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Fifth Crusade?

Thousands Of Christians Take Up Arms To Finally Crush ISIS And End The Persecutions
Theodore Shoebat August 29, 2014

Moreover, there are even some Europeans who have discussed the possibility of having a "fifth crusade" or "a new lepanto," referring to the Battle of Lepanto of 1571 in which the Christian forces of the Catholic Holy League defeated the Ottoman Turks in what is the greatest naval battle in Christendom's history.

Not against the idea, but let us be nerdy. The Crusades counted under that name were more than four.


Historians consider that between 1096 and 1291 there were seven major Crusades and numerous minor ones. However, some consider the Fifth Crusade of Frederick II as two distinct crusades. This would make the crusade launched by Louis IX in 1270 the Eighth Crusade. In addition, sometimes even this crusade is considered as two, leading to a Ninth Crusade.

Wikipedian numbering of the major Crusades follows this (?) extended scheme:

  • I:st Date 1096 - 1099
  • II:nd Date 1145–1149
  • III:d Date 1189–1192
  • IV:th Date 1202–1204 (alas misdirected to Constantinople)
  • V:th Date 1213–1221
  • VI:th Date 1228–1229
  • VII:th Date 1248–1254
  • VIII:th Date 1270
  • IX:th Date 1271–1272

So, just it is, there is certainly sufficient provocation at least (there are other criteria for just wars too, hope they take them into account also). But Fifth? No. More like Eighth or Tenth./HGL

PS, I was impeded from posting the note above when I made it. Now, St Ingrid of Skenninge's day, 2-IX-2014, in a cyber, I can add some.

This morning I read about Muslim statesmen asking for a coalition against Islamic State. In itself, the idea need not be bad. But it could lead to a situation where non-Christians dictate the moves within the anti-Jihadist camp, and that could be very bad. Indeed, that was part of the problem with the pseudo-Crusade from September 11th to very recently.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
as above in PS.

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