Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Index II ENG (Octave of Epiphany - Easter 2014)

Part of /Partie d'Index Indicum (pars indicis indicum huius bloggi)

The Modern Trends of Calumny

Phil Provaznik / Dalrymple on Potassium-Argon and on Principle, more on Fission Track and Isochrons (a debunking of...) Are Trads and Evolutionists the Same Confession?, Did Mr Darwin Block me from his Blog?

Responding to Miller, Staying with Father Murphy's God, part 1, Staying with Father Murphy's God, part 2 , Staying with Father Murphy's God, part 3 - Correspondence with Ken Miller, Correspondence with Ken Miller (part 4 of Staying with Father Murphy's God)

St Augustine was - Literally - a Young Earth Creationist and Geocentric, and he was Right, Diverging slightly from Sungenis, From Catholic Cosmology Group, on Size of Universe, Continued from Previous, Some Debate

Phil Plait and Atheist Prejudice, David Palm as a Canonist, To David Palm

Remynde me to traunslate sum thynge smal nexte tyme, lyk the DIVYNE COMEDYE

I thank the Cemetery of Graz, Humans do have correct moral reasoning and preferences, Austria 1938 - I trust Kurt von Schuschnigg over Kitty Wehrtmann

Ipsa conteret, by Heinz Lothar Barth, German Book Tip, Did he die as long ago as 1982? I thought it was just recently!

Two possible answers about Aaron Dugmore's death

A pseudo-Christian teacher in Louisiana

First a child is withdrawn from her mother's care ...

Criticize Judaism, Get Stamped as a Nazi Cook ...

Why a Literalist should be a Papist and not a Barnesist, Whose Reading of the Bible is Illiterate, Now?

The Communist Government of Pensacola , There are Other Solutions As Yet Than Shooting him Like If he were Ceaucescu, Is Stein Maligning the Poor? , I was just adding a comment on a FB thread.

Are Latins or Photians εκατό λύκοι?, Ukrainian Catholic Flee Crimea?, ... on the Anti-Vatican Smut that Came from Avro Manhattan to Serbs / my codebator not being guilty of it

Thank God for Hissarlik and Boghazkoy!, Genesis in China

Fame and Egalitarianism

grafted, not graffed, Levi Price

Had n't noticed that Save the Children was back in the Forties

Was Catholic Church main culprit in Canada? , This is Not a Mortara Case

Hvala Hrvatskoj!, A Nation Once Again

Another war for modern technology?

Crime is Not Sickness, Sickness is Not Crime

T' Ignore or Not Ignore? , When is it rational to conclude one is facing a conspiracy?

Before it is quite Easter, I get this news

On Mac Do

Christus Resurrexit - Vere Resurrexit

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