Saturday, 15 March 2014

Another war for modern technology?

A friend of a friend wrote this:

JBM, what facts would u like to share? Russia has designs on Ukraine’s natural gas pipelines

Gas has long been an explosive issue between Russia and Ukraine. Moscow is a key supplier of gas to the European Union, accounting for about a third of the region’s imports, about half of which flows through Ukrainian pipes.

Ukraine is also a major market for Russian gas, and arguments over how much it should pay have prompted Russia to turn off the taps, disrupting supplies to the rest of Europe.

Closer ties between the two countries would in theory at least give Russia more secure access to the former Soviet satellite's pipeline network and the European market.

OK, gas supply might be causing a war. Between two states each claiming to be Sv'ataïa R'us.

As to Uranium, it often involves mining for it in areas where Amerindians are hurt as to their medical condition by radiation near the mine.

Petrol might be (and I say this though often using plastic), or probably even is a mix of remains including those of pre-Flood men and nephelim.

What about using energies a bit closer to home?

For works, hands and arms, horses, oxen. For light, wax tapers. For heat, peat or wood.

For competitivity in such circumstances, refusing competition all over the globe.

Can it still be done? It will be, if the world stands.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Georges Pompidou Library
St Longinus

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