Thursday, 26 March 2015

Progress Gone Mad

Nick Bostrom (Niklas Boström) on a documentary*:

"before the end of the century, we will either have gone exstinct or we will most likely have taken the steps to become what you might call transhumans or posthumans or just very enhanced humans, that have reached the[ir?] full potential"

Oh, and how exactly would exstinction of humans not taking this diabolical step come about if we refuse it?

The willingness to nuke or to bioterrorism is linked to a disregard of Natural Law (God's Ten Commandments which He put in our hearts, but which we can disregard at our own risk) which is also there in transhumanism.

And man made global warming ...

  • 1) we don't know that the warming is manmade;

  • 2) if it is, it is due to industrialism, also an example of disregard for traditional limited production methods, like the one shown by ... again : transhumanism.

Someone might object that with limited production methods we would not have enough food for all who are alive. Not so. They were not that much more limited in capacity to get food out of area of ground. They were limited in production capacity of each man - meaning that for the farming done more had to be farmers. For the shoe production done, more had to be cobblers. There were lots less truck drivers. And lots less ultraheated factories producing 24/24, 365/365.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Day after Annunication Day, 2015

* Rob Skiba identifies it as "Building Gods".

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