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Everything a Giant Miracle? Why, Yes!

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« Carter/Sarfati: In a geocentric universe, everything is one giant miracle with no simple explanation (see below). Certainly, a geocentrist would not expect the sun to stop or to move backward, but why not? There is no rational explanation for the way the universe operates, so why could something out of the ordinary not happen?* »

In a Geocentric universe, everything is one giant miracle with God as simple explanation. See Romans 1:20.

« Certainly, a geocentrist would not expect the sun to stop or to move backward, but why not? »

Why not indeed, if the simple explanation, namely God, so wills it ? As He willed it on two occasions, with Joshua and with Hezekiah, with the namesake of God made man and with the at least legal ancestor of God made man. The Sun also refused to shine over Calvary when Our Lord Himself was being mishnadled by His creatures.

« There is no rational explanation for the way the universe operates, so why could something out of the ordinary not happen? »

There is God as rational explanation for the way He operates the universe or lets angels operate its diverse bodies and so, the question is « why would God will it » … and the answer, apart from situations on these OT occasions, is that, unlike Agamemnon praying to Sun to stop so he could rout Trojan Army before it took refuge within city walls, Joshua and Hezekiah were not offending God (and any angel operating the sun, if such, as I think there is), by the idolatrous sin of sun worship. Also, Joshua and Jesus being same name, Joshua was a namesake of Our Lord. Hezekiah being ancestor of St Joseph most chaste Bridegroom, was a legal ancestor at least of Our Lord (he could have been in some line also ancestor to the Blessed Virgin and therefore be also ancestor simply of Our Lord). But beyond this, these miracles also give a certain light on the Heliocentric controversy in our latter days, and God may have wanted to make it clear that Heliocentrism is not how he made either universe or any « solar system » not just surrounding (Tycho) but actually including (as per Heliocentrics) Earth.

« R. Sungenis: It is apparent here that Carter/Sarfati have never thoroughly studied the scientific basis for the geocentric system, otherwise they would never make such sweeping generalizations of geocentrists (e.g., “everything is one giant miracle”). It is difficult to discuss science with someone who doesn’t even know or appreciate the scientific basis of his opponent’s position.* »

Oh boy … some people are so enamoured of their science they miss some obvious remarks.

If Geocentrism means « everything is one giant miracle », well, then Geocentric universe and all observations which most directly testify to it (observing Earth turn around itself from Moon, if Armstrong went there, would be a real parallactic observation, but such observations are extremely rare compared to observations made on Earth) are a giant miracle saying « God is there » and any smaller scaled miracles would be on the one hand minor confirmations to those who had seen the giant miracle or smaller and therefore more visible ones to those who hadn’t, those who had just watched the giant miracle without seeing it as the miracle it is.

But making Geocentrism scientifically explicable is not really a Christian defense, since Democritus and Epicure were, with their Roman disciple Lucrece, geocentrics and at the same time atheists.

And both sides pretend that Newtonian explanations work in general, Sungenis only adding « it works for Geocentrism too ».

Science off the Sphere: Dancing Droplets
Physics Central

Did you see it this time ?

Newtonian mechanics mean « a centrifugal force and a centripetal force – in case of Classic Newtonian Heoliocentrism usually Gravitation, but Electromagnetic force has been suggested – balance each other so as to produce orbit after orbit after orbit ». This is usually illustrated by the experiment of a stone with a string, where apart from the two forces (centripetal ones being tensions in string) you also have a solid object, the string. Or with the « tub of death » in which bikers ride with their bodies and bikes horizontal when riding in fast enough circles. Where apart from the two forces you also have a solid object, the tub. Take away the factor of solid object and have only two forces, I had proposed magnetic hockey pucks on ice around a larger magnet, well, the orbits cease pretty soon, because the two forces don’t continue to balance each other into the orbital movement.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Parmentier
St Stanislas of Krakow
Bishop and Martyr

* Carter and Sarfati (1) on their own site and quoted (2) by Sungenis, Sungenis (2) on his site:


Later on in the latter, Sungenis says:

« Like a giant flywheel, the universe keeps turning at the same rate year after year, and nothing is able to slow it down. »

Sungenis, get me a film of a giant flywheel turning same rate year after year and never slowing down !

I’d like to see your parallel !

Until then, I prefer saying the Universe is turning day after day for 7000 and more years since God started to turn it around us. And it will stop turning on Doomsday when God stops turning it around us./HGL

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