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To some Africans it is so obvious I am no intellectual.

A school teacher with a salary is an intellectual. A writer with a publisher is an intellectual. I would even be intellectual in their eyes if I already had a publisher for what I write on my blogs - and since this is the case, and they are sure I am no intellectual (for previous reasons), they are NOT fans of the idea of my getting a publisher.

And most certainly not an upstart amateur publisher, who, not having already been established as intellectual (i e capable of generating money on intellectual types of products and services) is not a real judge of whether I am intellectual or not.

And if I try to make people concerned that the school teachers are misleading the youth (misleading themselves, if they are young, misleading junior family members if they are not), it is so obvious to these Africans that I am jealous. After all, the school teacher is an intellectual (earns money from an intellectual service), while I am not in their eyes (since not earning money from my services or derivable products of intellectual type). To such an African it is obvious I am jealous.

In an African climate, therefore, certain things cannot be discussed. If teachers (around them) are united in saying "millions of years occurred, evolution from microbe to man occurred" and I write "this is not so", the Africans won't be weighing my arguments against the arguments of the teachers, they will be weighing status of my person (known as beggar in the streets, often reputed as mad or alcoholic, suspected of being jealous) against the status of the teachers, and therefore will conclude that it is not worth bothering about my actual arguments.

Similarily, if their pastors say that moyboy and evolution are biblically OK, they will take my opposition to them as jealousy if not demonic possession (unless I could possibly be past that hurdle).

And if their pastors tell them that I am right in being against evolution, they will take that from their masters, sorry, pastors, and keep paying them for telling them what to think, and keep not paying me for writing down arguments, and actually not bother very much about an argument of mine, unless a pastor of theirs had become interested.

My problem is not necessarily with these Africans.

My problem is with Westerners who are not using their liberties, my liberties, our liberties, to make a mediatic and commercial success of certain of my Young Earth Creationist, or even Geocentric, pieces of argumentation.

And obviously, much less with those who don’t do so because they believe Big Bang, Stellar and Planetary Formation, Abiogenesis, Evolution, Gradual Humanisation and duly call themselves atheist. Their only motive for publishing me on paper, as I already published myself on internet, that I can conceive, is either personal pity, or arranging a collection of debate articles, between myself and an opponent. But they seem very unwilling to stand up as opponents too.

No, my problem is instead much more with Westerners calling themselves Christian who do not print my things, because this, that or other African minded collective has managed to intimidate them.

Some of these know I am often reading the work of CMI (despite them being Protestant and sometimes alas even showing so), and Robert B from US who wrote to CMI and was answered by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati could theoretically have been such a one.

He could have (in a very African way) imagined me as dupe of CMI. Now, Jonathan Sarfati, PhD, is a Protestant and on occasion shows it alas, but today was not that day. Today was a day when he showed some brilliant and compared to my rant charitable answering to the guys who want to stamp Creationists as « uneducated cavemen » or whatever.

Here is a little link :

Damaging Christianity by ignoring science?
Published: 21 October 2017 (GMT+10)

Robert B was, however interesting in a cultural sense not limited to Africa :

« Consider—the percentage of scientists who believe the Earth is young is smaller than the percentage of people who would be clinically insane in the same population. ALERT!! »

This is interesting, because while Africans are sometimes too keen on psychiatry (especially in the West, where they lack other means of African tribalism), they are not its most formative instigators. One could even argue, they have in some places a sore history of being its victims*. I’d say, Robert B is here exposing a tribal viewpoint which is NEITHER Western NOR African. Perhaps, in order not to sully all Jews, Talmudic ? Perhaps, in order not to sully just Jews, Judeo-Protestant ?

The remark shows a very interesting use of mental disease diagnoses : the higher percentage of any population has these, the bigger a minority can be and still be ignored. Because, Africans are not the only ones who will resort to investigating a person before his argument. And that is bad news for the West.

Want to save the West ? Don’t punch a Black Man. Punch (or other measure seeming adequate) a shrink.**

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Parmentier
St. Ursula and Companions

PS, if it is true that more people among scientific élite are diagnosed as mentally ill than the ones who are Young Earth Creationist, this shows efficacity of a Communist brainwash type education, and its being very intense among those élites. Before a man has come out as a Young Earth Creationist, his pals may have come out as regarding him as a freak and as thinking psychiatry is the proper way of dealing with such./HGL

* Very dated example, unless they want to sue psychiatric institutions for it : the Antebellum Psychiatry of the South, in which a slave who fled could be « diagnosed » as drapetomaniac. No, not megalomanic, drapetomaniac. What does that mean ? Well, drapetes is Greek for a slave on the run. You can presumably guess the « medication time » given to a drapetomaniac : his master or rather master’s foreman played the role of Nurse Ratchett. Very recent example : a black woman in France had abandoned her daughter to the waves, the daughter died. She was condemned to twenty years, and now it’s fifteen. Except, now she is under « obligation des soins » and this also during ten years observation after the fifteen, so, she is facing twentyfive years without freedom, instead of twenty, because she was given the excuse of insanity, and this because she was convinced of having been victim of witchcraft. ** Actually, just punching a shrink may be very dangerous, since he could abuse his position to stamp you as mentally ill and therefore withdraw you from common law and due process – or at least from due process. Well, this may be a case for not doing worse things to him, or not, as you judge.

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