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Standing with the Stanleys

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7 Children Kidnapped by State of Arkansas from Homeschool Family to Remain in State Custody

The site Medical Kindnap from which this last article also had another one:

Does the State Ever Have a “Right” to Remove Children from a Home?

But what about in other situations? Are there any situations where authorities should step in and remove children from their homes, taking them away from their parents?

Judging from comments made in social media from many commenting on some of our articles, I think it is safe to assume that the majority of people in the United States today feel that in certain situations, the State has a legitimate right to step in and take children away from their families, removing them from their homes.

Fewer situations than commonly thought. Or rather, in the VERY few situations, like a dad being Satanist and having already sacrificed one or two, the first to go from home should be the criminal – and then, if children are left like orphans after removal of criminal or criminals, they should be handed to family. Other than the criminal.

There is also a piece on “due process of law” – or two:

Now, given this admittedly over-simplified summary of the criminal justice system and the protections guaranteed under the Constitution, when children are forceably removed from their home against their will or the will of their parents, based on a complaint only (such as from a physician who did not like them seeking a second opinion), is the Constitution and due process of law being followed?

Absolutely not.

There are multiple reasons why this is happening, but they are very easy to understand.

First, when the due process of the law is followed to arrest someone, hold them in confinement, bring them before a judge to press charges, and then follow the judicial process of bringing about a “speedy trial,” all of these actions are a burden to the state. In other words, it costs money.

When someone is arrested on suspicion of murder, rape, assault, robbery, and other serious crimes that are a threat to the public, those arrested enter into the criminal justice system, and have rights that are protected under our Constitution to ensure they are not victimized by the over-reach of government abuse.

Unfortunately, these alleged criminals are afforded more rights than parents are today, who have their children removed from their home or custody with no arrest and no trial.

One of the reasons why this is happening so frequently in the United States today is because once the children are taken into State custody, they become an asset to the State. What this means is that all the child’s expenses are now paid via federal funds, including medical costs via Medicaid. There are also federal funds in place for foster care. The longer a child remains in State custody, the more funds that state can collect.

[1] Woe to them that make wicked laws: and when they write, write injustice: [2] To oppress the poor in judgment, and do violence to the cause of the humble of my people: that widows might be their prey, and that they might rob the fatherless.

Prophecy Of Isaias (Isaiah) : Chapter 10

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