Sunday, 31 July 2016

If Two Men Believe in God - do They Always Believe in the Same One?

There is ONE God. If you believe in HIM, you are not believing in any other than someone else who also believes in HIM does.

BUT. There are people who do not believe in God, so, not everyone believes in Him.

Therefore it is also quite possible that someone says he believes in "God" but doesn't believe in the right one.

That is why there are different religions - and if one is right, whichever it may be, the rest are at best incomplete or at worst plain wrong.

Psychologically it would not be easy for a merely incomplete religion to remain self sufficient beside a true one which says everything it says and more besides.

So, if the true religion has been around for some time, in any area having contact with it, we cannot say incomplete religions abound, other than perhaps on individual levels.

We must assume all religions having acquaintance with the true religion and existing beside it are opposed to it - and therefore do not quite believe in the true God or not in the correct way.

Is this something dangerous? Yes, but God - in the true, the Christian, the Catholic religion - did not quite promise to make the world a totally safe place for all of us all of the time.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XV
XI Lord's Day after Pentecost

PS, Benjamin, this one is for you!/HGL

New Humanity?

Quoting under headline:

Pope Francis on Sunday encouraged hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in southern Poland to "believe in a new humanity," which is stronger than evil and refuses to use borders as barriers.


  • "believe in a new humanity," - a Catholic is supposed to believe in Jesus, true God, true Man, Second Adam. A "new humanity" coming from Him would be the Catholic Church ... does NOT seems to be the one Bergoglio ("Pope Francis") belongs to, btw.

  • which is stronger than evil the Church as Church is stronger than evil, has been so for close to 2000 years.

  • and refuses to use borders as barriers. ! - But the Church DOES use borders as barriers. There is a real border against those not yet baptised and also real borders or a real border against those baptised and excommunicated.

This - as well as the cryptic choice of words "new humanity" instead of Catholic Church (if the new humanity which has Jesus for Second Adam had been what he referred to) seem to indicate he is NOT referring to the Catholic Church.

And therefore he IS referring to some other, sham, claim of a "new humanity".

Borders have been around, and have been a protection against power abuse, since Nimrod failed to build his Tower, which failure God wanted to happen. Which failure God even caused, by the confusion of tongues, a punitive miracle.

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : What is a Nation? part I
[part II in preparation, as yet]

Humanity - both old, as per Adam, and new, as per Christ - has no need to change into such a sham "new humanity".

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XV
XI Lord's Day After Pentecost

Qui se souvient de Valentin le Vagabond?

C'est à Nice que j'ai pu lire ce chef-d'oeuvre de Tabary - avec le bon Totoche aussi.

site fan pour Tabary:
Valentin le Vagabond

Bon dimanche! N'oubliez pas Nice!

Friday, 29 July 2016

Should Abortion be Forbidden (against "Father Thomas Reese, a Catholic Jesuit professor" and feat. Putin)

Let us first quote the "Jesuit":

“Faith has motivated people to be involved in politics,” he said*, noting the abolitionist movement. “At the same time, theologians since Augustine and Thomas Aquinas have argued that all of the moral law should not be enacted as part of civil law. For example, both Augustine and Thomas Aquinas were in favor of legalized prostitution, because they thought it would protect good women from bad men. So each politician has to look at the moral law, look at what’s good for society, and actually also have to look at what’s possible, what can be implemented as part of law.”

A harlot who repents can go to Heaven. An aborted fetus dies without baptism.

Therefore avoiding to abort is a lot more serious than avoiding prostitution.

Abortion has risen considerably due to lowered possibilities of poor and young (as in teenage) mothers to raise children without them being taken away.

In order to make it possible to forbid abortion, it is probably necessary ALSO to restate the dignity of poor and young parents, including the right to marry.

But the question of whether abortion "can" be forbidden is not as simple as whether such a ban would be sufficiently popular. For one thing, in the time of Constantine, perhaps half the Romans were Catholics. The rest presumably accepted abortion. And still, he forbade it. So, presumably, authorities had to do some persuasion in not always totally gentle ways. Burying women alive who had aborted was one way. In our days, too many young girls have been pushed into it, so burying some teachers, parents and perhaps doctors alive would perhaps be more adequate, if the mothers were young - or in other ways in positions to be pushed around.

So, if that can absolutely NOT be done, even that, our nations are FAR worse off than Roman Empire just before 313.

But another point is, our nations are not all equal. Ireland is better than France. Alabama is better than New York.

Someone argued Putin could not forbid abortion - what does that say of Russia? And can Putin in any way shape or form be said to be a "son of Russia"?

If he cannot in Russia forbid abortion - is not the Russia he rules and which he grew up in something quite other than the Swiataja Rus one sometimes hears of?

If Russia is an apostate nation and Kirill an apostate bishop, is not Putin then the "son of a false virgin and an apostate bishop"?

And if Russia cannot forbid abortion, if Russia was a nation that was Christian and where abortion was forbidden up to 1917, how is Russia NOT an apostate nation?

If Kirill calls the calls of the Tea Party for forbidding abortion a lingering for a "Christian Sharia" - wasn't that Kirill's phrase? - how is he NOT an apostate bishop?

Yes, the theologian St Thomas Aquinas has argued not all moral law should be civil law. Let us have a look at the exact words ....

First we look up I-II. Then Human law QQ 95 seq., then when what I looked for was not in Q 95, Question 96. The power of human law AND we find an article Article 2. Whether it belongs to the human law to repress all vices?

Here** St Thomas first lists arguments it should, then says why it shouldn't, then answers the arguments he first listed.

Objection 1. It would seem that it belongs to human law to repress all vices. For Isidore says (Etym. v, 20) that "laws were made in order that, in fear thereof, man's audacity might be held in check." But it would not be held in check sufficiently, unless all evils were repressed by law. Therefore human laws should repress all evils.

Objection 2. Further, the intention of the lawgiver is to make the citizens virtuous. But a man cannot be virtuous unless he forbear from all kinds of vice. Therefore it belongs to human law to repress all vices.

Objection 3. Further, human law is derived from the natural law, as stated above (Question 95, Article 2). But all vices are contrary to the law of nature. Therefore human law should repress all vices.

Here is his reason from authority and his reasoning why they should not:

On the contrary, We read in De Lib. Arb. i, 5: "It seems to me that the law which is written for the governing of the people rightly permits these things, and that Divine providence punishes them." But Divine providence punishes nothing but vices. Therefore human law rightly allows some vices, by not repressing them.

I answer that, As stated above (90, A1,2), law is framed as a rule or measure of human acts. Now a measure should be homogeneous with that which it measures, as stated in Metaph. x, text. 3,4, since different things are measured by different measures. Wherefore laws imposed on men should also be in keeping with their condition, for, as Isidore says (Etym. v, 21), law should be "possible both according to nature, and according to the customs of the country." Now possibility or faculty of action is due to an interior habit or disposition: since the same thing is not possible to one who has not a virtuous habit, as is possible to one who has. Thus the same is not possible to a child as to a full-grown man: for which reason the law for children is not the same as for adults, since many things are permitted to children, which in an adult are punished by law or at any rate are open to blame. In like manner many things are permissible to men not perfect in virtue, which would be intolerable in a virtuous man.

Now human law is framed for a number of human beings, the majority of whom are not perfect in virtue. Wherefore human laws do not forbid all vices, from which the virtuous abstain, but only the more grievous vices, from which it is possible for the majority to abstain; and chiefly those that are to the hurt of others, without the prohibition of which human society could not be maintained: thus human law prohibits murder, theft and such like.

Did you note that human law prohibits murder?

Abortion is murder, and so it should be forbidden by human law. Even killing in a duel is murder and it still IS forbidden in human law - and yest killing in a duel is far less evil than aborting. Abortion IS one of the more grievous vices, from which it IS possible (at least by removing certain feminist types of pressure) for the majority to abstain, it DOES hurt another person than those committing it, it DOES if not prohibited tend to dissolve human society and human peace, notably between generations. It is, with state promoted contraception and state protected sodomy, one cause of the bad numeric relations between retired and those who will support them.

Now, here are his replies to the objections earlier listed:

Reply to Objection 1. Audacity seems to refer to the assailing of others. Consequently it belongs to those sins chiefly whereby one's neighbor is injured: and these sins are forbidden by human law, as stated.

Reply to Objection 2. The purpose of human law is to lead men to virtue, not suddenly, but gradually. Wherefore it does not lay upon the multitude of imperfect men the burdens of those who are already virtuous, viz. that they should abstain from all evil. Otherwise these imperfect ones, being unable to bear such precepts, would break out into yet greater evils: thus it is written (Psalm 30:33): "He that violently bloweth his nose, bringeth out blood"; and (Matthew 9:17) that if "new wine," i.e. precepts of a perfect life, "is put into old bottles," i.e. into imperfect men, "the bottles break, and the wine runneth out," i.e. the precepts are despised, and those men, from contempt, break into evils worse still.

Reply to Objection 3. The natural law is a participation in us of the eternal law: while human law falls short of the eternal law. Now Augustine says (De Lib. Arb. i, 5): "The law which is framed for the government of states, allows and leaves unpunished many things that are punished by Divine providence. Nor, if this law does not attempt to do everything, is this a reason why it should be blamed for what it does." Wherefore, too, human law does not prohibit everything that is forbidden by the natural law.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Martha of Bethany
and St Olaf of Norway

* Thomas Reese, S.J. in this story:

Jesuit priest on abortion: Not all moral law should be civil law
Eric W. Dolan, 15 Oct 2012 at 17:06 ET

** St Thomas Aquinas in:

Summa Theologiae I-II, Q 96, Article 2. Whether it belongs to the human law to repress all vices?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

De caelo, deque insulis deletis, in claris et in minus claris poetis suetice scribentibus

Patet ex Genovefae Villariorum* exemplo, quando delenda est insula, interdum habitantes nolunt eam deleri.

Ita et in Suecia, Holmiae, temporibus Augusti Strindberg. Qui autem poema scripsit dictum suetice "Esplanade-systemet".

"Här rifs för att få luft och ljus
är kanske inte det tillräckligt?"

Hic deletur aeris, luminis, spatiique causa - nonne illud sufficit?

Duo poetae minoris famae** sed melioris cantus responderunt negative.

Primus*** poeta quadam cantilena lepida et tristula cantavit poema cuius initium est "haec casa nostra fuit per multos Domini annos, quod forte vestigia reliquit ..." cuiusque finis autem "nunc trigesima quarta init in caelum."°

Deinde poetissa utens cantilena italica et languentior quam alia "Il ragazzo della via Gluck" cantavit "via felix iam non est, iam deleta est cum insulis ejus integris".

Quoad autem tregisimae quartae initerationem in caelum, majoris autem famae poeta Henricus Martinson, composuit opera cum Carolo Birgero Blomdahl, quae nominavit Aniaram. Sed spatialis navis quaedam est, quae habet nomen Aniarae? Magna est, civitatis adminus magnitudinis, inque ea religiones diversae, de quibus nulla extra haec opera cognita est, cum frenesi magna invocant nomina quae eas relinquunt sine spe, nam sibylla quaedam, quasi Kundry in operibus Wagnerianis dictis Parzifal, eis annuntiat iam non esse ... "Doris". Haec Doris autem nulla est alia quam Tellus, quam terra nostra, quam origo iam ante finem operum deleta incolarum Aniarae, sine spe regressi, quod per nimium oecumenismum omnes hae religiones huic sibyllae credunt, adhuc et sine spe adterrendu in planetam habitabilem alicuius alius stellae, nisi post generationes multas Lyrae.

Facile visu est, poetae populares multo ientiores esse quam sive Augustus, sive Henricus, sive Martinson, sive Strindberg.

Non modo cantilenae illorum suaviores sunt quam scansio sive declamatio Augusti Strindberg, quamque Aniara, iuxta qua et Parzifal percipitur harmonica, qui alias minus harmonicus est quam Lohengrin, quam Cantores Magistrales Nurembergenses, quam adminus partes Anuli, exempli gratia Equitatus Walkyriarum. Sed etiam sensus et melior et christianior est quam in poetis clarioris nominis.

De Caelo magis sperandum est nos et quaecumque nobis cara sint inire in gloriam aeternam, quam verendum ne Nimrodicum projectum quid (post alia Nimrodica projecta industriales et ab eis provocatum) ita male eveniat ut Aniara : nam Aniara non eveniet. Caelum non est vaccum infinitum, quod autem in Aniara fabulatur, sicut heliocentricorum nunc est mos.

Et de habitationibus pauperum, magis est flendum quam triumphandum, quando delentur, vel etiam viribus opponendum ne deleantur.

Et locutio popularis est "uti många Herrans år" quae praeservat sensum plene Christianum annos quae nunc post incarnationem Domini sunt, Domini esse annos.

Ioannes Georgius°° Lundahl
ex Bibliotheca Universitaria
Sanctorum Nazarii et Celsi
die 28.VII A.D. mmxuj

* Genevilliers.

** Anna Magdalena (Anna-Lena) Löfgren, cantat ipsa, Olavus (Olle) Adolphson, cantatur per Petrum (Per) Myrberg. Hic autem majoris famae est quam ut cogitabam quando scripsi textum.

*** Adolphson cantatur ab anno Domini mcmlxiu, Löfgren cantatur ab anno Domini mcmlxuij.

° Originaliter eadem cantilena fuit a Stuarto Hamblen, decem annis ante, dicta "This Ole House". Haec secunda versio suetica nominatur "Trettifyran" = trigesima quarta.

°° Hans Georg suetice et germanice Ioannes Georgius.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Haldol et Promenade des Anglais

Personne semble avoir remarqué que le fait que le tueur avait été diagnostiqué et traité pour "psychose débutante" (d'ailleurs par un autre Musulman) aurait pu le pousser à passer à l'acte.

Pourtant, il avait quand même reçu haldol.

"Un antipsychotique" - et un instrument de torture.

Je ne sais pas s'il était enfermé en hôpital et forcé de prendre haldol contre son gré, peut-être en seringue - ou s'il avait juste reçu la prescription, peut-être sans les prendre. Il aurait peut-être suffi de regarder des gens qui le prennent régulièrement pour voir comment ça devient une existence réduite, en esclavage, en impossibilité de monter une résistance efficace, ou quasiment, et en déconfort, car le haldol est une drogue qui rend la vie déconfortable. Imaginez une tension qui vous retient même si c'est juste pour bouger un bras.

Je dirais même que l'effet comme "antipsychotique" dépend même de son effet comme instrument de torture. Il est efficace sur ceux qui ne sont pas fous - qui s'adaptent pour ne pas en avoir. Il est aussi efficace comme camisole chimique - en certaine mesure - pour ceux qui ne souhaitent pas s'adapter, peut-être même en certaine mesure pour les fous réels - qui existent, mais qui sont une minorité parmi ceux qui sont diagnostiqués comme "psychotiques".

Dans le même journal que je lisais ceci, un "Brahim", Musulman engagé dans les assoc. s'était prononcé "chercher travail" etc. "c'est ça le djihad".

Bon, il paraît qu'avec une situation comme ça, le besoin le plus pressant pour le tueur aurait pu être de se débarrasser d'une vies sous la psychiatrie - et tué par la police, il a eu ça.

Aurait-il pu recommencer ailleurs?

Je viens de lire un article en anglais:

"Mohamed didn't pray, didn't go to the mosque and ate pork," said the uncle, a 69-year-old retired teacher, in the driver's hometown of Msaken, Tunisia. The uncle said he learned about the Algerian recruiter from extended family members who live in Nice.

Donc, son oncle est un professeur à la retraite, il a 69 ans, il déconsidère son neveu parce que celui-ci "ne priait pas, n'allait pas à la mosquée et mangeait du porc".

Comme cet oncle serait capable de déclencher des dérives sécuritaires par rapport à ceux qui ne prient pas, ne vont pas à la mosquée, mangent porc, le psychiatre pourrait aussi être capable d'en déclencher contre les psychotiques qui ne prennent pas leur traitement. Et FN contre les Musulmans (et contre ressortissants d'ailleurs qui commettent un crime et ne sont pas expulsés, bsr), et la police contre Musulmans radicaux.

Bon, l'oncle était le même avant que ce bon-vivant gâché par une diagnose passait à l'acte et avant qu'il se recrutait même. Le psychiatre était le même. Brahim était le même.

Il semble aussi que la femme et les enfants l'avaient quitté à cause de "ses problèmes".

Il semble qu'on lui faisait une existence assez difficile. Il avait, heureusement, un préjugé contre le suicide. Et il réussissait enfin de se faire tuer par un autre.

Par contre, vu qu'il fut tué, il ne peut pas être entendu sur ses mobiles exactes. Comme Mohammed Merah, comme Coulibaly, comme les frères Kouachi. Tout le monde qui VEUT cibler un type de danger, contre qui monter un dérive sécuritaire (ou selon lui-même un sain dispositif sécuritaire) est libre de spéculer, puisque le tueur ne peut plus être entendu.

Ceci pourrait biensûr être fortement abusé, conduire à la situation de l'Apocalypse 9:[6] Et in diebus illis quaerent homines mortem, et non invenient eam: et desiderabunt mori, et fugiet mors ab eis.

Ou conduire à une intensification de cette situation, qui existe déjà.

Pas que j'eusse cherché la mort, mais j'en ai parfois souhaité, et je sais ce qui m'y a provoqué et que des choses comme ça n'ont pas manqué dans les situations de ce tueur et d'autres. La veuve de Coulibaly est réfugié en dehors de la France, et en France son existence avait été dégueulasse. Peut-être le mari a voulu lui acheter un refuge en dehors de la France - et que son geste meurtrier fut le prix convenu.

Et, comme dit, le tueur aussi a eu une situation dégueulasse, il avait un psychiatre, et étant de la communauté musulmane, il était entouré par des Puritains.

On se souvient de Milosevic et de Karadjic? Bon, il semble que Karadjic avait été le psychiatre de Milosevic.

On se demande si la maladie mentale peut pousser à des crimes - on devrait se poser la question si les diagnoses, traitements, et donc les psychiatres peuvent conduire à une détresse trop forte.

À part les cas - autre question - de manipulation directe. Milosevic avait possiblement été manipulé par Karadjic. Susana Maiolo - qui avait mis parterre l'antipape Ratzinger il y a quelques années - avait ensuite reçu une audience avec Georg Gänsewein, audience dans laquelle elle est censé avoir dit des choses genre les idées de Sarah Silverman. Était-elle par elle-même si subtile pour si peu de jugement que ces idées contiennent? Ou était-elle manipulé par la psychiatrie, pour proférer ces idées dans l'entrevue, et peut-être même pour le geste en soi sacrilège?

En parlant de manipulation - regardez un peu quel genre de professionnels qui ont gagné d'opportunités de travail par l'état d'urgence. Et regardez un peu le fait que cette nouvelle tuerie vient juste quand l'état d'urgence est en train d'expirer.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre U, la BU
Lendemain de St Jacques,
et surtout
Dormition de Sainte Anne

Monday, 25 July 2016

Bonum festum Sancti Iacobi

lectoribus Christifidelibus exopto.

Sancti Jacobi Apostoli, qui exstitit beati Joannis Evangelistae frater; et, prope festum Paschae ab Herode Agrippa decollatus, primus ex Apostolis coronam martyrii percepit. Ejus sacra ossa, ab Hierosolymis ad Hispanias hoc die translata, et in ultimis earum finibus apud Gallaeciam recondita, celeberrima illarum gentium veneratione, et frequenti Christianorum concursu, religionis et voti causa illuc adeuntium, pie coluntur.

Dérives sécuritaires - suspensions des Messes à la Cathédrale de Strasbourg (lien)

L'Observatoire de la Christianophobie : Strasbourg : l’état d’urgence justifie-t-il la suppression de messes dans la cathédrale ?
Le 23 juillet 2016 par Daniel Hamiche

Germany vs Saudi Arabia - Hoch Deutschland! (Links)

If you don't Obey RFID Chip will poison and kill you!!!
Wake up call

Saudi 'Killer Chip' Implant Would Track, Eliminate Undesirables
Published May 18, 2009

I think some Saudis are heavily into what French call "dérives sécuritaires". Security thinking running amuck. Germany, fortunately, had enough of such things in the West in 1945 and among Ossies from 1989.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St James the Greater
Apostle and Martyr

Friday, 22 July 2016

New excuse for deleting evidence or for suppressing liberty of non-Jihadi speech: "could be used for Jihadi propaganda"!

mail dot com : Police ask Nice to delete surveillance images of attack


The city received a letter this week from the SDAT anti-terrorism agency saying images of the July 14 attack should be destroyed, an official at Nice City Hall said Friday. The city is filing a legal complaint instead, arguing that the images could constitute evidence in the case, said the official, who is not authorized to be publicly named.

The letter did not provide a reason for the request, the city official said, but Le Figaro newspaper said national police are concerned that the images would leak out and be used for jihadi propaganda.

Nice ... or not so nice. As for Nice, there is not utmost compliance, as just said:

The city is filing a legal complaint instead, arguing that the images could constitute evidence in the case, said the official, who is not authorized to be publicly named.

You go, Nice! Take them on!

Hans Georg Lundahl
St. Mary Magdalen

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Was It the Worst Massacre in the History of Nice?

I wondered, due to fact that Nice had been previously besieged.

The Siege of Nice occurred in 1543 and was part of the Italian War of 1542–46 in which Francis I and Suleiman the Magnificent collaborated in a Franco-Ottoman alliance against the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and Henry VIII of England. At that time, Nice was under the control of Charles III, Duke of Savoy, an ally of Charles V.[2] This is part of the 1543–1544 Mediterranean campaign of Barbarossa.[3]

Thus the wikipedian article Siege of Nice

In the bracket "Casualties and losses" no deaths are cited. But, on side of Genoa, 4 galleys, 5,000 captives.

The Ottoman force first landed at Villefranche, 6 kilometers east of Nice, which it took and destroyed.[10]

The French and Ottoman forces then collaborated to attack the city of Nice on 6 August 1543.[11][12] In this action 110 Ottoman galleys combined with 50 French ones.[13]

The Franco-Ottomans were confronted by a stiff resistance which gave rise to the story of Catherine Ségurane, culminating with a major battle on 15 August, but the city surrendered on 22 August. The French prevented the Ottomans from sacking the city.[14] They could not however take the castle, the "Château de Cimiez", apparently because the French were unable to supply sufficient gunpowder to their Ottoman allies.[14][15][16]

A cannonball fired by the Turkish fleet, now at the corner of "Catherine Ségurane" street, or "Rue Droite", in Nice. A plaque reads: "Cannonball from the Turkish fleet in 1543 during the siege of Nice, where Catherine Ségurane, heroine of Nice, distinguished herself."[5]

Another important battle against the castle took place on 8 September, but the force finally retreated upon learning that an Imperial army was on the move to meet them: Duke Charles III, ruler of the Duchy of Savoy, had raised an army in Piedmont to free the city.[17]

The last night before leaving, Barbarossa plundered the city, burned parts of it, and took 5,000 captives.[18] The relief army, transported on ships by Andrea Doria, landed at Villefranche, and successfully made its way to the Nice citadel.[7]

During the campaign, Barbarossa is known to have complained about the state of the French ships and the inappropriateness of their equipment and stores.[15] He famously said "Are you seamen to fill your casks with wine rather than powder?".[19] He nevertheless displayed great reluctance to attack Andrea Doria when the latter was put in difficulty after landing the relief army, losing 4 galleys in a storm.[7] It has been suggested that there was some tacit agreement between Barbarossa and Doria on this occasion.[7]

So, the story as given here does not tell if very many were actually killed. 84 dead could be the worst massacre in its history./HGL

Mark P. Shea Put it Well

John Lennon]
I Can't a Imagine a Dumber Song

Let's not quibble too much on his spelling of Adeste FidelEs or fact that his quote from Peter Kreeft misses Peter Kreeft is quoting JRRT.

I mean, if everything in John Lennon's masterpiece of evil was correctly spelled, if every quote was precisely attributed, it would still be evil.

I much prefer, as astute readers of my blog might with not too much difficulty have deduced, a song like:

Nissa la Bella - Hymne Niçois - Ukulele
Emmanuel LOPEZ


I just read the other article by Mark Shea in which he linked to above. Also goodish:

NCR, Blogs, Mark Shea : Imagine if People Actually Fell for John Lennon's Nonsense
by Mark Shea 07/15/2016

I recall a time when I wondered whether "when I find myself in times of trouble" was a reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary. A friend's or former friend's wife told me "John Lennon can't have meant anything profound with it, he considered it a lot of nonsense". But that one was by Paul McCartney. And "times of trouble" was when John Lennon bungled rehearsals, and "mother Mary" ... well, Macca's ma is named Mary. So, John Lennon is not the right person to ask.

Wonder what John Lennon would have thought of Mull of Kintyre?

The mull of kintyre & Lyrics-Paul Mccartney
Adam Steele

That is basically Paul McCartney's version of Nissa la bella:

Alain Bideaux

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Vincent of Paul

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Une excuse à Guy Berthault

Ça fait une dizaine d'années que je parle de lamination rapide, sans avoir fait la référence correctement à Guy Berthault.

Et en même temps, j'ai une excuse, qu'elle soit piètre ou non.

Le sujet sur lequel lui et moi nous nous sommes prononcés, c'est "colonne géologique". Verbalement, sensiblement le même sujet.

Par contre, mon angle de préférence n'a pas été la lamination rapide, puisque j'ai toujours jusqu'à il y a quelques jours trouvé que le plus sérieux de l'argumentation évolutionniste était la superposition des faunes et des flores, selon les époques.

Or, alors ma réponse ne doit pas parler de la réponse sédimentologique, mais de la réponse paléontologique.

Et il y en a. Il me semble que je l'ai redécouvert à partir de Kent Hovind "the geological column only exists in the text books" - mais avec plus de détail substantiel que ce dictum.

J'ai parcouru les listes des Lagerstätten pour en trouver une seule ou deux couches directement superposées ou sous-posées contiennent réellement deux faunes distinctes.

À Yacoraite il y a une faune Crétacéenne et une faune paléocène. Les faunes se distingues, ce que j'ai pu voir, en ceci, la crétacéenne se trouve au moins stratigraphiquement en dessous d'une couche minérale censée marquer la limite entre "Kreide" et "Tertiaire". La faune paléocène se trouve au moins stratigraphiquement audessus de cette couche. À part ça, les faunes sont identiques, essentiellement des limaces. Apparemment même du même type.

Et Yacoraite est un de trois ou quatre endroits dans le monde qui vantent de contenir à la fois Crétacée et Tertiaire. Les autres ne sont pas plus prometteurs pour l'évolutionnisme.

Entre Mésozoïque et Paléozoïque, il y a les fossiles Triassiens et Permiens en Karoo, Afrique du Sud, pas loin de Lesotho ou de Bloemfontein.

Mais après la recherche que j'ai faite, aucune fossile Permienne se trouve directement en dessous d'une fossile Triassienne.

C'est vrai, je n'ai rien fait dans le champs, je n'ai pas visité les lieux, ni Yacoraite, ni Karoo. Même pas Bloemfontein, malgré l'attraction Tolkienienne de cette ville.

Je n'ai que fait mes recherches sur le web. Mais là j'ai aussi dépensé des heures et des journées pour dépister les Lagerstätten ou Fundstätten qui appartiennent à chaque époque majeure ou mineure.

Mon résultat, ce qui justifie un peu mon nombrilisme, est que les faunes réellement distinctes se trouvent aussi dans des endroits distincts - ne fût-ce que par qqs km, comme à Karoo.

Mais l'autre jour quelqu'un avait réellement pris les expériences sur précipitation de sédiments en eau calme comme argument contre le Déluge, et j'ai finalement eu le devoir à recourir principalement à votre recherche, plutôt qu'à la mienne.

Je vous remercie beaucoup.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris III/IV
IXe Dimanche après Pentecôte

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

This con-langing idea is actually goodish

The blog I am enjoying is called "bad conlanging ideas".

Some ideas live up to the promise, this one doesn't.


A language whose orthography is determined by reading its lexicon to a group of Starbucks baristas and seeing how they spell it on their coffee cups.

Peterson* noted that unless a con-lang is set in this world with a context of using Latin alphabet, the Latin orthography is not so much its native orthography ([kw] is neither spelled "kw" nor "qu" in Quenya, the real spelling is a first row fourth column tengwa - or sth related in sarati) as its "romanisation."

And romanisations should ideally be easy to get a correct pronunciation from.

A good linguist, familiar with very many different uses of Latin alphabet, would perhaps not be the best judge of this.

So, the best con-langer could be the worst one to spell the romanisation of his con-lang.

Construct lang in IPA.

Read aloud to twelve good and true Starbucks baristas. Give them a challenge of stress, don't let them think too much, word after word after word should be written down. After an extended Swadesh list, they should be getting the knack of your language and their final spellings should, in cases of conflict prevail over their first attempts.

Make sure your list does not have several very similar sounding words, if a barista misses one, his getting the next should not confuse you about which word he meant.

Then collect the lists, check the most frequent or ideally unanimous spellings for words, if in some places there are discrepancies as to usage about phonemes or graphs, do allow yourself some freedom of harmonisation.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Anaclete, Pope and Martyr

* The guy who made Dothraki speakers sound like Dothraki with subtitles, not like English, on Game of Thrones. In my consideration a better guy than the author of scenario, GRRM. He said it on this video, btw:

The Art of Language Invention, Episode 7: Romanization Systems
David Peterson

Cardinal and Royal Highness, death anniversary

Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment : MEMORIAE GLORIOSAE
12 July 2016

Tomorrow is the Year's Mind, as we say in the Patrimony, of our late Sovereign Liege Lord, Henry IX, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Cardinal Bishop of Frascati and later Dean of the College of Cardinals. He took part in several conclaves, most notably the conclave in Venice which followed the death in prison of Pius VI during the darkest period of the Enlightenment.

And that is today.

I had in 1986, during the Pentecost school holiday and a few days before actual Church feast the honour to see the sarcophagus of Bonnie Prince Charlie and this his brother.

Before, note well, Wojtyla came back from the sacrilege of Assisi, even if, Karl May inspired à outrance at the time, I did not yes see it as such.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Anaclete of Rome

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

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Monday, 11 July 2016

Catholics and Muslims had Prayed Together to Avoid This (Link)

mail . com : Thousands mark 21 years since Srebrenica massacre

This massacre happened after the ASSISI II meeting in 1994.

There are two main explanations why it happened.

  • Either there is no God who hears any kind of prayer - which on other grounds I believe to be nonsense.
  • Or, God has a real loathing for interreligious prayer.

I stick with the latter.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Pius I, Pope and Martyr
in the persecuation of
Marcus Aurelius

Published Online

antimodernista : Can We Reasonably Trust the Gospels? – YES! P. 1-8

If you scroll down, you'll find a comment linking to next post.

There are 12 posts in all, since 96 pages.

On the first 8 (first post) my conditions are printed, here they are again, separate link:

hglwrites : A little note on further use conditions

What I could not add there, but am adding here sooner or later is a link to

New blog on the kid : On Donativo, a Practical Point

The spacing of the account number is now more regular than on donativo page and if you do not use the right spacing, the transfer may bounce.

But first, print out, print copies, fold, bind, enjoy and possibly sell!

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St Pius I
Martyred in persecution
of Marc Aurelius

PS, if you intend to sell on a large scale, in your country you may possibly have a legal duty to make a legal deposit of the work. My general licence involves of course a licence to send such a depositary copy, without which it would be worthless./HGL

Friday, 8 July 2016

Une Musulmane disait « Dieu ne le peut pas »

La question était : si Dieu veut prendre un corps (ou de ma part, une nature humaine), le peut-il ?

Elle disait « Il ne peut pas. Dieu n’a pas un corps. »

La réponse chrétienne reste : Il ne l’avait pas quand Il créa le monde, Il l’a pris par la Vierge.

Le pourquoi Il le voulait est une autre question. Le péché d’Adam, la Réparation par Le Christ, qui fut sacrifice parce que Homme, qui fut de valeur infinie, parce que Dieu. Le choix de Dieu de ne pas pardonner par un simple pardon, mais en payant le prix dans sa grandeur la plus tragique. Mais le QUE, c’est une question de Sa Résurrection.

C’est une question de Sa Promesse à l’Ascension.

Dieu peut certes tout. Mais s’Il a une habitude à propos les miracles qu’Il fait, il faut bien faire attention quand Il semble changer cette habitude. Les autres fois, avant, que Dieu avait ressuscité un homme, comme le fils de la veuve ou la fille de Jaïrus, Dieu le fait par la présence directe d’un homme de Dieu. Quand Jésus est ressuscité des morts (ce que pas mal de Musulmans nient, ils nient aussi la Crucifixion, mais pas cette Musulmane là) Il le fait comme ayant reçu Lui-Même le pouvoir de se ressusciter. Pourquoi, s’Il n’est pas Dieu ?

Autre chose. Il y a des Musulmans qui disent que le Qoran est éternel, la parole éternelle de Dieu. Ils n’ont pas de problème de croire que ce Qoran ait pu devenir pages de livre. Mais ils ont un problème de croire que si la parole de Dieu est éternelle, elle est Dieu, et que cette parole devienne chair humaine par la Vierge.

Pourquoi ? « Dieu peut tout » Oui. Alors, Dieu peut aussi prendre corps.

Et là, la Musulmane disait « il ne peut pas. »

Oui, Dieu le peut, Dieu l'a pu, Dieu l'a fait. Que les Chrétiens gardent textes et message correcte, au moins une partie des Chrétiens jusqu'à la fin des temps, Dieu l'a pu aussi. Et Il l'a promis.

Qu'on garde le texte? Même les Juifs qui ne gardent pas le message, qui cherchent un autre Messie que Jésus, même eux ont pu garder (avec très peux de lieux de texte exceptés) le texte tel quel.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Paris XI
Sainte Élisabeth de Portugal, Veuve

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Serge Blisko of Miviludes Thought Femen are not a Sectarian Phenomenon

First, for non-French readers, who is Serge Blisko and what is Miviludes?

Mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires = MIVILUDES.

MIVILUDES (an acronym for the French-language phrase Mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires, i.e. "Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combatting Cultic Deviances"), a French government agency, has the task of:

  • observing and analyzing movements perceived as constituting a threat to public order or that violate French law
  • coordinating the appropriate response
  • informing the public about potential risks
  • helping victims to receive aid

So, if Femen is a threat to public order or violates French law, if it needs an appropriate response, if public needs to be informed about the risks, if a victim needs to receive any aid, MIVILUDES should be in the forefront.

Serge Blisko is a medical doctor, he is chairman of the supervision of the hospital of Sainte Anne (a mental hospital), so, more or less basically, he is a shrink.* He is since 2012 chairman of MIVILUDES.

Before looking him up, I did not know he was involved in 13th borough of Paris, but he is.

It is heavily against the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) as supposedly just part and parcel of the Scientologist Sect. Never mind they are very Voltairean themselves and Scientology is, if any religious position, Voltairean, Tolerancians, never mind Sophrology is popular in Paris, when the Scientologist "alternative to psychiatry", Dianetics, is also a kind of Hypnotherapy. Above all, never mind that CCHR has a scope well beyond dianetics or scientology, even if there is a link. To the 13th Borough of Paris, CCHR is simply a sect.

And Serge Blisko is part of its borough council, and as a shrink at Sainte Anne, one of the people criticised by CCHR.

Now, he was asked, after Femen had committed some illegal acts and raised some tumult whether Femen was a "dérive sectaire". Not whether it was a "secte", but whether it was a "dérive sectaire". A Cultic Deviance.

He answered, no, since it was easy to quit Femen.

Well, duh, Femen is to radical feminism what Greenpeace is to radical environmentalism - a group of action. It is hard work, sure one can leave it if one is tired. The question is whether the ideology behind these action groups are sectarian. On the topic of leaving, it is more appropriate to ask whether a Greenpeace member can cease being a radical environmentalist without being harrassed, or whether a Femen member can leave radical feminism, without being harrassed.

But there are other topics than that of leaving.

Here is an Ex-Femen, who disagrees with Serge Blisko:

Aleteia : Femen Foundress Rejects Radical Past, Embraces Pro-Life Movement
Sara Winter talks with Aleteia about her journey from outrageous outlier to Christian seeker
John Burger | December 31, 2015

And here is what she had to say:

The movement left her disillusioned in many ways. “I think Femen is a really big illusion,” she said. “When you see them in the pictures, they seems really courageous, like goddesses, and when we met it was different: normal girls, nothing special, mean girls, who call other girls ugly and fat.”

As time went on, she was left with unanswered questions about the organization, such as “where the money came from, who pays them to make these protests. Here, I spent all my own money to represent the project and never received more than $100 in three years.”

More disturbingly, perhaps, the organization took on cult-like qualities. The leaders are “interested only in making all women the same,” she charged. “We are not allowed to think outside the feminist box. If we do they would humiliate us. They humiliate religious women — Catholic, Protestant or Muslim. We are not allowed to have religion. We are not allowed to be straight.”

Giromin said she was “forced into this leftist ideology: you need to be lesbian or bisexual because if you are straight, no one will pay attention to your problems. They would say, ‘I don’t care if you are raped. You are religious and your religion raped a lot of women.’”

She said she quit when she realized that followers are not really allowed to help other women. “The moment my child was born, I decided to go public and saw I am no longer a feminist because I don’t believe in abortion. I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ.”

So, if she*** is right - and as an ex-member she should know a bit better than Blisko - then Blisko was wrong.

Femen may not be a sect or a cult, but it is a sectarian phenomenon or a "cultic deviance" as "dérive sectaire" is translated.

Could Blisko be biassed?

Well, he is after all a Socialist. He missed the chance to become borough mayor for 13th borough** because his party, Socialists, PS, had a deal with the Greens, EELV, to give that borough to EELV.

And Socialists are not world famous for being good friends of Christian Orthodoxy, and they are a bit infamous (not just a bit, perhaps) for being for the causes dear to Femen, feminism, access to abortion, gay rights.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Maria Goretti

* Actually the full list of specialities involves some less superstitious than psychiatry. The French wiki has "spécialisé en psychiatrie, neurologie, neurochirurgie, neuroimagerie et addictologie." Of these, psychiatry and addictology are currently extremely sectarian phenomena and superstitions. ** Again - he had previously been so. *** You can also go to her own site, especially if you know Brazilian Portuguese:

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Best wishes to Cardinal Cañizares!

I received this letter from CitizenGO:

From Caroline Craddock/CitizenGO to me
7/4/16 at 8:15 PM
No unjust condemnation...
Hello Hans-Georg,

Congratulations! Thanks to you, we were able to stop the vicious and uncalled for attacks against Cardinal Cañizares in Spain.

The radical LGBT lobby in the city of Valencia announced a few weeks ago that they would be filing a motion to condemn the Cardinal. The Cardinal asked for our help and support, and I knew that the CitizenGO community would come to his defense.

Thanks to you and your signatures, the Cardinal will not be unjustly condemned! We delivered your signatures to the Valencia City Council, and they knew that concerned citizens around the globe would be watching to ensure that Cardinal Cañizares was not punished for his support of the natural family.

Nearly 200,000 CitizenGO subscribers joined this campaign, and now the City of Valencia has dropped the charges!

Cardinal Cañizares wanted to write to you personally with his thanks. I’ve included his message below:

“Your signatures and your support ​have touched m​e​, ​you have moved my heart​. Thank you very much. ​I know ​that you have ​joined this CitizenGO ​petition with affection for me, but I also know that you are aware that what is at stake is not me, but religious freedom and the right of ​Christians ​to publicly express our faith and our convictions. It's time to stand up and not be afraid. Coraggio and avanti​!​”

This is an important victory, but we will not rest. We will continue to defend the freedom of expression of all people. This is not just a victory for Catholics—or even just for Christians—it is a victory for all religious individuals who want to see their freedoms preserved.

Thank you for making this victory possible. Without your signatures… without your support… this would not be possible.

With sincerest thanks,

Caroline Craddock and the whole CitizenGO team

P.S. Here is a photo of CitizenGO's President, Ignacio Arsuaga, delivering your signatures at the Valencia City Council.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

La Mairie de St Maur et une bêtise d'OLFÉO

D'abord la remarque du blocage OLFÉO:

Bonjour, PublicGT ( )
L'accès à l'URL est restreint
Ce site appartient à la catégorie : "Réducteurs d'URL"

Description : Sites proposant des services de transformation d'URL longues en URL courtes sans modifier la page de destination.

Quelqu’un l’a placé dans cette catégorie.

En fait, c’est un site qui ne propose pas de transformer une URL en courte, mais de prendre au contraire une courte et la retransformer en longue pour qu’on sache la vraie URL avant d’y cliquer.

Pour vérifier la vérité de ce que je dis, suffira de prendre une URL longue (n'importe quel), la réduire sur le réducteur d'URL que vous voudrez (par exemple, en prendre le résultat et le dé-réduire sur

Ou prenez celui que j'utilise souvent,, et vérifiez qu'il redirige vers - une page que est différent pour chaque utilisateur de youtube, à laquelle il faut se connecter, et qui permet à retrouver vite les youtubes qu'on a regardé récemment. C'est celle que j'allais utiliser pour me rendre sur youtube, pour vérifier les réponses (en anglais, probablement) sur mes propres commentaires (en anglais hier et avant-hier) sous des vidéos.

Si vous bloquez chaque URL réduite directement, ça doit avoir un but raisonnable, par exemple de protéger des gens de cliquer aveuglement sur une URL réduite qui dirige vers une page reprochable et insouhaitée. Or, ne pas bloquer leur permettra de vérifier avant de cliquer. Donc, si vous voulez vraiment protéger des gens contre des escrocs, la bonne démarche, en continuant de bloquer la catégorie, est de ne plus avoir dans cette catégorie de blocage.

Hans Georg Lundahl
St Maur
Visitation de Ste Élisabeth par
la Bienheureuse Vierge Marie

Friday, 1 July 2016

Two perfects?

S 83
C 67 150
O 79 220 9
T 84 300 13 590
I 73 370 16 028
S 83 450 19 618
T 84 530 23
A 65 590 28

J 74
. 78 (dot and space together)
J 74 210 16 510
. 78 280 24 042
O 79 350 33 552
R 82 430 35 064 (lower case for RY=>ry)
Y 89 510 42 618? No.

616 - not perfect. Just nearly!

What is perfect about 618, anyway? Well, 618:1000 is nearly equal to 1000:1618, meaning we are "approaching" the Golden Ratio.

So, a Scotist is a perfect philosopher. J. J. Ory is nearly perfect, but should stay in architecture, not in ideas or political administrations.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Feast of the Most Precious
Blood of Christ

PS, sorry, J. J. Ory - you are perfect! I was adding tens and units and at end of your name 430 and 35 beside your R is correct, but adding 89 for Y means getting 510 and 44, not 510 and 42! 510+44+64=618. Golden Ratio, sorry for false alarm! As for me, I need some coffee, if I am able to make that kind of error!