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This is Not a Mortara Case

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Here is the report:

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish community Lev Tahor is devastated after child services seized seven children from parents after a judge issued an emergency seizure order last week.

As far as I know, noone has claimed all thirteen children have been validly baptised (which after age seven implies personal decision always) but their parents are threatening their Christian Faith. As was the case with Mortara.

It is very certainly a case of secularism being allergic to what they perceive as "religious fanaticism".

“If you want to hate me because I’m a Jew, hate me. But I’m a Jew. It’s what I am. Don’t say I abuse children because no one abused the children,” said Joel Helbrans, a 21-year-old member of Lev Tahor and father with three children, to CBC News.

Very obviously, Pope Pius IX, the same who took away exactly one Jewish boy in the Papal States from his parents, the famous Mortara, when all Jews there were probably as benighted in his sight as these ones of Lev Tahor in the site of "Canadian authorities", very obviously he would have condemned the Ontario government for this.

God's rights over a baptised child pass before the parents' right to raise their children. A secularist ideology does not.

Obviously, a hunger strike is an occasion where a life can be saved, but it would as obviously be much easier to end the hunger strike by giving the children back to the table of kosher red beet root soup of their parents, than to do so by force. So, no, not even the hunger strike could count as a licit argument for taking these children away from their parents.

Ontario has acted like the Communist Soviet Union did to Christians. It has committed the crimes that Reagan and Kennedy wanted the Western World defended against.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Queen St Mathilda of Halberstatt

Ontario gvmt seizes seven children from Jewish sect, kids launch hunger strike
by Peter Baklinski

PS, when I was a teen, I was asked how come the Israelites - people of God before the Christian Church and acting on God's orders - could kill innocent children along with their parents. The parents were killed as Molochists (that being one usual religion there) or as recommitting the crimes of Sodom and Gomorrah. My guess, when I was a teen why children were killed along with their parents was that raising a child after killing its parents (it could be avoided when applying death penalty to one pair of parents, but hardly when it comes to an entire people) is a form of unjust slave hunt./HGL

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