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Are Latins or Photians εκατό λύκοι?

In Russian, the word Catholic, with an f for th, kafolik, is synonym of the Greek καθολικος. It is often not accorded to Roman Catholics, but exactly like Pravoslavie accorded to Photians. To people considering traditionally that Roman Catholics have been in schism or even heresy since one thousand years nearly. A Roman Catholic can be referred to as katolik. With a t for th, miming the usual western pronunciation of the word.

There is another thing to it. It is explained as meaning εκατό λύκοι - hundred wolves (in Greek).

I have while having a problem with the men occupying in the sight of the world the Papacy and while feeling myself the schism of 1054 was maybe a schism between people both remaining in the Church of Christ, been in communion with these. I have gone back to the Latin Mass. If they want to say that I am excommunicated, why did they not require an abjuration in the first place? I did not give one, none was demanded of me. But if because I am not spontaneously abjuring the Latin tradition, they take the tactics of calling me strange and of promoting a calumny against my heterosexuality, I think it is perhaps they who merit to be considered as εκατό λύκοι - hundred wolves.

My problems with Popes or apparent such has not grown less with Bergoglio. But if the one kind of Orthodox, as they call themselves, want to consider me mad for having a traditional faith on certain matters less important for my personal spiritual life, but very important in the philosophical refutation of errors of atheism, while the other kind of them considers me mad for being a Latin, well, it is not such who will get called kafolik by me. I feel rather inclined to consider them as εκατό λύκοι.

I say this because a man with a Russian accent while I kept my distance to the man behind me in the line up first complained of me not keeping my distance to him (there was about one foot between us or little less at worst) and then told me "you are strange" and he pretended to fear being called gay if seen "that close to me". I am not gay, but people who pretend me so, and that includes his set of arrogant Russians, it would seem, are ruining my life and preventing me from making a living and a family.

If they want to sell their souls to adoration of modern science with all its pretences of knowing in certain cases what one cannot know or even when one can know the contrary, it is not just of them to make me suffer, because I refuse to share that idiocy.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Severian of Scythopolis

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