Saturday, 8 November 2014

Minds are not Parachutes

Ever come across a comparison between the human mind and a parachute? Minds are not parachutes. Parachutes cannot replace minds except just partially. But minds can often spare one the use of a parachute, and when not, parachute is useless without a mind to know how to use it.

Ever come across this comparison? Here:


Not true. Parachutes need to function only in emergencies. Minds do need to function also outside moments of conversion. I have had some few of them (those I recall best : from non-Christian to Christian, from loosely Evangelical to Lutheran, from Lutheran to Catholic, from Catholic to Trad Catholic - half my lifetime - from Trad Catholic to Orthodox and back again, and of course the conversion from Heliocentric to Geocentric, from Newtonian dynamist to Angelic dynamist night to 24th August 2001), but even if I have had them, I have had a life between them too. Minds need to be open also - but less dramatically so - when learning a new skill, like macramé or Latin. But whether living your religion or using your skill, you need to have a mind much closer around what was once given.

So, since minds must function outside the dramatic moments of conversion or learning a new skill, they must function also in closed mode. Unlike parachutes, which you really do not need to actually use outside emergencies (and training for them).

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Octave of All Hallows

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