Saturday, 11 June 2016

Some Guys think Putin is a Great Guy

He was defending Christians from Muslims around Aleppo, wasn't he?

Well, have a look at this map:

That was in 2010

What was Putin's power-in-Russia story, by then?

1999-2000 Prime Minister
2000-2008 President
2008-2012 Prime Minister
2012-present, President again.

So, that was in the eleventh year of Putin being in power.

Putin, if you want to save your soul, clean before your own door before going elsewhere.

In fact, withdraw to Russia.

In Cyrillic, the Unicode values of your name do NOT add up to a straight multiple of 666.

In Latin alphabet, which is used many places outside Russia, there is more than one way in which the ASCII Code values add up to 666.

  • WLADIMIRA is a Polish Genitive and Accusative.
  • VLADIMIRB is a non-Polish and non-German and non-spaced version with meaning "Vladimir II", if you know the Byzantine usage of A, B, Γ for I, II, III.

    And you are Vladimir II in three ways:

    • in your family (VLADIMIRA, Vladimir I, being "Wladimir Spiridonowitsch Putin", as I am looking up on German wiki),
    • as post-Czarist Russian ruler (VLADIMIRA, Vladimir I, being Lenin),
    • and as a champion of Christians against Turks too. VLADIMIRA, Vladimir I, in this last respect being Vlad Tepec.

  • V POUTINE is French, with a space, without a point. If you meddle in France in a pointless way .... intimidations against this writer might be pointless, trying to seduce right wing French Christians might be very pointless.

But Cyrillic alphabet gives you some hope - if you can withdraw into being relevant only or mainly there, not in area of Latin alphabet - and if you stop abortions.

Oh, speaking of stopping things, it is not great to have both legalised sodomy so that sodomites cannot be punished by police and judges and allow non-powerful sodomites to be punished by bullying. Without bullies getting punished for being bullies.

I hope not to be in Paris for the exact time when you visit. But yesterday seven slips of paper with a number of URLs including this blog were put on cars outside the Russian Embassy. I think you WILL get notified about this.

Your country - perhaps along with India - has one of the highest infant mortalities in the world, since the unborn are also infants.

How about fixing that with some legislation, I have heard some describe that as "Christian Sharia", but that is what Constantine did!

Oh, and the Gothic Orthodox Church and its Archbishop Teoderik? Back in 2012, today's date, I posted a blog post by him on my wall, about the political prisoners, in your camps, from among his faithful.

Today the site of the Gothic Orthodox Church is down, the blogs of Archbishop Teoderik has no messages, I can find nearly nothing about them. But I have not forgotten.

And speaking of persecution and bullying, what about this story:

Почувствовать эпоху на себе «Патриотические» активисты закидали яйцами детей, участвовавших в историческом конкурсе
15:05, 28 апреля 2016

I copied sentence after sentence into google translate, and some came out as intelligible English even.

The guys who bullied Liudmila Ulitzkaja, have they been punished?

Or is Russia a bully-o-cracy?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Barnabas, Apostle and Martyr

Salaminae, in Cypro, natalis sancti Barnabae Apostoli, qui, natione Cyprius, cum Paulo Gentium Apostolus a discipulis ordinatus, multas regiones cum eo peragravit, injunctum sibi opus Evangelicae praedicationis exercens; postremo, Cyprum profectus, ibi Apostolatum suum glorioso martyrio decoravit. Ejus corpus, tempore Zenonis Imperatoris, ipso Barnaba revelante, repertum est, una cum codice Evangelii sancti Matthaei, ejusdem Barnabae manu descripto.

Sancte Barnaba, ora pro nobis!

Appendix, calculating ASCII Code:

W 87 V 86 V 86
L 76 L 76 32
A 65 A 65 P 80
D 68 D 68 O 79
I 73 I 73 U 85
M 77 M 77 T 84
I 73 I 73 I 73
R 82 R 82 N 78
A 65 B 66 E 69

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