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I Generally Think Communities Know How they Started

I will or instance say the Swedish royal dynasty from the beginning of Anno Domini and up to after earliest conquests in Finland by Adils (Eadgils in Old English), which lost the royalty by Ingiald's treason, got to Wermland by his son Olaf (a man after whom at least one descendant was named who was a saint), and after Olaf to Norway, since the royalty was a public affair, I do settle for this dynasty knowing it descends from Odin when he came to Uppsala. And got accepted as a god, even as the major god, creator (Marduk style story) and king of gods. Some decades before Christ.

But on the other hand the divine genealogy behind this was very certainly sham. His grandfather very certainly was not licked from salty stones by a sacred cow, and as certainly did not marry any "daughter" of a primordial giant growing from the meeting of ice and fire and drinking the milk of same sacred cow. That is a secret family history, supposedly known within the family, before Odin came to Uppsala. Precisely as his ruling the cosmos from Asgård was also a family secret he choose to let the Swedes in Uppsala in on. And that too was utter nonsene.

In other words, if a community (like the community of gods from Bur to Odin with his supposed brothers Vile and Vé and their giant inlaws) is a secret up to a point, it is only after the community has become public that one can trust its history as known. A secret history of a secret community can very well be a sham secret. And an origin within that secrecy can extremely well be a sham origin. Odin's real grandfather was no where near the beginning of even human, let alone cosmic history.

This is a principle which I find very applicable when it comes to freemasons.

If I can find in my heart to consider their connexion to Templars probable, it is because I loathe Templars about as much as I loathe freemasons. I very heartily approve of the Council of Vienne in what is now France (in Latin it is Vienna, but that is not the well known musical and imperial city, since that in Latin is Vindobona, no, we are now talking about Vienne in Isère, in its decision to condemn and disband the Templars.

I do not think freemasons come from King Solomon or from Hiram Abbiff - at all. Unless, perhaps as a kind of secretly surviving Canaanean cult, but even that is very tenuous and not so likely. Satan was indeed bound for a thousand years - meaning he was not likely to have a very much closer synagogue than the Jewish one or a secretly Canaanean sect within the Jewish one. So, I do not believe the Templars continued the work of Hiram Abbiff. Similarily, I do not consider that Michael mentioned in Introduction of Custodians of Truth by Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins was both honest and knowing.

If after reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail he felt himself freed from a secrecy oath and broke it - how can we trust him? His last name is not mentioned, so Tim and Marilyn keep up a show of having to protect him.

That is NOT the kind of testimony I accept.

Supposing he was after all honest, supposing he had heard the family story as given to Tim and Marilyn, how do we know it wasn't planted?

I just today, after a long hesitation came to conclude the Japanese story of a family "descending from Jesus"* was not just a misunderstanding (of a kind I had considered possible for perhaps five years by now) with "the brother who took his place" being the real Jesus of Nazareth, the real Lord and God, and the Japanese guy one of those called his "brethren", no, since "the brother who took his place" is buried by his side in Japan, which Our Lord is not, the story is a fraud. Possibly one ordered by the Shogun or Tenno, whichever it was, who wanted Catholic Portuguese and indigenous converts especially persecuted.

If you recall the TV series Shogun, you will recall the Dutchman involved in it by making a gesture any Catholic would consider sacrilegious, and even a Calvinist would have considered apostatic in the interpretation he allowed of it, saved himself from being killed in the then ongoing persecution of Catholics in Japan. That episode was btw when I ceased to see that series. Now, when hatred of Catholics was so hot in certain powerful circles in Japan of the time (as I wish to be polite to the now Tenno, I hope they were more tied to Shoguns than to Tennos), such a false family secret could have been imposed as a lie told to others and to the own sons on order of the men in power. In order to discredit Christianity.

Sajiro Sawaguchi would in that case be descended not from a 1:st Century relative of Our Lord as I believed possible for a few years, but from a 1630 (around that time) fraud, who became a fraud out of feudal loyalty to the Shogun or to the Tenno, whoever of the two hated Christianity so much.

I hope the Sawaguchi family will convert to Christianity. I mean, the Czartoryski are devout Catholics, despite the fact they descend from Gedimynas, a persecutor of the faith.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Audoux
Saint Linus, Pope and Martyr
first successor (in public!)
of Saint Peter

* The Japanese Jesus trail
By Duncan Bartlett
BBC News, Japan

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