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With Angelic Movers, No Need for ETs

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Também não vejo muito sentido em os anjos se servirem desses planetas e outros locais do Universo, pois os anjos são seres espirituais, não foram feitos para a matéria.

Entre os homens e os anjos, não vejo a possibilidade de nenhum ser intermediário.*

Basically he says this : Also, I don't see much sense in angels using these planets and other localities of the universe, since angels are spiritual beings and not made ... I am checking** ... FOR matter. That is what he said and he also could not envisage a being intermediate between man and angel.

Angels living ON planets as man lives on earth is obviously not quite correct. They don't need it, they are flying through the Heavens all of the time.

But angels HOLDING both stars and planets as men could hold lanterns and mirrors, or actually being stars and planets (or these being alive and their souls intermediate between human souls and angels, but closer to angels), that is not so insensible.

Which disposes very neatly of any principle of plenitude obliging God to have created life ON other planets.

Of course, if this is true, there is no particukar reason why the Universe should be so great that the stars are so great that planets orbitting them would have sizes comparable to earth, sizes fit to sustain populations of any kind.

And if Earth is still, if no angel is flying around with Earth in space, but if one is flying around with α Centauri in the Heaven of the Fixed Stars, then we have no reason to believe that the apparent movement of α Centauri should not be a real one, rather than the inverse view of any own movement on our part. And in that case we have no clear reason to think that the Universe is all that big as the modern cosmology makes it out.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bpi, Georges Pompidou
Stigmata of St Francis
in Monte Alverno

* Tradição em foco com Roma : Os ETs e a herança do pecado original

** Learn Portuguese with Rafa : Prepositions Por and Para in Portuguese.
The difference you always wanted to know.

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