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Disagreeing with 2 articles on Pravoslavie

My comments were posted on the site under the articles on 16-X-2015, Feast of St Hedwig of Silesia.

Yes, I am a RC, and for more general disagreements with their theology, see here:

Trento - Philaret (Catechisms) : Filioque far older than III Council of Toledo

But now to two specific disagreements, those I alluded to in title of this post, and in each case I link:

If Satan is Alive, Why Not Millennialism?
by Fr. John Whiteford, republished on Pravoslavie after his blog

1) The seven canons of Constantinople I mention heretical sects by name, but are not precise about what is wrong with each.

2) Apollinarianism has a ghastly Christology, and therefore is heretical, whether its premillennarian positions be so or not.

3) The "cuius regni non eriot finis" (yes, I am a Latin, a RC) does not quite mean that premillenarianism is heretical. The "end of the thousand years" EITHER WAY is not the "end of the Kingdom" (never such a thing).

4) That said, the thousand years reign is Christ's reign in the Church as it is in the world, living side to side with unbelievers.

5) The "end of the thousand years" does not mean the end of the Church (Matthew 28:18-20), but it is on the normal view the end of its way of functioning side by side with sinners and unbelievers and including repentant sinners, and of waiting for their penance, and this end includes apostasies and persecutions.

6) Being interested in the question whether this end is at hand is not premillenarianism even if it were condemned. Apocalypse 13:18 warned us to count the numeric values of the letters of the name of a man. And in Eusebius' Church History we are told that this is according to St Irenaeus the meaning of this verse. NOte that ASCII Code gives a number value to each Latin letter of the English alphabet, with 32 added to it if using a lower case letter, 65-90, 97-122, and there are number values for accented letters and for Greek and Cyrillic too, but the main news is the Latin alphabet is now with numers. A space also is 32.

7) Being interested in Young Earth Creationism is NOT the same as being interested in premillennarian errors, if such.

Probably they are, as per consensus of common magisterium after early Church Fathers.

Hans Georg Lundahl

Scottish monk arrested for distributing leaflets promoting sexual morality
from LifeSiteNews on Pravoslavie

"Homosexuality, as well as being a sin and a vice, is essentially a neurosis, a pathological condition"

So, would you consider "kleptomania" a neurosis and a pathological condition as well as theft being against the commandments?

I am not saying either condition is very sane. I am saying human society should judge acts, not "mental conditions". For one thing because judges want proofs of guilt before punishing, while psychiatrists tend to the obverse, they want proofs of sanity before releasing. Which is as backward in the order of the repression of evil, as sodomy is in the order of sexuality and procreation.

Hans Georg Lundahl

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Now, if they are not sure what I meant, on the second comment, how about reading this:

Therapy to change 'feminine' boy created a troubled man, family says
By Scott Bronstein and Jessi Joseph, CNN
June 10, 2011 -- Updated 1144 GMT (1944 HKT)

Credits to Mark Shea:

National Catholic Register : You Are Created in the Image and Likeness of God and Redeemed by Jesus Christ
by Mark Shea 10/15/2015

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