Friday, 24 February 2017

On Hollywood Actors and Such Losing Favour with Hollywood

  • Hollywood won't cast Elisha Cuthbert any more, two of her films flopped.

  • Hollywood won't cast Taylor Lautner any more, Twilight hype died.

  • Hollywood won't cast Tom Welling any more, he was too busy with Smallville. He missed out on acting beside the TV series.

  • Hollywood won't cast Ashley Greene, the film which was supposed to kickstart her carreer didn't give all of the budget back.

  • Hollywood won't cast Reed any more, because she has sth other to do, apparently.

The last reason seems fairly legitimate. But the rest of the reasons for the rest of the actors, that is a kind of judgemental and shall we say superstitious attitude one could well do without in work, including media work, outside Hollywood. And perhaps inside Hollywood too.

A film which flops at box office can give returns later on video. Even if it didn't give all the budget back.

An actor with little experience can have roles that are simple enough. There is a story by Chesterton about a theatre company and an actress who is upset because she doesn't get the right role. An outsider can't understand that, he thinks she got the most attractive one - er no, says Father Brown, she got a role which was an insult to her capacity as an actress!

And if Twilight hype has died (perhaps a very good thing per se), the people who were involved might at last be forgiven that and allowed to do sth better!

Credits to the site Nikki Swift for several stories I browsed. Not sure some might not have been from Zergnet, too.

More credits, after above, to Atlas Obscura article here:

Keeping the Art of Knot Tying Alive
A guild of knotters won't let this historic craft die.
by Eric Grundhauser February 23, 2017

It set me zapping between the articles, but it is a good story in itself.

Some members of the Guild prefer to focus on the related craft of rope-making, which in and of itself is a very particular art. Byfleet told us that he knows of Guild members whose focus is on church bell ropes, which need to be made in such a way that they stretch when pulled, making the sound of the bell less harsh and more musical.

Sam Gamgee would second that. So would his author John Ronald, I suppose!

But back to the actors. If Hollywood won't hire them, they can band together to make a cinema in some other studio and be off Hollywood managers. If they like. And if nobody stops them.

And a discredit to Grammarly which has been installed in Nanterre University Library. "Might at last" is underlined red to get me writing "might, at last," even while I am using "at last" more as an adverb to might than as an interrupter, "knotters" and "roles" are underlined with suggestions I might mean "knitters" and "rules", no, as human readers of this post can imagine, and especially "knotters" was a word I had not even chosen myself, had it been a misspelling. But one more thing. I was in Sweden taught British spelling, and Grammarly being an American spellcheck, it ticks off British spellings as faulty. It underlined "theatre" with the suggestion "theater". To me "teater" is Swedish, "Theater" is German. And "theater" would be my respelling of Swedish as per my personal rule of respecting loan giving languages more than Swedish standard spelling. The "th" goes back to Greek θ. If I want English, it is, as I learned it in school, theatre. And the thing can't be turned off either. It just even misanalysed part of my quote. Bell belongs to "sound of the bell" and less to "less harsh". Nevertheless, a non-extant phrase "bell less" was underlined suggesting "bell-less". Churches fortunately aren't exactly that, they have not recently gone through the brutal Reformation of Gustav Wasa!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Matthias, Apostle

PS, Hollywood sth to go with Judaism? See here:

According to Shahak, classical Judaism is inspired by the image of Sparta as it appears in Plato's Laws 942. Judaism adopted the objectives Plato described in the following passage. (Shahak, p.13)

The principal thing is that no one, man or woman, should ever be without an officer set over him, and that no one should get the mental habit of taking any step, whether in earnest or in jest, on his individual responsibility. In peace as in war, he must always live with his eyes on his superior officer...In a word, we must train the mind to not even consider acting as an individual or know how to do it.

Shahak says the words "rabbi" and "officer" are interchangeable. In Communism, the sons of rabbis built a new worldly religion that mirrored the fanaticism and oppression of classical Judaism.

Communism & NWO are Based on Judaism

One of my worst misgivings about Pope Michael is that some of his supporters seem to mimick the pattern./HGL

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