Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Has Bergoglio Made a Deal with Masonry about Double Meanings?

Here is the innocent quote - which is innocent enough in context:

His plea rang out across the Square: “Please, I appeal to all those with responsibility: no family without work!”

aleteia : Pope Francis: “No Family Without Work!”
October 22, 2014

In the context it means "let no family of the ones concerned by the Meridiana airline workers be left without a breadwinner and be made unemployed".

But masonry can use such a catchy phrase for other purposes. It seems it has already decided as far as their evil power reaches I shall have no family until I "get a work."

And if I disagree, I "have no responsibilty" and if so "others have to take responsibility for me" and make sure I get no family until I get a work.

I am already doing a work. I am writing.

I have also given the licences needed for anyone who wishes to make money on my writing and send me some.

Still, people on very different "corners of the board" have so to speak made a common cause against using my writings commercially. For, obviously different reasons. A left wing intellectual would hardly like the prospect of Geocentrism "seducing" anyone into Catholicism. A right wing Catholic of not so intellectual background might fear Geocentrism would provoke many to avoid becoming Catholics - and to them that comes before asking the obvious question whether it is true or false.

Some people seem to think I should try to get work at Meridiana airlines or at Peugeot instead!

I do not know for a fact Bergoglio has made such a deal, with masonry, about messages with double meanings, but as I see that man, I would not be surprised. I do know his calling out the plea may have pretty small effects as far as the saving of employments is concerned.

One thing I have suggested myself is that when a big company restructures - as Peugeot did in 2012, I sent them a mail with my article - they should try to buy land for the workers they discharge. Land as a collective village or land as individual lots in disconnected villages with the usual kind of farmers - depending on the taste of each discharged worker. And of course, some would prefer the usual money sum while looking for a new job or taking a long vacation.

A village of farmers owning their land as collective property can not so easily be sacked. Some workers at Peugeot, some workers at Meridiana, may still have parents who went out of farming in the 1960's - and who know how to do farm work.

One village of Muslim workers (plenty of such in many French companies) could have a Mosque. One village of Catholic workers could have an extra Chapel with same curate as nearest Church. Or they may revive a Church that was going to be torn down. That also Peugeot or Meridiana could pay - the building or restoration of the house of prayer and the first year's salary of a priest or imam. After which the agricultural produce (of the village, by the villagers) might be the uphold.

A certain élite would not like this solution.

Because, this solution would make the discharged workers not only independent of their former employer, but also independent of its likes. It would make them - ordinary, poor, uneducated men proprietors.

Part of them hopes everything stays the same, and sacking remains a threat, so that those having employments may be more and more grateful to their employers. Exactly like implementing what I take to be a possible hidden meaning of the cited words would do.

Part of them - and Bergoglio might just possibly be part of that part also - might be hoping that a revolution sweeps away private property and replaces employers with officials. As if they never forbade anyone to do work he was useful for. Or get a fair living out of the work he does.

Neither part is very keen on reruralising, on restoring small property. Unless they can get a little permanent grip on how that is done too. I can imagine how Peugeot, French State, and a few others would just possibly have hailed my idea if adding conditions like either of them imposing a crisis psychologist or a teacher on such a village. Whether the workers ask for it or not. My proposition involves, obviously, that the village choses whatever school it sees fit - and that all parents are free to send their children and young ones to whatever school they like - or none, if they prefer apprenticeship.

But imposing a teacher would be what people like Peillon or Najat would like to attach to a solution like mine. And if it came out that twenty workers were Traditional Catholics and wanted the priest who said Latin Mass to teach their children too? There are people in France who would hate to see that revive on the scale of twenty people founding an agricultural village at a time ....

Can Church men who in many cases take Bergoglio as a Pope and companies as big as Meridiana Airlines show some independence of the kind of élite I dread?

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre University Library
Dedication of Basilicas
of Saints Peter and Paul in Rome

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