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grafted, not graffed, Levi Price

Levi Price : Rabbi Kaduri's Prophecy and the 144,000 Jews

For the Theological errors, I leave you to Haydock comments. Mainly. Here are Haydock Comments for Old Testament, and for New Testament. Some detail offhand, but to Levi Price rather than to Isaac Caduri.

Joel: fulfilled on Pentecost Day, according to St Peter. Acts chapter 2.

The only way ... is to compare it with the Ancient Scriptures.

St Paul had another take. If it does not line up with what he gave in tradition, whether in writing or orally to the Church - and the other Apostles as well, and Jesus Christ had given them a crash course on OT Exegesis during forty days, the Catholic Church has not forgotten it (meaning those faithful to Tradition).

Now, the funny thing is that some detail where Christians rely on Hebrew scholarship, including some methods considered Cabbalistic, have lined up with what I know from Patristic and Scholastic theology.

The hieroglyphic rendering of Bereschit very obviously at least does not contradict Patristics in which Adam's sleep prefigure Christ dying on the Cross to get His bride, the Church. Especially if the "beginning" in question is not just before verse 2 of same chapter, but up to end of sixth day and even hallowing of the first Saturday on Earth.

And some more of that kind.

I read one comment by St Hippolytus on the book of Daniel. The manuscript of the Meteora Monastery (on Mount Athos, I think) has some words saying that the old men in the Temple were putting snares before Our Lord while he was twelve years old. But according to the editors, this manuscript of the Meteora monastery was the only one which had those words - a subsidiary clause, where the main clause was about Daniel.

It is not what I had spontaneously thought about Jesus Christ in the Temple.

I had rather thought the old men in the Temple, after marvelling, concluded young Ieshua was indeed Ha-Meshiach.

And that the Pharisees who did not think so were not just putting snares for Our Lord but also being very gravely disrespectful to their Fathers, to the point of in some instances deserving stoning according to the Old Law, because they had concluded "dad is senile" when old daddy insisted he was the Messiah. I had concluded that "they decided to destroy Him" meant not exactly the same thing as the later decision to kill both Him and Lazarus, but rather destroy His reputation in daddy's eyes, prove to old daddy he was dead wrong back in the Temple.

I think one of those old men who had been martyred by their sons the Pharisees, from Heaven gained Itzaak Kaduri the same grace that they had received in the Temple.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
St Thomas of Aquinas


"This interview was first published in Yediot Aharonot, Israel’s most widely circulated tabloid paper, on 31 May 2002."

[stated by one man helped by the medallions of the rabbi]

Since that guy survived, and under such circumstances, we have this witness about Zionist atrocity (in his case against buildings, I think after reading the article through), perpetrated in Jenin. Check out with Yediot Aharonot those who can, I cannot as per now./HGL