Friday, 9 October 2015

Will Norwegian Nobel Committee or Has Norwegian Nobel Committee Nominate(d) ...

... President Milos Zeman for the Peace Prize?

It would be very fitting, if so. But considering the culprits in the case are Norwegian social services, I have my doubts about such a fitting outcome. Here is the story:

NYTimes : Norwegian Ambassador Not Welcomed at Czech Presidential Seat

Update, 22-XI-2015, new link:

Prague Post : Norwegian ambassador disinvited from Czech celebration
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  1. I wouldn't; with the personally vindictive way he does similar things to people he gets into conflict with on the local political scene, he doesn't seem like a very good candidate.

    1. Possible in general, but in his conflict with Norway, he was simply defending the rights of Czech parents to keep their children while visiting Norway.

      Norwegian and Swedish child protective services are hyper communist, even is communism is not the economic system.

      Thank you for caring to stop by and look.

    2. Perhaps it's because I still remember that his opponent in the last presidential election was the man who re-established Czech Republic's diplomatic relations with Liechtenstein after a long time of them being broken - something mostly passed over, but undeniably an achievement - so I can't help but see this more as Zeman continuing in his pattern of behaviour rather than actually achieving something. By which I don't mean that he shouldn't have stood up for the parents' rights in any way he saw available to him or be acknowledged for doing it; rather that in the scheme of things, it probably isn't worth such a *huge* acknowledgement.
      Of course, the fact that he deals with his petty grievances with universities in the exact same manner isn't likely to make it to international press...

    3. (I'm not likely to stop by often, but I felt I had something to say on this matter.)

    4. I am not a huge admirer of his in the internal affairs of Czech Republic, of which I know next to nothing.

      Reestablishing diplomatic relations with Liechtenstein was a good thing too.

      The post was mainly meant as a support of the Czech parents and their children and a rebuke to Norway.

      I am sure his opponent would have done the same thing too.