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In one of the three links, the then American Consul to Russia Speaks on Beyliss Case

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail
Henry Makow's official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order


The author, Francis, is a longtime practitioner of white Voodoo. I can't pretend to understand the black magick he describes and welcome explanations. Warning:

This is gruesome.

Links to:

Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control
Athens, supposedly the cradle of Democracy, was the most perfect mind-control-based totalitarian state in An . . .


I disagree when Jews as opposed to Phoenicians are singled out as the initiators of these evils in Athens.

If King Solomon participated, that was after marrying some non-Jewish wives.

I also think Judah was fairly free from them (have not read the relevant portion of Jeremiah, though).*

And first link also links to:

Jewish Occult Murders How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children
as Part of Their Religion
Rev. Dr. (of law) Matt Hale
Copyright 2002

Commenting : I disagree on the reasons for diverging dates between Russia and US being unknown. Russia as an Orthodox country had simply not accepted the Papal calendar reform. This is known and not unknown.

But Matt Hale has said so just before citing the report of the U. S. Ambassador to Russia, for 1911.

When hearing that a stepfather of mine was Jewish, a friend of the family said "Jesus, Maria, hilf!"

I can only agree.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Mathias, Apostle

* I recalled that there was of course Athalia, in Juda, and asked whether Jeremiah was contemporary:

In Noord Israël werd Athalia’s broer verwikkeld in een oorlog met de Arameeërs en op advies van zijn raadsheren sloot Achazja zich bij hem aan. Joram werd gewond en toen hij Achazja, zijn oom, bezocht bleek dat Jehu zich van de macht had meester gemaakt. Hij doodde Joram en na een spannende achtervolging werd ook Achazja (immers ook een Baäldienaar) door Jehu gedood. “In zijn ijver voor de Here” doodde hij al de Baälpriesters. De Baäldienst bleek zo diep geworteld te zijn, ook in Juda, dat hij onuitroeibaar was. Nog vlak vóór de ballingschap kwam ze voor onder Manasse (2 Kon 21: 3) en Achaz (2 Kron 28: 2) en hebben Jeremia, Hosea en Sefanja daartegen geageerd.

Van : Athalia, de vrouw van Joram op Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel October 14, 2006 in Personen by admin

So, no, I was wrong. Juda was not totally free from it either./HGL

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