Thursday, 11 December 2014

When age 16, I decided to convert

I was pretty mistreated by the Church or what I took to be that, and the first I met of them in Sweden back around then were the Jesuits of Uppsala. How mistreated?

I was at age 16 already decided to convert sooner and later. By 17 the decision had been hastened by a sin worse than the usual ones (I have been pardoned). My first words about my own situation to a Jesuit was "I have committed a mortal sin, I need to confess" and the reply was "confession is a sacrament, not a therapy for mental derangement".

If he presumed to know I was mentally deranged if considering I had committed a mortal sin, or if he presumed to know that for another reason, either way I was put off. The reason why I became a Catholic is that I was sure the Catholic Church as such was not that Jesuit.

I was never told not to convert, but I was very much delayed - I was received into the Church only at 19 years and some months, a little before the supposed excommunication of Mgr Lefèbvre. The priest who received me and who was my first confessor was a Pole*, an Oblate of Mary Immaculate, and a man who considered Mgr Lefèbvre was pretty ok on most subjects, though he felt queezy about his "disobedience to the Pope" (what "Pope"?) when proceeding to consecrate the bishops.

I am not reminded of that stern but fundamentally good priest (RIP, he has died since) but rather of the Jesuit when I read this:

Novus Ordo Watch : “Pope” Francis advised Tony Palmer NOT to Convert, ordered him buried as a Catholic Bishop!

And of course also of the decision of Pishop Prantenpurger (efery Swedish Catholic derided him effer so chently for his Cherman aktsent) not to confirm me until two years later. Because he thought me not enough mature to receive Confirmation.

I am happy I have not let the Novus Ordo establishment ruin my soul as they (read Bergoglio) did with the heretical non-bishop Palmer. I did not conclude I could save my soul without converting.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St Damasus I

* I must add that this good man was more or less tricked by me in giving granny a Catholic burial. The requiem Mass was on my part an effort to do what I could for her soul, despite her having died not just outside the Church (which Father Imach knew) but probably approving of it (which I presented to him as "having approached the Catholic Church") precisely for its lack of Christianity, for allowing her atheist tantrums with me and ma and her manipulations even before him./HGL

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