Thursday, 11 December 2014

Index IV ENG - From Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Her Immaculate Conception 2014

Part of /Partie d'Index Indicum (pars indicis indicum huius bloggi)

Jesus from Genesis to Apocalypse

And of Course, EU is Not Worthy to Crusade (Link)

A Geocentric Observation on 68 Cygni - with Parallax, Stellar Size, Distance, and Evolution, What Opinion did Riccioli call the Fourth and Most Common One?, How Geocentrics Account For Seasons

... on Origin of Palestinians, Specially Christian Such, Perfidy of Hamas ... does not totally justify Tsahal.

When the World was a Sheltered Child and You Had Problems, Fifth Crusade?, Three Good TFP Links, Hong Kong (Linking to TFP)

Good Arthur was a Christian King, Mark Shea Somewhat Off on Muslims, Why we Christians do not Punish Raped Women as Adulteresses

Do Not Forget Asia Bibi, Shoebat gets it RIGHT

Dishonest and Murderous Ongoings in the Medical Profession (link)

If I were a Pagan, Who sins more against God?

Inanimate Balls of Fire are Not Fighting, With Angelic Movers, No Need for ETs, Me and Sungenis Answering Same Q, What did Cornelius a Lapide REALLY write about the work of the Fourth Day?

John Harvey Kellogg - Proof Seventh Day Adventism is Diabolical

I Generally Think Communities Know How they Started

Answering George Coyne's Comment to Bill Maher, Reviews of the Principle

God's Regular Action in Creation

Forwarding : Think Before You Go Pink

Sye Ten Bruggencate, C. S. Lewis, Aquinas, Existence of God, A note on "Presuppositional", ... on Who is Too Presuppositional, Plus Telomeres and Chromosome Numbers (The Debate PZM Finally Refused Me on His Blog)

David P. Barash - an Enemy of Christianity and of Me, The Doctrine of Total War was Condemned by the Catholic Church, David P. Barash thinks I might have been hasty judging him as an enemy

Will Carol Costello Apologise on her Own Show on CNN?

"Aborting because not enough mature"? WHAT?, Teen Mothers. From a debate about a link I am not linking to

Let's see if I can find all four, New blog find ... OK, new blog finds, If you liked (linking to other blogs)

Why I find Jane Friedman's advice largely beside the point, What Readers Should Expect from my Blogs

Two Texts Claiming to be Catholic, Minds are not Parachutes, Tit for tat ..., What did Saint Thomas Really Say About Biblical Inerrancy?

Mon public en France (sans compter le reste du monde), Mijn Lezenaars uit de Nederlanden, Readers of English Tradition ETC.

Que fais-je en dehors de ce blog? [links in English on it], No, My Blogs Are Not Spam Blogs

Has Bergoglio Made a Deal with Masonry about Double Meanings?

1) Assorted retorts: ... on Not Believing Vedic Astronomy Apart from Geocentrism, on Believing Scholastic Astronomy Including Geocentrism, 2) ... on Nicole d'Oresme refusing to apply relativity perfectly understood to Geocentric appearances, 3) ... on Black Holes and Geocentrism, 4) Back to Godinci, 5) HGL's F.B. writings: A "Biblical" Heliocentric Misciting Holy Scripture, 6) Vy considers I accused him falsely of mis-citing the Bible, Rod invokes relativity, 7) Vy makes his point more clearly - so do I, 8) New blog on the kid : Columbus and Joshua (Imagine Christopher Columbus had worked a miracle)

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