Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What does Shankar Dayal Sharma Have in Common with Adolf Hitler ?

Both attacked Aryan fertility.

That Hitler did it with that of Gipsies, on the « expertise » of Portzschy, is very sadly known.

That is why he's the one fascist statesman, along with those of Ustashi, I really do not like as a statesman. He should have stuck to painting.

Less known but equally sad was the policy in India under Shankar Dayal Sharma, in the part of the world where Gipsies originate from :

The disassembly lines: Indian Women sterilized under industrial conditions
by James A. Miller on 1997 Jul 1

I just checked what president of India was responsible for this crime.

1997 India had two successive presidents, what James Miller described was not newly introduced just after the shift, so, at least the president from early 1997 must be responsible for this crime.

Shankar Dayal Sharma (19 August 1918 – 26 December 1999) was the ninth President of India, serving from 1992 to 1997.

Fits the bill.

The sterilization camp was conducted in October 1994 at a rural hospital in the Palakkad district of Kerala, India.

Or wait, was president Sharma only targetting Tamils, as non-Aryans ?

Kerala is in the Tamil area.

Let's put it like this : Republic of India belongs to the Politically Correct world. When it hijacked Portuguese India, also referred to as Goa, Nehru was considered a hero and the Portuguese fascist dictator Salazar a villain.

But under such a « villain » as Salazar, at least Goa would not have had that sterilization camp.

Nehru paved the way for a villain like Shankar Dayal Sharma, and was, as introducing the two child policy, a villain himself.

However, as « India » (Republic of) belonged to the PC world, I would be surprised if Shankar Dayal Sharma had dared target Tamil fertility openly with more force than Aryan fertility.

So, I suppose, same things happened up where Aryans were living, North in Punjab and Rajasthan.

So, Shankar Dayal Sharma did same crime as Hitler toward Gipsies (at least the directly fertility related one, and if Gipsies consider Punjab and Rajasthan as home of their kinsmen), but is not as lambasted as he.

Politically Correct world does not want Republic of India lambasted.

I take my distance from Hitler (as a politician, he should have remained a painter), and from Shankar Dayal Sharma. I need not take any from Salazar or from Dollfuss, because they were not targetting Gipsies that way.

And yet, some Gipsies think I am the kind of « Nazi » who should just shut up ?

I saw two beggars coming to reclaim the places where I was begging with signs for my blogs, and it seems they would prefer me to have a comfortable time, but absolutely as little as possible be seen on the streets doing publicity for my blogs.

Even if I am not into Hitler, Portzschy or Shankar Dayal Sharma as politicians.

Perhaps they should ask themselves whom they listen to?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Paul of Constantinople

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