the Rotary symbol and they on cogwheel would represent the relation of individual Rotarians to Rotary clubs.

T 84 80 4
H 72 150 6
E 69 210 15
C 67 270 22
O 79 340 31
G 71 410 32

THECOG + 7 * 32 (space plus 6 minuscules) = the cog

128 (4 times 32)
096 (3 times 32)

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